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as well as a video highlights screenplay on the BBC website. That


is all the sport, now it is time for the papers.


Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are James Rampton and Josie Cox.


The Observer features an interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,


in which he criticises his deputy Tom Watson.


Prime Minister Theresa May is Britain's most popular


politician, and is even regarded positively by 20 per cent


seen a leaked letter from the International


Trade Secretary Liam Fox, which suggests he and Boris Johnson


are arguing about who controls key parts of foreign policy.


a royal wedding next year - in a special report it says


is about private briefings by government ministers to City


executives that Britain could remain a member of the EU until late 2019,


a year later than previously anticipated.


by the Mail on Sunday after he recovered from a fall


Let's begin. Jeremy Corbyn, my deputy is talking nonsense and he


knows it. That is all in the Observer, trots and plot, what you


make of it? Laughing. This really looks like all-out war. It is hard


to see how any cohesiveness can be returned to the party within the


next few weeks even in the next few months. A couple of decades!


Rhetoric is becoming very strong. The claims that have been thrown


against the party by Tom Watson last week in this apparent letter, they


were punchy. It is perhaps not surprising that Jeremy Corbyn is


coming out and saying this. What do you make of it? There is no


observable good outcomes of the Labour Party at least in the next


year or two. I am metaphorically sitting here with my head in my


hands, I would naturally be a Labour supporter, but it seems like a


suicide cults. The inter-warfare that is going on, even if Jeremy


Corbyn does win, what happens to the 80% of the Parliamentary Labour


Party MPs who voted no confidence in him just a few weeks ago. There must


be a split, there must be two parties, that is disastrous at a


moment where the Labour Party has a massive responsibility in my view to


tackle the iniquities of the Tory government, it is fighting itself.


For democracy, that is a disaster. Also I'd talk about unity and taking


the fight to the Tories, but when they have had a few open goals, the


question of the resignation honours with David Cameron, the resignation


of Iain Duncan Smith, people were asking where was the fight. -- sides


talk about. There are two completely different ideologies and what the


Labour Party should be in this day and age, if there is no cohesiveness


and agreement on that, where is the credible opposition? Interesting


question. When the open goal appears, they do not run over and


capable, they ran over and kick themselves! LAUGHTER


Labour blacklist 1000 today, Labour officials have been identifying


entries as they try to stop members of rival parties and hard left


factions influencing the party leadership. This is more if you like


trots. This is the question of what is an interest. This 1000 today, it


is such a huge number that I cannot begin to imagine where they are


finding these people and begin to imagine how much trawling through...


They trailed through social media accounts. What qualifies? It is like


McCarthyism! Also, why not? If you were a Conservative Party member and


you had felt that the Labour Party was for you, what is the reason why


you cannot join? By Labour Party rules you cannot be a member of


another party. Someone with a militant tents and see from the


1980s had said I may be readmitted. -- tendency. Leon Trotsky said that


they should secretly join to form a Trotskyite cult within the Labour


Party. That is where the phrase entries comes from. If that happens


we have two totally separate parties fighting each other rather than the


Tories. Let's move on to the other front-page story in the Sunday


Times. Brexit will be delayed until the end of 2019, Whitehall is not


ready for talks. In a sense you think we kind of know that. Article


50 has not impressed, it takes two years, do the maths. Two years from


say Christmas would take you up to 2019. This is not brand-new in the


sense that I think it is something Sadiq Khan referred to last week and


he was saying we need to... He used the phrase square the circle on


issues like migration, trade, rushing into anything would lead to


more panic and could lead to the brain drain which people have been


talking about, people relocating away from the city to places like


Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris. We need to avoid that. You have a calming


influence of Philip Hammond trying to say look, we will still be able


to pay the farmers, we will be able to pay the scientists, we will be


able to do things until 2020. You have that pool, on the other hand we


have people saying why aren't we still in the EU? -- why are we still


in the EU? There are two different factions in the Tory party, there


are the moaning Remainers who are furious about how it has turned out


and the head-bangers have said let's get a move on! What I find


interesting is insiders are saying they are setting up two new


departments. Liam Fox is trying to recruit 1000 trade policy experts,


but he is only found fewer than 100. We have not negotiated his 1973.


There is no one with that expertise out there unless they go to


Brussels! You can find them all there! Let's go to the Sunday


Telegraph. Boris and Liam Fox in a bitter feud, we have done the Labour


Party, let's do the Conservative Party. The only thing missing is


David Davis's name. He has a slice of this pie as well. That is


mentioned in the Sunday Times story. David Davis 's role is also to be


defined and the resources that he has has not been made clear. He is a


big person in the party. Absolutely. This is classic turf war and what we


are risking here is losing sight of the bigger issue at hand which is


basically what the Times article writes about. Not having the


resources available, this is not a time where we need in fighting like


in the Labour Party. We need a united front. I am just guessing


here, but I suspect Theresa May has very little interest in hearing her


ministers bicker about something like a turf war when you are looking


at Brexit. There is a nanny knows best put-down, she said she is


unimpressed with this sort of carry on. She is absolutely right. There


is a lovely Matt cartoon. David Cameron turn to it every morning.


Wife says to the husband, is that borrowers and Liam Fox discussing


Brexit or Olympic judo? -- Boris. This is a massive ego battle.


Michael Gove did brilliantly destroying his two supposedly best


friends in politics, Johnson only temporarily and it became a huge


battle of ego waving. This is the same thing, three very alpha males,


Davies, Johnson and Liam Fox or having to share the same house, that


would be a great reality TV show, the Big Brother house! Very much


Brexit ears! Theresa May may have played a blinder. -- Brexit


supporters. I wonder if either of you reflecting on what is going on


in labour and Conservatives and the magnitude of what is ahead, we have


a PM who is very popular according to polls we have today, but she has


not got a personal mandate, she may be tempted to have an election


sometime in the next year, there are difficulties, but politically it may


make sense. Especially if she sees herself at a dead end with


everything that is going on around her. Just going back to the


Telegraph. What is interesting is that in this case and I do not know


whether this is just the way it is written, Liam Fox looks like he has


taken the aggressive stance and there is a sentence towards the end


of the article where it says Boris would theoretically agree to suck on


some resources from his camp into the Fox's camp which is not


something that we know of Boris on stock that is quite


uncharacteristic. One said that Liam Fox's letter is very strong


language. It does make you think, where is all this heading? This


massive ego clash is going on, we have a country to run and Theresa


May may say unlike Gordon Brown who bottled it soon after becoming Prime


Minister, if I run for election now, serve this tide of popularity,


Gordon Brown act out of that, I could get a bigger mandate and


change the terms. -- backed out. They could say we do not want the


hard Brexit that some people are advocating, we have had a full


general election campaign where we have discussed the issues


comprehensively and you cannot avoid Brexit entirely, but you could


soften it. Interesting. Here is an answer to all the party problems,


how to avoid a Brexit break-up. Relate's advice to couples. LAUGHTER


What puzzles me about this is how many couples do you know that all


many? I know parents and children many? I know parents and children


who are at war, I interviewed a comedian the other day who says he


calls his parents Lord and Lady snob, I will not tell you who it is.


They are at the adamant that Leave is the right thing to do and he said


they very selfish, they said they are worried about pensions and we do


not want to get involved in a Greek financial crisis with the Euro. We


want to cut ourselves off from the world and in so late ourselves from


the trouble and we voted for the. This comedian is an open-minded,


Euro minded person. He is furious. My daughter was abroad when this


happened and she said she was the areas, the older generation have


stolen my future. When you look at the breakdown of who voted what and


their attitudes to various things, they tend to be different, that is


according to the polls, I just wondered if there were many cases


for Relate's advice. I know one couple who is definitely on polar


opposites sides of the debate. Are they seeing Relate? They do not talk


about it, that is maybe the only way forward for a lot of people for the


top of the Sunday express has Princess Eugenie to marry. Over to


you on this one. Here is a ticking time bomb false. My little knowledge


of the Royal family, Eugenie could be to marry in 2017 or not. I am


glad you cleared that one up! LAUGHTER


Mighty Mouse Farrah, The Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express point out


they are 30 PG further The Mail on Sunday. -- 30p cheaper than The Mail


on Sunday. This is a proper news story. Congratulations to them to


get it on the front page at three in the morning. People working through


the nights to make sure that was on the front page. What is


extraordinary is he fell over, he was tripped accidentally by his


training partner who was covered in blood, he got up and he beat his


rival in the spring to the line. He is the most decorated British


athlete, he is a total hero. We will have to believe it's there, Mighty


Mouse Farrah


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