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Thursday, some mist and fog problems through the week ahead but a summery


feel over the next few days and turning more unsettled, then, at the


end of the week. This is BBC News,


with Martine Croxall. We'll be taking a look at tomorrow


morning's papers in a moment. The Democrat's presidential


candidate, Hillary Clinton, is said to be suffering


from pneumonia. Her doctor said she'd been


dehydrated but was now recovering. Commemorations have been taking


place to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks


in the United States. Ceremonies began with a moment's


silence at the exact time the first plane hit the World Trade


Center's North Tower. NHS leaders in England say


the organisation's cash crisis has reached a "tipping point," and it's


now "Mission Impossible" to balance the books while trying


to maintain standards. And Great Britain's rowers lead


the gold rush on day four of the Rio Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Joel Taylor,


Deputy News Editor of the Metro, and Ben Chu, Economics Editor


for the Independent. Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with this. The Independent leads


on commemorations of the 9/11 Hilary Clinton's early exit


from 9/11 celebrations The presidential


hopeful felt "faint." Hilary Clinton's health scare


also covers the front The Guardian leads on Britain's


Paralympics success. Lora Turnham, left,and pilot


Corrine Hall celebrate taking gold in the 3,000m individual


cycling pursuit. "Something has to give,"


warnings over NHS funding from a senior health chief


are the lead for the Metro. More allegations about


the Labour MP Keith Vaz feature on the front


page of the Mirror. On the front page of the FT is this


harrowing imagine of babies being carried through the rubble


following an airstrike on rebel-held


area of Aleppo. Don't pack away your sun


tan lotion just yet, there's a mini autumn


heatwave on the way, Let's talk about how The Telegraph


is reporting the health scare of Hillary Clinton in public. It says


the health has been the topic of many Donald Trump supporters. Now we


know that she was diagnosed with pneumonia two days ago. There were


many videos on line with construe the theories over her health. Donald


Trump has questioned whether she has the stamina to serve as president.


She was coughing a few days ago. Now it seems she has been diagnosed with


pneumonia on Friday. She painted quite publicly today at the 9/11


commemoration is. -- fainted. It will be a serious problem with us.


There will be questions about whether she is fit enough to be


president. Per doctor says she is recovering nicely and she has been


on antibiotics. She has a very busy time in the next couple of weeks.


Yeah. It is so gruelling, these American election. Think about our


own elections, with Prime Minister is having to fly to Scotland and


Northern Ireland, except us. It is tiring just to read about it. But


going across the entirety of the United States, two months of that, I


would not want to do it in the best of health, let alone with pneumonia.


It is a difficult story for the Democrats. They have to shape up.


The question at the moment is that what we thought was a conspiracy


theory about Hillary Clinton's health from Donald Trump might have


substance to it. We did not know she was diagnosed with pneumonia. We had


to be kept in the loop about that. They have to be upfront. Otherwise


it might be claimed they are hiding something serious. Britons face


these are the due visit Europe. There could be a holiday tax levied


against us after leaving the EU. Brexit hitting home. We did not hear


about this during the campaign. They were not keen to advertise a ?10


holiday tax. Bad as night follows day, if you leave the EU, you do not


get the freedom of the EU, to travel and go on holiday freely. We don't


know it will happen. They may trade it off and do a deal. But it is


certainly in play it we leave the EU. We might have to pay to go on


holiday. We could have a tax for them coming here. Absolutely. That


would be beneficial to the economy, maybe, but I am not sure about that.


It shows how little the government knows about where they want to go


with the whole leaving the EU issue. Brexit may mean more bureaucracy for


all of us. The Metro. The story we have been talking about all day. The


NHS. Something has to give. A warning from Chris Copson who


represents hospitals and other providers in the country. There are


?10 billion coming into the NHS in England. Yet, they are still saying


it is not enough. Yeah. In a sense the message has not changed for a


few years from people like the providers and the senior doctors, et


cetera. They are saying we do not have the resources to do our job.


The settlement is not going down in real terms. So many people are using


the service we are getting a resources cart effectively. They


have been saying that for a long time. What has changed is they are


raising the volume. They have a new Prime Minister and they need to turn


it up. They want more resources at a time when they are clearly under


pressure. There is also the issue of social care. People well enough to


go home but they stay there and there is no one to look after them


once they are discharged. If you did sort out social care it might change


things a little bit for the NHS. It is a massive problem. We had figures


last week showing a record number of patients that could leave but had


nowhere to go. It is a difficult problem. Fundamentally we have to


remember that in comparison to other countries like France and Germany we


don't spend equivalent levels on the NHS. So if we want this seven-day


NHS which Jeremy Hunt is talking about the health chiefsare saying we


need to focus on that. Maybe we need a tax especially for the NHS. Many


people don't like that for reasonable grounds. Linking a


certain tax to a certain service buying the hands of government and


makes it harder for them to inject more emergency money in the future.


But you could help the public. Definitely. But unfashionable causes


will get less money if everything gets its own tax. You create


problems for yourself. I can understand not wanting to go down


that road. You have bigger problems. If you want to spend on the NHS you


have to pay for it. That is a difficult sell. The Telegraph. A


story about the number of children reported as potential extremists


doubling. Where have these figures come from? A freedom of information


from the Telegraph themselves. A new law from last year says children or


anyone has to be identified at risk of extremism to be put through


deradicalise and in those sorts of measures. 2300 of them are under 18.


52 of them were under age nine. Given there is a new law coming in


officially saying authorities have to do this we shouldn't be surprised


there is a big leap. It does underline the scale of the danger


and the threat. People will be incredulous that people that young


could be radicalised. Certainly they have been cases where children have


been taken to one of these causes but they have been found to be doing


nothing suspicious whatsoever. But they are trying to show they are


taking action to try to stop the problem of radicalisation at its


source. The Financial Times. Man carrying babies through the rubble


of Aleppo, one of the two provinces near Idlib. We are expecting for


this ceasefire to come into effect tomorrow night. But some groups are


wondering whether that will happen. Yes. We have seen in the run-up to


the ceasefire supposed to start tomorrow 100 odd people dying in


bombings in the last day. There are so many desperate groups trying to


bring to the table the idea of ceasing shooting. Bringing them to


the table is the next step. There is greater cooperation between the US


and Russia now. Whether they have the influence to force some kind of


more sensible and meaningful negotiations, hopefully they will.


Not so long ago that was unimaginable, that kind of


cooperation between those two. The Americans have made the choice that


of the two evils, Islamic State are the worst one. They have decided on


their priority. That has led to this quiet potentially landmark agreement


on Saturday. There is the chance now that President Assad's role will


continue for some time. At one point rebels said they will not take part


in any talks if there was a chance he would be left in power for any


time. Again, I think that is a symbol of the fact the Americans


have changed their mind. President Assad leaving would have been the


key thing that the Americans would have said had to happen. They are


downplaying that now. That is a big shift. You wonder if that could


happen as well. You could wonder if all those civilians needed to diet.


It is a hard conclusion to come to. President Assad being allowed to


stay in office. Even the choice the international powers have, it may be


the lesser of two evil is. The Telegraph. They are doing well with


us tonight. The nation breathes a sigh of relief as Helen Archer is


found not guilty. This is a story that has gripped Radio 4 fans of


Archers. It has gone on for 2.5 years. It is clever how they worked


on that. It has been. A story I have experienced entirely vicariously. I


have not listened to a single episode of the Archers in ten years.


It is impossible to miss it. Everyone is talking about it. It is


a great and social old fashioned social drama. It speaks to something


the nation is interested in. It gets everyone around a topic and around


the show in the way people used to. Now be fragmented digital


entertainment world we live in, we don't tend to have these moments. It


is great. A meeting of the wireless and social media. The #freehelen


hashtag. People saying she has to be found not guilty. She was accused of


the attempted murder of her husband who was abusing her. It has been


fascinating to see how it has gripped people. Obviously, the


storyline will continue because I gather that there is a hearing


incoming about where the children will be living. We will see what


happens when we come to it. There is also the fact she isn't going to


prison. These writers are very skilled. It is never the end. There


is always something more that you can do and other characters you can


bring in and all these are very cool. The Guardian. The British


Paralympian success. Six gold medals. Laura Turner on the left and


her colleague celebrating gold in the 3000 metre individual cycling.


And the rowing, Britain has done well. David has done well, missing


the birth of his fourth child so he can take part in the current mix. It


is always inspiring, these sorts off of them. The Paralympics is


particularly moving. Some of the difficulties they have to overcome


before they even start training is incredible. Yes. Terrific. We asked


second in the table. To China! I wonder why we don't make more out of


that. We are in the... When we were in the Olympics everyone was talking


about the incredible performance, in comparison to 2012. This is just as


impressive. Not even on home turf. Maybe there is a case that we should


blow the trumpet a bit more for the Paralympian is. We have done our bit


for the moment. Not enough. There is more that we can do. Thank you


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