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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Penny Smith and the


The Observer, most of their front page dominated by Donald Trump. The


Observer has him battling to stay in the race as the few regrows over


that tape from 11 years ago where he made some pretty sexist remarks. Is


he really battling to stay in the race, is there any chance he might


drop out? He keeps saying he won't quit and doesn't want to let his


supporters down. He says he would never withdraw. His apology, he kept


on saying it was in 2005. Yes, because of course he was so much


younger than because he was 59. It's not as though he was 16 or


something. It's not as though, we shouldn't be surprised, should we,


about this. I wasn't particularly surprised. I know the words were


offensive but I wonder how many people were genuinely surprised.


What's interesting is a lot of senior Republicans, we've just heard


Senator John McCain, withdrawing their support for him. It may have


been reluctant support but they are almost using it as a pretext to pull


away from him and disown him. I think they've been looking for that


excuse. With these kind of comments it's not hard to have that


justification. Ultimately the reality they are faced with is


legally and technically there is no mechanism by which they can actually


remove him, even if they wanted to. There's increasing sense his vice


president Mike Pence could step into the frame. In order to replace him


he would need to declare himself as disabled. The 25th amendment to the


American Constitution says where a president becomes disabled somebody


can step in. Or dies. Let's hope not. Either he can be declared


disabled or he can withdraw and of course he went. The Sunday Times has


a similar front page. And a picture of TV presenter Nancy O'Dell who was


the target of the comments. His wife has said she finds these comments


offensive and unacceptable and his running mate Mike Pence has said the


same thing. There isn't anybody really who can say they support his


comments in any way. Even Donald Trump doesn't. Robert Dinero has


said he would like to punch him. He said he will fight back in the TV


debate against Henry Clinton. That might backfire if he goes on the


offensive about Bill Clinton. A lot of women think she was more sinned


against than sinner, despite her comments in the past about trying to


get rid of comments made by women. I think that the problem is that


they've had that meeting. They've tried to sleep if there's any way he


can be replaced and he can't. It seems like a real crisis for the


campaign now but there's still quite a few weeks until polling. Without


getting too analytical... You are welcome to be analytical. About 30%


of Republican supporters would like Mike Pence to take over which means


70% don't. A man who essentially wants to build a wall to stop


Mexicans coming in and try and build a wall against Muslim voters. I


think what we are going to see at the second debate is a much more


combative Donald Trump, advised by Nigel Farage. Whether you like it or


loathe Nigel Farage's politics, having interviewed him many times


comic he's the perfect person to interview. Whether you agree with


him or not he will say well yes and say whatever he is going to say. I


think we are going to see Donald Trump talk about the allegations


made by various women about the Clintons and Hillary Clinton will


fight back against that. It will come down to sex and gender. Let's


show you The Sunday Telegraph front page. They've got a picture of this


show he was on when he was on his way to this appearance with an


actress. By highlighting a line from Tim Stanley who is writing about it


inside the paper saying the US right is supposed to be big on morality,


compromise with Trump Lisa looking hypocritical and debased. It is a


question for the right. They often call themselves the moral majority


stop white do they still back Fevipiprant?


-- do they still back Trump? I'm sure lots of people are looking at


this... In a sense Hillary doesn't need those sort of people to vote


for her, if people aren't voting for Trump and abstaining... That's true.


It could be disastrous for his whole campaign but I really think the sort


of people who vote on the whole know what Donald Trump is. When I say


that I'm not being pro or anti any candidate but people know he has


flaws, he says he has flaws... As Penny said at the beginning it won't


surprise shock many people. If he were 201I think people would forgive


it a bit more. Let's move onto the front page of The Telegraph which is


about Brexit. NU Cabinet split says The Sunday Telegraph has emerged


over the handling of Brexit as ministers privately attacked each


other over how to approach EU negotiations. It's not as though we


are surprised again. Is anyone surprised on this one either? Are


you surprised by any news, Penny? There are certain things you go,


that is a surprise, but not this. It's not as though people's views on


Europe, particularly the Conservatives which have always been


riven with factions for and against... They've got the Brexit,


it's always been a divisive issue but here's all the European rules,


they can rip that up and start again, but still they are fighting


about whether they are doing a hard Brexit or soft Brexit. I don't even


know what they mean and I was a political correspondent. This focus


is on Philip Hammond the Chancellor. He is on the right of the


Conservative Party. But not wanting a hard Brexit. For obvious reasons.


Look what happened to the pound as soon as we heard about hard Brexit.


Philip Hammond, Chancellor Sir if you're watching I'm sorry to say


this, I'm sure he is one of his advisers are, but it's not his first


area. He is learning as much as anybody else. He saying watch out,


the economy is on a precipice, better do something, this is what


I'm going to do, he says. Thank you so much for being with us. I've


ruined the paper! I've done that before!


Thank you Sean and Penny, you'll both be back at 11:30pm


for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


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