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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the journalist and broadcaster Aasmah Mir


and the political commentator for the Financial Times,


The Daily Express looks ahead to Jeremy Hunt's speech tomorrow


at the Tory Party conference, in which the Health Secretary


will outline plans to create hundreds of new training places


The Metro has on its front page a picture


of the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian-West,


arriving home in New York after being robbed at gunpoint


Phillip Hammond's announcement, that the government will scrap


its target of a budget surplus by 2020.


too, with the paper pointing out how the pound has fallen to its lowest


level against the dollar for three months.


as well as featuring Jeremy Hunt's plans, also carries the news that US


is pulling out of talks with Russia over the future of Syria.


front page features the government plans to opt out of international


human rights law which is used to bring cases against soldiers.


The Times newspaper, doctors must pay back thousands if they quit the


NHS? This will be the centrepiece of Jeremy Hunt's speech to the Tory


party conference? Yes, he seems to have a two pronged attack that he is


talking about. One, that he says there will not be any need to import


what he calls overseas doctors, because we are going to train 1500


extra doctors and everything will be fine and dandy. Also, if a doctor is


to be tempted to go somewhere, perhaps more lucrative or whatever


the phrase may be, Australia for example... They kind of point be


allowed to. Some newspapers are calling it a fine, but The Times


newspaper say that they will have to pay back thousands, some of the


money that third government puts in to train the doctors in the first


place, not exactly a deterrent to stop what some people see as a brain


drain, people leaving the NHS to work overseas. I don't know whether


it will work and how it will work. But certainly, it is headline


grabbing. Yes, and it has grabbed the headlines in a number of papers.


Miranda, there is a time limit? You qualify as a doctor and 43-4 years


you must work in this country and then you can go to Australia or


Canada? People would ask, why are they leaving the UK in the first


place? -- for 3-4. Yes, Jeremy Hunt has come out of a dispute with the


BMA, either his plans for a seven-week NHS, now he declares war


again. It seems that they have put out a statement, not excepting


welcoming, of what he will announce in the speech tomorrow. He will be


daggers drawn with doctors all over again after this. Some would say,


perhaps, this kind of approach, we know that there are tens of


thousands of foreign trained doctors in the NHS. They are very important


for keeping the NHS going. The government is going to have a


problem after Brexit. He has said is not The Times version of the story


but one of the others, he has said EU nationals are working in the NHS


is doctors, and they are allowed to stay. But we cannot recruit from the


EU, we must train our own doctors. But the idea that you will not let


British trained doctors leave, what will happen? A fortress NHS? Nobody


leaves, nobody comes in. It seems like he believes the current dispute


with junior doctors is over? He's basically moving on to something


else... Moving on to the next one! It's another issue, the BMA would


say that is not the case? Yes, and what about the circumstances that


would make people want to leave and go to Australia? He can't do a lot


about the weather in Australia... And the beaches, but he can stop


changing the terms on which the NHS doctors are expected to work. There


is a difference in perception, some people say doctors here are


overworked, and they work long hours. Obviously we have had this


stuff about the seven-day NHS. And other people feel, like I hinted


earlier, that some doctors perhaps want to line their pockets. Their


view, not necessarily mine, by going abroad and having an easier time,


maybe shorter hours, sunnier climates and more money perhaps as


well. There are two ways of looking at this. And also private practice


as well, not just doctors being prevented from going abroad too


early. It will affect that as well, the public purse pays for their


training. The Daily Mail, this is after a Daily Mail campaign... Well


done. At yourselves on the back! Yes, every changed anything about


the legal or justice system must always be a victory for some sort of


newspaper campaign or another... -- pat yourselves. There's been a lot


of coverage about the number of cases being brought against British


troops, based on their actions in the battlefield, or how they treated


prisoners of war and, there's been a feeling that the legal profession


may be exploiting the Human Rights Act, essentially. It looks as if


tomorrow, at the Tory party conference, The Papers are


dominated... It's a drip drip of things that would distract from


Brexit, in my view. They are going to announce that actually, during


times of conflict, in the theatre of war, the Human Rights Act will not


apply to British troops. It's an extremely... Dramatic break with the


idea of the Human Rights Act being an integral part of British law.


This feeds into the long-term promises from senior Tory


politicians to repeal the Human Rights Act. Where it goes from


this... That will be interesting to watch. Do we leave it at that? How


can you suspend... One area of law in... Can you do this? They said


they would withdraw from EC HR temporarily, I did not know that you


could do that. But in 2016 it seems anything is possible. The last


country to suspend the application of the Convention on human rights


was Turkey to suppress the coup. Once again it is this thing of


Britain putting itself in uncomfortable company


internationally by pulling out of these human rights agreements. Also,


as well, there are suggestions that they are never any questions to ask,


that should be asked, potentially, they soldiers conduct in war being


beyond the bounds of what is reasonable. One wonders if what the


Daily Mail and others who are pushing the campaign, they would say


very legitimately and reasons for doing so... They believe that the


British can do whatever they like? Absolutely, you are right, but their


argument is, it has turned into, in their words, a vexatious claims


industry. And they are selling it by saying it is expected to save


taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds in legal aid payments. It is


a sticking point for a lot of people as well. Indeed. You were talking


about the newspaper six -- escaping Brexit, they can't. It


is what the public wanted! The front page of the Financial Times. Hamman


warns of two years of financial turbulence and uncertainty. --


Hammond. Your seat belts on! It is interesting. You could say that he


is being refreshingly honest. We are heading for some tough times, but


I'm going to mitigate this is much as I can buy not putting all of the


money into reducing the deficit and getting into surplus, but forgetting


about austerity, and spending on housing and infrastructure. The


reason he's doing that is to kind of soften the edges of the fallout of


Brexit. It is an interesting change of course, totally opposite to what


George Osborne was doing... But, I don't know. It's probably welcoming,


people spending on housing and infrastructure, not a bad thing! It


is interesting. Philip Hammond was four remained. He did not agree, he


does not agree, with the decision -- wanted to remain. But he has to


follow through. And others in the Cabinet. They make the point that


the British people did not vote for the economic circumstances to go


through the floor. They are willing to fight and fight. It's quite


interesting, that someone who is on that side of the argument, who was


on that side of the argument before the vote, is willing to go the extra


mile to make the vote work? You would on this thing that they would


think, you know what? You voted to leave, it's going to be a mess! Let


it be a mess! They are expending political capital in defeating this.


Absolutely. Actually, Philip Hammond, as an individual in this


internal Cabinet War, it will now go on for the next few months about how


we approach the negotiations to leave, is emerging as an interesting


figure. I don't know if you watched his speech today, it was very


strange, he kept talking about how boring he was being. But the


Financial Times in its column tomorrow rightly welcomes this sober


and sensible pragmatic figure who seems to be almost signalling to his


colleagues to calm down. We had to handle this sensibly. We have to


make the best of it. Absolutely. That means, I'm afraid, retaining as


much access to the single market as possible. At the moment at the


conference, party conferences are terrible things, right? Politicians


stand up, preaching to the converted, so bonkers things that


press the hot buttons of their own people. But we've had crazy stuff


from Liam Fox saying that this will lead to a six boarding a lot of jam


and Barber led, that is literally what he said -- marmalade. It was


said that if we need 10% tariffs, so be it. So... He would not suffer,


would he? This is the awful thing. People would suffer... Philip


Hammond would not suffer either, why is he bothering to expend political


capital, potentially, with a lot of the Conservative Party who want hard


Brexit and want to get out, why is he bothered? Patriotism, I think


he's fighting for the best outcome. Good for him. This is why the Brexit


discussion and the referendum was so interesting. Different


interpretations for different people. Absolutely, let's go to the


metro. And the story... Are we going to the Metro? Yes. It's a horrible


front page if this is what she said...


You get what I'm saying. Her plea to these ?9 million jewel robbers in


Paris. If you don't know who she is... She is a businesswoman,


reality star, etc, she was in Paris with a lot of jewellery, I don't


know if it was hers, but she was held at gunpoint by armed robbers


pretending to be police officers. She was tied up in the bathroom, it


sounded like a traumatic experience for her Comanche may have said,


don't kill me because I have children to look after.


What is horrible about the story, the amount of vitriol and lack of


sympathy because she is someone... Some people suggested it was staged?


This is someone who has gone through a horrendous experience, and is not


to be laughed at. Those who have been critical online, they are


critical of the brand and not the human being. It's difficult to see


beyond the brand to see the human being. That's part of the problem


with, essentially, making money from your life, 100% of your life. Yes,


but I wonder whether it is such a modern phenomenon, really... The


idea that, really, we are less than an pathetic when someone in the


public eye suffers a horrible trauma. It has probably always been


that way... But I agree absolutely. It is horrible and sounds like she


has had a horrendous experience, tied up by armed robbers. You would


not wish that upon your worst enemy. What will be interesting is, with


the programme that follows her around, and the cameras, they would


not have documented this episode but would have documented the before and


after. If it is then broadcast, it probably will be to some extent on


her programme. Then, you can understand that some sympathy levels


will be dropped. Briefly, the express, on the second page, fury on


running around in the playground. You can't run around in the


playground any more? It is health and safety gone mad according to


paragraph two. My kids are back in primary school, they went back a few


weeks ago. You get this thing, phone calls saying... I don't want to


worry you, everything is fine, but she's bumped her head again. What


the school has actually done, they've tried to set up will turn to


of lunchtime activities so they aren't... Human cannonball is!


Including dancing to the YMCA. That sounds like a good idea! All right,


OK. Thank you to both of you for looking at the stories behind the


headlines. Thank you. Much more coming up later but now,


it's time for a look at the weather.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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