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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Benedicte Paviot, Broadcaster at France 24,


and Jenni Russell, Columnist at The Times.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Financial Times says the Chancellor will exempt


top bankers from post Brexit migration controls.


The news that the government is considering re-introducing


grammar schools gives the Metro it's front page.


The Telegraph goes with the same story, describing it


The Guardian also leads with grammar schools,


as well as a feature on Sir Nicholas Serota,


the outgoing director of the Tate galleries.


The Times front page describes the grammar school policy


The Express tells us there is proof that statins are a safe way


of preventing strokes and heart attacks.


And the Mirror leads with the same story,


as well as a picture of Amanda Holden and a Labrador.


I am sure it makes them somewhere. He knocked her over and licked her


face. He is a hero. Half the nation loves labradors and the other half


love Amanda Holden. I think we have some of the stories we need to talk


about. I'm supposed to be in charge! Let us stop with the Guardian. May


has opened the floodgates on grammar schools. Still controversial. It is


a Tory Prime Minister who is constantly compared to Margaret


Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher ended grammar schools. It was a radically


unpopular system and now May is bringing it back in. It looks like


the most confused policy I have ever read because any school can apply to


be a grammar school, but the big problem in English education is what


do you do with children who aren't really academic. There is no talk of


setting up schools for children whose strengths lie in different


directions. The Guardian says they are the preserves of the middle


classes because middle-class parents can tutor their children to pass the


exams. There is a lot of tutoring going on. There are a lot of classes


that have too many children in them. I don't know how it resolve this


problem. Interestingly, Theresa May went to a grammar school, but the


new education minister did not. I wonder how much of this has been


brought forward? Theresa May will be making her first big Prime Minister


speech and it will be on this policy. It's very controversial and


although is interesting because it is a cross-party issue, but there is


more opposition on the Labour benches than the conservative ones,


but it does not resolve problems sizes, the fact that there aren't


enough pupils who you can do apprenticeships in engineering or


things like that. It seems if all schools can do that, it will be more


selective than it is currently. The real problem is that it does not


address social mobility because all the evidence shows that by the time


you five, your academic path is usually set. We need to pump


resources into helping children from zero up to the edge of five. There


will be a bigger percentage of children who will have to be taken


from poorer backgrounds. I think a spotlight will be on Theresa May in


a very big way tomorrow on this and as a first major policy, is it


rushed because the notes were seen going into Downing Street? The Daily


Telegraph. The headteacher talking to parents outside a grammar school.


The captions so, many of our pupils go on to have successful careers


opposing selective schools. Let us move on. Statins. Thank you so much,


we can share. The express says statins are safe. It has been


confusing over the years whether statins are all they have cracked up


to be. Interestingly this report on statins, which is also on the front


of the Daily Telegraph, says a third of all adults should be taking them.


2 million people are currently taking them already in the UK and


what this report that is in the Lancet says is that in fact, be side


effects have been exaggerated and therefore that there should be


double the number of people actually taking the statins, bots, you know,


those reports initially criticising it, this is one report. -- Bart. Is


this about literally pushing statins down our throat? People should be


forgiven for being confused? I been reading statins stories three years


and it's evident that the drug companies have taken part in a big


push to take Clay make us take statins. It used to only be for


people at risk of heart disease. -- make us take statins. They are


effective for people with heart disease, but for the rest of us


there is evidence that they raise the risk of diabetes, calls muscle


pains and have other side-effects. The Daily Telegraph, Swinney


backtracks. This is about the SNP watering down plans after a court


ruling said having unnamed adult that every child in Scotland would


breach parental rights. They are going to press on with this, but in


a lesser role. When the Scots announced this I thought it was an


appalling idea, that there should be unnamed person licensed to interfere


in the life of every child under the age of 18. Why is it appalling if it


stops abuse? We haven't got lots of resources. You need to target your


resources on the children who are at risk and that is the real crisis in


this country. I sat for a couple of years on the panel organised by


Michael Gove that looked into serious abuse of children. There


aren't enough social workers all health workers to help children who


are abuse. A ridiculous waste of money. Imagining having an ill


educated person who doesn't know your child wants access to all the


records kept on your child. The courts in Scotland have ruled


against the... Sorry. We have so much to get through. Surely the


argument for watering it down here in this article is that they won't


just have carte blanche to look into and referred to every minor incident


of somebody's life? The reason why the Deputy First Minister has had to


announce this is because a court has ruled that it is breaching parents's


human rights and I think it is very much an interference in that sense.


It's also an assumption that everything the family is going to


need to be followed. It is the wrong way round. The Times, police defeat


Isis inspired bomb threat. It seems it was in its early stages, but the


head of the Metropolitan Police said in July it's a case of when, not if


some sort of Isis linked attack will take place here. Yes. Unfortunately


it is a problem that France is a very familiar with, unfortunately.


France is still in a state of emergency and I understand some


people will be appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court about


this. It's important to remember that the intelligence service and


the police do a fantastic job. They have been defeating all sorts of


Isis inspired bomb plots, we just don't hear about them. They don't


normally make the news because what has been successful, but we all need


to be vigilant. We don't know a lot about this particular plot. No, all


we know that two brothers were trying to get hold of chemicals to


set up an explosive device in west London. The police say it could've


been the most serious attack on London. Like the massive attack we


could have had in Notre Dame. A quick look at the Financial Times.


Hammond pledges to protect top bankers over immigration purge. That


is so that people with the skills can still get into London. Part of


the EU referendum was the issue of immigration, but the big question


the government has to face is who will it stop from coming? It said


one of the policies in the future will make sure the is more growth


and societies fairer to everybody. So are you going to let in the


bankers, as Hammond says he is going to do, or will you give visas to


people picking lettuces on the south coast? The government is making


clear they want the high-paid, high tax people to come to Britain and to


keep the city powerful. Indeed, there was also talk that could


become the financial centre. This is about reassurance. The Japanese made


some are turning comments at the jid 20 in terms of withdrawing the


headquarters, etc. There is a reluctance to invest and here


Hammond is pledging free movement for skilled bankers because the city


wants to be reassured over post-Brexit controls. The Daily


Mail, we must mention Dame Sarah Storey. This is a picture of the


cycling champion who has now got her 12 gold medal, I believe it is. She


is the most decorated female GB Paralympian. There she is with her


daughter who is three, who was born since the last Olympics. She is a


busy woman. There she is, back again. She has beaten Taney Grey


Thompson's Corp. 12? It is 12. -- Taney Grey Thompson's record.


Finally, the Daily Express says the Houses of Parliament could


potentially close for six years. Lots of problems with the building,


but it's only 150 years old. The MPs are going to what is the Department


of Health, which is interesting. I don't know where the bar would be.


The Lords will be down the street. Portcullis house was built at great


expense and it will be very handy, we are told. It is not too far to


walk, so after the big story is that it might move to Manchester or other


parts of the country, it went be far from Downing Street. They have


problems with the roof... IT, rats, asbestos. Why is going in different


places. Fire hazards. It is never a popular thing for a government to


say they are going to spend money on maintaining the building and that's


why it has got so run down. It's a beautiful building, but it is


vulnerable from the Thames. When it was built, we did not think it will


be vulnerable like that, especially after what happened on the river


with people accessing City Airport. Thank you both. Don't forget, all


the pages are online on the BBC website. You will find us there as


well because each night edition of the programme is posted on the page


shortly after we have finished. Thank you both, nice to have you


here. That's it for the moment. Coming up next, the weather.


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