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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Renee Kaplan, from the Financial Times


and The Telegraph's Assistant Editor and Chief Political


We will start with the financial Times which features the court case


brought by a human rights group against authorities in France who


are banned women from wearing bikinis on beaches. Universities


will be targeted in a drive to cut numbers.


The express also goes with emigration figures. The metro covers


the tragic deaths at Camber Sands where three men died trying to save


their two friends who got into difficulty. The Telegraph says the


NHS has begun drawing up a list of hospitals to be shot in an attempt


to ease the worst financial crisis in its history. That's also the top


story in the Guardian. It says the NHS in England could be facing a ?20


billion shortfall. It is great to campaign by the Daily Mail against


micro beads. It says they are found in a third of fish found off the


coast of Britain. The Mirror claims a British boy is one of the 250


people killed in the devastating earthquake in central id -- central


Italy. We will start with the Telegraph tonight. The Telegraph


take on migration, one quarter of babies in Britain now are born to


foreign mothers. It is a big issue and there are not clearly showed --


answers to it. The numbers came out that targets are a double, nearly


triple what they should be. Where the cuts will come is left to be


seen. It is also a key foreign issue. It is an issue which will


have reservations in Brussels I imagine. A political issue as well?


It is at the heart of the political story of the year, the Brexit


result, emigration was driving that. Three quarters of the children in


the country have foreign mums it says fair. 76%. That is a lot. I


think emigration is fine for a lot of people but when it is not


supported by a GP places, hospitals, school places. Then it feels


uncontrolled which is what drove a lot of people to vote for Brexit. It


shows that the Prime Minister, back from a holiday has a lot to do. How


will she cope and get something which is acceptable to Britain and


Europe. That will be tough. The same sort of policy with this paper.


Emigration and students. The same story in a different way. Amongst


the government, how do you go for the students after they stop being


students? The battle they have with universities is that they need more


students to keep the fees down. How can you make bringing in foreign


students when there is out of control emigration figures? If the


numbers of foreign students are cut severely, the colleges will be in


trouble. Obviously she needs to find numbers to cut. The numbers are


complicated today for herself and her party but it is a real issue of


finances. Education is a prestige industry in the UK and has to be


financed so it will be very odd to say her matchless. We will have to


wait and say what is in the inside pages. -- match this. The Guardian


says that as a plan to cut the NHS because it says that as a funding


shortfall of ?20 billion. We have talked about one hot topic amongst


politicians and this is another one. This is a single thing people and


was proud of in Britain, our free health service. The problem with


emigration and people living longer, it costs more to keep it going. The


Tories promise to keep it going at the last election. Now the Guardian


have a good story where they have discovered evidence that further


cuts are planned to make sure the whole thing does not keel over. One


of the other papers touches on this story so there seems to be a kernel


of the story in the they are teasing out. It is obviously an ongoing


story in many countries in Europe, the viability of public health


systems are at the heart of many politics. There is a high quality in


the UK but it is much more severe because of their perception of


emigration sapping its. There are Bulgarians and Romanians but also


Spanish and Italian is so how to balance the cuts with the politics


of managing it? Within the disparity there is a problem about the


numbers. Perhaps the NHS is always the vote winner or the vote loser?


Quite. With regard to how do government is going to manage this


shortfall, cutting help to departments which is suggested he,


in certain regions that will be extremely explosive? It will be


explosive and it is not just shutting down one hospital, there is


also the discussion of instead of having things face-to-face having


virtual consultations. Patients taking care of themselves without a


doctor. It will change the whole sense of what health care is. That


will come down to the notion of what am I paying for as a tax payer? A


long quote from the spokesperson said it is hardly a secret the NHS


is looking to make efficiencies and the PS3 for that is in consultation


with local communities. The word consultation will be closely looked


at. All so in local communities getting older people out of hospital


beds to save the space, that consultation is vital. Let us move


on to the Metro and the story of the five young men, lifelong friends,


who drowned at Camber Sands. They were enjoying a game of football on


the sandbank when the tide rushed in. It is a terribly tragic story,


lots of questions being asked about lifeguards now. It is a terrible


summer tragedy story. Every summer has its tragedies, this is one in


which it is very difficult to react because happened not so long ago, in


the last two weeks someone else died at the speech. This was complicated


because it was five very young men doing what everyone would do on the


hottest day of the summer. It is a tough one to react to. These are


five young men, from Greenwich or east London, not used to the coast.


They need more than they have at the moment to educate people about the


riptides. Let us move back to the Telegraph. We are talking about the


GCSE results, close to home for you Chris. There is a story that grammar


schools are bucking the trend of falling GCSE grades. Yes, another


hot button issue, the future of grammar schools. The Telegraph is


pushing hard on this because the Tories believe now that is a chance


to lift the ban on new grammar is supported by Tony Blair and carried


on by David Cameron. The fact that Labour are almost being ignored by


the Tories. Part of that is bringing back the selective education


schools. The Prime Minister has already signalled she is quite keen


on this. Are you surprised by this or not concerned? As you can hear by


my accent, I am American. The headlines today were more about the


fact that the grades are lower. From an outside perspective, it speaks to


one of the rigidities of the UK educational system which is quite


hard to understand when young kids are forced to make choices about


their life I head. The UK is seen as a place for opportunity but the


educational system is seen as deeply elitist. Opponents would say they


are selecting the brightest students in the first place so that is a


circular argument. They can lose out that this goes to the heart of the


Prime minister's issue of life chances. We should go to the


financial Times before we run out of time. You said you were a half


French? I am. What about the burst bikini ban? -- burkinis. The band


contravenes civil liberties? This is deeply controversial in France and


even in London where there was a demonstration in front of the French


embassy. France is going through a moment of fear about the control of


the large Muslim population. In 2010, Nicolas Sarkozy passed a ban


about the field. There was the ban about their headscarves in public


schools. This is not the first time France has done this but the first


time where there is such a context about so much terror and deeply


wounding clearly radicalised driven violence. It has become an issue in


which it will be hard for the public to come out in any way except and


nationalist way to protect the French identity. Those pictures of


armed guards standing of a lady demanding she take off clothing,


will that do more damage or will some people in France think that is


OK? I think more damage because it shows France does not have a plan.


They do not how to deal with growing Islamophobia. There is a perception


of impotence from the government. For us in the UK, a very different


style of doing it. There is some fun on this in the Telegraph. I presume


this is a man, socks and sandals with our policeman standing over him


telling him to take of the stalks. There is a concern about face


covering but only the fees, nothing else. We in Britain look at France


saying why are you having this debate squirm -- debate?. We just


have time to do something about Nigel Farage in the express. He has


spoken about -- at our Donald Trump rally. He was critical of President


Obama during the EU Referendum campaign and now, he has said he


would never vote for Hillary Clinton. If she paid me! What do you


think of him going over their? Review there is harnessing grass


roots support. He thinks Donald Trump will overturn the


establishment elite. Why not? He is careful not to endorse any single


group. It is a good message and it is well played out over there. He is


a great orator. I do not know if you heard what he said? To be honest, he


was preaching to the choir with the idea you can come from behind and


defeat the polls. According to the polls, Donald Trump will now be


elected. In a sense which our campaign has not been about facts,


there is a sense that he was literally giving him the Kool-Aid as


they would say in the states. Thank you both very much indeed.


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Thank you Renee Kaplan and Chris Hope.


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