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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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of public service is to expose inequalities in the way that ethnic


minorities and white working-class people are treated.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are broadcaster Rachel Shabi and journalist Eva Simpson.


Good evening to you both. Before we hear from them, let's have a quick


look at what the papers are bringing us.


The Observer quotes a former Tory health minister calling


for a new tax to fund the NHS and social care.


The Sunday Times has pictures of Theresa May enjoying


The Sunday Telegraph says Theresa May is asking her


ministers for their personal Brexit blueprints.


More lives could be lost on Britain's beaches according


to the Sunday Express - which blames cuts for leaving coast


The Mail on Sunday claims victory over plans they say are in place


to divert tens of millions of pounds in foreign aid


So Brexit is back. The Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph, and get to


that a moment, pictures the of the reason me enjoying a cup of tea and


watching the cricket. It can't be more British than that for a British


Prime Minister. What do you think she is thinking of? Probably the


cricket photo is to enable the strapline may prepares to umpire


Brexit clash and that is very much what this study and others are


focused on, which is that there is this almighty tussle with various of


her ministers. This story in the Sunday Times is talking about the


Chancellor trying to muscle in on Brexit deals, in a way that the


other ministers do not particularly welcome. I imagine she is going to


have two sort of pull them apart and ask them to focus on the task at


hand. The other interesting thing is that all along she said Brexit means


Brexit but still no one knows what that means. According to the Sunday


Times she has told her Cabinet ministers to come to a meeting with


the idea of how to get the best out of Brexit. Who has been quoted?


There are no Cabinet ministers who have been quartered. There are


reliable sources in this. Has split at the Cabinet supposed to be? Three


quarters of them are remain supporters so they must come to this


meeting with the plans on how did best go forward with Brexit.


Meanwhile there is a turf war going on with people trying to muscle in


with other people. Is that what the papers want us to believe? How


reliable are the Westminster lobby? The government and they must listen


to the people who voted for Brexit, they must see it through. One


wonders how divided the Cabinet are. Yes the country voted for Brexit but


no one knows what that means so now they must come up with a plan. There


is no plan, that is what I'm taking from this piece. She wants everyone


to come together. This will be the staff meeting from hell. This will


be worried a lot of people at home who voted for Brexit and the people


who are in power who are being asked to make it happen and come up with a


plan. The Sunday Telegraph describes it as May is the Brexit -- Brexit


enforcer. Then makes you wonder how many people when they voted for


Brexit realise that there wasn't that much of a plan. People may have


thought there was a Pied Piper ultimately things by campaigners but


the one thought for one minute that the people reading the Brexit


campaign didn't really know how this would manifest itself if indeed we


voted to leave the EU. Now we have really lies there is no plan. There


are lots of divisions. People said no to the EU but we don't know what


kind of know that was. There is disagreement in the Cabinet. Do we


stay in the single market? If we do the week at a the controls on


migration that we think we can and should control. Or presumably that


some people do. It is almost inevitable that there would be these


divisions given that we did not know the first place what Brexit would


mean. Do you think what the Times and Telegraph are suggesting our big


divisions in the Cabinet? Cabinet falling apart over Brexit. Not that


they are falling apart but the sense that they all must come up with the


strategy. There is no strategy and now they must come up with one. They


are all coming at it from different perspectives. Both newspapers


highlight the divisions between different departments. There are


suggestions that some departments have been briefing negative stories


about new departments. See what I mean? Be careful what you read! It


is fascinating but I guess the headline is correct. This is why


until perhaps we have heard from the horses mouth about divisions in the


capital, Debbie takes... I am asking the question, Adi... It will never


say, I am cross with Boris because he will not let the muscle in. We


know that with the lobby. We will see what happens after Wednesday.


Showery moved on to the mild on Sunday? At last MOS victory on


foreign aid is the claim. This has been a long-running campaign. It has


with the mild on Sunday. They claimed a victory because Priti


Patel the new International developer secretary has said that


she plans to divert the foreign aid budget to go towards funding the war


on terror. There is not much more meat to the silly that we have seen


but it is a heartbreaking headline to read. We know that she is not in


favour of foreign aid. I think it is a bit of an easy win for her. An


easy headline. Quite a populist thing for her to do. For me it is


quite a sad thing because as much as we have read headlines with the


foreign aid budget funding some despot doing this and it is all


going to corrupt regimes, who actually does a lot of good and why


should people suffer? It does a lot of good. Pakistan is among the


biggest receivers of foreign aid, it is huge, and there is an issue of


terrorism there but there's poverty and problems. Refugees. It is


difficult to know where the money is going to go. Not really. I think


eyebrows and should have raised when Priti Patel was appointed the new


international developer secretary. She does not believe in


international development because she has decided to scrap it. This is


0.7% of Britain's budget. It is going to places like Pakistan and


helping to send girls to school in Pakistan and helping with


immunisation programmes in Africa and helping Syrian refugees. The


bulk of it is funnelled through the UN. You say why should they suffer


because some of that money in certain parts of the country ends up


in the wrong hands are being misspent? That is just a way of


saying, that is a way of avoiding paying it. It would be hard to


imagine that most of it is not going to the right place. And the idea


that it is an either or scenario. We can't fund counterterrorism and


foreign aid as though we need to make that choice, we don't. We also


need to find the NHS. Also an ideal logical choice. The Observer UK


needs new tax to save NHS and social care from collapse according to top


Tory. MP demands action by made to solve cash crisis for NHS. Is this a


new tax for the NHS? This is something else for treason these


injury. There is a long list of things for her to do. Dan Poulter


suggests there should be a tax so that we can safeguard money for


social care. It is a long-running issue the idea that elderly people


once they go into hospital they stay in hospital because there isn't a


social care plan that there is nowhere for them to go so instead of


leaving the stay in hospital, which costs them more. He is suggesting


that there should be some ring fencing of funds to prevent that


happening. Because he said it is urgently required I'd is a crisis.


It is good to see this issue raised. He was from the Department of Health


but he is also a part-time NHS doctor and this correlation between


starving social services, of course if you cut social services to the


extent that we have in the UK through austerity that will have an


impact on the NHS. Of course it will affect the NHS in a negative way. So


to connect those dots I think is a really important things. Obviously


we should be seeing, trying to fund the two together because they work


so closely in tandem. Not strike to staff one and overburdened the


other. The Sunday express, this is not an issue that seems to be going


away it has been going for some time. It started in local papers in


Sussex and now graces the national papers. Cuts led to drownings, no


cash to guard our beaches are still die in one week. There has been a


lot of calls from lifeguards to be there but it is quite a quiet beach,


but very popular. The local council, I read that they said there is no


need for lifeguards. According to this and people in the government,


local government for these cuts and he is demanding that something be


done about it in the light of all these tragedies over the summer.


Other tweet I saw saying, I don't not it is true, but they claim that


the local council make between 30 and ?50,000 per year out of the car


park on the beach. That could go some way towards putting some


lifeguards on the beach to make sure people don't get trapped in the


sand. Local authorities are having to decide what to cut, these cuts


have been imposed upon the idea must decide which of the local services


they can get rid of. It is no grey surprise to discover that we do not


have enough coastguards, and that service has been starved of funds


given so much about local authorities provide has been. We


just have time to squeeze in a story that I really want to about,


snoring. Talk It is the traffic's fault. It sleepiness during the day


is linked to traffic pollution. I have just moved to the countryside


and I definitely stop snoring. I sleep like a baby. Your nostrils get


blocked up. Is it a pollution related thing? They discovered that


25% of men snort. Added his traffic pollution there is the likelihood


that snarling increased with the exposure to traffic. One more thing


caused by pollution. Thank you very much for taking us to the papers. We


will do it again at 30p.m.. Goodbye. Thank you very much for watching.


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