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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment,


Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence says he can't condone


or defend the Republican candidate's comments about women.


Mr Trump's wife has called the remarks "unacceptable


The hurricane has now weakened to a Category One storm,


100 people have been killed in Haiti, it could take a few days for


the total to be known. The hurricane has now weakened


to a Category One storm, but continues to batter parts


of the eastern coastline of the US. German police are searching


for a Syrian man after explosives And Jeremy Corbyn's latest shadow


Cabinet reshuffle is overshadowed Allies of the leader


say his appointments show he's Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the broadcaster


Penny Smith and the Tomorrow's front


pages, starting with: The Observer leads on turmoil


for Donald Trump, as key Republicans withdraw their support after a tape


emerged of him making lewd The Sunday Mirror has a special


report on the war in Syria, focusing on the story of one little


girl whose family has been torn The Mail on Sunday slams what it


calls "vulture lawyers", pursuing medical negligence cases


against the NHS totalling more In the Sunday Times,


a former aide to David Cameron hits out against Theresa May's


plans to make companies reveal their number


of foreign employees - And the Sunday Telegraph has news


of a "pensions revolution" - with savers to be allowed to invest


in government So those were some of the front


pages. Let's talk about them in more detail. First with the Observer.


Focusing on the big story of the day, Donald Trump and that tape that


has emerged from 11 years ago, 2005. Well... We have all heard... The


things of our youth. We have all heard the comments but the question


is what is a mean for the race for the White House? It is battling to


stay in? It seems to be that all of the papers I have read, we were


checking up on this, it seems that there is no way he can be forced out


if he will not withdraw. The Republican Party cannot do anything.


Senior Republicans are withdrawing their support for him. These are


people who are maybe always lukewarm and maybe it is a pretext but they


are, people like Sean McCain, the senator. There is this debate


tonight, tomorrow, Sunday night, almost there. We are close. We are


so close. He knows what he is going to be saying.


made reference to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton said much worse on the golf


course. He seems incapable of saying sorry and leaving it at that. The


problem is... For Donald Trump, it helps him if people see him as a


figure of fun begins you cannot hate something that you find funny, on


principle. When we hear that derogatory terms about female


anatomy being used, that will put a lot of people off but actually, if


enough mud is thrown in the other way about Bill Clinton, neither will


look like they are smelling of roses in the end. But it could be in


Hillary Clinton's favour because she is destined against. Presumably, it


is principally women that will be repulsed by what he said although


many men as well. Not many women will have voted for him in the first


place. The people that have daughters are report. If you have


daughters and look around and go, it can't be put into a box. He might


not like what he said that it will come down to it. The election itself


is dumber track. We have had so many moments where we have gone, really?


Can he say and another thing like this? Then he says another one. Like


some great big bonfire that has been built. The Trump story on the times,


picture of type -- Trump. Also the picture of the woman who was the


target of some of the lewd comments that he made. If more and more


Americans withdraw their support, visit become increasingly harder for


Donald Trump? Or does he have thick and won't care? He has shown himself


to be like a puppy dog on heat rather than a rhinoceros. It won't


help him when Republicans are attacking. He might get a kick out


of the fact that people are pointing out. In the Sunday Times, it quotes


Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is not, for the first time ever, voting


for a Republican. An interesting comment about the US right supposed


to be big on morality. Is it a question about the moral majority


would ever you want to call them in the United States? It comes down to


the thing about voting, of course, secret Scrolls. You can pay lip


service to anything. And your cross anywhere.


Trumps is straight talking. He is not a politician. He is certainly


different. Let's move away from Donald Trump for a couple of minutes


because back here, Brexit. The Sunday Telegraph again. That is


their second story, fears that a Brexit split in Cabinet is


irreparable. I wrote a piece many years ago when David Cameron and the


coalition came into power about David Cameron's self-inflicted EU


headache reopening the wounds of the past and we are seeing that now with


Philip Hammond. He is respected at a Harley is on the right wing of the


Conservative Party and people are saying that he is talking down the


economy. They quoted an unnamed cabinet minister. I have no doubt


they would have spoken to a cabinet minister on terms that would be


unattributable. You are seeing the right, the left, the Brexit hard,


soft in the middle is as divisive as the EU. There is a Cabinet minister,


a comment from him, speaking about him being relentlessly pessimistic.


You just think to Sir the more things change, the more they stay


the same, I don't know why they expected anything to change. The


Sunday Mirror and Syria with a striking front page. One word,


monstrous. I suppose we have known that for a long time. The Syrian


Civil War is monstrous. They focus here on a two-month-old who's father


and two brothers are all dead. Why ... We remember the migrant crisis,


and when you have a photo it is the reality that speaks to the audience.


It is almost a shame that this fact alone is not really get into our


psyche that here there is a focus on a girl who have lost her family.


Trying to kill her so there was no hope. When you think about the


people who are living in that area and you look at the homes and that


the staggering size of that explosion, it towers over that block


that has been hit. These are people who are trying to carry on with


their lives, day after day with this going on. You can't, we can't


understand it. It is sobering and we do need to be reminded on days when


other news dominates that Syria goes on with its own civil war. Let's


have a look at the Independent. They have a story about Gatwick. I did


not realise and I probably should have that there is only one runway


at Gatwick. We were both surprised. It is the busiest single runway in


the world. The busiest in the world with San Diego being the second


busiest. Half the passenger traffic, however. Gatwick talking of building


a second runway in a matter what happens. Theresa May talking of


overriding concerns about the green economy, the climate. But, again,


you come back down to an argument that obviously, I think global


warming is serious but on the same token so is gross. -- so is growth.


The what is your view? Should it be Heathrow or Gatwick? It is


difficult. I like being on the fence. I am going to say that we


should build it because we need more. I will tell you why I will


have both, it is difficult and I appreciate the sweeping statement


that I will make tonight. On the face of this it is the case that we


are, whether people like it or not, we will shortly be in a post Brexit


Britain. There will be trade deals that may rely on more goods coming


in and out but actually many people would like to see them address


carbon footprints. I guess you don't live near the airport? That is what


I was going to say. I have a friend and when I go visit... Hello,


friend. When in his garden, we are very good at talking in two-minute


bursts and then waiting for an air plane to go over and then we carry


on. It happens, it was part of life. The last story is swimmers are


wasting their time because they are such bad swimmers, apparently, they


are not gaining any noticeable health benefit from their swimming.


A government exercise expert says. Their technique is so rubbish it is


like doggy paddle and they spend all of their time doing a little bit


doggy paddle and chatting to their friends. But they are not eating


popcorn while they are swimming. It would go very soggy. Even rice


crackers might as well. Doctors say it is not good for weight loss but


is weight loss the be all and end all? You need to change your diet.


You feel better for exercise. Do you swim? No, I do endless fast walking.


I need a bill to get people to move off the pavement when I come


through. -- need a bell. I go to the gym at Penny is right. And we are


obsessed by the scales, our BMI. If it is a choice between, you know,


they pulled pork hotdog or whatever else you may like, or a quick


swim... Do you enjoy it? No. I know it is good for me, regardless of


this, it is good for my heart and lungs. But I hate it. But


particularly when you start piling on the pounds. Swimming when it is


warm as nice. In the Mediterranean. Thank you to both of you. That is it


from the papers at this hour. Thank you to Penny and to Shaun. Coming up


next is the film review.


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