20/08/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Political Commentator Jo Phillips and Nigel Nelson, political


editor of the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.


The Telegraph calls the Rio Games Britain's greatest


The paper's main story is a crackdown on cosmetic surgeons


who will be named and shamed for poor practice.


The Observer leads with a call from the London Mayor


to Labour Party members telling them to back Owen Smith


Sadiq Khan says Jeremy Corbyn has been a disaster for the party.


Nicola Adams's gold medal win is pictured


The paper reports on warnings that Rio may be Team GB's last great


games, if economic problems in the future force a cut in funding


The Mail on Sunday says Theresa May has been dragged into a party


scandal involving allegations of bullying.


The Express hails a 'golden era' for British sport,


alongside a picture of the gold-winning kayaker,


And the Sunday Times says Theresa May will harness the spirit


of Britain's Olympic "world beaters" to draw up a blueprint for Brexit.


Let's get to the papers. Nigel, let's start with the Sunday


Telegraph. They all sang it in different ways but the headline is,


"The greatest games". Hasn't it been? Splendid. Certainly when it


started, I was a bit, Young, OK, I might watch a bit, it will be all


right but wasn't to enthusiastic. -- yeah. Now we are thinking this is an


extraordinary achievement. Mundy 20 and 12 was fantastic but just around


the 12. -- London 2012. They beat China with a population of over a


billion people. It has been fantastic. We saw at the women's


hockey last night with prosciutto, fantastic. Nicola Adams, of course?


You could almost feel her cheeks a king from the smiling. When you


listen and see all these people, they are young, they have years


ahead of them, hopefully, to carry on playing, running, boxing,


swimming, sailing at the standard and the are so refreshing. The


message is hard work, commitment, it's just brilliant. Write-up in the


corner, US, 39 gold. Only two more to call and we equal London. London


were 65 overall. No pressure Mo Farah, then. No pressure! That


starts with the Golden games. They have a spin on it, the Times, D-Link


issues. Two of the big stories of our age, how have they done that?


With an awful of imagination. -- an awful lot.


To reason they will harness the Olympic spirit for Brexit. An


interview or a speech from Greg Clark, the business and energy


Secretary, Nigel would disagree with me, I know. What they are basically


saying is that we are going to use what has happened with funding of


the Olympics which is basically targeting elite sport, the ones you


know where you can win medals, we are going to use that for business.


We have an opportunity to use the same approach. " No country has


increased its medal tally after 1986". What they have done is by


targeting funding. The underlying message is that the government is


saying we are going to give resources, give a boost and support


industries or businesses weather the other creative set, that gets a


mention also, to high-tech industries. The underlying message


is that that means they will be tough choices. Total rubbish. To be


fair to Jo, she is quoting what the paper says. It reads like a speech.


It is a clever way of a speech. Theresa May does something like it


as had the view speech for Prime Minister next month. As Joe pointed


out, we target excellence and that is the way to get through Brexit.


The ID you can link together somebody doing the 400 metres with


making spanners in a different part of the country, I don't think it


works. -- the idea. There is something in it, too. Didn't we do


well? There is something that we touched on the earlier about the


sheer spirit of the people that have taken part in the Olympics. If what


you are saying is let's get that same kind of spirit, the British


spirit or whatever you want to call it, and really go out and make backs


at a success, I would understand that. I don't get trying to make


this specific link between certain industries and athletics. It's a


problem that all it takes is basically pedestrian, isn't it


question mark in its pace. You know, politics is showbiz for ugly people.


It's pretty true. --? In the dull world of politics to somehow


capture... The mood of the moment. There is that thing of how did they


do that and why can't we inspire people? The reason is, frankly, Greg


Clark has a long way to go before he is as exciting as Nicola Adams. I


remember after London 2012, people say there had been no legacy. What


has happened? This is the legacy. You can't not quote what has


happened in the four years between. We don't see these people often


during that time unless they have done an advert, they are training.


They don't do that because of all the things that went into London


2012 and from that. It is part of that legacy and Tokyo in 2020 will


be the legacy of these games. Let's go to the Independent. Nigel, I


think it is your time. This is pouring cold water on what has


happened. Reintroducing them, the last great games of return. --


Britain. -- Rio 2016. What she is saying is that these games are great


and Tokyo 2020 might not be because of Brexit. How do we keep linking


Brexit with the Olympics? How do she make the link? She doesn't. A fund


came up for a elite sport. That fund has been threatened by Brexit so


they won't be as much money around. I would say that as John Major, we


have to thank for most of this because he started the lottery.


Lottery money has gone into sport and allowed the kind of work that


the athletes have been able to do to get them as good enough for London


2012 and for Rio. Nicola Adams and the the amazing cyclist. They went


even born, it really is a legacy. The story in the Independent is,


again, stretching it. It is the mood of the moment, link it to absolutely


everything. Lots of things are going to be fragile in their funding


because of Brexit and because of the world economy. It's like, "Let's


look at this now". Next week it might be something else. I think


it's a bit off. It's not even over yet. Let them enjoy their moment in


the sun. The parades and all those things. Let's go back to proper


gritty politics. People giving each other proper kicking.


The London mayor putting the proverbial boot into Jeremy Corbyn


in a big way. Blair only two days after he was interviewed on the BBC


and pressed and pressed again on whether he would support. -- only


two days. It is a very, very damning attack on Jeremy Corbyn. He says he


is a principled Labour man whose support has brought hope to many. He


has been able to organise a successful team. He has lost the


confidence of Labour MPs. Throughout the campaign, he has failed to show


the leadership. That is the point. We are going back to Brexit now but


in a very serious way. Is as that's what Jeremy Corbyn... Yahoo yes.


-- yes. There was a problem all the way through. The truth is that


labour voters were in favour of Romain, as far as we know. There was


the third then of the remain that wondered if it was an official


policy. -- remain. Next week the ballot papers go out so we have the


voting process going on. I think there is an element of that they


have to try one last chance of stopping Jeremy Corbyn being


re-elected. At the moment, he looks the key is way ahead. There is no


other chance. I think you will find there will be lots of major figures


going out. -- he looks like he. To think there is another message to


Jeremy Corbyn saying that they know and he is going to win but you can't


leave the Labour Party to victory? What about earlier, Owen Smith


doesn't make it, Jeremy Corbyn does, the Conservatives win decisively,


this is what people are thinking in the Labour Party or Sadiq Khan. Then


they will need a new leader. Sadiq Khan might be? Would you want a


second term as London mayor would you want to rescue what is left of


the Labour Party which, by then, webby very much. -- won't be. The


government waters down drink warning. This is a fascinating


turnaround. We are about to get new drink targets. Instead of 14 units


for women being safe over a week, and 21 units for men, it will now be


14 for both. However, it will be a soft message from Jeremy Hunt where


he will be saying, "Watch it when you are drinking but it is actually


not much more serious to have a few drinks than going out for a drive."


Although, don't do that same together. But the actions you are


carrying out, that's fine. It's tried to get away from the nanny


state idea and yet still they want to put targets down without actually


saying whether these targets are safe or... We have been told that we


shouldn't drink ever at all, ever, ever, ever. Even looking at a bottle


of wine was bad for you back then. This comes on the back of the


childhood obesity and -- thing. If the government stepping back from


the nanny state and telling people to be responsible? There is a


difference between grown-ups drinking and children who can't


often make the choice. There will be accused whatever they do, they will


be accused of caving into the drinks lobby. -- they will. There is a


change of mood. What you said nanny state.


We shouldn't be finger wagging too much. Men are being told we have to


come down. They feel like rigid targets. Does


that mean 14 units a week is safe but 15 isn't? If you say to people,


it depends on your metabolism and a variety of things, your physique,


whether or not these things are safe or not, you should not have a


target. If you are going to water down the nanny state, don't bother


with a target either. It is really about common sense. This is the


whole thing about public health. If you eat rubbish and don't exercise,


you know... OK, that is it.


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