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the party decision to ban new numbers from voting in the


leadership contest will not take decades the Supreme Court.


Hello and welcome to look ahead to the papers. With us, John Stapleton


and Esther McVey. Welcome both. Thanks for having us again.


Delighted to be here, especially tonight. Because we are winning. I


thought he might have said because it was me! Double gold Olympic


medallist Max Whitlock makes many of the pages. He is draped in a union


Jack savouring one of his victories. DfT reports that Brussels intends to


tighten its grip on Web services. Theresa May has ordered Tory


ministers to stop dithering and organise the Brexit as soon as


possible. The paper goes with the headline gold rush. The Metro has a


similar idea. Super Sundays they their triumphant front page. We will


start with that. It is so good to have, after months of difficult news


stories, have all this fun. People love good news, particularly on a


Monday morning. The papers are quite right to splash this. This is


phenomenal. Max has won two golds in the space of an hour. In the league


table we are second behind the USA, ahead of China. Britain ahead of


China in the medals table. And Andy Murray is with -- of a chance of


winning gold. Listening to them being interviewed afterwards, Max,


you won your gold, will you win the second? Your nerves could get the


better of you. You could go out there and fluff it. And he didn't.


He was cool as a cucumber. They have been so magnanimous, so caring and


sharing to their partners. Very honest. Laura Trott, whoever it was,


Wiggins, it has been sensational. I was watching the two Belgian girls


who won the heptathlon against Thompson Johnson. But what was


really striking about that and many of the events was the warmth between


these two. They were applauding each other when an opponent did well.


They hugged each other at the end. Jessica Ennis-Hill did at the end of


competition. I was so thrilled. I wish that spirit would sometimes


transferred to football. We have done our very best, this has been


four years. Therefore, it does allow you to congratulate someone who is


better than you. That was what was so amazing. That they were


excellent. This camaraderie. And knowing when somebody better than


you won. What a sacrifice they have made. Dedicating their lives to it.


Are you going out on a bike now?! Yellow Madrid is a bit late. There


was a lot of stuff after the last Olympics asking what happened to the


Olympic legacy. People send that had playing fields not been closed down


how much better we might have done. The National Lottery money has made


a big difference. They have been giving the training facilities to


enable them to compete on a level playing field, if you don't mind,


with the opposition. Whether it was Chris Boardman coming into the


cycling, it totally revolutionised it. He knew how to win, he knew how


to get team tactics better. He knew how to get a strategy in place. We


need to keep going. We will be ahead of America next time! Who knows? It


is really great. We do have other stories. It is a bit like saying


we're banging on too much! Not at all. We were waiting to see if we


could show you this. Here it is, the old-fashioned way. The Huffington


Post, Labour members give up on supreme challenge to leadership vote


but fight -- pledged to fight on. They will not go to the Supreme


Court because it will cost too much money. They steamed -- seem to think


it has been worth challenging the decision. The court came to the


right decision, saying that the precise eligibility criteria shall


be defined by the National Executive Committee. They say the rules of


your party should set what is really going on. To be fair, it is a sad


story for a Labour. It is what is going on beneath all of this. It is


poisonous. It is splitting the party. You haven't got the MPs


behind the leader. You haven't got the members with the MPs. You have


got new members with their leader. It is for them are very


uncomfortable period and it will not get any better. I completely agree.


I think it is very sad. These people are entitled to take the action they


did. They opened up the debate about democracy. But at the end of the day


it is an irrelevance. The real story is that the Labour Party is in such


deep trouble, it is tearing itself apart. That is bad for the country.


Every government needs a strong opposition. There isn't a strong


opposition. There is every prospect it will get weaker. It has


implications across the board. People want certainty in the


country. It impacts business, exporter. You do need a strong


opposition. Nobody knows where this is going to go to, but it will be an


ugly fight and probably an ugly end. Prime Minister, get this out of the


EU and fast, according to this one. This is a story the express loves.


She says, crack, that, we have decided we are going. The story this


morning in one of the papers, to which this is a response, is that


they are dilly-dallying of it and making excuses. She said of two


departments and they're not ready yet. -- set up two departments. They


are saying maybe they cannot do it as quickly as they thought. Maybe it


will take until 2019, 2020. Crack on with it. Crack, that, stop messing


about. We are further ahead than we. Were We are ahead of the curve in


one sense. The country needs confidence. People need to know


where you are going. She is right. Crack on with it and get on with it,


but equally, there are practicalities. But I do believe the


civil servants will be going at top speed. They are in a meeting at


7:30am to start the process going. Good heavens, what sacrifices will


they make next?! Page two of the Daily Express is about Boko Haram,


and kidnapped 276 young girls from Chibok. We are not going to show you


the photograph because we have been trying to preserve the anonymity of


these young girls. Some of whom have reportedly been raped and badly


abused, forced to marry their captors. Here they are being put in


a video to say, we would prefer to hand them over but we want some


fighters back. It is an appalling story. And heaven knows what has


happened to these girls in two years. And heaven knows why it so


long to find them, to identify them. The government is saying, we want to


make sure. They claim to be talking to the captors but they want to be


sure they are talking to the right captors. Good heavens, it is two


years. The terrain is not helpful. But even so... This is a


horrendously brutal group. Since 2009, they have killed 20,000 people


and displaced 2.8 million people. When they say they want their


prisoners out of jail to return these girls, you have to think what


happened last time. They took 105 of their own members out of prison, and


an extra 600 prisoners, and more violence and death followed suit.


The negotiations will have to be well judged. A couple of stories in


the FT. This one will be interesting if you can sum it up for us.


Brussels to tighten grip on Web services in telecoms shake-up. That


is trying to get regulations right for a grey area in the law. They


want to make sure that places like WhatsApp and Google and Facebook


comply with requests for things like security, and also comply with


things, how do they make their money from the details of their customers?


I think for too long it has been a wild West. They are well ahead of


the curve. I do not think it is policed or regulated properly. These


are companies, some of only about 15 years old, when you look at it,


Google as 2 trillion hits a year. Bigger than most companies because


it has managed to go into the space, the World Wide Web, and basically


like a Trojan horse, suck it up. Would you talk about the next one?


Energy suppliers put their foot in gas suppliers. It is an astonishing


story of the bottom of the front page. Thousands of gas customers


have been overcharged because energy suppliers have made a sick mistakes


reading their meters. They have confused old imperial meters with


new ones. This affects all six big energy suppliers, apparently. Some


people have been undercharged by 60% and some people have been


overcharged by 130%. What this story does not make clear, possibly


because it is not evidential, is how much these people will be


compensated and when? Beggars belief. I love the bit that they are


overcharged by 130% but undercharged by 60%. How many energy suppliers


will confuse gas meters in people's houses? They are the experts. How do


you put it right and when will it be put right? Finally, Buzz feed.


Nadiya Hussain, who famously won The Great British Bake Off and baked a


cake for the Queen, has been talking to desert Island discs saying she


has been facing racism, that it has been part of her life for years.


Almost a daily occurrence. Listening to it, I thought what dignity --


dignity she had. In terms of how she was dealing with it and confront it.


She said, this is my home, I love it here, but I will not meet and match


that can of ugliness and vitriol myself. How she has dealt with it is


tremendous. But the fact she has to deal with it that macro and her


children as well. It is jealousy. There will be various other emotions


as well. These can of attacks have increased. This story does not


detail it, but would -- woman assumed these attacks increased


after Brexit. Whatever your thoughts about Brexit, we will not go into


that one tonight. It was proven statistically it did unleash racism.


She was born and bred in Luton, this goal. And no one, no matter where


they are born, should be subject to that kind of abuse. That is it.


Because it is a Sunday, John and Esther will be back with a second


look at half-past 11. Coming up next, Meet The Author.


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A strict Christian, he refused to run in the hundred metres


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