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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster and writer, Natalie Haynes,


and Rob Merrick, Deputy Political Editor of The Independent.


Let's have a look at some of the front pages.


Donald Trump's Twitter tirade tops the front page


of the Financial Times - he targeted Paul Ryan


and other senior Republicans for not supporting him.


The Telegraph leads with a warning from the treasury watchdog over


planned reforms to pensions introduced by ex-chancellor,


George Osbourne which could end up costing the treasury


The Daily Express says that it's time to Silence EU Exit Whingers -


pushing for a hard Brexit deal with Brussels.


The Guardian leads with the debate in Westminster today over Syria


where Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned Russia that it risks


becoming a 'pariah state' over its role in the conflict.


The Mail says the government is set to go ahead with


The paper called the resignation of the chief executive Ashok. -- a


shock. And the Mirror devotes much


of its front page to what it calls the riddle of singer Will Young's


withdrawal from this year's Lots more background and analysis on


William's... Don't mock me!


Natalie love strictly, and we will be discussing it. The FT, Trump


Tweet Thai raid. Hardly a day seems Tweet Thai raid. Hardly a day seems


to go by when this man doesn't get on there in the middle of the night,


I'm angry! He is doing it again. -- Thai raid.


You sort of felt that his taunting You sort of felt that his taunting


of Hillary and pretty much anybody even mildly to the left of, let's


say, Attila the Hun, that was kind of a given. But now he has started


turning on his own party in theory. Remember those adverts, Republican


in name only? Now this looks like his candidacy is Republican in name


only. Clearly they have split. He never was a Republican, was he?


He used to be a Democrat and would have loved to have run as an


independent. Now he has the opportunity.


Even allowing for all the Republicans who have turned against


because of his outrageous behaviour, lots of Republicans don't like him


because they don't consider him to be Conservative. He has not got that


ideology. He will have evangelical Christians


flocking to his side. Mormons.


We're used to Republicans attacking Democrats. Today there was only one


of the residential candidate attacking, and he was a Republican.


astonishing statement in one of his astonishing statement in one of his


tweets that the shackles have been taken off, we are not exceed a


moderate or restrained Donald Trump. -- not going to see.


But the big picture is that he is in trouble. It appears that Hillary


Clinton has had a bounce from the second debate, it looks less likely,


thank goodness, that this racist, misogynist, rapist, narcissist and


fantasist will be elected president. What you say?


Signet -- succinctly and beautifully done.


million people clearly don't give a million people clearly don't give a


monkeys, or already made up their minds. Voting has already started in


a lot of the swing states. Hillary Clinton may have won this before


November eight. Please let that be true. Polling


experts tell us that people's decisions are made often one year


before the actual election happens, and very rarely do the debates have


any impact whatsoever. I think people probably turned into the


first one for the theatre of it. They turned off from the second one


because it feels like that narratives has run its course. He is


providing his own theatre single-handedly, following his


Twitter stream is enough to keep Twitter stream is enough to keep


most people who are interested in him occupied. I'm not sure there is


much more to be said. Rob, briefly, millions and millions


of people support Donald Trump and believe that he is talking to them


in a way that politicians simply have not. If, as everyone seems to


suggest, and there is a long way to go, one month, he does not win,


there is still a constituency at their will be looking to him for


something. Yes, I'm sure we can expect


allegations the election was rigged. There have been stories about


Russian hacking, so I'm sure we will hear plenty of that.


It is hard to see him marching on the White House. He does not feel


like a revolutionary figure. It is hard to imagine him with pitchforks


and everybody stomping their way towards...


That is that it is the suggestion. Samsung, have you got one of their


phones? No.


tend to use your phone for tend to use your phone for


spontaneous combustion. A brief campfire.


To read the paper online. Anyway, big problem for the company, they


have withdrawn this phone from the market.


Yes, first they tried to manage the problem by suggesting that some


people just send them back without taking this Draconian step of


abandoning the model. More than $19 billion has been wiped off the


company's market value because nobody will buy their phones and the


people who have presumably demand their money back. The problem could


be more serious than Samsung realise. Instead of the battery


being the problem it is actually a problem with the technology and the


process at the heart of the phone. There seems to be no way back for


this model of phone and a long-term crisis for Samsung. They said this


phone was going to be a killer of the iPhone.


Literally. OK, the Guardian, Syria, big debate and emergency debate


today. Natalie, the West and in this particular case the UK, Parliament,


trying to work out how on earth that responds to the carnage, certainly


in Aleppo? Yes, and I'm not entirely sure


they're going to come up with an answer. I am no longer sure that


there is an answer. I am not sure it's the case that they


not found it, and that if they not found it, and that if they


discuss it a bit longer the right answer suddenly appears. I think it


may be the case that there are 2 million different, slightly better,


slightly worse at equally terrible versions of the future, and I'm not


sure that having a discussion about localised zones, which you are not


win to get Russia to commit to, will make much difference.


A lot of hand-wringing, Rob, for a lot of people in Westminster today.


The feeling seems to be that there is no good solution to this, let it


play out. This is a lot of the debate and the


contributions I thought were very impressive. You can tell MPs really


wanted to do something and felt guilty that nothing has been done,


nothing of consequence. Five years!


But that sort of statement only gets But that sort of statement only gets


you so far, and I think in the end Boris Johnson, the Foreign


Secretary, what he said effectively was we're not going to world War


three. That was the question that he posed, you have a no-fly zone, and


means of enforcing it, potentially shooting down Russian planes and


helicopters, they do not want to take that step. It did not really


get us very far. While this debate was going on in the Commons today,


there was a simultaneous debate in the other chamber which was about


whether to bring back the royally at, and this was a really is --


extraordinary and offensive juxtaposition of debate. There were


just as many MPs in the second chamber as there were in the first


one discussing the agony, the humanitarian disaster in Syria, and


that was not good today. Bottom of the Guardian, care home


closures leading to risk. Yes, the numbers are pretty terrible


anyway you look at them. The profit margins at care homes, they are


dropping their funding, the cut has already been cut. They are bringing


in a higher minimum wage that is in a higher minimum wage that is


going to make that even more of a problem. There is no point saying,


exclude them from the minimum wage because that'll be fine. One in ten


jobs are already being excised. There are more old people than there


were, more of us are going to need care as we get older. The answer is


not going to happen around a board until more money comes from


somewhere, I think that's it. The Guardian has a depressing front page


It is all about money, isn't it, and It is all about money, isn't it, and


there just isn't the money. Thankfully we are living longer, but


it is causing a huge problem. There is growing criticism of the


government for spending more money on the NHS with the flashy front


line services rather than the more behind-the-scenes care which is just


as important in care homes. There has got to be a shift away from


that. There are clearly issues with the NHS, but certainly there has got


to be a shift in money to care homes to local authorities, and I would


imagine that this sort of thing must be a priority for the new Prime


Minister in the Autumn Statement. Front page of the Daily Telegraph,


George Osborne's plan for tax relief, the suggestion is that it is


going to backfire. Yes, although when you can pick it,


there doesn't seem to be a new piece of information or new study which


has provoked it as a response. In fact, it is the office of budget and


the witty saying if you take taxes are higher earners and their


contributors they will take their money elsewhere. It doesn't feel


like news, exactly. I could probably have told you that the date was


announced. Nothing new here, Rob.


I take issue with the headline. I think the Telegraph is keen to blame


the forecast that the government will lose money on pension changes.


They are keen to blame that on the pension cap. If you look carefully


at what this analyst is seen, the other part of the story is the


pension freedoms, they will think I don't have to buy an annual tea, I


can buy a Lamborghini. The fact that George Osborne increased the amount


of tax you pay into your eyes makes it seem too simple to say that the


pension cap will result in the government having to pay out more in


time. Perhaps, if you didn't have those other freedoms, the cap will


not have the effect... And they have to do something about the cap,


because the amount that goes into pension tax relief has doubled. The


vast majority of that goes to rich people and that is not sustainable.


Look how big the headline is with Look how big the headline is with


this and look how small the crisis which affects vastly more people is.


The Daily Express. Finally... William Young, honour programme by


the name of Strictly. He was my joint favourite. And Ed


Balls. We like Ed Balls. I thought I was going to hit him but


he was hilarious. Len Goodman said there was no salsa in his salsa.


they did it beautifully. Lenin was a they did it beautifully. Lenin was a


was shuttling from LA to hear so was shuttling from LA to hear so


perhaps he was a little jet-lagged and grouchy. Will Stood up to him


and it was a bit harrowing. It was like seeing your favourite cousin


fighting your favourite grampa. Not that I am an expert, but is it


that he is leaving soon, Len Goodman, is this his last one?


I am also upset about that, thanks for bringing that up. It is


harrowing! Sometimes it is the only consolation I have. Remember that


awful news a minute ago? This cheers me up. You will want to go to Mars,


Rob, for the next series and not be there. Hell of a link! Man on Mars


in 15 years, President Obama says this. Is this possible?


This sort of statement triggers memories of promises to put a man on


the moon by the end of the decade. I don't know the detail of the story,


but there is a surprising that because Obama was suggesting the


people could come back. I'll is thought that volunteering to go to


Mars was that it was a one-way trip -- I always thought. The paper then


makes the obvious joke that there will not be a shortage of people


leaving with President Trump looming.


Thank you very much. All the front pages online on the BBC website.


Each night's edition of The Papers is posted on there shortly after the


broadcast is finished. Thanks for watching, and by. -- goodbye.


Good evening, another fine day across western


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