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Welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers are bringing. Let's have


a look at the front pages. We will start with the Financial Times. It


needs with Donald Trump promising a tax revolution. The former


Conservative Cabinet minister has warned Theresa May to bring in tough


border controls or face a vote of -- a voter backlash. Tom Daley and Dan


Goodfellow are pictured following their medal win at the Olympics.


Spanish police are cracking down on party was used by British tourists.


The Telegraph says the biggest banks in Britain will be forced to offer


customers a revolution in mobile banking. The Times says commuters


are facing further chaos as unions prepared to step up their campaign


against real companies. The Guardian says Jeremy Corbyn has consolidated


his grip on the Labour Party after his victory at the High Court and in


elections to the national executive committee of the party. The Mirror


leads on a fresh police appeal over the murder of Stephen Lawrence.


Finally, a former senior officer has condemned British police forces as a


boys club according to the mail. We will start with the Guardian. Double


victory leaves Corbyn scored an unassailable. He has won in the High


Court and has a lot of his folk on the NEC, the ruling body of the


Labour Party. It shows he is going full steam ahead with support from


ordinary voters. We have the High Court saying those who signed up to


become members of the Labour Party have a right to choose the leader.


It is assumed the majority of those are Corbyn supporters because it


came about after a campaign to set up fresh people, new Labour


supporters in order to get Corbyn the numbers he needed to become the


Labour leader. There was a campaign to get people to do against them to


join. The assumption is it wasn't as strong. The High Court said this


would be considered a breach of contract after the NEC said he would


have to be a part of the Labour Party for six months at least in


order to have the right to vote. It is details but it is important


because it is indicative of the NEC being seen as out of touch. What is


interesting is that there are now more Corbyn supporters as part of


the NEC. That means that even if Jeremy Corbyn did lose in September,


which no one seems to think he will, the Corbyn Brand will still be


encrypted on the Labour Party. The NEC, it probably sounds like a


random technical body, it is incredibly important. It is the 33


person body at the top of the party. Every dispute has been decided in


that group. When there is a division it is sorted by a show of hands.


When it was how many MPs Gribbin needed to run for the leadership, it


was that body who decided. At what point do we cut off the new members


who appear to be motivated by Corbyn, it was fat body that


decided. Every one of these contentious issues will now be


decided by a body that we think predominately backs Corbyn. A huge


win for him. Perhaps more important, when you think about the potential


lasting legacy that Jeremy Corbyn could have on the Labour Party.


Leaders come and go. The NEC comes and goes but not to the same extent.


They will be able to ratify the a lot of the policies. When there was


a coup after the EU referendum they said you cant go but we will track


to enact policies. The moderates used that as a bargaining chip.


Nobody thought they would. If you have a group of people at the top of


the party who believe in these policies, giving power back to trade


unions, nationalising railways, even if he is toppled in this race


against when Smith or otherwise, that will carry on for far longer. I


am thinking about MPs who put his name forward in the very beginning


to run for the leadership. Siddique Khan, Frank Field, Margaret Beckett.


She called herself a moron for doing so. This is actually their biggest


nightmare. Bigger than Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership. It is


long-lasting and it will also eventually gets elected to be MPs in


the longer term. Look at the fact that nearly three quarters of


sitting Labour MPs had a vote of no-confidence against Jeremy Corbyn,


that will change with time in terms of the longer policies. , the party


conference that will come up in September, there will be a


completely different tone. If Corbyn can hold on until September, which


it looks like he will, he will be flying high unless something


unforeseen happens. The person a lot of Labour MPs Liam is Ed Miliband


because he was the one who brought in membership changes that allowed


people to sign up. Having said that, what is it, four or 500,000 new


members. Five times bigger than the Conservative Party. The NEC could


appeal this ruling. It is expected they will. Even as soon as Thursday.


That hasn't been finalised. Interesting times. Interesting times


in America as well. The Republicans put forward a new candidate as far


as the White House is concerned. There are many people on the right


who do not like Mr Trump as well as many people on the left and now they


hope they have a new standard-bearer. Those on the right,


that is. Traditionally, a third candidate doesn't help the case in


terms of winning, that he could be someone who breaks Trump making it


through to the White House. This is a 40-year-old ex-CIA spy. He has


done everything from work at Goldman Sachs to be a Mormon missionary


somewhere around the world. He has spent time at Capitol Hill. He


embodies different American institutions. He is being supported


by a group of businessmen who are close to Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney


previously ran for president and there was talk he might stand


against Trump. He decided not to. He could be facilitating this because


he is an unknown name. Evan McMillan, most people have not heard


of the sky before this announcement. It is quite interesting. Now we have


to look at the mechanics of politics in the US because this isn't the


time when someone can stand and have electoral colleges. They would take


on as a serious candidates that we will have the sea, unless the


Republicans make a huge change and accept him as their candidate, which


would take a lot of heavy lifting, we aren't sure how much chancy


stance. He is not only charging Trump, he is challenging Clinton and


he says neither one represent us. He is young, a fresh name. For those


people think they are of the establishment, he is not


establishment in terms of his reputation but he is in terms of


where he comes from. Is he hoping to usurp Donald Trump were run as an


independent? I understand he will be an independent. He says he doesn't


want Trump were Clinton. What is significant, picking out the jobs he


has, it would tick the boxes for what Republicans believe in.


Religion, national security. He cannot win because over half of the


state will not take any more nominees. What you Kunduz influence


the race by sucking away voters from Donald Trump. This effect is Trump.


UK pick one state in particular, Utah, with his Mormon background, if


he does well in Utah or Rob Donald Trump from when Utah, that alone


could have a huge impact. The Financial Times. China warns that UK


religions are poised at a crucial juncture. More developments on what


happened a couple of weeks ago at Hinkley Point. Everyone thought this


was dead set. Theresa May recently in number ten said she wants to look


across these details before sending it off. The interesting point from a


diplomatic point of view is that China had a stake in this. George


Osborne put a lot of effort into going to China, building relations


and sent it is a new power. Theresa May deliberately or inadvertently


has raised questions about this and tomorrow the FDR sent the new


Chinese ambassador in the UK is saying that China - UK relationship


is at a crucial juncture. The UK will keep its door open to China.


That is a threat. It is an implied threat. If you plotted there will be


consequences. You say Theresa May has decided to sign off on this. She


was queasy by all accounts as secretary about this stuff with


Chinese. She was and the FT here is saying her teeth edge chief of staff


has been critical of China publicly and he is saying giving them


investments in such a critical infrastructure position in the UK


could allow them to have influence on how computers work and so forth.


She has the people around her now saying hang on, we have to take this


more seriously. It is interesting the Chinese ambassador told to write


an opinion piece in the Financial Times to say very directly what he


thinks of this and what the Chinese think of this. It is a veiled


threat. It says our relationship will be impacted by this. We'll


Theresa May look as if she is caving in to pressure if she agrees to


this? Maybe a little. Water and immersing his would we rather the


premise to have signed off within weeks of offers this multi-million


dollar package that will last for years, possibly up to a decade. When


it cost spirals, people will ask why she signed off on it without looking


at it. For her to say it is not decided that is not to say it is


definitely decided against. The Telegraph. Dogs put down needlessly.


Thousands of dangerous dogs apparently been put down needlessly.


This is an interesting story. It is for the anniversary of this


legislation that came out 25 years ago and it is a review that the


RSPCA has called for and said that thousands of dogs are being put to


sleep because there are four breeds of dogs that are banned in the UK


and if they are seen and considered dangerous they are being put down.


What is interesting is that 21 of the 30 people killed in the UK by a


dog since 1991 have not been killed by any of those four breeds of dog.


It is not being successful in protecting the public and what the


RSPCA is saying is we should be looking at the owners and they have


the ultimate responsibility, rather than saying we will ban four breeds


of dog. What the review is saying we need to review the legislation.


Something has got to be changed, doesn't it? If the wrong animals are


being put down? I didn't realise how many were being killed. 336 over the


last two years. Battersea dogs destroyed 91 animals in the past 12


months. When it comes to guns or other things, do you clamp down on


what is doing the damage were on the people causing it? That seems to be


a convincing case to say we need to do more upstream to stop these


people creating the conditions whereby these dogs become dangerous.


There are sanctions on owners as well? There must be. For the owner


of a dog that attacks someone, that must be a sanction. There is a


sanction on them but the ultimate section is coming to the dog because


they are being put down. It is seen as an imbalance, especially for...


The owners of these dogs did not care as much about the dog.


Therefore, the little sanction they get is imbalanced. Onto the matter.


The Olympics. The only delivers. Tom and down like a medal. The


synchronised diving. It is incredible. Phenomenal watching


them. It came down to the last of 36 dives. It was incredibly close with


third and fourth and they pulled off a stunning dive, went to the side of


the approved, they were cooked with tension and got a good result. Part


of this celebration that toppled into the water. The crowd went wild


and it added to the day when Britain picked up some medals. Team GB


aren't doing too badly. Not bad at all. Tom Bailey came fourth in the


London Olympics so good redemption there. They have only been training


together for about a year so it is quite a feat to pull off that they


have been training for a year. Everyone is waiting for his dive


which should happen in about ten days or so. I was at my local


swimming pool and it was packed, absolutely packed and it is not


usually doubtful. Adam Peaty and the success of Team GB has had so far


has given a bit of impetus to get out there and do some swimming. It


is fantastic. When you see Britain winning medals. I didn't realise how


historic Tom Bailey's historic -- achievements are. He has won 50% of


the adults in this category. We haven't had somebody doing


incredibly well in this sport for a generation at least. Brilliant. You


will be back in about half an hour or so. We will have a second look at


The Papers. Stick with us for that. Much more coming up. All the front


pages or online on the BBC News website where you can read a review


of The Papers. It doesn't suit everyone but if you


are a warm weather fan, I have


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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