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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster and barrister Sophia Cannon


and the Deputy Editor of the Daily Express Michael Booker.


Welcome to you both, let's have a look at the front pages tomorrow...


The Times claims insurance companies are charging motorists over


the odds for cover - despite a government crackdown


on fake claims that has saved the industry half a billion pounds.


The plans for restructuring parts of the NHS - hospital closures,


cuts to services and helping patients to treat themselves -


The Mirror carries the story of a British woman who it says


is risking her life to rescue women and girls being held as sex slaves


The Telegraph says Theresa May will invoke Article 50 -


triggering the start of the UK's exit from the European Union -


without getting consent from a vote in Parliament.


An early Brexit is also on the cards according to the Express,


which reports that plans to repeal the European Communities Act have


already been drawn up and are "on the table".


The Guardian leads on claims that universities are hiding the scale


of sexual harassment on campus by using non-disclosure agreements


While the FT says billionaire businessman and former BHS boss


Sir Philip Green may pay less than half the money needed to plug


the gap in the defunct high street chain's pensions scheme.


Let's begin with that story, it is quite a momentous weekend. BHS is to


close its doors for the last time. And, the Financial Times have a


story there about plans to close quite a yawning deficit in pensions?


It is massive, ?700 million. Equally, we have to look and see how


it got there. Sir Philip Green sold the company for ?1. Basically, where


is the money? 350 billion, sorry, 350 million, that is what he will


put into the pot. He has spoken to regulators and


trustees and they seem to like it. He has said he will sort it, he's


gone quiet for a while, some papers will say, what is going on? They


will target his wife who technically holds the purse strings, they are


currently away on a yacht, understandably people have been


getting to them, 20,000 people have their pensions at stake. Reading


into this, there is an offer, Frank Field, the head of the work and


pensions committee, says Sir Philip should hand over the money. They


need to get it sorted quickly. The pension regulator wants it sorted as


quickly as possible. If they hold out for 700 million, that will never


happen. They will try to do the best deal they can, and save the face of


the pensions regulator as well. He says he is going to sorted, we will


wait and see whether he can come up with the cash. Within it, there


seems to be sources saying that the offer is there, it is tentative at


the moment. But, there could be joy for these people and their pensions


will be saved. To a certain extent. There is a line that some pension


experts have been consulted and they argue Sir Philip obviously inherited


the company in the year 2000, and these debts predated his


acquisition? That was my understanding but the Arcadia group,


I believe, it was Topshop, Evans, and BHS was the jewel in the Crown,


everybody loved it, people love to shop there.


When it was sold, it had a huge deficit. People turned around and


said, this is capitalism but carnivorous capitalism. It's not the


whole idea that we see as being British. It is British home stores


that has failed and it means a lot to a lot of people. This weekend is


the weekend where it disappears from the high streets. People losing


their jobs... Does ?350 million do anything to heal his reputation?


He's been battered, he got a big duffing up in the work and pensions


committee. There is talk of him going back and his wife being


summoned there, I think the deal has to be done to save his reputation.


He says he will sorted but we will wait and see. I want to live in


society where 20,000 people, not only they have lost their jobs but


their futures. It means a lot. The government has to step up or there


will be others. Let's talk about the NHS, a story that has been with us


throughout the course of the day. The i newspaper's FrontPage, they


say "Patient, heal thyself", patients being coached over the


phone and via computers as to how to treat themselves. All of the cuts


that come with it, etc. Do we have two face up to the fact that we are


an ageing population, growing as a population, and we cannot have the


NHS we want unless we put more into it? Well, politicians don't want to


say that we are going to get rid of the NHS, no politician would say


that, otherwise they end up out of office quickly but these stories


come up more often, you will see that there will be huge changes to


the NHS and how it is funded. The access that we get to it, we will


pay more for various things and services, you can see this. It


sounds nuts, virtual appointments? Coached over the phone? Readers of


the Daily Express, an older reader, in their 50s and 60s and 70s, they


have paid in all their life and deserve that free treatment, when


they want it and when they need it. Most people are not bed blockers,


most people go only when they are ill, and if they can't get in when


they are ill, if they are put off with virtual appointments and things


like that, thinking of older people who rely on the NHS, a lot of them


do not have the Internet and cannot do these things over Skype. It's all


well and good saying this but it affects real people. It will get


worse. If a doctor is telling you what to do over the Internet... Is


it fair enough? Things are changing. The NHS has never been put down,


it's about it you need it, it's there for you. The whole idea is


that it is not even the national health service any more. It is not


national, we have NHS England and NHS Scotland's run by different


governments, it is not healthy. It is not about keeping well, it is


prevention. I was going to say it is fair enough having a debate about


how you spend money within the NHS and how you prevent some of the


things people go to hospital for? Yes, it is the idea that people in


each decade of their lives will need the NHS at different times, and how


we approach it and educate people, how they make sure people do not


misuse the NHS. It is a political football, it does not need a


cross-party debate, take it out of the political time of war, face up


to how we will fund it. I think every government has this problem.


They get to this point every time but the ball is kicked down the road


more. People don't want to know that they had to start paying for it. You


cannot turn up and get the service when you wanted, that is what these


stories Telus, these are being chipped away at. In a of


generations, people will pay more for this -- in a couple of


generations. You will be pretty angry about this, we pay through the


nose for car insurance. They have cut down on fraud but are still


charging the same amount of money? Yes, Chris Grayling, in 2013,


brought him amazing reforms saying that we are the whiplash capital of


Europe. Unbelievably, their necks of Britain are more delicate than the


necks of Europe. There is the idea that many claims


were fraudulent and un-meritorious. What we decided to do was lift the


bonnet on how car insurance works. They brought down the costs, ?500


million have been saved but, guess what? It's been passed on through


the premium to the man and woman on the street. They are not just


driving Miss Daisy, they are driving us all mad. We need this money back.


It is chipping away at everybody's idea of what is fair, just and


reasonable. They saved ?500 million and motor insurance prices have


risen in the last 12 months? There is a call from the vice president of


Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, their first duty is to


shareholders. That is capitalism. This headline is the most


unsurprising I've ever seen. Most people think that we are going to


get ripped off, we are being ripped off. We get ripped off in every


aspect of our lives, by various businesses. But insurers have never


had the greatest reputation... Can't the government insist that they pass


it on? The chairwoman of the Commons transport committee say that it was


promised and it has not happened. Currently, she says, what will you


do about it? They say, nothing. By law, everybody has to have car


insurance if they drive. You cannot choose to have a car and not have it


insured. There must be a select committee for that! Let's move on to


your paper, the Daily Express. The world's greatest. There is a new


move for instant EU exit. This is something put on the table by John


Redwood, incredibly Eurosceptic as we know. He is saying that a lot of


Tory MPs are more vocal about this because since the vote, it's gone a


bit quiet. We have not jumped out of the EU straightaway. People are


getting a bit and see -- uncomfortable and wondering what is


happening. This would be the repeal of the 19th into two communities


act, and instantly we would get out and say, OK, if you want tariffs on


us, puts tariffs on us otherwise we will put them on you. As far as


trade goes, they have two and pick everything else but there is a move


now... I love how they glossed over it... It is fiendish. Luckily it is


not me doing it! Human rights! Whether that happens or not, we are


told article 50 will be triggered in the New Year by Theresa May's


government but you can see there are those people in the Tory party who


are still grumbling, why aren't we out the use yet? A majority of the


house campaigned to remain. Unfortunately, the majority of the


country wanted to get out. They campaigned in opposition to their


constituents. The Daily Telegraph says that Theresa May will approve


or go for article 50, this former way of getting out of the EU without


a parliamentary vote. It was muted by remainders, many MPs said, we


need a parliamentary vote. The referendum is an advisory from the


people, we now need MPs to vote on it. The Labour leadership candidate


Owen Smith went further on BBC breakfast this week, he said if he


had to campaign for an early general election he would campaign on


opposing Article 50 even before negotiations. Yet, 70 million people


voted for it -- 17 million. People were upset, I would not reveal that


now, but people, we should look at this closely. Many MPs believe that


they were voted into vote for the best interests of the country. It is


party before country. These votes come once in a lifetime and it is


their duty to take it to the floor of the house. Is it an executive


decision by Theresa May or a decision made by Parliament? You say


they were elected to do the best for their constituents but they also


agreed there should be a referendum in the first place, but not legally


binding. It was never said at the time, was it? 70 million people with


pitchforks will be banning -- banging down the doors of Number


ten if it does not happen. This was small print, what does it mean, what


were people voting for? I did not see small print when I went to vote


on the referendum. Two big boxes, I had to take one! -- Tech one. We


aren't out the EU yet. That's the big debate. In The Guardian


newspaper, do we have any sympathy regarding the Burkini ban in France,


and our French friends, and the public attitude? Towards women?


Towards the Burkini. It is towards women's dress. Throughout history,


how women dress signal so much about culture, and history. It signals so


much about the laws and rights of women in that country. It's the


whole idea that you can tell a woman watched where -- what to wear, I've


never come across an issue where a woman is wearing too much. That's


the whole idea. As feminists, I am one, we have campaigned to wear what


we want when we choose. We live in a permissive society.


Unless it is offensive, you can wear it. If you are saying a woman who is


over covered up on the beach is offensive, we have lost a lot of


arguments. Do we understand the French enough though? With this as


well, I think we all understand the fear in France at the moment, about


what has happened in the last couple of years. Look what happened in Nice


and Paris, they are looking at Muslim people, and think there is a


threat, you can see why they are looking at anything they possibly


can to say look, we are trying to sort this out, the perceived threat


they have. You can see why some of the mayors are scared, it is


entirely wrong... Some are saying they will ignore red? Yes, -- ignore


it. Public attitudes are on their side? But that is fear. It is.


People had to look into history. It has echoes of history. I remember


when I read my history books that the Jewish population were singled


out for the way they dress and what they wore on their heads. That's the


whole idea, that dress signifies something else. We have to draw back


from that. If we go down this route, we have


America looking at Europe. We were seen as a permissive


society. Some women have their breasts on the beach in Europe. A


final word, -- bare breasts. We have the front National waiting


in the wings, this is going to come back again. It certainly will, I


think it will. I am putting a marker down, I think it will come here in


the next two or three years. This is an interesting story in The Times.


Theresa May has demanded an audit of public sector data to see how races


affected in the state -- race is affected in the state.


I am a barrister of 15 years. How many black judges did you appear


before? One. One black judge? I can name them. Do we need an audit, we


know it already, don't we? The whole issue is doing an audit and it needs


to be there. We need to know why more black and minority ethnic


people are getting degrees but are less likely to be employed. Where is


the merit? It is affecting the economy. You will have the audit and


then the courts, the civil service and BBC will all be held to account?


Journalism. According to this, once analysed the information will be


available for people to foster public pressure for reform. You


don't have enough black, you would be ashamed to say that? How many


black journalists are in Parliament? Zero, it cannot continue.


You have a black mayor and you do not have one journalist who holds a


Parliament repast. You have to look at what is happening in this


country. We have merit. It is a meritocracy, that is what made


Britain strong. It will make Britain strong in the future. We have a new


society where we have technology, we need maths and science, the


undergraduates are there. Look at the NHS, you would think they would


soak up so many bright graduates, the doctors and physicians.


The chemists, they go into that area. Also, she is looking at white


working class... They are not getting anywhere either, they are


being left behind. Again, I went to... I was the only black child in


my school, that sits with me, people contact me on Facebook saying, we


went down the pits and were told they were jobs for life.


Look at where we are now. She is trying to make the country work for


everyone. Did it work. And such? Yes, it shone a light in our darkest


places. Nobody wants to be called racist, or a bigot. Nobody wants to


know he -- the society embedded in them is


the one they live them. There will be a Royal commission on


how we make society equal. We have mixed race children, Lewis Hamilton,


Leona Lewis, look at the British Olympic team.


I don't want to be cynical... Then don't be. They will make it


available online to foster public pressure, but where does it come


from? Surely, the MPs? We are running out of time, let's focus on


the front of the Daily Mirror. Is Richard Branson to world to be -- to


old to be careering down a road on the Virgin Islands on a bike... He


hates publicity obviously does Richard Branson! There he was, he


thought he would die, you saw his life flash before him... He's had


adventures all over the world, this is the first time I've heard him say


he thought he would die. He has fallen out of the sky... Maybe he


has Jeremy Corbyn's hex on him! What I particularly like is that he is on


this bed... With a beer by a well known brewer, and an intravenous


something in his arm. He had to fly to Miami for more treatment. If you


have a private island, you would think you would have a hospital in


there. And the twist? It happened on the British Virgin Islands and it


was not named by him! We are out of time.


Thank you to both of you for your company this evening. Don't forget,


all of the front pages are online on the BBC News website, read a


detailed review of all of The Papers, that's there for you seven


days a week on the website. And you can see us there as well. Thank you


to both of you, goodbye for now. Good evening, it's a fine and one


day across most parts of the country, the bank holiday weekend is


now upon us as the weather shapes up to be mixed. This is how


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