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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Lynn Faulds Wood and


Welcome to both of you. A look at the front pages first, an we


Saturday with the Metro which has Mel and Sue on their front-page as


the pair announce their departure from the great brick babe off. The


FT says plans are being drawn up by GCHQ to create a great British


firewall to come pat cyber attacks. The eye looks at what it calls David


Cameron's toxic legacy in Libya. The Telegraph leads with the decision by


the chairman of the BBC to step down as the head of the corporation's


governing body. The Express says that MPs won't be


allowing to block the UK's exist from the EU. The times is with that


influential committee of MPs that will blame David Cameron for the


rise of so-called Islamic State. And The Mail says the foreign aid budget


is to be overhauled. Let us look at some of those. Let us start with The


Times story. Cameron being blamed for the Rice of IS. This is an


inquiry into the inquiry into events in Libya. It sounds harsh to point


the finger at David Cameron, he just stepped down as an MP but he is


being accused of one of the biggest political and military boobs in


recent history, save for Iraq, lots of the criticism appears to be the


same. There is some intelligence, you rushed in and made it worse, so


says the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. It is a 49 page report.


It has taken time to cobble it together. I can do that in about an


hour now. Ever Every bullet point said he it has failed to do this and


that, they dashed in too quickly, for example one of the critics is


the chief of the defence staff, general Lord Richards who at the


time disassociated himself from it. For you Chief of Staff, defence


staff to say don't do this back in 2011, that is damning in itself.


Then he failed to identify that there were Islamist extremists among


the rebels we were supporting. We all know there are, I mean it is the


same we can look at Syria, a lot of the anti-Assad groups are of the


extremist persuasion. One of the points here, and it does make


reference to this, in The Times piece, he allowed an operation


designed to protect civilians and the original incentive was events in


Benghazi when he as Nicolas Sarkozy identified there might be a


significant attack on a lot of people if they didn't do something


but it is what they didn't plan for afterwards. And they overstated the


dangers at the time as well according to this. This is really a


very damning report the reason it is open season on Cameron is because he


was in charge at the time. You would always say that. We said it about


Blair. That was the other point the Select Committee made, they said


they should have exploited Tony Blair's friendship with Colonel


Gaddafi. Tony Blair is probably thinking fantastic, shush about the


dictators now. He probably tried his best to cool tensions. Do you think


he knew a report as damning as this was coming out and that is one of


the reasons he went so quickly. No, at the end of the day for someone


like David Cameron, 74,000 as an MPs wage would be nice for many of us,


for David Cameron... You are a cynic. Cynic. I I have seen them


work. Let us see if cynicism continues with regards to the Metro.


Going going scone. I can't imagine what that is about! Love the


headline. This is every small child's favourite goalkeeper. What


is the fastest cake in the world? Scone. Are you saying tabloid


journalists are like children? No, there is a similar appeal. What is


full of a, I love the fun people are having with this, apart from Mel and


Sue who have both quit. And Bake Off crumbles as Mel and Sue quit on the


Met toe, they, they are saying we are not going to go to Channel 4. I


saw earlier on on this very channel that Michael Grade who was programme


controller was saying that this is a disastrous thing for Channel 4 to


have done. Is it really, the BBC is damned if it does, damned if it


doesn't. My Twitter feed will be filled with people you are on the


BBC, talking a the BBC. But the reason the BBC, this is my view are


damned is because ?75 million is a lot of money, constantly criticised


for spending license fee payers money, now the BBC are going to be


criticised for not spending enough, how do you win that? Because it was


the top problem and people loved it. You are talking to a rt rower who


has been axed from places myself, people don't love us as much as we


think they do. They will cook scones on Channel 4, how does the license


payer miss out? They don't, they switch the channel and the BBC has


an excellent opportunity to do something that work, maybe Top Gear.


I don't work for the BBC now, a long time I did, Watchdog and so on, we


are both independent spirits now. You can't influence this? I


unfortunately I can't. We could pitch to the BBC bosses, the idea we


can make omelettes. It was a beautifully produced show, and I


think the BBC developed it into the stunning success it became. The


biggest show. 15 million watching the final is incredible. And will it


do as well on Channel 4? I don't know. Let us continue with the BBC


briefly because the Daily Telegraph leads with the fact that Theresa May


as they say, forces the BBC Trust chief to step down, think this is


Rhona fair head, who has been head of the BBC Trust and will not carry


on in the role when this body changes. This was David Cameron


again, they were having a go at. He said to her, you can stay on, as


long as you like and Theresa May has come in and said no, I want it done


differently, we will have a different system and we will have a


different governing body, it will be a powerful new governing board,


although feel when I worked for the BBC we had powerful governing boards


coming along like buses, I don't know whether someone has fallen out


with Rhona. She probably sees something like how do you solve a


problem like Teresa. She is pointing the finger a bit at David Cameron.


She wants to show that things have changed. Distance. Shaun, there is


another story I know both of you have had a look at. Mother less


babies on the way, created from skin cells after scientists discovered a


method of creating offspring without the need for a female egg. We need


women in society to keep us men under control. There have been


experimented on mice where there have been generations I think three


generations, of mice created. I am a woman helping you with this. ?


Listen, how would we ever be right? It is the idea of fertilising any


part of the skin in place of female eggs, now, what could possibly go


wrong? Well, for years we have been telling you guys that you are


redundant, we don't need men, I think this is revenge where men are


saying we don't need you. It has very little to go on, you made the


point to me earlier about how these stories pop up, because people are


looking for funding. Maybe, we don't know the circumstance, but the one


that irtraits me... I was going to say cure for blindness and cancer, I


remember working at another place, and it was the cancer conference in


the State, I did six cancer stories in one week where people were


talking about different cures, some of it was clever, but to a degree


these guys sometimes want a bit more money to fund it. Did any of it


happen? Look, I am not an oncologist. I ran the European


cancer patient after I had bowel cancer, and if I had a pound for


every breakthrough ever in cancer I wouldn't be sitting here, I would be


off on a round-the-world trip. We will squeeze two more in the we can.


The Financial Times is where we are taking them from. GCHQ plans a great


big firewall. Let me at this one. It is as transparent adds glass window


that has been polished. It is GC. Q, they do amazing work and they keep


us safe, I am a huge fan of them. However in this instance there is


the notion of putting a Chinese-style filter on our internet


traffic. Of course, I am not doubting there is truth to the angle


that is being spun here, the idea it stops malware getting to people's


computers. By the same token, it also gets rid of as they call


offensive content. This is censorship to the extreme. On that,


and Lynn you might want to come meant on this, people would be be


able to opt out. It is very thin on detail and it was only a story in


the Financial Times, I think the trouble with this story, for


example, there is a chap Kieron Martin the GCHQ Director General, he


said we are doing well in Britain, we are doing twice as many finding


signer incidents as we did last year. We found 200 a month. There is


thousands a month that you are probably missing, because they are


so clever, all the hackers there are out there, the ones that have hacked


the the games in Rio and hacked our Olympic winners medical records, and


found that a lot of them have been taking banned substances with their


doctors' permission, the hackers can do anything now, and I am... Is it


about hackers? Or people, people who want to have cyber incidents, can do


anything. We have a minute left. Let us devote that minute to taxis. In


London. Black cabs versus Uber. This is Saddique Khan or Mayer is trying


to support black cabs because after all these poor guys and women have


spent years doing the knowledge, and know every area of Greater London


that is possible to know, and then clever, clever apps come along like


uber-which are brilliant and we have so intrigued by them. Cabs come


economically but the poor black cabs need support. Uber-are saying they


are being discriminated against. I have only had one black cab refuse


my guide dog-leg, I must have had 20 uber-drivers. Black cabs feel that


uber-drivers are not paying attention to the regulation,


uber-say we are for card thinking, join the rest of the world. On that


note. I am going home in a black cab. You can go home which ever way.


If I am going with uber-I love you guys. That is it for The Papers.


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