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Just pausing the sport to have a look at The Papers that they're well


be some Olympic stories. Front pages, we have not got long.


The Telegraph leads with allegations of electoral fraud in some


constituencies in the UK. The Financial Times has pictures of


people queueing for food in Aleppo. The Times says 6000 people are


trapped in hospital beds each night. The Guardian leads with the Labour


leadership. The Express says Britain is expecting its hottest spell in


August for 13 years. And the Metro, Katherine Grainger, but in's was


decorated female Olympian after winning her fifth medal in Rio.


Start with the Financial Times and the story from Aleppo of a gas


attack. People are queueing to dry to get food, very little of which


has been able to get through. It is a terrible situation. It looks like


a gas attack. That amounts to a war crime. Medics are saying that the


ceasefire is not enough for people to get out or for AIDS to get in.


There was not a military respite during that time. -- for people to


get out or for assistance to get in. The Syrian Government deny any


involvement with this gas attack being reported. Last weekend we were


reporting that two different rebel groups had banished to meet in the


middle of the city. It is difficult to pin down the facts from Aleppo.


Yes, is mounting evidence that a gas attack did take place and that can


be linked to Assad then that is a war crime that it would not be the


first war crime linked to Assad. There is already a mass of evidence


linking him to a war crime but the problem is that the Russians have


blocked any attempts to bring him before the International Criminal


Court. It may not lead to anything of great significance. Let us move


on to The Times. A schoolgirl who joined Isis is killed by an air


strike. This is one of the three girls who left Bethnal Green last


year. Kadiza Sultana, we understand from these reports, was killed in an


air strike. Yesterday ITV News broadcast a recording of a telephone


call between her and her sister in which they are discussing plans to


get her out. She had regretted going and trying to join the Islamic


State. It sounds like all three girls had a nightmare, they were put


under House arrest when they arrived, they were peered up with


Islamic fighters, hopefully it will put off other like-minded girls. It


is a heartbreaking story. The other two girls are still out there and


accounted for. We have to ask what is it that motivates young edition


schoolgirls to go out there? What is the romantic lure of going out to a


place of an speakable horror? It is not as if the conditions of where


they were going to was not known. Absolutely. More workouts to go into


understanding the psychology. There is something that taps into


vulnerable in as children. Boys and girls, something that says come over


here, this romantic idea of a fighter, or the wife of a fighter,


it is horrific. The Times, NHS led Bocking increases, the cheeky


expression for some people -- a difficult expression for some


people. More than 6000 elderly people are apparently trapped in


hospital beds because there are no adequate care facilities to look


after them when they leave, so the hospitals cannot discharge them. In


some cases it is the family that are at fault for not coming to collect


them because they do not want to take responsibility for a clear of


their own relatives. This points to a massive crisis in the health


service and in care for the elderly in this country. It is not just that


the families might not be able to capture them themselves, there is


just not the facilities, alongside cats to local authorities, services


such as meals on wheels, and the other thing that is interesting is


the context of the big financial crisis in the NHS. Hospitals are


closing Accident and Emergency at night-time, rationing is being


introduced. There is a big health crisis coming up and it is something


that the new Prime Minister is going to have to turn her attention to and


after the Brexit thing there is going to be expectation that there


will be a rush of money into the NHS and this will be a political


nightmare on the horizon. ?6 billion would pay for a lot of social care


if you could but adapt that we. Yes. It does seem ridiculous that we are


spending all this money on keeping these people in hospital who do not


need to be there and who are stopping other people from having


operations. The ?350 million claim for Brexit is not going away. I do


not think anybody thought that would be available the day after we both


did. Or ever. A lot of people think that that money, it was a compelling


message, and that the health service is facing a huge crisis, and people


think that money is going to come soon from Brexit. We have to read


the European Union first. That there will be an expectation that that


money will be coming through to the health service after we have gone.


There will be an expectation management issue to deal with. A


blind eye turned to Muslim vote fraud.


The corruption saga is seeing people are being to sensitive. F there are


allegations of fraud that has to be taken seriously regardless of the


community. I think going into full you should show some ID. I do not


think that is a Draconian measure. I am always quite shocked that when


you go to vote you just say I and such and such. You are supposed to


have a voting card. You do not even need it. I think you have to take


this seriously. You have to look into it. At the same time you should


not be holding back because of cultural sensitivities, at the same


time you should not be stigmatising certain communities. If introducing


a system of bringing along identification, I had to bring a


identification to a political meeting, it is not an unreal -- it


is not an unrealistic suggestion. Having been found guilty of rigging


votes and other corrupt electoral practices, and there has not been a


prosecution. That sends the wrong message to other people engaging or


thinking about engaging intellectual fraud. Australia blocks China deal


over security fears in the Daily Telegraph. We have had the Hinkley


Point issue. This is another failure of energy provision. A 6 billion


deal whereby China was going to take 50% stake in the main electricity


network in New South Wales. Australia is concerned about


security issues and has blocked the deal. It is similar to what has gone


on with Hinkley Point add Theresa May. It is surprising that deals get


this far if there are security fears that crop up later on. To these


may's people will see the reason they are concerns about Hinkley


Point a long time ago before she, even in her wildest genes, thought


she would be at Downing Street. But it raises interesting questions


about public policy. How much money do we want to be taking from


overseas, from other countries? One of the things with Hinkley Point,


Theresa May was also talking about human rights issues and security.


The Mitchell, rowing hero becomes our most successful Olympic. Hope


for us all. Fifth gold medal and she had given up for a couple of years


to think about whether she wanted to carry on. She is such a high


performing human. She puts everyone else to shame. Not only is she an


amazing Olympian, she is also clever, she is vice Chancellor of


the University. You have not said she is Scottish. She is a Scottish


as well. It is a fantastic achievement. With the goals we have


just one in the cycling sprint we have gone up from ninth to eighth in


the medal table and if we win a gold in the rugby sevens, if we beat Fiji


in the match coming up, we move up to fourth place.


Finally, Bhullar Tech helps record breakers


-- pool tech helps record breakers to stay afloat. Something to do with


shock absorbent lane dividers and slick gene is that it is in the


interests of Brazil to see as many records broken as possible. The more


records, the higher the viewing figures. But previous swimmers did


not have that advantage and they are saying records broken. It is like


the exam system, it gets easier every year. That is it for the


moment but we will be back again at quarter past 11 to have another look


at the front pages and we will know more about how the rugby is going


on. Each edition of The Papers is posted on the page. Coming up next


it is the


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