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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the political commentator, James Millar,


or, what is it, politics wonk, and the journalist Eva Simpson.


Let's have a look at tomorrow's front pages.


The Metro reports that Opposition Mps have vowed to fight


Theresa May's plans for new grammar schools.


The Daily Telegraph says union leaders at Southern Rail have been


accused of deliberately damaging Britain's economy by ordering


the longest rail strike for almost 50 years.


The Daily Express leads on the news that talks with big business over


quitting the EU have have begun six weeks after the Brexit vote.


The Guardian focuses on the International Paralympic


Committee's decision to ban Russia from competing


The Times says Russian and Syrian aircraft are bombing opposition


areas of Aleppo in revenge after a rebel alliance broke


The Financial Times leads on a survey which suggests


that the pay of FTSE 100 chief executives rose by a tenth last year


And the Daily Mail reports on the tax-payer funded expenses


We will start with the Guardian and the Paralympic story, how Russia was


banned outright from competing in the paralympics next month. In stark


contrast the paper says with the International Olympic Committee's


failure to suspend the team. This is what a lot of people thought should


have happened with the Olympic Games. Yes, people will think the


Paralympic committee... They will have more credit than the Olympic


Committee because they followed through with this. There was a


report which suggested the Russian government was backing widespread


doping. They have still managed to send 217 athletes to the Olympics.


At the moment they are not standing any to the paralympics. That is the


position at the moment. It is a few weeks until it starts. They will be


going through a series of appeals and counter appeals -- Paralympics.


Yes, the court of arbitration could be quite busy. We have spoken with a


lot of Paralympian is who applaud this decision. It would be galling


to play against those competing from a country where there has been


state-sponsored doping. The situation is you have half... You


have able bodied athletes who are about to compete and who will be


competing and then you have the Paralympian to have a different... A


governing body who have been banned outright. Although you could say the


Paralympian body had been strong, they have banned the team outright,


you could question how fair it is that it doesn't cover all of them.


And, conversely, though, some Paralympian is will be completely


clean who lose out. It is such a mess. As a spectator watching, it is


hard to watch any Russian athletes... It is hard to know


whether they are competing from a clean slate given what this report


revealed, or whether they are competing fair and square. It does


send a powerful message for next time, doesn't it, too? Yes, you've


got to hope so. The report into what went on at the Russian Winter


Olympics was amazing. Into what was alleged to have happened. You can't


choose what country you come from. If you choose to be Russian and


clean it seems unfortunate that your government is up to all sorts of


hijinks, apparently. But at the same time, if you are from anywhere else,


you would be hacked off. The longest rail strike in 50 years to hit


economy with ministers attacking union leaders for causing pain to


passengers and business leaders. This strike is taking place this


week for five days. If you are unfortunate to still be at work and


not be on holiday, and have to commute, especially into London,


then you will be hit by this rail strike. Southern... On Southern...


Yeah. So what's happening in Dover? Conductors are claiming that their


work has been devalued. Changes to the way they operate on the trains.


There is a suggestion that their work is being devalued, their jobs


are being put at risk. The issue is the strike has been given the


go-ahead but it only has the support of 393 staff members. Yeah. That was


a helpful answer. There have been issues with staff not turning up to


work and claiming to be sick. The company and the union have


essentially... They are at loggerheads and it doesn't seem to


be any way out of it. There had been so many complaints about them, daily


problems. You just have to go on Twitter and there is a stream of


angry commuters. According to the Telegraph, it will affect up to


300,000 commuters, and this is as the government was supposed to have


brought in tough laws on the issue of when unions can call strikes and


they had to have a certain amount of members who voted for the strike. If


they are the only people affected either strike, you can't ballot


people who are not going to take part. It makes a mockery of the law.


If 300,000 are affected... Southern have sacked all the rest of the


staff. Maybe if they employed more people they wouldn't have such


problems. It is strange. Telegraph says it will hit the economy. Well,


it is all very well, Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, complaining it is


reckless and will be badly damaging and will cause needless pain to the


economy, but didn't her economy just take us out of the EU, after telling


us it would be dreadful for the economy, and they did that?


LAUGHTER. So, you know... Here we go again,


Brexit. A lot of people say we will be fine. Exactly, it is just a


bit... LAUGHTER. MPs... Sorry, Janet, the Metro,


please. Janet is directing to know. She keeps singing in my ear. It is


annoying. MPs fight Theresa May's bid to expand grammars. The peers


and Lords won't like this. There will be some opposition. This was an


announcement yesterday in the Sunday Telegraph that the new Prime


Minister is minded to reintroduce grammar schools but she is going to


be facing a lot of opposition. If she thought that people would be


sort of dancing in the streets about this, then she is sadly mistaken.


Their big argument is that it is great for social mobility. Children


from poorer backgrounds have access to a higher level of education are


they go on to achieve so much more. The sad fact is the current grammar


system, there is only about 3% of children who receive free school


meals who go to grammar schools. Which is a marker of deprivation.


So, is in the current system it doesn't support poor children, how


can we guarantee that new grammar schools will do that? I can't even


believe that this is on the agenda, quite frankly. Neil Carmichael says


he doesn't think it improves social motor will teeth. They are very


popular with parents. With some parents, yeah. Politically, this is


going to be interesting. It is possibly a clue to something. If


Neil Carmichael as a Tory is against it, it only takes a handful to be


against it and it won't get to the Commons. And then the SNP come into


play in the Commons. And in the Lords, the government doesn't have a


majority. The only way they can get it through would be if there was a


manifesto commitment. Does this mean Theresa May is pondering an early


election, and she could get it through the Lords that way, it might


be a bit of... You have heard it here first. It is a big thing to go


through... It is very popular with people who vote... The Daily Mail, a


law unto themselves, how are you, the taxpayer, pays thousands for


police Chiefs' private health while they take up to 64 days' holiday per


year. They are cross about this. Why are senior police officers are


allowed to claim this money? There must be a legitimate reason. Thanks


to national guidelines for senior police which haven't been updated


since 2003. Yeah, basically, if they get moved around, or if they move


around, it doesn't seem unreasonable they are entitled to relocation


expense. The problem is what exactly they are claiming on these


relocation expenses. Some of them don't really want to tell the people


who actually pay their relocation expenses what they are paying. The


thing that will annoy a lot of people reading this is that we


understand, as you say, you are entitled to expenses, but if you are


already earning ?200,000 a year plus, I think some people might


think it is a bit excessive to be claiming for things that they could


really pay for out of their own pocket. There is no suggestion that


they are doing anything wrong or illegal but it is... They are the


rules at the moment. We think it needs a bit of taste as to MPs


expenses. Daily Express, Treasury Chiefs get to work on cutting ties


with Brussels and what are we left with, what kind of relationship do


we want to have after it is all decided? No one knows what


relationship we're going to have, or what we will have. Some are clear


they don't want freedom of movement and they don't want to be part of


the single market. A bit confused. Some of them surely know. We hope


so. A lot of them have done a runner since the referendum. Some of them


have been given high up jobs. They have. They have been awfully quiet


on exactly what Brexit will mean. Doesn't it mean what it means when


the result of a negotiation with current partners in the EU comes? It


means whatever you want it to mean at the moment, that's the trouble.


Maybe these talks will give some shape to it. We are not sure they


are talks. It just as the department for EU as it have been contacted by


the city. I am not sure what that means. They have fired up a couple


of e-mails and gone on holiday. Are they experts? Officials. Experts we


might need to listen to? Officials... Oh, officials in the


city. This article refers to this poll showing two thirds of


grassroots Conservative Party members don't want a similar deal to


Norway. All sorts of different ideas were thrown about, weren't they,


with Norway, Switzerland, Albania, wherever. Most people decided we


didn't want to be like Norway because they still have to pay Ian


and be part of it but they are not part of the decision-making process.


They still had to have freedom of movement. I am not surprised two


thirds of people survey it in this Express say they don't want it,


because one of the big things was we wanted to have control of borders.


Not freedom of movement. I am not sure how scientific this survey is


but they have not asked what they do want. Well, they know what they


don't want! It is easy to say that. I suppose what they want is the moon


on a stick. You can't get that. Yet. The Daily Telegraph, it has such


resonance with me, I hope it does with you - no, I hope it doesn't,


actually. Morning eight. Your body is playing catch up. If you wake up


feeling like you have aches in the morning, white? My hands feel really


stiff -- aches. Anti-inflammatory proteins haven't kicked in. -- why?


Limbs feel stiff because our body has been suppressing the


anti-inflammatory proteins during sleep. Do you have that problem? I


bet blues suppresses it even more, which is why you have even more than


eight. That begins with an H. Marvellous. It has an education.


That's it for the Papers for tonight.


Coming up next, it's the Film Review.


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