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militant who demands the release of fighters in return


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are our guests, the broadcaster, John Stapleton,


and the former conservative Employment Minister,


Lovely to have you here with so many positive stories for a change.


Double gold medal-winning gymnast Max Whitlock graces


The Times shows him draped in the Union Jack savouring one


Their main story looks at a planned EU overhaul of regulations on web


The Express claims Prime Minister Theresa May has order Tory ministers


to stop dithering and organise Britain's Brexit as soon


And it's back to Team GB's Olympic glory in the i.


The paper going with the simple headline, "Gold rush."


This time, "Super Sunday" is their triumphant front page.


The Guardian's features an interview with Britain's head coach


for swimming, who is calling for tougher action on former drug


And in the Mail, along with Max Whitlock's stunning


gymnastic success, the paper claims some of its own for a campaign it's


been running against legal claims being pursued against British troops


the gold rush Magic. Let's look at the Metronet, super Sunday featuring


Max Whitlock twice at the top of the page -- Metro. And then Lewis Smith,


who got silver in the pommel, repeating his success from London.


Also a very triumphant looking Justin Rose. I don't know if you


were watching it earlier, but it was a very close match between him and


Henrik Stenson. What a day. Fantastic day. Quite right the


papers/ this all over the front pages because we love waking up to


some good news once in a while -- quite right with the papers


splashing this all over the front pages. A great tribute to them


putting in all the hard work. I was looking at the medals table and we


are second. Incredible, isn't it. And we are ahead of China, for


heaven sake. I have never seen anything like this. It wasn't quite


what it was in London, but that was... The inbuilt in -- advantage


London. Sensational Sunday. Monumental Monday. And I also


thought as well, how many people were firsts? Max was first with


gymnastics. Mo Farah, three gold, the first for us in the athletics.


Laura Trott is a first, she has three gold medals, female...


Cyclist. Yeah, but the most a female British athlete has got and that in


itself is superb. They are cracking records. You have mentioned Laura


Trott, she is on page seven of the Mail with her fiance? Have I married


them off too soon? Yes, fiance. Both have won gold medals. Although he


has more gold medals, she has the appeal with the sponsors. She is


raking it in. All of the sponsors are looking to her. What I loved


about him, well, I like him, he thinks, I am not as good-looking as


Tom Daley, but I am delighted she is. To have taken that on the chin,


to have more goals but to understand how the media works. What I love


from the story as well was about Laura, when she was born she was


four weeks premature, she had a collapsed lung and spent her first


six weeks in intensive care. As a toddler she had a permanent chest


infection and at six was diagnosed with asthma. To have overcome all of


that and to go on to win three gold medals, what a sensational story. I


struggle with this little, she is described as the charismatic Ms


Trott, a giggly blonde. Well, that is the Daily Mail. Well, they are


both giggly and blonde. She also has all of the sponsorship and he


hasn't. She is giggling all over the way to the bank. The Guardian, GB


swimmers lost out to cheat. They did well in swimming. The head coach has


claimed that GB was robbed of four medals at these games because in a


number of instances up to about seven instances they came fourth,


and in a number of those races they are up against people who have


previously been forced to take drug testing and not past that. And in


his view, for those who have gone through that process should not be


allowed to compete -- passed. He was not insinuating they were taking


drugs at this particular event, we should stress, but that they should


not have been there in the first place. And therefore, because they


were there, the athletes were denied a bronze or maybe even silver. The


other thing is, when you have our athletes, other athletes who have


done everything right, when they are overlooked... However, people are


bending backwards for people who have had drug issues in the past and


they are now being returned back to the sport. He said that is wrong,


zero tolerance, and we should look after the people who have done the


right thing all along. A lot of sympathy with that argument. False


claims clog asylum system. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are


exploiting flaws to remain in Britain. Framing asylum when they


have no right? Illegal immigrants. One third of applications made by


illegal immigrants, or people who have overstayed their welcome. So


they have had a visa and they should be going? They should not be here in


the first place at all. When they are caught, they said, I need


asylum. In fairness, further down the story, you discover that


actually some of these people might have been brought here against their


will. Used as slaves, for example, may be psychological reasons why


they didn't initially claim asylum. Having said that, it is clear from


their story, the evidence presented in this story, some of them are


economic migrants trying to abuse the system. You are meant to claim


asylum as soon as you arrive? Yes, and tell the way -- tell why you are


here. We need an international definition of asylum and refugee


status. You can see the difference or someone running from Syria and


the for example -- of. And it won't be easy to exporter people who have


been here for many years who shouldn't be here. It has to be


handled sensitively. It has to be tightened up. And in the Guardian,


police higher law firms to seize fraudsters' assets for profit. This


is an interesting story. Will it be in the civil courts? Fraud is now


the biggest crime police have to deal with. And cyber crime in


particular. It takes eons of time, it is very expensive, and they bring


the prosecution, it is not always successful, and if it is then they


have to pursue the people to get the money back and it takes even longer.


This is an experiment in the city of London that would see law firms


invited to take civil courts where the burden of proof is less, of


course, hopefully get back the money first, do it the other way around,


and if they are successful in doing that then the police can see those


responsible in the criminal court. Theoretically, it is a smart idea.


What is controversial about it? Private law firms will make more


money out of it? Yes. And the process that has been gone through.


I think when you have something now, as you said, the biggest crime worth


?193 billion per year and growing, they are going to have to look at


ways of stopping it, how do we send a clear message that we won't...?


And look at alternative ways to do it. The Sun, May Europe vow, leaves


on the line, full steam ahead for Brexit, Theresa May hanging out... I


thought it was another... Theresa May thinks this is taking longer


than it needs to take and we should be getting a move on -- leave's. She


is saying that we need to crack on. That said, the party is well ahead


of the curve, because otherwise you would still be having her leadership


nomination at the moment still going on, we would still have had this


contest in the country, so they are several months ahead, but equally I


think people need to know, well, what are we doing and how fast can


we get out? What is the direction? Two new departments have been set


up. You do need those sort of fully working and functional and with


direction. That is a clear message and that is obviously to keep her


own party onside. She needs to let people know she is getting on with


it. Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, David Davis, the three Brexiteers who need


to get out and do this. And the story that there is a turf war


between Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. The overlap, potentially. They knew


that when they were creating the new department. That needs to be sorted


out. The story sues the Sun. They were campaigning for Brexit.


Brexiteers and of course the majority in the country voted for


that as well -- and of course -- suits. You are not wrong, you are


not wrong. Homeless is the other story on this page. Oh, yeah. This


is terribly sad, isn't it, this is DHS, which has finally closed its


doors... Well, one store -- BHS. Yes, one around the corner from


here, the Oxford Street branch which had the countdown in the shop


window. The biggest one. 11,000 people out of work. Meanwhile, the


man who outran the place, he is in the south of France. And you know,


those pictures are not the poignant ones, because you have read the


words, but when you get the visual picture that shows this is now


empty, people won't be going in, people won't be employed, I think it


is a very poignant picture. A big gap in a lot of high streets. The


FT, energy suppliers put their foot in it with gas consumers over metric


errors. People can't tell the difference between... The experts


can't tell the difference! The energy companies can't tell the


difference between old gas meters and new gas meters. Are they getting


metric and imperial mixed up? This is a story worthy of a wider story


than at the moment, and it is on the front of the FT but at the bottom of


the page, and I have not seen it anywhere else in the papers, but


basically the six energy suppliers have confessed to the fact that they


are confusing old gas meters with new gas meters and all you need to


know is the basic result of that is that some people have been


undercharged by 60% and other people have been overcharged by 130%! As


you have rightly pointed out, from the gas companies' point of view,


figures are in the right direction. There is no understanding of when


they will be compensated. How on earth has it happened! Energy


suppliers have made basic mistakes. That in itself is damning. Basic


mistakes. Not getting it right between metric and imperial. Isn't


it because, though, there is a confusing mix of the way we organise


things in this country. Who does? It energy companies don't know the


difference between an old and new gas metre... It doesn't say who


pointed out the error, does it, and that will be interesting, who came


forward to say that you have made an error, how long has this gone on?


This could rumble on for a long period of time. Check your metre and


check your bill. Finally, back to sport, the Daily Telegraph, unusual


front page for them... I have been around for a very long time, and I


have never seen... You have it on screen. I have never seen the front


of the Daily Telegraph like that without any copy and just


photographs. No stories on it. Just a couple of teasers. How it goes in


the shire, I know not. And it is reflecting the big story. Excellent


picture of Max Whitlock. I am sure that there was a more photogenic one


of him. What a sensation. Superhuman. Quite remarkable. And it


is not over yet, there is plenty more to go. Andy Murray, it is one


set all, playing Del Potro. He is 4-2 up. It is a five setter, so it


could take a while. Thank you very much. Coming up next, the Film




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