28/09/2016 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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from Sportsday for now. Coming up in a moment it is time for The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcasters Henry Bonsu and Julia Hartley-Brewer.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Daily Telegraph has more allegations


The Metro leads on the couple found dead in Cardiff ,yards


from where the shop where they had just worked a nightshift.


A 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


The Financial Times suggests the Prime Minister has sufficient


Parliamentary support to push through the expansion of Heathrow


airport if she decides to put it to a vote next month,


The Daily Express leads on the Health Study which claims


that the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, like Ibuprofen can


raise the risk of heart failure by nearly 20%.


The Times reports about the top lawyer on the child abuse review


being suspended. The Daily Mirror devotes its front


page to what it calls the shaming of Sam Allardyce -the paper says


the former England manager blamed entrapment for his fall,


as he headed to his Spanish villa. Deep Daily Mail says that four in


five Britons have a heart that is prematurely age because of


lifestyle. Let's start with the coach and the ?5,000 bribe. There is


also a story about Leeds United and QPR. Henry, run us through what is


being alleged. Sam Allardyce says that entrapment won the day on him.


It could happen to others. Let's look at Tommy Wright, apparently


caught accepting a bundle of ?20 notes, altogether ?5,000. Jimmy


Floyd Hasselbaink, famous for his time at Chelsea and Leeds, now


manager of QPR. Saying he will represent the same fictitious firm.


Then the owner of Leeds United doing the same as what some Allardyce


allegedly did, telling the firm how to beat transfer rules. There's a


lot of it going on, but the question is who will pay the price? It seems


to be the worst kept secret in football. We didn't have the


evidence. You can only be entrapped if you're willing to do it and say


it. I haven't got much sympathy for Sam Allardyce. What is interesting


is that it's the worst kept secret in football that these things are


going on. No one in the FA is tackling this. This only the media


that's coming in. The FA is dealing with it, but the Premier League also


need to step in. The people facing the allegations in the newspaper,


Tommy Wright, from Barnsley FC, denies any wrongdoing. He has been


suspended after the Telegraph led the club aware of what they say has


happened. Leeds United have declined to comment without seeing the video


evidence of the meeting. Then we have a press release from QPR,


saying the club is aware of the allegations made against the manager


Jimmy Flood Hasselbaink. First and foremost the club take seriously any


alleged breach of the rules. There will be a thorough investigation,


but we have every confidence in our manager and the robust systems in


place. Jimmy Lloyd Hasselbaink has said he was approached by the two


people purporting to be players agents who offered them a fee. He


didn't make any promises. He didn't ask QPR to purchase players managed


allegedly by these people. He denies any wrongdoing. Quite a lengthy


statement. There is no suggestion any laws have been broken. Even with


the case with Sam Allardyce. What I find change is Sam Allardyce, 67


days in the job, walked away with ?1 million. He appears to have


committed gross misconduct. I find it extraordinary. I think they are


trying to end it neatly. What will upset fans is that some of their


favourite players getting tempted away, all kinds of things going on


behind-the-scenes and people moving for non-football reasons, it's about


money. People make money from selling the expertise. That's where


you get the conflict of interests. Football is not just a game, it is


big business, which has ruined it. The Guardian, let's look at Jeremy


Corbyn. Time to end trench warfare and take on the Tories. This was


that the conference in Liverpool. He says he wants to have a more


realistic look at immigration. He didn't mention the deficits, I


remember Ed Miliband didn't mention the deficit some time ago. Rather a


big issue in British politics. He talked about immigration, but only


touched on Brexit. I think he was massively out of touch. Maybe in


touch with people in the room, but in terms of Labour voters in the


heartlands, very much out of touch on the issue of immigration. He has


to appeal to a broader base. Yes, but if you look at his prospectus


for government, raising corporation tax to fund education, banning arms


sales because of human rights violations, but the big problem is


immigration. He hasn't come up with an idea to deal with the resentment.


It was one of his better speeches. He had much more swag. It's still


not a speech that will appeal to the voters. Labour Party members will


vote Labour anyway. What is swag? We could do with a bit of it. He


believed it and it was more confident. Syria. That was meant to


be a ceasefire. Extraordinary. Deliberate attacks on hospitals by


Russian and Assad full-size. These are war crimes comp as that. --


Assad forces. The UN is a collection of countries. They cannot be strong


if its members are not strong. The UN can't be strong when we have


countries like Russia and China not obeying basic rule of law. President


Obama a long time ago said he had a red line regarding chemical attacks.


The red line was crossed and he did nothing. The problem for President


Obama is that he feels he was elected to end wars, not stop them.


We are seeing the mass murder of civilians and the West is sitting by


doing nothing. The Times now, abuse enquiry in tatters after leading


lawyer suspended. Suggestions yesterday that he might resign. Now


we're hearing from the enquiry that he's been suspended over concerns in


how he was leading his team. No real detail, but he's an eminent QC. He


was paid ?400,000 last year. He's one of the few survivors in the top


tier of this enquiry since Theresa May set it up. It appears Alexis Jay


was concerned with aspects of his leadership, but it's not clear what


it is. They have never been any questions that he would be appointed


to lead the enquiry. The whole thing shouldn't rest on personalities. He


and many others are involved and he's been working on it longer than


anyone else. If we are losing him, we are looking at a point of never


seeing the end of it. A couple of people have said they have no


confidence in his leadership. Briefly, I pro friends -- Ibuprofen


could be linked to heart failure. Lots of people take it, people bite


over the counter. We know the risks of aspirin and paracetamol, but


realistically, we really shouldn't be taking any drugs unless we really


need them. I take Ibuprofen as an alternative to antibiotics. I do


think they'd do the same thing. They might not, but there are one or two


conditions that they were brilliantly for. I won't go any


further. The mind boggles. I don't want to go into it! The Financial


Times now. The heater expansion. There are so many senior figures who


are completely opposed to this. It has been such a bone of contention


and for any MP with a seat anywhere in London is a big issue. We are the


only country in the Western world that is totally incapable of getting


another wrong way. In Holland, they just go ahead with it. They pay


people money, they buy their houses and they build airports. We are


being left behind. We should give the go-ahead to Gatwick and


Heathrow. It's a 21st-century. It will eventually happen. This is a


chance for Theresa May to lead and make a decision, but I suspect she


won't. You implying she's inscrutable. She is Teflon Therese.


A lot of people think she should have gone with Hinckley. HS2 shisha


take off the table, but at some point we need a decision. The last


two prime ministers have bottled it. Especially post-Brexit, Britain is


open for business and this will be a. Cameron Cameron has gone, but his


government was supposed to be the greenest. World to Reza is a new


broom sweeping them away. We are more fuel efficient and planes are


much quieter. As long as local people are compensated as well, but


if you live under the Heathrow flight path, you have chosen to live


there. It's been the long time. Finally, at the end of an era as


BlackBerry hangs up the phone. When I got my first one, I was horrified.


-- when I got my first iPhone I was horrified. On the blackberry, you


could type without making a mistake. On smartphones the keyboard is


different. Blackberry with the first and for the long -- for a long time


they were the best. Unconcerned about brand names... There are lots


of others. They were the first people to make that kind of mobile.


I was horrified when I first got it, but after a while it was a real


boom. I hope you have kept it? Yes. You can traded in for some serious


amounts money. Before you go, these


front pages have come Have they? No they haven't. Anyway,


they're on the BBC website. You can see us there as well because every


night the edition of the programme is posted online. Thank you very


much to Henry and Julia. A fall weather forecast coming up next.


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