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friendship get caught up in the middle of their parents' feud. We


will get Mark Kermode's thoughts on that and the rest in the film


review. A warm welcome. With me are the political


commentator, Lance Price, and the parliamentary journalist,


Tony Grew. Tomorrow's front


pages, starting with: The Telegraph leads on Britain's


accusation that Russia is guilty of war crimes with its intense


bombing of civilians in Syria. The Times claims this bombing


includes the use of napalm by the Russia-backed Syrian


government features - the papers says that more


than 200 civilians have died since the ceasefire


collapsed last week. The Metro focuses on the Labour


Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's refusal to apologise after saying


that former Conservative disabilities minister Esther McVey


should be 'lynched'. Alleged infighting amongst the Tory


front bench is highlighted in the 'I' - with allegations


from senior MPs that Prime Minister Theresa May


failed to properly back Britain's decision to leave


the also dominates the FT - the paper reports fears in the City


that the government is leaning towards a so-called 'hard Brexit'


that would damage business The Sun splashes on its exclusive


interview with England footballer Jamie Vardy - and his remorse over


racially abusing a student. And Prince George and Princess


Charlotte adorn the Mail's front page - as the Cambridges


continue their Canadian Royal Tour. Let's begin. We have the mirror in.


They have a lot of coverage of the Labour Party Conference. I know you


are known to be on the moderate wing of the party, shall we say. The


right of the party, I don't know how you want to describe it but how do


you see the party now after Jeremy Corbyn's resounding re-election? The


Daily Mirror is that most prone labour newspaper. It is the one that


consistently supports the Labour Party and put the gloss on the


stories. Battlelines drawn as conference opens. A picture of the


leader and the deputy leader looking like a couple of hoods from the back


streets of Chicago. It makes it clear that despite the pleas the


unity from Jeremy Corbyn and his speech yesterday, that the two sides


of the party clearly are in no mood to bury the hatchet and no mood to


give up on what they see as two very, very different perspectives of


how the Labour Party should go forward and that was spilling out in


a lot of the speeches that had been made in the fringes of the


conference. How do you see Jeremy Corbyn now? Is he going to, as he


says, wipe the slate clean, unite the party? Or will he try for a


purge of the right? I think Lance is for the reality -based part of the


party. He is not going to unite the party. He has ruled out MPs for the


shadow cabinet which would be a significant olive branch. He is


talking about giving more say to the members and increasing democracy.


Even in this copy, today, Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the government


's decision to increase the number of people working for our security


services. Does he not live in the same world as the rest of us? Does


he not see the security situation we face? No, he doesn't. It is a


socialist nonsense. He doesn't live in the world we live in, a strange


socialist bubble, he lives in. That is what is dangerous. It is a fight


between reality -based Labour people. And Jeremy Corbyn people.


One of the more worrying comments that Jeremy Corbyn made was that the


majority of Labour MPs would have nothing to fear. That would suggest


that some would have something to fear and a -- it looks like they


would be keen to get rid of them. Some people around Jeremy Corbyn


will be giving them all the encouragement they need. The problem


is, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald are still fighting a battle to


control over the Labour Party. They are not interested in the battle to


try and persuade the public to support Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has


won 62% of the vote, overwhelmingly, he has the support of the party


membership. Depending on what poll you look at, most people in the


country describe themselves as centre, centre-left or centre right.


There are around 10% that are far less. Yes, they are voting in Jeremy


Corbyn. But the Labour Party needs to win marginal seats that are


presently held by the Tories. You don't do that with far left


politics. Onto the Daily Mail. A different story. Furia at Blair


warcrimes. -- fury at. If they are going to look at troops being


prosecuted for allegedly fences being committed on the battlefield,


the Daily Mail as saying that they shouldn't be those investigations.


He agreed that the International Criminal Court and took us to war in


the first place. It is a very, very thin story, to be honest. In that


case, let's move on. In the Times, there are rumblings, a row, between


friends or people close to David Cameron. People close to the reader


may as well. After a lot of stories criticising Theresa May, her people


are now hitting back at David Cameron. There to -- there appears


to be real tensions within the Tory party. There is allegations that


Theresa May told David Cameron not to take a hard line on immigration


when he was talking with Angela Merkel. He was scared of the German


Chancellor. The director of killing patients at Downing Street has


managed in the space of three months to write a full book with criticisms


of Theresa May saying that she was disloyal to David Cameron and did


not support the remain campaign. There is a proxy war going on. It


will get worse at the Conservative Party conference next week. Lance,


as a former spin doctor, you surprised how quickly the Downing


Street spin doctor has come out with a book question mark is extra


ordinary. I wrote a book five years after working with Tony Blair. I got


it in the neck. I was told it was too soon. These are books coming out


within weeks of leaving office which raises the question of whether they


were working on them while they were still in the job. Any person in the


job keeps a diary and is already thinking about the book they might


write afterwards. It makes the revelations more relevant, in a


sense. Very relevant. That is why it is threatening to Theresa May. My


boss Alistair Campbell did this. Not only protect their own role but


protect the legacy of the Prime Minister they worked for. This


person is doing it for David Cameron but in the process, damaging his


successor. The Scottish version of the Daily Telegraph has a story


about Nicola Sturgeon. The independence for Scotland. Can you


explain what that is about? No. The thrust of it is that Nicola Sturgeon


can use Brexit tattoo leveraged more powers from London and thereby


putting Scotland in an optical position. -- optimal. The supporters


are very keen and people are very keen to have a referendum on Brexit.


As soon as possible. This suggests waiting, seeing what they can get


out of the British government and thinking about independence as an


aspiration. The Telegraph, not the Scottish edition but the other


addition, has Britain as accusing Vladimir Putin of warcrimes. The


whole situation in the latter was so distressing. So many people are


dying. These accusations in the end a possibly meaningless, are they?


The Russians and the Syrian government are going to continue? I


feel that is right. It has been extraordinary in the General


Assembly. People turning on both the Russians and the Syrians and


accusing them of warcrimes all very close. That is almost all that the


rest of the West have not, the rest of the international community have


got left in their armoury. They are not going to do in any way take on


the Russians in the skies in Syria. There is nothing they can do


militarily but there is a faint hope that even words as strong as these


will do anything to stop the carnage. It is interesting. When you


think about who is going to be the next president of the United States,


how Russia handles itself, that could be key. There is a lot of


people that say that Obama's alleged weaknesses in Boldon Vladimir Putin


and Russia. -- embolden. Looking ahead to what's the big TV debate


which is tomorrow night. Clinton versus Trump. 90 minutes. It will be


quite a good watch. Interesting. The pickup would you saying, one of the


things Hillary Clinton will be talking about is the importance of


Nato. The importance of the alliance. What we have is the unity


within that structure and that is what people will be explaining the


Jeremy Corbyn. Will they get them into the room and tell them to be


calm or will he say one outrageous thing which will then vent all


courage on the debate. Going into a debate like that, the polls are


almost neck and neck. And they are narrowing. It will talk about the


pivot in the campaign and they are expecting Trump at some point the


pivot from being this populist that says everything that he likes to


being a more presidential candidate and that has not happened. I think


the advice he will want to receive and therefore the advice that a lot


of people around him will give him will just be to carry on being


Donald Trump and that poses a challenge for Hillary Clinton. She


is clearly the better qualified but we have seen before, if you look at


Al Gore versus George W Bush, the first time around when he ran for


president, Al Gore was better qualified but he looked almost


sneering because he looked down on George W Bush. If she does anything


similar to that, even though he lives through his teeth, he offends


everybody, she could still come out of this debate tomorrow night the


loser. That is a very, very serious threat to her campaign. Tony? I


could not possibly predict who will win. The other people we need to


focus on other moderators. He constantly tells lies and I would


expect the moderators to pick him up on those lies. To stop in and say


no, that is not true. But the problem that American media and TV


have if they are just filming him saying outrageous things but they


don't stop him and question him? If Hillary Clinton is standing there


and saying "Liar, liar, pants on Fire", it may backfire. Laura Trott


and Jason Kenny, the heroes at Rio after their golden performances in


Rio, they got married and managed to keep it a secret. Quite an


achievement. a bike made for two. Amazing that we


are talking about the fact that these people got married and didn't


sell it on Hello magazine. It is nice, isn't it? It is nice. I had


the sense that the editor was saying, why didn't we get the story


of this wedding?! Rather nice picture of Laura Trott with the


couple's dogs, posted by Jason Kenny, and he tweeted, good morning,


Mrs Kenny. That is rather lovely. Anyway, thank you both very much


indeed. Always nice to end on a sweet note. It is. That is it from


the papers. Coming up next year on BBC News, it is the Film Review.


Hello and welcome to the Film Review on BBC News.


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