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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Welcome to the look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us in


the morning. With the Caroline Frost, entertainment and get of the


Huffington Post and Christopher Hope. Welcome to both of you. A look


at the front pages. The Telegraph's front page has a picture of Sam


Allardyce who they say leaves the England job in disgrace. It says


eight current and former Premier League managers stand accused of


receiving money for player transfers. The Independent says Sam


Allardyce has suffered an awful own goal and his main story focuses on


Labour. It says party MPs have worked for months to ensure votes


weekends Jeremy Corbyn. Sam Allardyce is on the front of the


Metro, pictured as he left Wembley tonight. The Guardian says Jeremy


Corbyn will say that a Labour Government will not sow division by


promising to cut immigration. The Express says up to 12,000 asylum


Britain. The Times says England is a Britain. The Times says England is a


laughing stock of world football and the Murder has the picture of Sam


Allardyce, brought down by greed it says. We start with the Sam


Allardyce story. Carolyn, take us to the front of the Murder because they


have spoken about greed. You can see why. He is being paid ?3 million a


year to do his dream job, a job that some people would absolutely do for


free. I think he is the highest-paid football manager, possibly in the


world, definitely in Europe. It seems as though he has been utterly


scuppered by his need or want ?400,000 deal, allegedly, so greed


has been a factor. The greed line is a quote from Alan Shearer. We have


seen people coming forward to make a stand against him, which is perhaps


quite unusual in a closed, intimate football community. Alan Shearer has


misjudgement and Ferdinand said misjudgement and Ferdinand said


something similar. The Murder is something similar. The Murder is


telling the story of today -- mirror. The unfortunate photograph


that somebody snapped in a car. That photograph is across or four front


pages tonight. It is very rare that sport makes the front pages. Usually


this is the back page but the word greed is one of the seven deadly


sins, it's part of the human condition that people get tempted to


do things they regret later but it's terribly sad, this guy wanted the


job for so long and he was reported to have been photographed with the


area 's trophies like a fan and it meant a lot to him. We try to get


more English managers into the game to show younger managers this is


what you can get to and it's so sad, it's a tragedy brought on by


himself. Do you take the tragic sideline? I feel there are more


tragedies going on in the world but I know this means an enormous amount


to a lot of people. Let's turn to the Telegraph. As a result of what


your paper did yesterday, we are where we are and now you're looking


forward. Excellent work by colleagues in our investigations


team and reporting tonight there are eight current and former Premier


managers who we say stand accused of receiving bungs for player


transfers. The Sam Allardyce investigation was part of a general


investigation into football and money. Which began ten months ago.


colleagues at the paper just go dark colleagues at the paper just go dark


for long periods and do this excellent work. A bit like the


Spotlight team. Yes, they come out with excellent journalism. And very


proud of these people for doing this work because it is justifying


journalism. There has been an agreement to give all transcripts to


the football Association and police which is surely an important element


because if you do the digging, give to provide information to the if you


find something. It's very important. There are lots of pages of


transcripts which felt it was not a position he could hold. We do feel


that he had to show leadership and he failed and this is part of the


wider problem. We talk about the FA here and they have to be tougher on


how they keep check on the game and perhaps bring more independent likes


into it. It's a very small world of into it. It's a very small world of


people getting very rich and you might need more outside oversight to


make it better. What you said a minute ago by journalism, there are


those who question the tactics of people pretending to be something


they're not and therefore uncovering something which some might argue


would not otherwise have happened. How did you deal with that? Public


interest, is it actually public interest? In this case it is because


it has disclosed people talking behind-the-scenes about allegations


of wrongdoing. The guy has walked. It is clear public interest but that


is a debate we would have all the time as you would at the BBC and


even the Huffington Post. What do you mean even? ! The manager 's job


is a poisoned chalice and then assess the races suggest that --


there is history to suggest that. If we assume it is an important role,


and clearly it is because it is paid so highly, back in the finals, they


would invite a terrace person onto the pitch and invite them to try and


score a goal and this person always did surprisingly well, perhaps it is


time to buy -- blindfold a player and kick a ball into the terrace and


whoever catches it becomes England manager. They couldn't do any worse.


He played one, won one. A clean sheet! The Guardian say Jeremy


Corbyn cuts out -- rules out cutting immigration. A lot of people don't


like immigration, especially in the North and Labour heartlands where


they're to him. He is saying he is not concerned about numbers when


that is what is bothering people and they say it shows he is not paying


attention to the referendum and to me, Labour is like an echo chamber,


people talking to each other and people talking to each other and


ignoring the wider concerns. It's only about half a million members of


this party but they are not addressing the wider concerns of


where the votes are. They just had an election and this is who they


have chosen to represent them. You can't escape that. At some point he


has to reach out and not just talk to a small group of people, he has


to talk to the rest of the country and this is where they are. You


talked about the numbers who voted to leave, obviously 40% voted to


remain, perhaps they had fewer concerns about immigration,


therefore if he can get most of those 48%, he can try and she is


venturing into number ten Downing St. I forgot the David Cameron axed


the public service fund which Gordon Brown brought in and immigration is


a concern when people say they cannot access local public services.


His solution is to build more GP surgeries. Is that a solution that


would work in your mind? Gordon Brown put a cap on it of 50 million


when he introduced it in 2008. My concern would be, how can we ever


really measure the impact of immigration or anything else like


that which is putting a on social services when so many other factors


have to be taken into consideration? Clearly it didn't solve the problems


back in 2008 so the idea that that will somehow be this soft sponge


problems and the problems that are problems and the problems that are


now worse than they were, which is nearly a decade ago. Take us to the


Times. Abuse inquiry in crisis after top lawyer threatens to quit. This


makes for tragic, distressing reading, especially for the victims.


We have all been following the lack of progress of this inquiry for a


number of years. We are now on to the fourth chairperson, a new one


after the departure recently of the previous one, we now have the


implication that Ben Emmerson QC who people will remember working for


lettuce and, he has been -- lettuce -- Leveson. He has been disagreeing


fundamentally with the new chairperson. Perhaps a replacement


QC and both of these people will need bringing up to speed. There are


hundreds and thousands of documents hundreds and thousands of documents


to become acquainted with and it means these poor victims are having


to wait once again for any sort of progress. We have still not had a


session. And yet it won't get cancelled because the person who


ordered it was Theresa May so she is invested in this. I now had advisers


were really hot on this area early on. When the inquiry was announced,


maybe it looked too widely, to a manager -- to unmanageable. She is


Prime Minister so it is not going to end. It is ultimately about the


victims and survivors who want some answers. The front of the Financial


Times and what the markets are thinking as a result of the


presidential debate in the states. The debate was a real humdinger. The


markets think that Hillary Clinton has one but the votes aren't there


and they got the referendum wrong. I think they did very well. She did a


bit of a shrug and a -- allowed Donald Trump to talk too much. It's


difficult to judge because the markets think what they think, the


polls say what they say, but because this is not like any other election,


it's hard to read. I think it was Michael Moore who said many


respected Republicans have made the mistake of trying to take on Donald


Trump of logic and rationality political experience and thinking. I


don't think Hillary Clinton made that mistake last night and she


mustn't make it in the next two debates. The line of the night for


me was when he tried to make fun of her recent pneumonia and she said,


I've been to 112 countries as Secretary of State, don't talk to me


about stamina. Donald Trump is unlike any other political opponent


she has had to face and I think she did OK. We shall see! I expect the


most significant polls are a few days away. Thank you both very much


indeed. That's it for the Papers tonight. All the front pages are


online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review of


the papers. It's all on the BBC website. Thank you to Caroline and


Chris. The weather is next. For most of us this evening and


overnight, it is going to be quiet on the weather front but the winds


will be picking up over the next


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