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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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A British woman the victim of a suspected honour killing, the father


and husband had been held in the Punjab.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Caroline Wheeler, who's the Political Editor


at the Sunday Express and Ben Chu, who's Economics Editor


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Observer features an interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,


in which he criticises his deputy Tom Watson.


A poll for the Independent suggests Prime Minister Theresa May


is Britain's most popular politician, and is even regarded


positively by 20 per cent of Labour supporters.


The Sunday Telegraph has seen a leaked letter


from the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, which suggests


he and Boris Johnson are arguing about who controls key parts


There'll be a royal wedding next year, according


to the Sunday Express, which announces that


And The Mail on Sunday shows cyclist Laura Trott and her team mate


Elinor Barker celebrating after Trott became the first


British woman to win three Olympic gold medals.


The Sunday Times, private briefings by government ministers to city


executives that Britain could remain a member of the European Union until


2019, later than anticipated. Let's start off, Caroline, we


mentioned the row, a feud according to the Sunday Telegraph, between


Boris Johnson and Liam Fox. Two probe wrecks it ministers feeding.


In some ways, something we have been anticipating. They are all fairly


forthright. David Davis being the third. Suggestions that they would


inevitably have a tussle. Seems this has happened already. The Sunday


Telegraph seeing a letter by Liam Fox to Boris Johnson, effectively


asking him to give up control of some of the economic levers of his


brief. In exchange, he is supposed to oversee the more diplomatic


sections. The idea Boris Johnson handing around chocolate at parties.


That is what Liam Fox thinks his job should be, as well as looking after


the security interests of MI6. We are told that people are Boris and


Liam Fox then get on that well. David Davis as well. They have their


differences. Always quite a strange decision by Theresa May to give the


very strong figures in politics these roles, sorting out the British


exit from the EU. The question was, who was in charge, pushing the


agenda. Lo and behold, we have this row. Seems like a letter that was


designed to be leaked. Why then he split up your role, gimme the


economic bets. Boris Johnson is never going to say, I would do it


tomorrow. Typical role, David Davis as the Brecht said ministry, of


course the trade deals, which is what he has been tasked with being


overseen, they were not come into the line until we are at the end of


those discussions. We have seen he has been out of America, as a


precursor to those negotiations. Until we get to the point of


exit.... The Sunday Times saying it could be late 2019. Good for


business, the longer it goes on. Although uncertainty continuing.


What I like about the letter, one of the quotes at the end of the story.


The consensus view is that if you want to keep exports going, you need


to stay in the single market, the exact opposite of what he's pushing


for. We may have senior Tories at their throats. In the Labour Party,


really at each other's throats. Jeremy Corbyn saying the deputy Tom


Watson is talking nonsense. We have had the allegation that


Labour has been illustrated by Trotskyites. -- infiltrated. A lot


of it was in a booklet written by Michael Crick, something that was


put together by the hard left. He takes a swipe at Ian Nichol, the


Labour Party general secretary, behind the legal action we have seen


this week. Effectively going to the High Court, the Appeal Court. Now


Jeremy Corbyn is suggesting it might go to the Supreme Court. About the


entry to the party, where they can vote in the leadership contest. It


does not come to a conclusion until September. What does this mean for


the Labour Party. Do you see them splitting apart? You can say look


what happened in the 1980s, they will hold together. All sorts of


logistical problems. If you have two splits. It is so dysfunctional. The


leader of the Labour Party at war with his party. They were both


elected. I don't know what Jeremy Corbyn thinks it looks like to the


outside world, but it looks like the party is completely at odds with


themselves. Cannot agree on anything. Why would anyone vote for


a party in that state of disarray? We will see polls this evening, in


terms of popularity of the leaders, Jeremy Corbyn right down there. If


you see the polls among the Labour Party, who they prefer, Owen Smith


or Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn way out ahead. Talking about whether


130,000 people can vote. Small fry compared to those who can vote. You


wonder whether he can possibly catch on. We saw that poll that a lot of


labour voters like Theresa May. Mail on Sunday, story about the UK's


thought police. Snooping on web users. Really about Twitter,


trolling. Other social media. The police trying to stop that. It is


going to cost a couple of million pounds. The Met launching a two


million pounds Twitter squad. Not exactly the Sweeney. The kind of


thing, in some ways you would expect them to do. We have been hearing a


lot about death threats. There has been pressure on the police to take


some of this stuff online more seriously. Not surprising they have


done this. Interestingly Daily Mail's coverage. They have spun it


as thought police. Very negative. When you could imagine them saying,


at last, they are finally cracking down on trolling. They could have


taken on Facebook and Twitter for not doing this themselves. Relying


on the British police to do it. One you could imagine them spinning the


other way. 1.7 million, five employees, does not seem like a


thought police. Not checking every single tweet. Actually only 452,000


allocated. Five detectives. Some people will say they could be


investigating burglaries, murders. Which you cannot get a police


officer to investigate. They are so overstretched, the blue line has


become so thin. My reading of this is positive, so many people in the


public I find this troubling. So desperately unpleasant. It does


happen to pretty much everybody raising their head above the


parapet. It must be given news they're going to take it seriously


whether this is the beginning of the big initiative, let's hope so.


Let's get that Huybrechts, couples arguing over Brecht said, they are


being given advice. They should have a strict time limit on discussions


to avoid getting to the point of no return. Something that Liam Fox are


Boris Johnson should have. Should they go to Relate. That is people


who disagree in the same families. Husbands and wives. The advice from


the Cambridge branch of Relate, agree to disagree. Very sound


advice. Do you know people who have fallen out? I am lucky, me and my


husband were on the same side of the argument. I can imagine, really


passionate discussions. We certainly had a few in our office, where the


direction of the paper is fairly obvious. I can see this being a


problem. They said they have been really surprised then taken back by


the number of couples that have come forward and mention the referendum


as the root of the problems. The phrase coming into us, it is not EU,


it is me. -- it . We have to talk about the


Olympics, great pictures on many of the front pages. What do you think?


Are you surprised how well we are doing? Third in the medal table.


Looking at the BBC graphic. We are tracking just below the medal level


at the same stage in London. Incredible, considering that was a


home games. Everybody was expecting a tailing off. To be level,


incredible. Are you watching it? I have been at work today, not


watching it. My son is entranced by the divers. Every time we take into


the swimming pool, he's desperate fling himself off high obstacles. He


would love to be the next Tom Daley. Lovely to see the inspiration. Nice


to see the cream of the crop, and people wanting to copy them. It is


about showcasing them. So great to see the other sports. Such a rich


variety. The variety, the big-money, ?100 million from Manchester United,


a lot of these guys doing these amazing feats, they don't get


anywhere near the money. Great to see. The stories you hear all the


time, the sacrifice, overcoming illness. Adam Peaty said he gets up


at four o'clock every morning, sometimes he wants to go back to


sleep. I know exactly how he feels. We will talk to you again at half


past 11. For the moment, thank you very much. That was our look at the


papers. Coming up next,


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