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She had to be helped into a vehicle to leave the memorial service.


And Great Britain's rowers lead the gold rush on Day 4


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With ask Joel Taylor, deputy news editor of the Metro and


the editor of the Independent. Welcome to you both. The Independent


leads on the commemorations of the 9/11 attacks, 15 years on. The


presidential hopeful felt faint, the Times says. Hilary Clinton's health


scare also a feature on the front page of the Telegraph. The Guardian


leads on Britain's Paralympic success. Something has to give,


warnings over NHS funding from a senior health chief on the Metro,


there. And on the front page of the mirror, more allegations about


Labour MP Keith Vaz. And this on the front page of the


FT, a harrowing image of babies being carried through the rubble in


Syria following an air strike on the rebel held area of Aleppo. Don't


pack away your suntan lotion just yet, there is a mini autumn heatwave


on the way, says the Daily Express. Let's start with a story on the


Daily Telegraph, here. Britain's face a Visa fee to visit Europe, the


Home Secretary is warning that the holiday tax could be heading our way


as part of any deal to secure Brexit. On what evidence? I think


it's reasonable to assume that if one of the fundamental freedoms of


the EU is fundamental movement -- free movement of people, if the UK


leaves the EU, one of the indications may be that free


movement is restricted and you may have to pay. We have to pay to go to


Turkey on holiday, they are not in the EU. If we have two page to go on


holiday to France or Spain or Greece, it is not inconceivable we


might have to pay a Visa fee. Have they put a figure on it? They


suggest about ?10, which is based on what people have two page to enter


the United States, in certain models. It sort of underlines what


we sort of know, that there is very little information about what Brexit


actually means, because this wasn't really talked about prior to the


vote and now it may be the case that a family of four would be paying ?40


to travel to France. It's conceivable it could happen but we


don't know yet, because there is so much still to be talked about. The


implication of what Amber Rudd was saying was that it would be


surprising if this happened, because maybe they would do a deal. Maybe


they won't charge Visa fees for Europeans to come to the UK, in


exchange for not doing it the other way. You can't say at this stage


because they haven't got down to any of the serious negotiations yet.


Staying with the Telegraph, a picture of Hilary Clinton on their


front page, Clinton health care as she faints in public, it says. Since


this paper was printed, we've learned that she was diagnosed only


a couple of days ago with pneumonia. It seems amazing that she was


diagnosed with pneumonia, I understand, on Friday, and she is


out for the 9/11 memorial today. It seems far too quick. Certainly the


video you see of her, she looks terribly unstable and has to be


helped into her car. Obviously she came out smiling shortly afterwards,


but the Republicans are not going to shy away from using this to say that


she might not be fit to run for office. Her doctor is saying that


she is recovering nicely and became overheated and dehydrated. They were


standing for about an hour and a half, so if she is not feeling well,


you can understand it, but not a good sign for her to become ill. I'm


surprised this doesn't happen more often, standing for the amount of


time they have to stand, politicians, and a concentration


they have to give and the scrutiny they are under... It's not that of


rising but I think what is really dangerous for the Clinton camp is


the sense that they have been sort of covering up some health issues,


because this is the sort of thing that Donald Trump has been hinting


at for some time, in his odious way. "Has She got the stamina to become


president?" They need to scotch the impression that there is some kind


of cover-up going on, because that is going to feed into the conspiracy


theories. There have been so many ideas that she is not trustworthy.


There is always a conspiracy... While we are on the subject of the


9/11 commemorations, which is where she did not feel well, President


Obama reflecting on the attacks of 15 years ago. It's hard to credit


that, isn't it? So many people they're just saying that the grief


just doesn't subside. We remember it so vividly. We were all covering it


at the time and it felt so seismic from the moment it happened. All the


stories we've been covering in those 15 years really have a strong link.


I is -- Isis, Tony Blair and George Bush,


the Iraq war, it all stems from that seminal moment. You can tie back the


problems in Syria as well. Every story on the international scale


seems to have had a big change with that seismic shift that we all


remember. Let's move on to the Metro, shall we? Something has to


give, to offer a seven-day NHS. This is following on from the head of NHS


providers, Chris Copson, talking about the fact that as it stands,


they can't deliver Jeremy Hunt's plans. I wonder whether we have to


think of the NHS differently, Jill? Scale back its aspirations? That is


certainly what he's saying, that if we want to be doing what Jeremy Hunt


is planning, that we need rational care in a far more drastic fashion


than we do already. -- we need to ration care. Performance targets


such as the type they were not hitting, shutting services down...


It's easy to imagine more and more people who suffer from obesity or


heavy smokers being told that they are not going to get such and such


treatment until they lose so much weight or they stop smoking. It is a


dangerous road to go down but this is the implication. Or if we decide


that we want to spend more on the NHS and have everything covered, how


great would the appetite be to pay for an extra health tax? I suspect


it would not be that great. You see all these polls and the NHS comes


really high on people's priorities, but at the same time, people don't


have an appetite to pay any more tax, and that is the early way you


can provide the holistic seven days a week service that people want, by


raising tax. Another alternative is copayments, so that you would have


to pay more for prescriptions and visits, various ways of doing it.


There wouldn't be a big appetite for that. It's one of those things where


the public want one thing but they don't want to pay for the means. The


politicians are caught in the middle and have to swear that Terkel. What


we're seeing here is NHS institutions saying, "What you're


saying cannot be delivered", to Downing Street. We mentioned Syria a


moment ago and this is a picture of Syrian babies being carried through


the rubble of Aleppo, one of the two parts of Syria that has particularly


come under bombardment over the weekend. There is supposed to be


eight fire that comes into place tomorrow evening, but it is touch


and go over who is going to take part? It is an incredibly important


moment now that the US and Russia agree, because they were totally at


loggerheads if we just go back if you years, the US were saying that


the Russians were targeting, they were trying to prop up Assad and


it's a complete reversal now, they are saying they going to go with the


Russians... Their number one priority, a very big priority shift


for the US here, so we will see whether they can coerce the forces


on to -- on the ground to following that agenda. We don't know whether


President Assad will feature in any future administration, because in


the past that was a deal-breaker for a lot of the groups, and now he


might feature in the future. He might do and the idea might be that


he would move aside for a transitional government after some


period of time. He has not seemed winning to do that thus far. As Ben


says, if Russia is now allying itself to the US or at least


co-operating to a certain extent, it seems they are trying to heap more


pressure on to Assad, so we might get some progress at this very key


moment. Back to the Telegraph. " Nation breeds sigh of relief as


Helen Aja is found not guilty. -- Nation breathes sigh of relief as


Helen Archer is found not guilty. This storyline from the Archers


about Helen and her coercively controlling husband has gripped the


nation. The special one-hour episode seems to star also is of people


eager to get onto the Archers. But it seems to have raised a very


important story. A few days ago the CPS was saying 18.6% of its caseload


was due to rape, domestic abuse and sexual assault. It is highlighting a


huge problem in society. There have been helplines linked to this story.


The BBC has really gone to town with the way it has publicised this


particular story, hiring a court reporter to show what it would be


like inside. It's the holy grail for drama writers, to get on the front


pages of the papers with what you producing but also the very relevant


to what, as Jill has been saying, is a very important issue. -- Joel has


been saying. It must have been a great thing to have acted and been


involved in. The slow burn storyline helped because it was two and a half


hours, although listening this evening and remembering my own time


on the jury, it was slightly different, lots of aggressive


characters, but that was for the drama... Very difficult to write a


drum and make it entered -- entertaining. Do you think they did


the right thing making her not guilty and not sending her to


prison? They could have got a lot more mileage out of the story if


they had at her guilty and had an appeal, but they have to think what


works best for the story and the social impact. There were so many


people using the hashtag #freehelen on social media, I don't think they


might have dared! It doesn't sound like the programme has -- programme


storyline has totally gone away... Let's go to the express, we know how


they love a weather story and it has not missed a trick tonight. Last


blast of summer sun. How hot exactly is it going to be? It's going to be


88 Fahrenheit, 31 Celsius, but more importantly, hotter than Hawaii, Los


Angeles and Turkey tomorrow in the UK. A sort of Indian summer,


although I gather the term Indian summer comes from America rather


than India. Yes, I'm told that by our friends in the weather centre.


It's all very well but a lot of people are back at work, can't even


enjoy it! Protected from it in an air-conditioned office. There is a


reminder on the top of the express which I'm sure you won't thank me


for, that Christmas isn't far away! Winterval. That is a story we don't


have time for! Thank goodness. We will be back at 11:30pm.


For another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


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