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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, this is BBC News with Ben Brown.


We will be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


First the headlines at 11:30pm: Britain's women set a new world


record to triumph in the cycling team pursuit.


Laura Trott becomes the first British woman ever to win three


The feeling we were getting riding round, it just felt like this


And, in an amazing day for British rowers, the men's team took gold


and women grabbed silver in the rowing eights.


And Britain is guaranteed at least a silver in the tennis,


as Andy Murray powers through to his second Olympic final


In other news: A British woman is the victim


The father and first husband of Samia Shahid are held


And in 15 minutes, Gavin Esler and Anna Smith discuss this week's


new film releases, including the remake of the Disney classic


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Caroline Wheeler, who is the political editor


at the Sunday Express, and Ben Chu, who is Economics editor


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the Observer,


which features an interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,


in which he criticises his deputy Tom Watson.


A poll for the Independent suggests Prime Minister Theresa May


is Britain's most popular politician, and is even regarded


positively by 20% of Labour supporters.


The Sunday Telegraph has seen a leaked letter


from the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox,


which suggests he and Boris Johnson are arguing about who controls key


The Sunday Express announces that Princess Eugenie will be


Her mother, the Duchess of York, says Eugenie and her partner have


The Mail on Sunday shows cyclist Laura Trott and her team-mate


Elinor Barker celebrating after Trott became the first British


woman to win three Olympic gold medals.


And the Sunday Times's lead story is about private briefings


by Government ministers to City executives that Britain could remain


a member of the EU until late 2019, a year


later than previously anticipated.


So let's kick off with that story in the Sunday Times. What do you make


of that? Brexit will be delayed until the end of 2019. We never


really knew when it was going to be. We knew that two years probably


after the triggering of Article 50. Theresa May says Brexit means


Brexit, not as you say she didn't say when. It takes two years to


hammer out how you are going to leave and interestingly it is only


after that process when you are allowed to have normal talks on


trade negotiations with the rest of the EU after that. So they can do


preparatory talks but nothing solid until after you have left the EU so


the fact it has been delayed is very significant. This means an even


longer period of uncertainty about what sort of relations the EU will


have with us. Will that frustrate some of your readers who voted


Brexit? Absolutely, this has always been the discussion point about when


we are actually going to leave. One of the things about this is the talk


about delaying it into 2019, which would only be one year away from the


general election, which given the general support that Brexit was


given, having won with 50% of the vote, that would be quite a


dangerous strategy for Theresa May to take and there are already some


quotes from Nigel Farage who is basically suggest in this would be a


betrayal for those who backed Brexit and people would take to the streets


in protest if this were actually the case. But it is not the first time


this suggestion about the delay has been mooted, in fact it was


suggested earlier in the week that they would delay triggering Article


50 until after the elections in France and Germany, sort of saying


that Paris and Berlin would give Britain a better deal, less of an


indication they would have to look tough but they would be more


sympathetic to our demands. Also on the Brexit story, the Sunday


Telegraph has the row between the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson,


and Liam Fox, the trade Secretary. You could argue it is two bald man


arguing over a comb given they can't do anything until they have done


Article 50 and left the EU. But what they are arguing about is who gets


to call the economic shots in this Brexit game. Fox has written a


letter to Johnson and copied in Theresa May, copying in the boss is


quite a clever move. He was not impressed by this particular spat on


here saying hand over the economic functions of the Foreign Office to


me because that is what I should be doing, and you should be looking


after the spies and the diplomacy, which is presumably playing to Boris


Johnson's strengths. There have always been differences between


Maurice Johnson and Liam Fox and I guess Theresa May must have known


that when she appointed them. And also David Davis, the other


Brexiteer in the government, they are the Three Brexiteers. It was all


about how soon we would see the sparks fly. The suggestion is that


Horace Johnson is good at going out on being the ambassador for Britain,


rubbing shoulders with the Chinese, who love them, chatting away over


the Ferrero Rocher. But you can imagine Liam is a bit frustrated


because as you said we can only get to the nitty-gritty of the trade


deals once we have actually left, and as we have seen in the Sunday


Times the suggestion is that that has moved later and later on, so


what is Liam's roll going to be? He can put his feet up until then and


he has said he wants a role in this, I want something to do. Sparks


flying in the government and also in the Labour Party, the interview with


Jeremy Corbyn saying that Tom Watson, his Secretary, is talking


nonsense about Trotskyite influences in the party. This is one of the


differences between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, they both have a


mandate and were elected to have completely collapsed in the last few


days. Tom Watson gave an interview last week saying young arms are


being twisted by older hands, implying that what is going on in


the Labour Party is a manoeuvre by the hard left and there is not a


surge of enthusiasm for Jeremy Corbyn so much as a hard left


takeover. Jeremy Corbyn says that is absolute nonsense, and that Tom


Watson knows it is nonsense. It seems that the relationship between


these two key figures has completely broken down. There is also the story


in the Sunday Times about Labour like Listing 1000 members --


blacklisting 1000 members a day, as they try and stop members of rival


parties and hard left factions influencing the party leadership


contest. This is part of the same story, Corbyn is saying this is


nonsense, there are an zero these entrists, and the response is that


it is happening and there is what is described as a Trot hunt, they are


weeding out these people trying to infiltrate the party when they are


not pure Labour Party members. All of this is a fight for the heart and


soul of the party, we have seen this to all the way to the High Court. We


have seen it go to the High Court, the appeal Court, maybe the Supreme


Court as well and Jeremy Corbyn is saying that is on the cards, about


whether they can stop this 130,000 people who will get a vote on the


leadership contest, and whether or not he can win that battle and get


them to support him. Let's go on to the Mail on Sunday, because they


have an interesting story about a new police unit to crack down


controls on social media, a Twitter squad they have been nicknamed -- on


trolls. What do you think of that? A lot of people will look at that


Twitter squad and think it is about time as well. There is so much abuse


that goes on on Twitter, so much while stuff lying around targeting


women and public figures that it seems like the whole thing is out of


control. There has been a lot of pressure on the Met and other police


forces to do something about it, not to let this go under the radar or


unchallenged. The Mail on Sunday takes a very different view, calling


it the thought police, saying that tweets will be policed and police


will be clamping down on petty jokes and nonserious insults, whatever.


That is their view. A lot of people will take a different view. What is


your view, do you think it is worthwhile? I totally do, having


spoken to so many MPs who have been at the end of this kind of


absolutely desperate trolling. It is really nasty stuff and it is not


only not very nice, it is really like, is someone going to hurt a


member of my family or do something very unpleasant to me? I think the


fact that Scotland Yard are going to take this man is generally to be


welcomed, although if you read the pages of the Mail on Sunday they


have built this up as a story and then poured cold water all over it,


which is an interesting tactic. It is an interesting tactic. Let's look


at the express, your paper. You have a story about cuts to chemist shops.


This story has been bubbling away for a while. Basically Budget cuts


were announced for independent pharmacist earlier in the year at


the former pharmacy minister suggested that this could result in


the closure of 3000 chemist. The whole policy has been up in the air


for some time, a decision was due to be made in July but hopes are now


rising that Theresa May is going to drop the proposals. It comes as she


speaks to her pharmacist just days after becoming Prime Minister, and


he believed she wouldn't just wave through these cuts. It is very much


a kind of wait and see. Obviously she has a lot of policy to look at


and consider. It may not be until Parliament resumes before we see a


conclusive answer to this one. The Express also have on their front


page, Eugenie is to marry, a world exclusive. And she is eighth in line


to the throne, so she is obviously a very significant member of the Royal


Family for the top I have also discovered she does a lot of


holidays. She is an Olympian level of holidaymaker, this royal. She has


been a way I think it is 17 times in the last 15 months, something crazy


like that. So is she going to marry, is she not going to marry? It may


not happen, according to the statement from her mother. The


statement from our royal correspondent, who spoke to a


spokesman for Sarah the Duchess of York, they are a couple, but there


are no plans for them to get married next year. What I can tell you about


this story, not having been party to it during the course of it, it is


written by probably one of the best royal correspondent in the business.


Her sources are absolutely impeccable, and again, we wouldn't


put that kind of story on our front page with a big banner saying world


exclusive if there wasn't some truth to it. From what we understand the


parents had been informed of their plans to marry and they are


renovating an apartment in which they will go on to live. I think it


is one of those situations where when is a plan to marry a plan to


marry? Is it when you say you are thinking of getting married, when


you put the ring on the finger, or when you actually walked down the


aisle? I think watch this space on this one. It is definitely the mood


music coming from the palace that there is something in the offing. It


is definitely a maybe. Let's finally talk about the Olympics which are


going rather well. Third in the medal table. Third in the medal


table, almost as good as in London, which when you think about it is


incredible. Considering that was a big one, all that money, all that


pressure, all that enthusiasm, and all that support on home soil as


well. It seems to have extended another four years, which is great.


And the cyclist, those who did well got extra funding, so it makes sense


that that success might continue. The point has been made that cycling


is just a medals machine for GB, and I don't think there is much call to


stop funding it now continuing -- considering it continues to deliver


and deliver. Given the size of Great Britain, if you consider the


powerhouses we are competing against, to be third in the medals


table is absolutely astonishing and more medals in the offing. We still


haven't seen our track and field events which we traditionally do


quite well at so this could be an absolutely number year for us. It is


difficult times, you have to stay up through the night. I haven't caught


much at work this week, but may son is a fan of the diving. Tom Daley


has a lot to answer for, as he throws himself into the pool from


ever increasing heights. Maybe he will get a gold medal in a few


years' time. Thank you for being with us to review the papers. Coming


up next on BBC News is the film


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