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Based on a true story about a young man paid by the Pentagon - we will


look at film in the film review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed


UK and Tim Stanley of A grim outlook for Europe


is headlined on the Express - quoting a warning from


Angela Merkel's deputy, of the consequences


if Brexit is badly handled. The Telegraph says Theresa May


has given pro-EU civil servants their marching orders,


telling them to get The Times reports on the rift


between the Prime Minister and China over the nuclear power


plant at Hinkley. While the i has a special


report on the influence China The Daily Mail accuses


Sir Philip Green of blackmail - saying he's willing to clear BHS's


pension deficit IF the watchdogs The Financial Times has a report


on the spread of Zika And the Daily Star says


a sizzling Bank Holiday Monday I will be presenting the news in my


shorts. It is so hot... We never stop complaining about the weather.


The nuclear future... Theresa May put the reins on it, on the deal


going through? This deal was good to go, on the cusp of signing it and it


shows how ultimately the person at the top has the power. Others have


had strong concerns about the influence of China and if the person


at the top says we are not going to do this, we are not going to do


this. How much further the EU go? -- further to you go? That was as eerie


in the 20s when America rot up infrastructure and at that time


there was a threat to national security. -- brought up. After


Brexit the value of the pound has gone down so it is attractive for


other countries to put money into Britain. As Home Secretary she was


constantly warning about concerns. They were... Will not say dismissed


but suddenly she is Prime Minister. She has to be concerned about the


cost. 18 billion. The Times points out and this is the crux of the


story, the G20 is coming up and this is the first big international event


for Theresa May and it is important that we get some sense of where the


Administration stands when it comes to China. What are the concerns? Is


of human rights, security, China's investment in Britain going too far?


It is difficult to tell. From what we can gather from when she was Home


Secretary, it was concerned about security. Hinkley will go ahead but


others will be put off to allow more time for consideration. Don't


forget, Boris Johnson said he wants to hit reset for relations. We have


a new Prime Minister, one who wants to be in command of everything


stopped she has a reputation as a Micro manager. It could be that not


so much a clear direction but someone finding their way in


international affairs. She has plenty of time to think about it,


LAUGHTER, what an in tray Theresa May has. Civil servants,


particularly in this country, changing the June, they had been


producing the case for Britain staying in the EU and now baby to


work out how to make this work. -- they need to work out. Lawyers in


the city saying and calling to them to come to work for them. We are


building whole new departments out of nothing. David Davis is keen to


get an important address file his department... Really low level... A


new door to his office... I think he denied that. Clearly divisions on


how to press on with Brexit. But it is also the Cabinet? Yes, Whitehall


emerged as having sources complaining that civil servants are


not happy about Brexit and are not being helpful. Gus O'Donnell is,


Lord O'Donnell, cat out and said it does not necessarily have to happen.


The EU may reform and we may end up delaying it. We may be entering


Humphrey B territorial, that is the fear. Theresa May turning to lawyers


to see if she had to could she put a vote to the comments. The referendum


was binding. It was there in the government language. The government


will implement it. The people have told Parliament what they wanted to


do and they have to get on with it. There will doubtless be elementary


manoeuvres but it will happen. She was right to establish that. You get


feedback from your readers, did you get any sense at there are concerns,


warriors, confusion? It is a weird thing we do with governments in this


country. We think someone is ultimately going to sort it out and


that is the mentality I am picking up. The main readership Borrie about


what happens now that for the majority, people are thinking, we


are a out, aren't we? There will only be bothered if in a few years


time it is not what they imagined was coming. In the Daily Express, as


the warnings from Angela Merkel's Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, that if


this is not done properly, the whole of Europe could go down the drain? I


still cannot tell whether this is a warning or a celebration from the


Daily Express! LAUGHTER we will have odd coverage for the next couple of


years while we work out what sort of deal we will work out. Comments by


anyone... A secret German plot, a new direction, a Brussels rearguard


action... She is almost seen as the woman holding the EU to gather. The


refugee crisis... She has elections coming up, France has elections


coming up and we do not even know who we will be dealing with. Germany


has a dynamic economy still going on which absolutely dominates so it is


understandable it is a linchpin... Some other countries


strengthening... A lot of Richards felt that the EU kept on saying we


love you but if you try to reform, we will kill you. And they are doing


it again. Again, it is the old double standard. Half way is towards


them. Interesting analysis. In the Scottish Daily Mail, the front page


on Sir Philip Green accused of blackmail. His handling of the BHS


and the pension scheme. This... You could have done this a lot earlier


if he was really bothered by this. Now he is protecting his reputation.


It is odd in some ways, I cannot imagine ten years on from when he


got his knighthood that someone in his position would be given a


knighthood. The days when you are an incredibly rich businessman and you


are celebrated... I cannot imagine having the equivalent today. The


final BHS stores have closed today. We are now just picking up the


pieces. It is whether or not he is made to offer for its full of


whether he can deal with the investigations and salvage his


reputation. 22,000 staff affected, they are the real victors. The


unacceptable case of capitalism, that is that the Fraser years. Given


that senior Labour figures who argue Sir Richard Branson - He with


ethical - should have his night would taken away... The Financial


Times reports on Singapore suffering outbreak of Zika. Scientists did


warn us? It is the idea that this awful disease has the effect of


effecting babies when they are born and living with them with small


heads and deformities. It has taken hold in bits of Florida and in


particular in Brazil but there is a fear about where it is going to


spread next and there is a small cluster in Singapore. The extent to


which we can contain it and do anything about it, to identify who


has it earlier, to get drugs in place, but we are all terrified it


is something that can come and get us and we can do nothing about it.


Ultimately what you can do as an individual is nothing. Thank you for


that! Some concerns that Theresa May has? Throughout history, when ever


there has been investment in Britain, they have been concerned


about the ramifications. -- at there are have been. We are seeing China


go through that now. It is reasonable to be concerned. State


and enterprises and China is not the kind of democracy we are. It has not


stopped us doing business. We have not stopped doing business with


Saudi Arabia and other countries. If Britain is open for business, it is


fantastic but were Ross Peraudo a Liberal democracy will with certain


standards. They are looking into Aston Villa so that if a major


concern. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine. The


film review is next.


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