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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are columnists Rosamund Urwin of the London Evening


Standard, and Neil Midgley of the Telegraph.


A warm welcome to you both, thank you for being here.


Tomorrow's front pages: the Times reports on the attacks in the US


Theresa May, who is due to fly to New York for the UN assembly,


will urge other countries to step up their counter terrorism efforts.


The Financial Times leads with the blast in New York.


The newspaper quotes the city mayor, Bill De Blasio, who said


"New Yorkers will not be intimidated."


The newspaper also reports a warning from the NSPCC about the rising


number of paedophiles contacting children online.


The children charity says that web cams and apps make


The Telegraph reports that David Cameron wanted to shut down


criminal investigations into the alleged abuse of Iraqis


by British troops but was overruled by Government lawyers.


The Daily Express's front page features the stars of ITV's


The newspaper says there is a real-life romance


The Guardian looks at tomorrow's BBC Panorama programme,


which reports that rebellious Labour MPs who have been challenging


Jeremy Corbyn's authority could face de-selection from their seats


if Mr Corbyn wins the leadership race.


And the Daily Mail revisits the story of Ben Needham,


who went missing on the Greek island of Kos in 1991 at 21 months old.


The Times, Rosamond, who talk about the attacks in the United States.


Calling it a triple strike, linking it to the UN General Assembly


meeting, though not necessarily any connection -- Rosamund. No, we don't


know there is any connection. The bomb that went off, one of the


devices are one of them didn't go off. It was fairly near the UN.


There is no proof there is any link. What it has meant, of course, is we


have renewed spotlight on these issues as we come up to the security


discussions. And then on top of that with the US presidential election


approaching, it will push terrorism back up the agenda. It has been high


on the agenda but it will be the hot topic for this week. No clear


indication, as we have said in the headlines, as to who might have been


behind this bomb in New York which injured 29. Yes, so we have got I


think now four separate things in America over the weekend, one bomb


in New York, a pressure cooker bomb that didn't go off, a blast in New


Jersey which injured no one, and a mass stabbing in a mall in Minnesota


but no apparent link, certainly between all four of them, although I


think IS has claimed responsibility for the Minnesota stabbing. And all


of this, actually... We have had the memorial for the anniversary, the


15th anniversary of 9/11. New York on the understandably, I suppose


terror attacks are always in the back of New York mines. Yes,


absolutely, and with the Minnesota stabbing, of course, so-called


Islamic State has taken, has claimed responsibility. In that case, we


actually have a suspect who is dead. The man responsible was shot dead.


So, you note that it is easy for them to make that claim. We don't


know that it definitely was them. And in the case of the others, they


think it wasn't international terrorism. It is where it is coming


from. Chelsea, in the neighbourhood of New York where these 29 people


were injured by the bomb actually going off, is a very gay


neighbourhood in New York. And obviously, the Orlando shootings


were obviously in a gay club, so it could be homophobic, the motive. The


picture here, exclusions rocked the city as world leaders gather for the


security talk. Looking again at the UN General Assembly, where they will


discuss the terror threat in general. Yes, and to reason may,


apparently, according to the Telegraph, will say that Britain has


a right to control its own borders are at the same time as Donald Trump


makes a strong link between immigration, even entry into the


country, never mind people staying for the rest of their lives, between


Muslims coming to the US and Islamic terrorism. The Metro, terror blast


rocks the city, and of course they have had attacks from abroad, and


domestic as well, so when there is no clear motive for anyone who has


claimed responsibility for that New York attack, then people don't know


whether to think, is it a foreign attack, is it homegrown? No, quite,


and currently they think it is not linked with international terrorism.


Of course, that could change in the next couple of days. Obviously, the


streets of New York will be heavily policed. Yeah, a thousand extra


offices, we gather. Which seems sensible. Let's turn Azema attention


to domestic politics, and, surprise, surprise, the Labour Party, and a


Panoram programme coming out tomorrow night which, amongst other


things, has Lord King in saying he doesn't think a Labour government


will come in his lifetime -- Panorama. What is this about? The


trade union leader Len McCluskey calling for a opponents of Jeremy


Corbyn's leadership to be, I quote, held to account. It is an odd thing


in a so-called democracy. The Labour Party, as far as I know, is supposed


to be an organisation in which there are can be different views, which


can be expressed through the ballot box in the leadership election. It


sounds rather Soviet, if not worse, that if you... Celt -ish, perhaps,


is that the word you are looking for? Once the election is over, it


is Game of Thrones, off with your head if you don't support me. You


wonder if there will be a leadership election against. You are a


supporter of the Labour Party. A.m. . What do you make of this contest?


Well, I think... Who do you want to win? I am supporting Allan Smith.


There are some people who could not have run against Jeremy Corbyn who I


would not support --I am. John McLauchlan? Yes, there you go. I was


saying before that I spoke with a liberal Tory MP last week who thinks


this is embarrassing, the state of the Labour Party, and we need


opposition for democracy to function well. I don't feel the Labour Party


in its current state is fulfilling that purpose. And I think it is very


unfair on a lot of really good MPs. Some of the names I noticed today,


talk of Peter Kyle, MP for Hove, and he won against a sitting Tory MP in


2015, he is a moderate. And why on earth would we think these people


shouldn't be... These people need to be in the Labour Party. Do you think


Allan Smith has a chance of winning? No. I look forward to the 2017


Labour leadership election -- Owen Smith. How on earth is Jeremy Corbyn


going to form and adequate shadow cabinet? The talent has been


severely depleted by... -- an. People refusing to serve. Initially,


really good people went to the back bench when he won. It was depleted


further by resignations. There is a very apposite picture in the


Telegraph of Jeremy Corbyn, well, they have said, leadership contest,


it is a knock out. And saying that he was actually visiting a boxing


club that trains homeless people in north London. The Telegraph says he


is unlikely to be pulling any punches. Boom boom, though he


appears to be punching himself. Yes, as with many other forms of


competition, he doesn't seem to understand the rules. More than one


person is supposed to take part. LAUGHTER.


Yes, quite. It is a rather good image, though, isn't it? It is, but


his supporters would say he is massively popular with the party's


members. With the members... And he has driven up Labour membership as


well. But you have to think who joins... As a member, who joins


parties? I am saying this as one myself, we have to accept not


everyone is as interested in politics as us. What is the purpose


of an organisation? The purpose of the Labour Party, presumably, is to


be elected into government. It is like saying a massive corporation


has increased the number of employees. If it isn't selling any


goods, there is no point in it being there. The same is trouble Labour


Party. Interesting analogy, thank you very much. Let's go on to the


Daily Mirror, they have an interesting story about the


investigation into the disappearance of Ben Needham in Kos, and the


number one suspect's son, cops thought I was Ben. This story goes


that a quarter of a century. When he disappeared, what he is saying is


that... White at one stage into the investigation of his disappearance,


the cops, the police thought that this chap, the son of a man who is


now dead, there are accusations that have been heavily denied by the


family, I should hasten to add that, that he was involved in the


disappearance. The allegation is that he was crushed to death in an


accident. There was a building site... It is all very complicated.


The father was driving the digger. That is key to it. This chap on the


Mirror father was driving a digger in a field next to where Ben Needham


was playing and there is some circumstantial evidence that father


was seeing the following day looking shaken after Ben Needham's


disappearance, that the digger hit Ben Needham and killed him and there


was therefore some kind of cover-up. The Mirror has said that this man


had a son, and he says he has had his DNA tested to show he wasn't Ben


Needham, in other words, the digger driver who is thought to have maybe


killed Ben, or abducted him, passed him off as his own son, but when you


look at this chap, at the risk of racial profiling, he looks about as


Greek as they come. They have different coloured eyes... I am not


sure we can tell much on that. Let's go onto the Independent, they have a


striking story about the youngest child to die trying to reach the UK.


He was legally entitled to enter Britain but he was hit by a truck in


Calais. As far as I can tell, he was in the Jungle in Calais, he got so


tired of waiting, presumably, so many other unaccompanied minors in


the camp, which has risen, by the way, to 1022, up 55% in a month, he


lost faith that he would ever get to the UK, and so he went off to try to


do it by himself and he was on the French motorway and he was hit by a


truck and killed. It is a terribly tragic story, and it does, once


again, through into focus our government's policy on refugees,


generally, unaccompanied child refugees, in particular. In the


context of the Brexit vote which was clearly a massive statement from


many millions of people in the country that they don't want mass


immigration. In fact, that is the populist political statement with


which Theresa May has to wrestle a she tries to engineer Brexit. We are


talking about children here, and I just cannot believe people cannot be


persuaded that it isn't an unacceptable thing to have so many


children who are unaccompanied stating in these horrendous


conditions and trying to come over here when they have... The argument


the other way is that if you take in 1000, then that will encourage


parents in wherever they are, Afghanistan, to send their children,


more and more children, on a very dangerous journey alone across


Europe in the hands of traffickers. How desperate one has to be to do


that, as a parent. Let's go on to the Telegraph. They


also have a story about this. The attorney general vetoing to stop the


investigation into British soldiers of using Iraqis. -- abusing. Week,


the British setup a thing to look into this. Three men are now facing


trial. David Cameron wanted to stop this investigation completely


because they have or are being tried as a military hearing, found not


guilty. The Telegraph's line tomorrow is the attorney general


said it would be illegal to disband the investigation despite the fact


that many complaints have been made by the law firm public interest


lawyers which has subsequently been closed down after irregularities in


its work in Iraq. And the mail have another story about the Royal Marine


accused of killing a member of the Taliban. Will he ever get justice?


Mail readers gave him money to campaign his sentence. They have


linked it to the story that has been in the Telegraph. And the British


troops, as they put it, have been hounded by ambulance chasing


lawyers. And we just have time to talk about Pippa and the perils of


being Kate's sister. I saw the first-ever public speaking


engagement. The reason for this is that she has a new book. Or just


recipes. -- gorgeous. I got sent a copy of her first book, not this one


and if there is a test, I can't remember who came up with it that


you pick up the page 99 to tell a lot about this book. Why page 99?


I'm not sure. It was a literary critic -- literary critic's idea. It


was a picture of Pippa Middleton. Will you both be reading Pippa's new


book? I can't say it is going to be top of my Christmas list. Thank you


for being with us. Coming up next on BBC News, we will be going to the


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