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further than her real time. That's all for now but time for a look at


the papers. Hello and welcome to our Sunday


morning edition of The Papers. With me are this morning's reviewers


are the columnist and broadcaster Yasmin Alibhai Brown and former


Foreign Correspondent and author The Observer quotes a former Tory


health minister calling for a new tax to fund


the NHS and social care. The Sunday Telegraph says


Theresa May is asking her ministers for their personal


Brexit blueprints. More lives could be lost


on Britain's beaches according to the Sunday Express -


which blames cuts for leaving coast The Mail on Sunday claims victory


over plans it says are in place to divert tens of millions of pounds


in foreign aid to fund Peter Sutcliffe's fears


over being transferred from Broadmoor Hospital


into a prison is the Sunday And the Sunday Mirror says a brother


of four time Olympic champion Mo Farah, faces being forced


to move back to Somalia. Let's begin, good morning to you


both. For restarting? The Telegraph. The Sunday Telegraph has a


front-page story entitled me, the Brexit in force. Talking about how


the Prime Minister has asked all Cabinet and the stress to come up


with blueprints of what breaks it will look like. Dash-macro where are


we starting? Pro-EU civil servants, claim, that they will thwart the


entire enterprise. The story is a little bit like something you would


find in Pravda or a state-sponsored media in the Eastern Bloc, we go


after the immigrants, now it's the civil servants who stop us from


leaving. Not a shred of evidence to back up that assertion, just an


unnamed government sources and a rather hysterical sounding Tory MPs


saying we need emergency legislation if anyone does this, so they can be


fired. A thin story. This has gone on for a while, always this thing


that the Foreign Office is full of lefties. There is this atmosphere


why isn't Brexit happening now? It can't happen now. It's the fear in


the Cabinet which is... Essentially add each other's throats... Fear is


too good a word, it's hysteria. I don't envy misses me at all, she


must feel she is ruling over the most dysfunctional family ever in


her Cabinet. You say dysfunctional, why do you think she is doing this?


Because a lot of her team are probably thinking, no... What is the


point of this? Is she trying to unify them all... I don't think,


Matthew, what do you think? The right of the Tory party will never


be satisfied, they got their vote, their place, they will never be


satisfied and I think this is one way that this it destroyed Cameron,


Haig, everybody it has ever come... You see the issue in the first


paragraph of the story, me ordering every Cabinet minister to, but the


personal blueprint for Brexit. Guess what, we don't get to decide the


Brexit blueprint, we have to negotiate that with the EU, the idea


that a Cabinet minister will chip in and create a dream version of


Brexit, we are living in a fantasy land. It's time that the media


rather than repeating this nonsense, held politicians to account.


Interesting to know if she will read each account! You can imagine the


scene, who will come first in this rather awkward, shuffling silence.


Hand your homework! Laughter-macro we turn to the Times newspaper...


The front page, we are going with Theresa May... What is the theme


with this? Like I said, no one can do anything that is enough for the


Brexit side of the Tory party and the Cabinet. Here, the story is that


Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, is I called, resisting plans for other


ministers to pull out of the EU single market. If we pull out of the


EU is in gold market, where are we going to trade? Where are we going


to go with this thing? It's the problem, we don't know what breaks


it actually means, and we can't know what it means until we've had


negotiations with the EU and the real headline for this story is


actually on the inside page, Angela Merkel and other European leaders


have been very clear, either you stay in the single market and allow


the free movement of people which is more or less staying in the EU, or


you leave the EU and you start to impose controls on immigration, one


or the other. We are still reporting the story and talking about it I can


we get to choose but guess what? We don't. Again, I'd like to see some


of these journalists taking some of the statements with a little bit of


a pinch of salt. Don't go for the journalists... I am not going for


journalists but as the media I think we need to look at ourselves, we


have wandered into Brexit without realising it, how many journalists


were surprised about what happened in the referendum result? The reason


is we are all focused on the ding-dong in Westminster, we are not


getting... What's going on in the regions and beyond the M25, forget


that, even outside of Westminster. I think, Yasmin, like you say, this


particular article is pointing to the fact it seems to be a turf war


at Whitehall. Exactly but also within Cabinet. Somewhere else, it


says Boris Johnson and... What's his name... Liam Fox are worried about


who is really in charge... What is Labour doing? Never mind the


journalists, what is Labour doing here? It is talking about trains.


They should be having a field day, really. OK... Let's turn to the Mail


on Sunday. We are going to go inside the paper, the Page three, this was


an astonishing read, I don't know what you thought of this. Good Queen


Tess... Yes, the submarine Prime Minister


because unlike David Cameron she hasn't been popping out of number


ten every day with a new sound bite and she's given an interview to the


Windsor Maidenhead and Arscott magazine which the Daily Mail


describes as astonishingly candid. Dash-macro the Mail on Sunday. But


it's not bad candid, she talks about not liking snakes... And not liking


her nose. I don't think we get a really powerful insight into the


inner workings of her psyche but the Mail on Sunday gives an excuse to


mark up an image of her looking like Elizabeth Everest. Because she's


such a private... I once remember cheering her at a meeting on women


in politics, honestly, she was terrifyingly right but also,


terrifyingly unknowable, you never knew what position she would take. I


mean, I can see where her power comes from, it's interesting to see


that she lost her husband and to see a softer side to her. Interestingly


she says the qualities she likes another's is conceived and any


psychologist will tell you the things we don't like another people


tend to be the things we don't see in ourselves, that is my


psychoanalysis for this morning. I wonder how on earth they got onto


the subject of her nose. That is because she is a woman and all


women, as we know, judge themselves by how we look. We put it out there,


don't we? Would they ask Liam Fox what part of you do you hate most


and witty even tell us? No, there would be a withering stare. The


Observer newspaper... Perhaps more serious matters, the NHS, maybe a


rescue plan? A call for a rescue plan, the former Tory Health


Minister Doctor down Poulter, an MP and part-time doctor, saying we need


a new tax for the NHS and social care to stop the system collapsing.


It's been widely reported that the NHS will face a ?20 billion


shortfall by 2020, a huge amount of money, and he is coming forward


saying we need to radically rethink the options and Conservative Party


doesn't like taxes but maybe we need to think about ringing one in to


steer the ship away from the rocks. Yes, absolutely but I think there


needs to be blue sky thinking. We have got such a fast growing, ageing


population. Often they are stuck in hospital beds because they have


nowhere to go. We should spend public money on a halfway house, a


really good place for older people in particular with complex problems,


can go after hospital. And get social care rather than medical


care. We need to do that, to think much more about building a sector,


rather than cutting back. That's going to cost though, isn't it? If


we don't do it, the National Health Service is going to collapse. Do you


think the NHS has a future, Yasmin? It has to have a future, the one


thing that binds everyone in this country, whatever their political


persuasion, despite the tiny minority that goes to private health


care. It means a lot and I think we should do something. Interestingly,


only a week or to-macro ago about how the government caved in to


pressure from the sugar industry, food industry, about plans to reduce


the amount of sugar in food which has shot up over the last few


decades. One aspect of the problem the NHS is, we need to become


healthier as a country under the government is not willing to take


hard line in favour of public health instead of bowing down to corporate


interest, we have a problem. The problem with the big programme,


everyone eating cake! I am not with you on that, I think we need one


show a week... But I love that. We are sticking with the NHS, turning


to page two of the Times newspaper. Yasmin, I think you picked up the


bed shortage element. This is what the Times is focusing on, on page


two, bed shortage of sending NHS back to the dark days of the


1980s... I don't know if the viewers can see that, there we go. Yes, it's


the same thing, not that there is a bed shortage but patients can't go


home, especially those who are on their own, widows, widowers whose


families might be far away. There is a terrible situation with people who


are physically better but mentally and emotionally in need, who are in


our hospitals and they shouldn't be, hospitals are miserable places for


most of us. There has got to be a big rethink on this, I think. It


seems there is a breakdown in the social care and the hospitals, you


would think they would be working a little bit closer together. They


keep saying they are going to and the Kings Fund think tank, which has


been in existence, a very good, serious think tank, has been talking


about having a kind of United service perhaps of Health and Social


Care Bill. It just doesn't seem to have happened. I don't know why.


Look at the statistics quickly, the Patients' Association revealing the


total number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for surgery had risen


to just under 90 3000. Almost doubled from what it was in 2015.


Sorry, 2014, 51,000, now almost double. OK. Let's turn to the


mail... Going back in, page four, this is a story that I think they


picked up on the front page... That's right, claiming victory in


the campaign to cut back on foreign aid. I mean, actually this is a


fascinating story on many levels. The Mail on Sunday running a series


of Expose is over the last few months about aid being wasted in


many compelling ways, actually, and there is a spread of examples on the


inside pages. And the government has essentially said it is going to


divert the tens of millions of pounds that was in the aid budget to


fund... What the Mail on Sunday calls the war on terror. I have


worked abroad for many years, seen how a lot of our aid dollars go to


waste and I think there is absolutely a case for reforming the


way Britain distributes foreign aid. What have you seen? You go to


Afghanistan, I worked there for three years. The British military


and an agency were working hand-in-hand creating dash-macro


creating projects that were overrun by the Taliban. We have seen what


happened in Helmand in the last few weeks, virtually falling to the


insurgents. And as examples of money going to waste, not hard to find.


But the idea that you can somehow take that money and spend it... Or


you can read to aid or submit aid to foreign policy objectives is... It


is so wrong and there are bad examples and I know them but also,


in many, many areas, the aid is essential and it is, the smaller


projects are really good and they work and they send out independent


evaluators. This is just crazy, we are going to spend the money on the


war on terror, kill using weapons to kill people and creating... It is


total nonsense, Priti Patel has been at the forefront of wanting this


department closed. Very quickly... We have about 40 seconds on the


express... Hanging onto our inheritance, what do you think about


this? The Coronet... I really couldn't care less! Since you are


asking... I think it is clearly an excuse to print a picture of Aidan


Turner doing his surviving which is... Wrong story! Clearly


justification for the Sunday express talking about the Coronet which is


being blocked for being sold abroad for ?5 million. Our heritage is


safe! Yasmin and Matthew thank you very much. That was our look at the


papers and of course a reminder that you can take a look at tomorrow's


front pages every evening at 10:40pm right here on BBC News.


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