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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the journalist and features writer


and the broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer.


The Times says the Home Secretary is preparing to launch an inquiry


into the clashes between miners and police in 1984, which became


Thousands of men are undergoing needless treatment for prostate


cancer, according to claims reported in the Telegraph.


The FT has an image from the Falklands War, marking


the new agreement reached between Britain and Argentina


The Metro reports on a survey claiming that NHS patients


are receiving limited access to drugs and surgery.


The Guardian says the BBC has been forced to reveal the salaries


of those it pays more than ?150,000 a year.


Images of people texting while driving are the Mirror's front


page - it calls for the deadly phone epidemic to end.


And the Mail has also launched a campaign on the issue,


saying a fifth of drivers admit using their phones while driving.


So, let us begin. Let us begin with the Guardian. The president of the


European Commission condemns attacks on Polish people in the United


Kingdom. Was he right to raise this issue? I do not think so. He raised


a lot, the EU army, not being raised by the Guardian, interestingly. How


they were all prepared for Brexit and the like. He was condemning the


attack on to Polish men in Parliament Essex, a horrific attack,


no doubt about that. Arrests have been made. But he linked it very


much with the Brexit for. There have been incidents which we believe will


be related to Brexit, but let's all stop pretending there were no


violent attacks and no racism on British streets before June 23. This


case is still live. People have been charged with this. The police have


been very clear, motive is currently unknown. I think it is outrageous


for the European Commission President to pronounce that on the


cause of a crime that has not even gone to court. I thought we had


injuries for that. I do not think it is outrageous. I think he has struck


on something, there, and the latest figures show a 40% rise in hate


crimes since the... In reporting of hate crimes. But that is still


arise. People have been encouraged to report them. There may have been


an increase but people have been encouraged to report them. Their


mother has been a rise in reporting them. Maybe it is not his place but


I do not think he cares so much about the sensibilities of out what


he is saying is received in Britain any more. But he has talked about


the galloping populism that has been created by fragmentation and, as a


bleeding heart liberal, I do have sympathy with that. I think that


there is some sort of sense that anger and frustration has been


enfranchised by the Brexit vote and you may think I am over reading it,


but I talked to a gay couple the other day who said that they do not


walk down the street hand-in-hand since the 24th of June because they


are worried. They are friends of mine and I thought that is terrible,


that they feel scared that somebody might abuse them in some way.


Brexit had nothing to do with race, or certainly not sexuality or


anything like that. But it is weird that it has only sold as anger. For


me, genuinely, and I am sure people will disagree with me on the remain


side, I genuinely believe... If you took all of the issues over are and


xenophobia, they were all raised by the remain calm, not leaders. What


about Nigel Farage and his poster. I do not think that was about race. If


you think that poster was the reason why this was happening... No, but it


was emblematic of the message. I think what the president is talking


about, this has come about by having, for instance, an open door


policy to refugees. It is the political classes ignoring ordinary


people's concerns over issues like immigration, nothing to do with


race, immigration for the other largely wet countries, it is that


that has created this problem, not anything else. -- largely white


countries. James, as a bleeding heart liberal... Gives me more! The


BBC has been forced to reveal salaries and stars names. Is this a


good idea? I do not necessarily think it is because the BBC is


calling it a poacher's Charter and I do think it will expose some of


their great talent to being nabbed by opponents. ITV will look at the


salaries that some of these names are getting and some of the big


names, like Gary Lineker and Chris Evans may be getting as much as 5


million quid a year, we do not know, it has not yet been revealed, but


ITV or sky, who have pots of money, will say, great, if we offer them


5.1 million, we can get them. I think that it does jeopardise the


BBC bus back position as a broadcaster which wants the best


talent. -- the BBC's position. That might be a problem. Everyone in the


business knows roughly what these people are earning. If I wanted to,


I could find out what virtually every big star in the BBC,


certainly, people stay at the BBC for different reasons. More


security, pension plan rather good, better than it is elsewhere. I think


we have got it right now. It is a bit embarrassing for a lot of


people. I don't have an issue with people you are very talented who


people want to watch and listen to being paid well. There are a lot of


names here, Jeremy Vine, Fiona Bruce, these people... Nick


Robinson, you can pay him ?5 million per year, still worth it if you ask


me. But the British public will make up their own mind. That is one of an


episode British bake off. Sorry, year. James, you are determined to


bring the bake off back into it. That has got me upset. Let's move on


to the Financial Times. The headline Theresa May tipped to get Hinckley


green light as decision day looms for ?18 billion project. Just before


we come to that, we have had a lemon from our political editor saying


that the French and Chinese governments have been informed that


the government will approve the Hinkley point deal, but with


conditions. They expect the deal will be announced tomorrow but there


has not yet been any official confirmation. The Times is basically


saying that the French claim that it has been approved, that of their


headline. So, this has been back and forward, James, has it not, but now


it seems to be back on? It is funny, because Theresa May seems to have


made a point of contradicting everything that David Cameron said


since she has come in. Some people are suggesting that is one reason he


has resigned as an MP. But economic is politics, is it not? In the


post-Brexit world, we have to be very careful about not offending


potential trading partners, which China very much is. So is France. We


have got to finish this to make sure that they are not offended by our


suppose that worries about security and the high cost of the


electricity. Theresa May has a more wary attitude to the Chinese. She


apparently in cabinet expressed concerns of the former Chancellor


George Osborne's urge to shimmy up to the Chinese and say yes to


everything. Kowtowing, I think Colin it at the time. I think there are


very big issues about allowing the Chinese to have any say whatsoever


in our energy security. EDF only voted, the French firm that would


have the largest part of this, the only voted very narrowly, the lost


their finance director, they do not want the deal either. It is going to


go-ahead but there will be provisions regarding security and


the cost. Bear in mind, the deal we were going to sign would mean very


high electricity prices in a very changing market. The key is going to


be the conditions attached. That is true but the realpolitik is how else


will we raise the money and if we want to build this power station,


the Chinese may be the only game in town? We must also mention the


cartoon in the Telegraph, which James Caan redoubt. As the only


short-sighted person here! -- James Caan redoubt. Two people


are watching past include point and one says to the other I hope you


build a new nuclear power station, I am worried it will be turned into a


grammar school. Completing two of the biggest stories at the moment


and the most perfect way. Apparently David Cameron turned to that first


thing every morning as Prime Minister, because it was his


favourite thing. He manages to some of the biggest news stories and it


was brilliant, funny way every morning. Incredible hatred. Let's


turn to the time is now -- incredible hit rate. Let's turn to


The Times. E-mails reveal Clinton's agreed. What is this all about by


Julia? These are private e-mails that have been revealed but for the


former US Secretary of State, Republican. Both parties, Democrats


and Republicans, were desperate to get him on board to run as their


vice presidential candidate but the story all today from him had been


his criticism of Donald Trump, saying he was a disgrace, a very


strong word. They don't have chosen to lead on this revelation that he


believes that Hillary Clinton is greedy. I have to say, there is not


really any news in either of these. Weekend of Newell Stores! And the


Pope is Catholic, he writes that somewhere as well. Do you think this


will do her any harm? I think the feedback, the momentum, is very much


against Hillary Clinton at the moment, since that shocking image.


Whoever took that footage of her being held into the car and


collapsing on Sunday, at the 9/11 commemoration, was very eager light.


But that could be a game changer in this. I predicted is not at the


whole idea of Hillary Clinton as weak and in some way fallible, that


Trump has been hammering for months, those images seemed to confirm that.


All the conspiracy theories that have been doing the rounds. She has


not been seen since. She is recovering. The most damning thing


was Bill Clinton going on television to defender and seeing that she


regularly, no, rarely has these problems before of dehydration. I


managed to walk around not dehydrated and collapsing pretty


much every day of my life. She has got no money, has she not? It also


plays into the idea that she is secretive, because she was diagnosed


on Friday with pneumonia and the only revealed that to the public


when she collapsed on Sunday. Hours later. Two days later. There is that


sense with the November questions about the Clinton foundation that


she is covering something up. She has a sense of entitlement and I am


annoyed to know things other people are not. That is a negative thing.


Although, are we unrealistic of expecting people of any age, she is


68 and Donald Trump is 70, the idea that you could do at 20 hour day


seven days a week for a couple of years and not eventually get ill?


And we discover in the Telegraph that Trump has perhaps a hit on the


other issue as well. You should talk about this one. As somebody whose


testosterone is of the skill... Yes, baby! Everybody thinks when I go


past with desire. That is a fantasy of mine that has never been


fulfilled! Let's get back on track. He said to Doctor Oz, a very


well-known chat show host in the US, that he has high testosterone and


that just, again, reinforces this idea that he is much. He got into


that very childish playground row with Marco Rubio, who said he had


small hands and what that means, and Donald Trump came out and said he


had no problems in that department. How old is he? Why do we do not need


to know that, James! I am reminding you! Media that plays well in middle


America, but I find it repulsive. This is the story began most


passionately about. In theatres, they want to introduce quieter


versions of that. I do not have a problem of people eating in


theatres, it has not been an issue, but in cinemas they have popcorn,


popcorn is not loud enough, let's come up with nachos. How can you


have quiet popcorn? Why not just not eat while you're at the theatre on


the cinema? How about staying at home? If you're going to eat


locally. I do not understand the idea of going into a darkened room


to listen to other people eat. They have darkened restaurants, I do not


understand those either. On that note... This is a discussion for a


later! Don't forget, all the front pages are online on the BBC news


website, where you can we a detailed review of the papers. It is all


there for you seven days a [email protected] eight. You can see us


thereto. With each night's edition posted shortly after we are


finished. Thank you very much to my guests. Thank you for watching. Now


we have the weather. Good evening. Fed up with the heat?


There is cooler weather on the horizon. Today has been another


remarkable mid-September date, with temperatures soaring in some places.




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