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Whenever you're ready, although, thank you. Thank you to look ahead


at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow with as campaigner,


broadcaster and journalist David. Most of the year. And the assistant


editor of The Times. Do you not love the colour palette? It is like the


Brazil Carnival and here. Breaks it has contribute it to a boost in


sales of Bordeaux wines. Jessica in a cell in action on the first day of


the heptathlon in Rio. Olympic glory as Britain's called metal rowers


across the front page. Families will be hit with a ?250


holiday tax with increases in air passenger duty, VAT and insurance on


the way. Then the story that makes many of


the others, news of the chances pledging to honour funding to firms


scientists so they not lose out after two. 'S then Team GB roars


holding their Olympic gold medals aloft. Will be back in the Velodrome


very soon, when we see Bradley Wiggins is about to raise with his


colleagues. Team-mates, not colleagues! Let's start with the


Telegraph. Subsidies will not be cut after Brexit, this is a pledge from


the chances. It is in fact the first big statement about our chances has


made. He had pledged to reset the economy and he is going to start by


making good all the money that you thought you were going to lose if


you were a farmer or a research scientist, all those different types


of funding that you got from the EU, you're going to receive its just the


same. He is going to tell us all about it at some point this week,


but he has given the newspaper a very strong steer that those


subsidies will remain in place. No comments from Brussels yet on what


they think about this, because this seems to run counter to how we


contribute to the EU, and free movement and everything else. But he


is a lot is going to happen. ?4 billion, people wanted to know how


long he will be able to afford it and for the money is coming from.


Exactly. After we're just going through austerity for so long, it


seems amazing to me that he is something of this money now. Like


you were saying, it is about keeping the economy going. He is talking


about infrastructure projects, talking about things that actually


might help the economy. So, you know, it seems amazing that is going


to happen because that was a big fear amongst farmers and university


researchers and all those sorts of areas, that the money would


disappear. Also, there were some feeling that we might be going into


mild recession in December. He wants to stop that happening. FT Weekend


think that Bordeaux vintners are raising a glass to Brexit because


they have got a five-year high in the wine sales. Can you explain why


briefly? Maybe not! It is quite complicated. It is not really my


area but I was fascinated to find out that a cartoon, it is not a


garden, is that? A case, you see how both I am, a case of wine that was


45,000 is now only 20 6000. It is a snap. It is because all these


beautiful wines are kicked in bonded warehouses in the UK, President


Starling, becoming a bargain for worldwide buyers and the Chinese are


buying fine wines like no tomorrow. The Times, page two, new grammar


schools limited to 20 working-class areas, why? It does actually say


here that this government will be far less interested in raising the


bottom 10% than they are about middle earners and those who are


working and on benefits. So they are targeting these skills into possibly


poorer areas, but they are going for the kind of next gridlock. As


somebody who did not do very well at school, it is the bottom 10% I am


worried about, not the rest. I would like to Bosnia and go to the


Velodrome to see Bradley Wiggins and his team-mates compete in the final


of the men's pursuit. -- I would like to go to Brazil. COMMENTATOR:


Twice already and Olympic champion in this event. Can Great Britain


make it a hat-trick? They were beaten by Australia in the world


champion Joe final a few months ago. Clancy the best starter in the


world. The race for gold and are! 16 laps of the track. Australia against


Great Britain. Australia the world champions. Some gaps forming already


in the Australian team. They are usually the fastest starter but they


have not been in this competition. It is Britain that has been getting


their nose in front from the goal and I think they are going to do


that again. Maybe not, in fact. Britain were treated at the pressure


on it earlier but it is a great, strong start for Alex Edmondson on


bass of Australia and made Jack is taking over, their national road


rage Road race champion. Loads of experience. Stephen on the front for


Great Britain. The Welsh man waits to do his turn. There is the first


sighting of Bradley Wiggins in the final. He is not doing a long turn


for his first run. He paid for that in the qualifying round. We saw a


slight wobble from Ed Clancy of the start. That is what has cost them


but they are getting back on terms additives Stephen on the front nine.


He has been an excellent addition to the squad over the last couple of


years. Elizabeth behind at the moment but they are not panicking.


It is just 0.3 of a second. They are on schedule and you can be sure that


if world-record pace they are going after. Still a long way to go. Just


what a distance for these two teams in this Olympic final. Australia


leading the way and the gap has gone up a bit. Australia trying to put


the Brits under pressure. That change of man is made all the


difference for the Australian. They have brought in some fresh legs


there and it has given them confidence. They have gone out very


strongly. Still .06 -- 0.6 of a second and Great Britain were taught


to do. It is Wiggins riding on the front. Ed Clancy in their right


behind him. Wiggins dragging the around here. It is going to go down


to the wire, Versailles. That gap holding, if anything going out


slightly, 0.6 of a second. They are going to have to do something


special. On Britain -- it nearly all down to the wire. A real nailbiter.


At the halfway mark, nearly seven tenths of a second and at the moment


Australia. Look at the determination's business. We have


now written like others before. Great Britain coming back. They have


edged out the of a second on that last lap. The Road goes up in the


Velodrome. It really is on the... On the wire now between these two. They


have got six laps to go. Six laps and Australia identity already.


Britain still staying as a four. They are coming back. Just 0.1


second behind. Britain tried to keep this momentum going as we go into


the closing stages of this race. Australia now suddenly the team


being put under pressure. Britain staying strong. Looking neat,


looking tidy. There is a gap in the Australian three and that could be


fatal at this point. There are almost dead level. Australia are


starting to look a little bit ragged. They are down to three and


really are on the limit. It is tough for them now as Great Britain pile


it on with Wiggins riding on the front. Wiggins has handed over now


to Ed Clancy. Clancy has got Burke on his will. Do will then there


well. The four of them still looking good. Still riding strongly. They


are in frontier. Hundreds of a second between the teams. Britain


not getting in front and tell right now. Last in the final, down to


three, they are in the lead. Down to three, they are in the lead but only


just. It is nail-biting! It is going to go right down to the wire. And


now they take their eye, there is a gap in the British line-up. It is


coming down to the last lap. Who has got that little bit extra in the


legs? You can find the difference? Making the move to take them over


the line in first place, will it be Britain or Australia? It certainly


will be Great Britain! It will be Britain in a world-record time. The


awesome foursome have done it. One of those baffling events. We do


not understand what we have just watched, I have to confess, but we


won. Taking all of the dreaded! Sitting on the edge of seats.


Britain have taken gold in the main's final of the team pursuit.


That means Bradley Wiggins has won his fifth gold medal. At the Olympic


Games. That gives them a total of... Eight altogether. Is that right? He


has already got seven full year of the most decorated British Olympian.


Chris Hoy still has six goals. You do not need to remember all those!


He's from Kentish Town. I used to live in Camden. Yes, speaking of the


final. That was so exciting! We were there with them. We have got papers


to do, though. So how long have we got, Ralph? Three minutes! Well, we


will move on to some of the common oh, I will not do the Express, I


will do the Guardian. The back page, Britain's Rovers striker who call.


This is the women's pairs. This is Helen Glover and Heather stunning,


who retained their title from 2012. They said it was even sweeter. And


we are really good at sitting down sports. You do slide backwards and


forwards. It is really hard work, rowing. I have never tried it. It is


about the core. I have had a little. I would love to have a go. My godson


was very good at it. Climbing up that medal table. We must be higher


than that. And there they are again on the eye. This is the fifth


consecutive Olympic title for the coxless fours. Team GB shooting up


the medal table today as a result of that. We also saw Briony Page take


the first trampolining medal, silver, in the individual


trampoline. There really is travelling in? I thought somebody


was joking! She looked like she was bouncing up and down on the ticker


that goes along the bottom of screen when we were watching. Absolutely


amazing. Times front-page tell us about this picture section. It is


Jessica in a cell, got off to a good start with a 100 metre hurdles, she


did win. But... I am perplexed as to why this picture was chosen rather


than some of the other winners. This is a marvellous picture because it


sums up this great movement. Remember, this needs to be an


attractive, this is your front page, you're sitting at your store for


what is in your paper and this is a really good, powerful picture that


shows you movement but most importantly, you see all those empty


seats at the back, which is one of the big scandals of the Olympics.


These extraordinary events are happening in almost empty stadiums


because local Brazilians either queuing outside to get in or cannot


afford to get in. The dressage but we were watching earlier today, when


Kyle was riding, very few people. A lot of the venues are quite far


out... And the security is tough and their queuing outside. Also, there


are a few refreshments are available so people have to go outside the


venue to get a snack. You're very well-informed! This is why we like


having you in. Finally, a cartoon on the Telegraph. Two more women


chatting. Don't worry, I will just describe it. A man sitting watching


the Olympics on television with as many cans of lager and a packet of


crisps. The caption reads," ... You like that, don't you? That is


the unfixed for me, that is me summed up! You are not interested,


are you? I am now feeling it. We were feeling it just a minute ago.


Bradley Wiggins has made an interested! That is great. Don't


forget, all the front pages are online at the BBC news website, or


you can read detail. It is therefore you seven days a week. You can see


as there as well. Each night's edition of the papers is being


posted shortly after we had finished. My guests will be back


again at 11:15pm, getting our money 's worth! They will have a costume


change. See you in a bit.


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