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-- that is it from us. Coming up next is The Papers. Goodbye.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Martin Lipton, Deputy Head of Sport at The Sun,


and Bronwyn Curtis from the Society of Business Economists.


The Metro features the Sports Direct billionaire boss.


On the front page photo, Mike Ashley empties his pockets


The same story is on the cover of the FT. Sports Direct boss flashes


the cash, says the headline. You can read more on Theresa May's


statements on state education in the Daily Telegraph. In the Times, the


opening of the Rio Paralympics. The Daily Express says that house prices


are to rise and the British economy is to boom post Brexit. So let's


begin. Where shall we start? The Daily Telegraph has a story that is


going to be controversial, and will run and run. Stop school selection


by house price, says Theresa May. This is a comment she made this


evening. Bronwen, did this catch your eye? It did. It would be nice


to stop school selection by house prices. There is no doubt we don't


want a situation where we have an elitist education. I think Mrs May


is trying to democratise education. She is talking about bringing back


grammar schools, which were banned by Tony Blair in 98, and having


tests for all sorts of people, but more based on IQ tests, so that


coaching, which is what most parents will do to get their children into


these good schools, they will not be able to be coached to get in. Is it


possible to democratise state education by having more grammar


schools? There lies the issue. What is interesting here is that this is


going to be the flagship domestic Kolisi for the next four years, it


seems. With the whole Brexit debate, with what happened internally,


grammar schools and their return seems to be a key thing for this


government. Theresa May, in this statement to a committee of MPs,


talked about the financial element of it rather than the education


element. Maybe she was preaching to the converted, but the language to


justify this is clearly going to evolve through the period. It is


about social mobility. Mrs May has made it clear that that is something


she wants to do, to try to change Britain for the better. But the


counterargument is the one being voiced in the Guardian. A former


Labour Cabinet minister speaking there. This isn't education


selection, he says, it is social selection, and there is the


dichotomy at the heart of this debate, and the issue that the


government has. They have to win this argument, to get a more


rounded, overwhelming support for this policy. Somewhat instinctively


backed it, but others will say it is a return to the divide of grammars


and secondary moderns. And secondary education for those who are not part


of the elite. Schools post war were hugely part of a change for the


better, and the way up out of poverty for many people into a


wealthy lifestyle. The problem for many people isn't so much grammar


schools. It is what else you have along with them. People do tend to


think of grammar schools as being engines whereby certain children can


do very well. It is what happens to the others. And one in five adults


struggle to read and write, and there are 6 million illiterate


people in the UK. I can see what she is trying to do. You really want a


broad education for everyone. For those who are not going to make it


in, what happens to them? TU detector reading these two stories


-- do you detect, in these two score is, any attempt to redefine what


grammar schools are? Theresa May seems to be talking about a


different kind of education, inclusive and not exclusive. But the


nature of a selective system is not inclusive. For those who are


beneficiaries, though, this could be hugely positive. They could have a


way out of a social strata that they might not have otherwise had. There


are no right answers. We have had free schools, academies, the


abolition of grammar schools in the 70s, and the introduction of


constant change. What we do need is an education system that works. The


current one does not work for many people. But persuading everyone that


this is the answer is going to be a tough call. And comprehensives have


an element of selection as well, because of streaming. They have too,


because otherwise you are holding people back. Naturally, there will


be some sort of selection. Now the Times front page, with a different


story entirely, but another Theresa May announcement. She is a busy


woman! MPs to leave Parliament in ?4 billion restoration plan. The first


reaction is, they are going to spend ?4 billion on these MPs? Why should


they do that when we need the money for other things. However, if you


look into the story, you can see that the Palace of Westminster is


the UNESCO Heritage site, and it is falling apart. It has water damage


and asbestos - all sorts of things. So it does need to be made better.


That we have to do, I think. Whether it is ?4 billion, or whether it is


going to be ?8 billion, which it might be... If you get an estimate


for building work, you double it! Post Brexit, you cannot even get


people into do it! This will not start until 2022. And it is a


six-year ill think project. Building projects don't seem to run to time.


It is going to be controversial because of the expense, but it needs


to be done. And the shape and look of Parliament will change. If you


are having the Commons and the Department of Health building... It


will not looks like Parliament as we know it. Maybe that isn't a bad


thing, that we are used to the particular Guyot Grossi of


Parliament. That is going to change, -- the particular geography. Why not


just move to Manchester or Birmingham? Yet you could not allow


Westminster to fall down. It is one of the greatest ill things, one of


the jewels in England's crown. Apparently they are going to do as


much of the building work from materials sourced within the UK, and


they said this was something not possible before Brexit. I didn't


quite understand that, but I think it is good if they do that. Now,


possibly, they won't have any choice! Let's move on to the front


page of the Metro, which has a picture that features on several of


the front pages. The headline refers to the boss of Sports Direct. He


happened to have a bit of petty cash in his pocket! Holding and folding


seems to be his think! He likes to have a few bob. If you were to put a


list of unpopular business leaders, Mike Ashley would probably be quite


high up. I don't think he is quite the unacceptable face of capitalism,


that people ask we wish about him. He's at his own warehouse in


Derbyshire and had to go through a security screen, where workers are


paid less than the minimum wage, and he's got all that money in his


pocket. He was emptying his pockets to go through the security


screening, and he pulls out ?50 notes. It looks utterly shameful.


What do you think? Perhaps he doesn't care. Perhaps he just


forgot, because it isn't good publicity. That's when you know...


It would take one of those workers in the warehouse 139 hours, or 3.5


weeks, to an that on the minimum wage, it is the worst sort of


headline you can imagine. But I don't think he cares. He owns a big


proportion of the company, and enough not to worry about what


people think. The share price has plummeted, but he has made his


money. He is a billionaire already. It just shows how little he cares


about what people think. It is only going to affect his reputation. It


seems like every day this week, there has been another story about


Sports Direct, from the behaviour of workers inside the factories, to


ending zero hours contracts, which is possibly quite a positive story,


which people see as more controversy. His stewardship of


Newcastle United hasn't ween a great success, but he has overridden the


popular will. Another shareholder revolt today. I have the idea, I am


a majority shareholder, I will do what I want. He will not listen to


any views diverged into his own, and he courts controversy. In the


Financial Times, a story about employment and employees. Graduates


truly in love with banking are sought by match-making style tests!


Behavioural analysis technique, where they can match up people who


come from murder -- more diverse backgrounds than the Ivy League. So


they use these techniques to match up what would be the best sort of


corporate finance junior banker. This is quite subjective. Very


subjective. They are using some of the tech leaks used on dating


websites, but a number of different banks are doing this now, because


they want to reach past the top schools to other places. Some are


even doing things like what they call at Barclays contextualised


screening. What that means is, when they talk to these people and do


these tests, it gives the less advantaged more credit, so they will


have a chance of actually getting... So the idea is to get to a bigger


number of people and get them into the elite jobs in banking. I think


that is good. Whether the systems work is another thing. You are


trying to use objective criteria to determine a subjective choice, which


is rather bizarre. We are talking about big companies, Deutsche Bank,


Citigroup, Goldman Sachs... If they are all doing it, it is interesting


that so many companies are looking to introduce this screening system.


I'd like to see how long it lasts. In the end, it tends to be the same


people who get these jobs. Very sketch to call! Thank you both very


much. Don't forget that all the front pages are online on the BBC


News website, where you can read a detailed review of the papers. It is


their seven days a week on our website. You can see us there as


well. Thank you once again. Goodbye. More of us saw the sunshine today




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