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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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On this weeks meet the author, will be speaking


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed UK and Tim Stanley


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


a grim outlook for Europe is headlined on the Express,


quoting a warning from Angela Merkel's deputy,


of the consequences if Brexit is badly handled.


The Telegraph says Theresa May has given pro-EU


civil servants their marching orders,


telling them to get on with the delivering Brexit.


between the Prime Minister and China over the nuclear


While the i has a special report on the influence


The Scottish Daily Mail accuses Sir Philip Green of blackmail,


saying he's willing to clear BHS's pension deficit if the watchdogs


on the spread of Zika in across Asia.


It says 41 cases have been confirmed in Singapore alone.


Bank Holiday Monday could ignite a heatwave.


I just want a bit of rain, a tiny bit! It has hit many places in the


UK but not my garden! This a little bit would be nice. Much more


important matters to discuss, such as Brexit, The Times, leading on


Theresa May's thoughts on the Hinckley deal, this is the nuclear


power station that was just about to see the exchange of contract, she


was just through the door of Downing Street, and they said, let's have a


think about this, a cooling off period. The Times are talking about


how her attempts to unpick this deal, years in the making, macro


energy -- EDF weather company involved, Chinese officials were


even planning to sign the contract, at a big ceremony, it was the night


before when she pulled the plug and said she wanted to have a think


about this. It is all about whether she is comfortable with Chinese


businesses having access to our nuclear projects and whether we need


to be worried about serious global power having that sort of


information and involvement in our national infrastructure in nuclear


power. We need all of those things but do we want it in one big


project, especially when we could wait a little bit longer and perhaps


invest in smaller nuclear plants, which could be applied locally and


provide electricity within a certain region. It is not just security, it


is the price tag as well, quoted that when she called Francois


Hollande, the French are part of this deal, to explain the decision,


she said, it is my method, my method to go through everything, line by


line. That matches what we know about her, she has been Prime


Minister for only a few weeks, we are discovering what kind of Prime


Minister she is. Meticulous. We knew that she had these concerns when she


was Home Secretary, she raised them with George Osborne on a number of


occasions and this was dismissed, was nothing new. This was what she


was saying when she was the Home Secretary. If we had the Tory


leadership election, which could be going on, David Cameron would be


Prime Minister for another couple of weeks and this would have been


signed, and we would be building it already. Last-minute, this project


started at the tail end of the Gordon Brown government, it has been


going on that long, finally, all the civil servants who spent six, seven


years to get this, new person in charge, final person to sign off,


they have changed their mind, it is telling that this is yet another


thing where they are happy to rip up what went on in the previous


government. George Osborne pet project, the member state visit,


when you're all of the stops, and already, complete change. The


message from the UK Government, China, come here, invest in what you


want, we need your money, we want to be first in. If you look at the


front page of this newspaper, the rise of China in Britain, they say,


this is what she's worried about, she's concerned that China has too


much of a stake in United businesses and energy. The figures are


extraordinary, 3.8 billion spent on mergers and acquisitions, the pace


and investment is up nearly 500% in 60 is, China is becoming a major


investor. -- in six years. There is not just a security risk but an


economic risk, we rely so much on investment from China, which is a


fledgling economy, not a completely strong economy, a lot of the


investment comes from state-run businesses. A lot of issues when it


comes to trade with China, the other thing to bear in mind, the human


rights record. When we get so close, drawn into the economic orbit of


China, it comes with it, brings with it so many other bigger ethical


issues and worries that other countries do not. Speaking of big


issues, Brexit, very much re-emerging on the front pages over


the weekend, particularly what is going on within the cabinet, the


civil service as well. Moving on to the Telegraph, Theresa May telling


civil servants to get on with Brexit, there is going to be a big


meeting. At Chequers, awayday, you have been away on a summer break,


you have got to come up with a fuel ideas to impress the boss when you


come back! LAUGHTER Going around the table, and you get


to the end, and you think, he has already said what I was going to


say! What do I do? LAUGHTER Easy to forget that Theresa May


technically campaign for remain, she seems to be wholeheartedly embracing


Brexit now. -- Remain. She is the Prime Minister of a country which is


voted out. We do not know what it will look like but this is


interesting, her team will keep briefing the stories out there, full


steam ahead... Whatever it means, they do not quite know but they want


to get the word out to the public that she is committed. You speak to


the source is more than I do, different sources from different


cabinet departments, not all of them necessarily getting on, do you


get... Do you get a sense that the sources are leaking information for


their own benefit? Of course, 75% of the cabinet ministers asked to


present how you make Brexit work were against it, you have that


problem. Secondly, three departments will be directly in charge, they are


foreign, the new office for Brexiteer and the new Department for


International trade. In those three you have three very big


personalities, who do not gel, and the word is coming up from those


departments that they are already fighting over staff. Effectively


fighting over who gets the biggest desk. Who is going to be running


Brexit. Already, apparently, the heads of the Department, Liam Fox,


David Davies and Boris Johnson have been called together for a meeting


to get back together and get on with it. There is going to be a lot of


jockeying over this. If it is not handled properly, the Daily


Express... A certain gentleman in Germany has warned... A lot of


quotes from them, this weekend. Angela Merkel's deputy, warning that


if the UK got everything it wanted, other countries could leave the EU,


Europe could go down the drain. That make sense, if the EU gives Britain


a good deal, that would encourage others to follow suit, I don't see


the incentives for the other remaining countries. Could it affect


the EU economy of Britain is given a bad deal? But they cannot make it a


palatable option otherwise it would be encouraging every other country


which has considered splitting or holding a referendum doing something


similar. Germany would say this because it is entering a period of


negotiation, when you do that, you don't begin by saying, whatever


Britain gets will be great for all of us... No, you say, if we give


them what they want, the sky will fall in, they want Britain to water


down their demands. David Davis's famous list of what he expects to


get is a markedly optimistic, the idea that you can have free


movement, retain access to the single market, you will not get


these deals easily. This is the same day in which German sources also


said that Ttip is out of the window and is not going to happen. Thank


goodness we left, that is why we need to leave, Bees has left the


queue we were at the back of, now we are one ahead of them. They are


bound to say this sort of thing. They do not want negotiations to go


on. -- TTIP. Before we came on air, Angela Merkel has said that the EU


is letting down refugees, more cracks in what is meant to be a


union. The Scottish Daily Mail, lovely picture there, the main


story, Sir Phillip Green. The newspaper accusing them of


blackmail. This is over the pension pot hole. This is damage limitation,


the damage has been done, he has got to save his knighthood. The final


BHS doors have been shut, that has come to an end, and now there is the


issue of all of these investigations, he has been very


clear, picking fights with people who have been probing into BHS,


Frank Field, Labour MP, who has been to particularly critical, Phillip


Green has given as good as he has got, this is a man, despite all his


wealth, much of it in his wife's name, it tends to do most of his PR


himself, on his Nokia 33 ten, taking calls on a battered old mobile phone


and dealing with journalists quite directly. -- Nokia 3310. He is not


used to dealing with this level of scrutiny, and now it is all about...


He's tried to cut a deal. Cut a deal rather than blackmail? That is how


he would perceive it, this is what comes naturally to them, there is


always a solution. He may have to take his public humiliation. The


people I feel for, the people who work for BHS. I heard... I read a


lovely story, on Twitter, a lot of Department stores around the country


are offering work, even if it is part-time, two members of BHS staff.


It is nice that the high street is coming together, you feel for the


people. The Financial Times, scary story, BBC News reported on a model


that scientist had created on the spread of the Zika virus, reading


the FT tomorrow, that model has come to light, it is spreading, where


they said it would spread, we were worried about it ruining the


Olympics, but in fact, probably a bigger issue. It is like a zombie


apocalypse movie, fleeing from one country, and they find a dead


walking in another, in the case the Zika virus, it turns out they have


confirmed 41 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus in Singapore,


will this be linked to Rio? I don't know, when I heard that it was that


safe to go if you take precautions, that was a risk, some athletes chose


not to go, it has spread to Florida, this is a disease which as a world


we will have to accept is not just Latin American, it will get to


Africa as well. I know a journalist working in Rio, they got the Zika


virus, it had travelled to another couple of countries before he was


even diagnosed. We do not know how easily it spreads through sexual


relations and so forth, but clearly it can spread beyond just being


local, now we know that. We have got to find some way of dealing with


that. The race is on to get a vaccine, money has already been put


into that, although it is amazing, even with air travel and all the


rest, how well we can contain these things, bird flu, above, horrifying,


amazingly contained within a couple of years. -- Ebola. We are amazingly


good when we pull resources to contain one thing, shutting these


things down. -- pool. That is it for this edition of the newspapers, we


will do it all again in one hour's time.


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