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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown


and Ben Riley-Smith, political correspondent


Tomorrow's front pages, then, starting with...


The Independent. It says Theresa May has been warned her plans for


grammar schools will push pure dosh poorer pupils further behind their


peers. The Daily Telegraph said British troops prosecuted for


alleged abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan may have their pay


docked to pay legal expenses. The gardening so is prominent Labour MPs


will reject a turn to the front bench if Jeremy Corbyn wins the


party leadership battle and fails to agree elections to the Shadow


Cabinet. The Daily Express insists the EU will give Britain a good deal


in Brexit negotiations because millions of jobs are at stake. The


Times report on the hacking at Yahoo which compromised 500 million


accounts. Great British Bake Off on the front of the Metro as it is on


the mirror. It says the BBC is likely to start rival programme to


Channel 4's. We will certainly get into that later. Let's begin with


the front page of the Guardian. Mr Corbyn are widely expected to win


the leadership contest on Saturday and he has to begin the process of


rebuilding and filling the front bench. Yes, but I think this is a


very, very extraordinary political moment and I don't think I ever


remember a political party being in this position because for the


political classes, they focus just on the MPs. But out there, the


support he has built up, Jeremy Corbyn, is truly impressive. And you


cannot ignore their voices. They are people who had given up on politics


and who have come back into it. It is a dilemma which, I don't know how


you would resolve it, it is like the Church of England and gay marriage,


maybe a split is inevitable in some form. The problem he has is that so


many talented politicians on the left drifting away to be Mayor in


Manchester or to be on select committees, anything but to be on


the front bench with him. You cannot ignore those hundreds of thousands


of supporters in the country and you cannot ignore the MPs who have been


voted by millions of people to represent them. The Guardian piece


is good and they have mentioned the Summer and the hectic moment when 60


Pulis frontbenchers walked out and they went through those names and


said, have you had talks with Jeremy Corbyn to come back? A lot of the


big names are not ready to come back. Stella Creasy, Callow -- Kerry


McCarthy, and people like Hilary Benn looking for big Parliamentary


rolls. Although he has won this big parliamentary mandate, he may get a


dozen people returning but he has 60 rolls to fill and how are they going


to fulfil the function of an opposition? I think the MPs also


have to grow up. You cannot have a process. You could criticise the


process initiated by Ed Miliband for ?3 50, you had this power to elect


the leader of the party. But you cannot have a process which was


validated by the NEC and just because you don't like the result,


behave and sulk for quite a long time. They have got to put some


majority into what they do next. The trouble is if you cannot bring the


party together, you get what we see on the front of the Daily Mirror,


that is senior figures from the sidelines. Yvette Cooper makes a


fair point, many would think. Extraordinary for a Labour


supporting paper to write at the top, Labour is now the nasty party.


Yes, that phrase resonates, Theresa May used it at the Tory conference


to describe the Tories and that is a worrying state of affairs. She is


talking about the guerrilla army of a lot of voters. Who use social


media in a most hideous way. This is not the official policy of anybody


in whichever side of the power structure you want to look at. What


they haven't done and I think this is what Yvette Cooper is saying,


they should have clamped down on this a long time ago and they chose


not to. And maybe they thought this was quite good, I don't know. Yes,


the heart of her argument is that you need to be proactive to stop


this. This will go to the National conference tomorrow. It is


patrolling and also the leader himself for not taking the task


people and she raises one example close to home, Labour supporters who


booed elliptical editor Laura Kuenssberg when she tried to raise a


question. I was that the debate and there was a lot of booing when her


name was called. And eventually, he told them to calm down but did not


immediately become proactive and tell them. Yvette Cooper is saying


to be proactive, not just warm words. She says, you need to


criticise your supporters when they undermine Labour values as well as


going after your supporters -- opponents. He says he totally


condemns abuse but she says, but more things into place to clamp


down. And they have put in new rules. They should expel members.


That is the driving of the wedge between them! You have to do


something, you cannot tolerate this. It will keep happening. The Daily


Telegraph, your paper. The paper is reading this evening with something


activating the MOD and the Army and that is legal cases, historical


allegations of abuse in Iraq and investigations. It is the third or


fourth time it has been on our front pages, we and our leaders care about


it and the Daily Mail has it on the front page today. There is a body


about the rock historic allegations -- Iraq. There are allegations of


war crimes which need to be dealt with seriously and looked at and it


needs to be determined whether cases get brought against the troops. Six


or seven years from the beginning of Iraq and when this body was taken


up, our paper feels the troops being seemingly held to account, people


have stepped far beyond the line in what they are doing. This is just an


example. All those cases brought by the lawyers get legal aid for the


coverage. Here, the troops have to pay from their own pocket, over


?12,000 and if it is over ?30,000,... Is it right lawyers get


this? I think the focus on the initiative side. That is not enough.


It is not just administrative, people face bankruptcy. What I find


worrying, the US never signed up to the international court in The


Hague. I thought that was wrong if it is an international court,


everybody should have been there. The reason they didn't sign up is


because they did not want soldiers in the wars we carry out is to be


held accountable. There is something wrong there as well, you cannot just


have Africans hold to it and the rest of us get away with it. And the


second fingers, of course there are heroic soldiers and very good


discipline -- second thing is. Not all soldiers, they are not heroes


and we need to look at where this has gone. That is a valid point but


one case held up today was a prosecution involving a Taliban


roadside bomb held up for 100 days trying to blow up British soldiers


and he did not like being held in custody. And it was not


controversial to say that he admitted the digging a hole is to


create a bomb. So you have the route that out, it is a balance. If we


hold ourselves up as part of the Western Alliance where we follow


rule of law, the rule of law has to apply to the nastiest people


otherwise we just go around shooting them. What is the next step? To get


the real tyrants in the world, even though this man wanted to kill us,


we have to go through the process and do what we have two with it. I


think that is the right thing to do. You are right, but there is a


balance and some scurrilous allegations are getting through. I


think this will get a lot of play tomorrow, on the times. 500 million


web users, put that into context. That is jaw-dropping. In the world,


they have had their internet history leaked. There are a lot of fake


accounts and company accounts, but it shows how staggeringly available


this information is. And that is Michelle Obama's passport which was


released by this hacking team that had got in. It is terrifying the


scale with which you can do this at the click of a couple of buttons.


How did they do it? We don't know who did it. With all this


information... I do not want to say but there are allegations. They are


saying it is state-sponsored which would be the most interesting. That


is why I think we will hear more about it. There it is a story at the


top of the times, the number of wretched unions, people married,


doubled. People living in deeply unhappy relationships. I am really


sad about this, we are living in times with more equality between men


and women, really quite good modern relationships and apparently, this


is happening. And it is happening, the figures are completely reliable.


One in 20 is extremely unhappy. Double the proportion in 2010. Is


this because life is so expensive? Getting divorced is expensive? You


get tied into big mortgages? There is a line of explanation from


experts. They said many couples who come together for financial reasons


and the recession have become less forgiving of each other's faults, so


it is the burden of the recession. What about the unhappy relationship


between the BBC and Channel 4 at the moment and the moving of the Great


British break of the Channel four. Mary Berry today has decided to


stick with the BBC and now we have this story saying the BBC might well


bring Mary, Mel and Sue back together. I just want to say three


women! They did the right thing. The bloke followed the money! Right,


well, yes! They say Nordea may go to Channel 4. I would have the revised


my theory. You could be her agent and Ascot prize. Should Channel 4 be


buying these programmes from the BBC? Michael grade and John


Whittingdale have said it should not be happening. I do not have a


particular issue with private companies taking over. Channel 4 is


not quite, it is an in between. I find it phenomenal the contract...


How in the contract negotiations did they not secure the most important


element which is the stars presenting it? They did not consult


the stars, from what I hear. Our media commentators said earlier that


apparently, there are instances where you sign a big contract and


the Thai people in. ITV had looked at buying the programme, but could


not be guaranteed the presenters and backed out. I just think, well done,


macro to. Well done, Mel and Sue. Could you watch it on Channel 4


without the three ladies? Mary Berry says she thinks the British public


something not quite right about something not quite right about


taking a show that was nurtured by the BBC. Even if it is the same


tent? No, no. That is all they have got now. We women have really high


morals! Yes, I don't know what the tent manufacturers say about that,


if they are going or not! Lets hope they have a deal on the tent!


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