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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. Without either columnist for the mirror and Tim


Stanley of the Daily Telegraph. We will start with the Financial Times,


reporting on fears that a global collapse in Government borrowing


costs is sending British pensions into a funding crisis. The eye


pictures Joe Clarke winning gold at the Solomon real. Britain's


gold-medal winners are on the top of the Metro as well above the story


about a judge was verbally abused by a man and she sent to jail. The


Times says Britain's Tony Spiner ended new Hinkley point sea power


tasting deal as facing nuclear espionage charges in America. The


Telegraph says Scotland Yard is investigating allegations that a


British tennis player was to liberally poisoned while competing


last month's Wimbledon Championships. The Guardian says


Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson are locked in a dispute about


whether the party risks being taken over by hard left activists driven


out in the 1980s. We will start with the Financial Times. Sutherland


strike called off by Eurostar walk-outs fresh to bring fresh


travel row. Not a good period for anyone who was to get on a train. It


will not be for about 20 years. This isn't, I'm sorry, this isn't a


one-off thing that is happening right now, someone has had a big


idea and the union has said they do not like it, this is a technology


issue. It is almost inevitable that at some point in the future you will


have trains operated either by nobody at all or by somebody in a


control room a long way away and at the moment we're talking about


having trains operated entirely by one person at the front of the


train, who drives the trench at the doors, uses CCTV to look around the


train and see who is on and off. They have to handle all the


problems. There are flaws in that plan and there are good things about


it. That is what the argument about. The RMT, who generally run the door


side of things, don't want that to happen. The union who runs the


driver Kate of things is ambivalent. Both sides are saying that it will


not cost jobs now but maybe well in the future. This will go on for a


long time. It is a fundamental issue. Indeed. The upshot of this is


passenger misery. I used to live in Brighton and I had to take the


infamous other line. Hell on wheels, literally. When the wheels were


moving! Famously there was one train that literally has never in its


entire time of operation ever been on time. Extraordinary. The problem


is there's not enough tracks to support all the passengers who want


to travel on it. It's a thin corridor that goes from London to


Brighton and through Gatwick. An extraordinary amount of pressure on


that one line, not enough track, therefore not enough stock. The


train said to be short. That is why there is some new bottlenecks and


delays in that area. There have been repeated promises to invest in it,


particularly Gatwick may be expanding. If it were expanding, the


pressure on that line will be enormous. They are saying we need to


create new technologies and cut costs and have faster and better


moving trains but the staff do not want to see in Pak... The trains on


Server now are very old and short and have not had investment on the


line for a very long time -- sunburn. If we go to the times, real


striker spent ?7 million on its own times. Yes, rather than on members


benefits. It rakes in more times -- five times more members fees a dozen


benefits. The Secretary is ?126,000 in pay and benefits. On the one


hand, there's is interesting for any proprietor who is stuck trying to


get to work and earn 30 grand, and you any grand. But unions exist not


just to give members benefits but also amount to borrow money so they


can deal with strike action. Unions provide help at work and pressure in


legal advice and negotiations. In theory, if you're union isn't paying


benefits out, that could be because your union is doing a great job, you


do not have to receive the benefits. You are paying your subs for the


union to do what you wanted to. Having said that, some people find


this slightly hypocritical when I union says it is fighting a class


war for the general interest of the workers and its staff are being paid


six figures and on the other hand by supporting the interests of one


group of workers, they are damaging the interest of another group of


workers, those per-pupil trying to get to work. Like you to be. Well...


We sit here and moan. Chinese Hinkley backer is accused of


espionage. Yes, it is bound to happen, that someone who is behind


the Hinkley plant bid from China, the funding 33% of this new build.


It will be accused of espionage and spying. There was a story last year


talking about that if they provide the computers that operate the


Hinkley plant, they could write called into those computers that


would enable them remotely to shut down Hinkley of the wanted to --


code. It would reduce Britain's energy output. That is what Theresa


May is worried about. She is worried it will cost billions of pounds


more. Why did George Osborne like it? He is obsessed with China. No


one is suggesting Theresa May does not love China. She is more


cautious, she inherited the contract and said that she was to review it.


It was claimed when she was Home Secretary she raised question about


security. George Osborne's approach to trade was that Britain should be


open to the world and there was an enthusiasm for being magnetic


towards Chinese money. This premise has a different approach. Let's be


cautious to watch that, which is not unreasonable, given the record of


some of these Chinese companies when it comes to espionage. Will she say


no to the deal? Don't be surprised. It is a bad deal. It is a bad deal


with EDF and with the Chinese. They are made we are paying for


electricity, what we should be spending our money on and how we


will generate energy in the future. This is not the best way to spend


it. Agreed, but what is on the table? What else? There is the


possibility of investment in small micro nuclear generators which will


be on every single town, that could be even more controversial when it


comes to planning. The technology isn't quite ready. As of the legacy


of the coalition Government and the Tories and to the extent the last


days of labour. The body has put in place big legacy projects that would


provide energy for 20 years down the line. They were too busy trying to


reduce carbon emissions. Trying to do what was politically necessary


now, not thinking about down the line when they were not in power,


thinking about how people would cope. We should have been investing


in tidal energy, which does not rely on the weather. I was going to say


tidal energy does not rely on the weather, sunshine or wind, it is


constant, it will always be there and you do not have two very


radioactive stuff in the ground. It is amazing and we have put money


into it. There you go, that is the future allegedly. Huffington Post,


Jeremy Corbyn. We forgot to talk about it even though it is not a


newspaper. Easy, Tiger. High on! Jeromy Corbyn is angry that Owen


Smith has received an endorsement from GNB, the union. He said it is


wrong. Some unescorted from within the coming campaign said this is due


to right-wing elements. The must berate wing elements within the GMB,


because according to the illustrious Huffington Post, a total of 60% of


the union members voted to back Smith. That suggests there are a lot


of right-wing elements full stop it should be added that the GNB


apparently represents people who work on the Trident missile


programme, so perhaps they have some interests. And Jeremy Corbin voted


against that. The GNB endorsed Ed Miliband in 2010, generally regarded


as the soft left candidate in that election. The idea that this is a


union with a particular history of being Blairite or backing the right


doesn't suggest that is true. Maybe there is some split with those


people who have joined the party recently and have been disparaging


about the new activist and those members of the trade union who may


be more all school labour and more working class in the northern part


of the country. Corbyn madness. As a writer for the daily miller, does


this suggest that Jeromy Cobham will not fly away with the leadership


contest in the way everybody expects? It suggests that if you


ballot your members before you decide which person you are backing


in the leadership contest then you may find that the average person on


the street thinks Jeromy Corbyn will not be able to lead. Are you


suggesting he balloted his members? Yes, and I might unite refused to. A


Power Mac mirror survey found that 62% of all trade union members


didn't want Jeromy Corbyn to lead the party in the general election.


If you do not think he will win a premise the real contest, should he


be leading the party now? But there are individual votes for this trade


union members, they can only take as a guide what's the leadership says.


That it, this could be irrelevant. Turnout is an issue. If you are not


being able to effect to your union's stance on something, do you actually


engage in the process? Things like that. It is interesting to think, we


may see a return to the old dynamic of the unions and the centre-right


labour or moderate Labour leadership being the one to oppose and block


the left. That is traditionally what used to happen before the 1980s. It


used to be that coalition kept the left. I will have to stop you there


because we are going to go to Rio. Max Whitlock, there he is on the


right, he is going to get bronze for the all-round gymnastics final. He


is not the guy in a suit, is he? That is not Max Whitlock. Doesn't


look like a gymnastics Mac the men's gymnastic team just missing out on


the group medal a couple of days ago. But some success now for Team


GB. In the gym with Max Whitlock. Let's dip into the commentary.


Executive committee member of the International gymnastics Federation.


Bronze medal list, representing Great Britain,.


CHEERING Max Whitlock.


OK, Max Whitlock about to get his medal there. He got two four years


ago, to bronzes and now he gets another one for the all-round


gymnastics final. He was actually in contention with another Brit. He is


the one who gets metal round his neck. And a handshake. And a little


something or other. What did you just get then as well as the medal?


Who knows? Jim and membership? A snow globe? The weather has been


absolutely appalling down in Rio, more like rather in Rio today. No


disrespect to Rotherham, by the way. Let's move on to the Daily


Telegraph. We have only got two minutes, forget the Telegraph.


Sorry, mate. It ain't happening. Let's go to the Financial Times.


Donald Trump. It's the Donald Trump. Now, Tim, you believe the press has


blown this out of proportion. You have this for 25 seconds. His


comments yesterday concerning the second Amendment. You may argument


Delyn X argue he is guilty of a lack of clarity but what he is not guilty


of is suggesting anyone should Hillary Clinton. He very obviously


said, if you read the entire transcript is, Hillary went at once


to rewrite the concert using, someone should stop her, I guess the


second Amendment is people may do that, he meant that the NRA will


lobby her. If you are going to beat him on anything, beat him on the


many things that he said had been dreadful but not something he did


not say. If you address gun toting Americans and said a lady over there


was a take your guns away, what are you going to do about it, lads? They


will probably suggest shooting her, especially if they are a bit


bonkers, was quite a lot of them are. Same happened with Henry the


second when he said he will rid me of this priest? And they went down


and slaughtered Thomas Becket. He had to do a pilgrimage and apologise


and the whole world party at murdered Thomas Becket. I do not


think Donald Trump has heard of Becket. In 2008, Hillary Clinton


said Barack Obama could get shot before the June California primary.


People say stupid things before the course of a primary, pinning down on


the things they actually said, not on what they didn't say. If they add


that lacking in clarity, he should not be giving people instructions


about where to fly their warplanes and things like that. "Go And bomb


over there somewhere." No, I meant the other place! You're going to be


back in 30 minutes to look more of the stories. Many thanks for that.


Thanks Matt Whitlock for interrupting eyewear Papers. Stay


with us, all of the papers are online. You can read a detailed


review of all the newspapers and you can see as there as well. Each


night's edition of the papers will be posted on the page shortly after


we have finished. Thank you and thank you for watching. You will be


back at 1115. Let's look at the


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