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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Pippa Crerar, political correspondent


at the London Evening Standard, and Liam Halligan, economics


Before we talk to them, let's have a look at the front pages.


The Guardian features a picture of the new Nobel Prize


winner for Literature, Bob Dylan, but leads


with Michelle Obama's comments condemning Donald Trump's


The FT also features Dylan on it's front page,


but leads with Tesco once again selling Marmite online


after the grocer ended a 24-hour stand-off with Unilever.


Following her retirement annoucement, The Metro carries


a picture of Jessica Ennis-Hill and claims Donald Trump was caught


The Daily Telegraph has an exclusive, saying Britain's most


senior police officer has issued an apology


to Field Marshal Lord Bramall and admitted it was wrong


to raid his home over false paedophile allegations.


There's a giant picture of Kumbuka the gorilla in the Mirror,


apparently taken minutes before he escaped from his


He is also in the Daily Mail and the paper says MPs are told an


unprecedented vote on whether the former BHS boss Philip Green should


be stripped of his knighthood. Let's go straight to the gorilla! We will


save the best for last! It is tempting but let's start... Is the


gorilla pro Brexit! Let's start with Nicola Sturgeon and her warning, as


it is put in the FT, that she is going to bring forward at least


consideration of legislation for a second independent referendum


because of the Brexit vote. This is at the SNP conference and she had


said that she will consult on a new independent referendum Bill after


months of Wilshere, won't she. The key here is just because she is


consulting does not mean it is going to happen -- of will she. It is


about threatening or putting pressure on Theresa May to make sure


that Scotland gets a seat at the table and it's concerned are


listened to when it comes to things like access to the single market. If


she pursued another referendum, all other polls suggest that Scotland at


the moment would vote in a similar way to how did at the referendum. It


was said earlier that judging by the current range of opinion polls, for


every vote that has shifted as a result of Brexit towards


independence, there is another that has gone the other way. There is


this mix of people who felt initially that Brexit might make


them more inclined to stay within the EU by another means, ie


independent Scotland, and for those for whom it meant stability was an


even more important factor and they would rather have the Deva -- the


devil they know status quo than something uncertain. They did vote


62-38 to remain but there is a lot of economic is always here. Scotland


have a really big deficit, about 10% of GDP if it left now, without the


Barnett Formula money. The polls are against independence. But Nicola


Sturgeon is a very shrewd politician. Why is she saying it


now? Oil has just gone back up above $50 a barrel. That SNP plan for


independence starts to just about make some kind of economic sense.


What about the political risk for her? Is Theresa May the kind of


politician to respond well to this kind of pressure question at the


first thing when Theresa May was by Minister, she went to Scotland and


then Wales, very smart thing to do -- became Prime Minister. There is a


good connection between them but Nicola Sturgeon will do everything


she can to keep the pressure up for this referendum. It will not be the


first time we say her on the front pages that she is about to call a


referendum on independence. If she can with it, she would call it


straightaway. She will not rush into it, she is too cautious for that.


And it would finish her if she loses. Not just her, it really would


be another generation. There is a reference in the headline to Donald


Tusk, the president of the European Council. He will want to stay when


the reality of Brexit hits. Boris Johnson, they are becoming the


Waldorf and Statler of European politics. They are the two old boys


in the box in the Muppets normally commenting negatively on what is


going on! Boris took a pop at Donald Tusk in his conference speech,


saying a man called Tusk does not even want to save the elephant! He


is a heavyweight politician within the European project. He is saying


there is either no Brexit or a hard Brexit and it will be painful for


Britain, you cannot have your cake and eat it, you will end up with


salt and vinegar crisps! That is a reference to Boris's famous phrase


of having your cake and eating it. It is rhetorical sparring between


two pretty big political beasts. He has this odd job, president of the


council which means he chairs the meetings of the different leaders of


the EU and technically they also represent Britain at the moment


because we are still in the EU. But no doubt that there is growing


tension, even though we are months away from the beginning of


negotiations. That is absolutely the case. And what is increasingly in


parrot -- apparent is that at least publicly the other EU countries


don't seem to be wanting to play ball with Britain. They are thinking


we wanted to leave, why would will be rewarded for that? And they might


fear that others might follow. And in their own countries, especially


France, there is a rise in sentiment against the EU with elections also


coming up in Germany. A lot of concern among the existing EU


leaders that they cannot be seen to give anything to Britain. Whether


that is in formal negotiations or behind the scenes talks that are


being conducted at the moment, they will not want much to come out that


appears favourable to Britain. But Unilever have backed down and


Marmite is coming back! This is the best thing in the paper most days,


the cartoon from Matt. They went without Marmite so Britain could be


free! We will try to show people at home because it is quite small. They


went without Marmite so Britain could be free! You can't see it from


the glare from your tie! This is one for betting men and women


everywhere, this story, rather more interesting in some ways. One of


those wonderful geo- economic stories, one of the big American


ratings agencies saying that sterling could lose it reserve


currency status which means, sterling is the third most important


reserve currency in the world after the dollar down the Europe between


central banks keep their reserves in those currencies because they are


solid. We are about four or 5% of central bank reserves, the dollar is


about 65 and the euro is about 20 and emerging markets as well. If we


lose that status, that means our borrowing costs will go up and it


also means that there is less reason for people to demand sterling so it


could lose some value. SMP wheelbase out occasionally, they did the same


thing in May ahead of the referendum -- wheel this story out. It is misty


vista talk about it now when sterling is clearly on skids --


mischievous to talk about it. The pound is down about 6% Saint Theresa


May's conference speech. -- since Theresa May's speech. Let's go to


the Guardian. This is a terrific photograph on the front. And about


Bob Dylan being made Nobel laureate for literature. This is by Richard


Williams who was the first presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test. In the


days when Bob Dylan was a young man! On BBC Two! You remember it well.


But nonetheless, his view is that this is a good thing. What is yours?


I think I agree. Maybe you could give us a musical accompaniment that


Liam was threatening to sing along! Many do view Dylan as a poet as much


as a musician and certainly his writings have always been as much


about the lyrics at anything else. Of course there have been some real


anthems, anti-war protests and civil rights movement so it has been


political as well and he has always been interested in the human


condition. You get people tracing the price today and I think many


people would be quite happy with the fact that the committee have decided


to go for a rock star. And for the first time. The novelist Irvin was


booted it was an ill-conceived nostalgia award even by gibbering


hippies -- Irvin Welsh. But is it really literature? People will be


listening to Bob Dylan in 50, 100 years, a huge chronicler of American


history. The first American to win this since Toni Morrison in the


early 90s. That is a good thing given their cultural reach. I was a


bit sniffy about it when I first heard them it seemed a bit gimmicky,


but he is a towering cultural figure. We have had accusations


before, when Obama got the peace prize, sort of in expectation that


he might do something and he didn't actually achieve anything. But we


cannot let discussion of these prizes pass without, I think in


previous years... Last year it went to the woman from Belarus. But


across the board there were only two out of 14. And only 48 women have


won any of the prices compare to 822 men. -- at the prizes. And surely in


2016, if there are not women out there considered worthy of such


prizes, there is something wrong. It is clearly not very reflective or I


think they need to up their diversity quote a bit. -- quota. The


Daily Mail, this is a photograph of the gorilla, Kumbuka, who went for a


wander this evening. They gorilla in the mirror! This is newspaper gold.


It is in its cage and suddenly he has escaped. Nobody was hurt, unlike


in Cincinnati where an unfortunate ruler was shot after a little boy


fell into his enclosure. The staff at London zoo used tranquilliser


guns, is fine and of course it is a fantastic picture story. I'm a bit


ambivalent about zoos in general. This is a magnificent beast and it


must get so wound up living in a cage all the time. Thankfully nobody


was hurt including Kumbuka himself. Apparently he came from Paignton


zoo. I can understand why he felt a bit of wanderlust! That is what the


smoke can do to you! And finally a lovely photograph on the front of


the Metro of Jessica Ennis-Hill who is quitting while she is ahead.


There was some discussion as to whether she would go after the Rio


Olympics where she won the silver medal, pipped to the post by a young


athlete. She has obviously taken the decision that she is going to


retire. There was some discussion about whether she might concentrate


on the best event which is the huddles but Lily decided she would


rather go out at the top -- hurdles but clearly decided. What a role


model, becoming a mother and coming back to become world champion in


Beijing, astonishing. Thank you very much for being with us this evening.


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