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With me are Oliver Wright, Policy Editor at The Times


and Kevin Schofield, who's Editor of the


For the second day in a row the Times leads


with an investigation into the circumstances


of Dame Lowell Goddard leaving the independent inquiry


Dame Goddard has strenuously denied allegations of misconduct and racism


The Daily Mail devotes its front page to the news that footballer


Ched Evans has been cleared of rape by a jury.


The Guardian goes with the same story, as well as a report


that the NHS will not be receiving any extra funding in next


The Express also features Ched Evans, but focuses


on the issues surrounding Britain leaving the European Union.


The Financial Times also leads with a Brexit story,


reporting that car manufacturer Nissan has received assurances


from the Prime Minister that it's trading status will not be affected.


The Telegraph reports that the metropolitan police


are withholding the full publication of a report into their handling


And the Mirror's front page is dedicated to the actress


Jean Alexander, who has died at the age of 90.


Let's start with the Telegraph. Falling from a comment Mark Carney


has made about the effect of the value of the powerful and will have


on inflation and prices. The Telegraph says don't give me orders


Carney warns Nei. This is the Bank of England reminding the Prime


Minister that they are independent and they don't want to be interfered


with by the government. The independence of the Bank of England


is something Labour brought in after the 1997 election. This is Mark


Carney, the governor, flexing his muscles. He was appointed by George


Osborne and was a close ally of George Osborne and was in favour of


reunion in the EU referendum. He is basically reacting to comments about


the Tory conference speech in which the reason they questioned lower


interest rates and quantitive easing and said we will change that. He is


firing warning shots he sent back off, we are independent and we will


not take any direction from politicians. He set up the system


but you have to let us make it work. It was thought to be a good thing.


It would no longer have to... You can separate out politics and


finance and by giving them. It was a good idea but it didn't go to happen


when things start going wrong. This is interesting because the


relationship between Osborne and Mark Carney was extraordinarily


close, but clearly the relationship between Hammond and Carney and the


relationship between Theresa May and Carney is not the same. He is making


it very clear that I am not going to allow you to push me around.


Circumstances may have changed, Brexit is a huge political issue, I


will deal with this as I want and if not, there is always Canada. He has


quite a bit longer left on his contract. It was shorter than most.


He made it clear it should be shorter than most. He is enormously


respected but just in Canada where this country, but around the world.


He would not have a shortage of job offers and this is a side shot


across the aisle saying either let me do this job properly or find


someone else. He is already a hate figure as far as Eurosceptic Tories


are concerned. They will be worried about this. They will be saying this


is another example of Mark Carney overstepping the mark and he should


mind his neck in. There are things the right can do to help the


economy, there are things the government can do. You have got to


assume that the premised and the governor will both have the best


interests of the country at heart, don't you? They might have different


ideas of how to get those best interests. One topic you is


quantitive easing which is complicated, but the conference


speech they signalled quantitative easing is one of those things that


is hurting people, hurting savers in particular because there are low


interest rates. He would say this medicine is necessary because there


will be problems in the broader economy otherwise. May is saying she


doesn't like that very much. The question is, he has the whip hand in


that relationship? I would love to know what George Osborne thinks.


Glad he isn't having to deal with that. We should keep an eye on his


Twitter account. Let's move on to the Financial Times. Theresa May


assures Nissan its UK plant will be shielded from Brexit followed. This


is going to be music to the ears of Nissan, but other companies will


want this. This is the first big problem and test for the government.


Nissan have an investment decision coming up which they said they will


make this year. It is about whether to produce the new car model and


where to do it. They have factories in France, Spain and they have a


factory in Sunderland. Before Brexit, everyone assumed it would go


to Sunderland. It is the most efficient Nissan factory in Europe.


It was producing the previous model and it was a foregone conclusion.


Brexit changes the game on that. Nissan very specifically went to the


government and said if you want is to build this in Sunderland, we need


guarantees. If you are Theresa May and you have Nissan coming to you,


thousands of jobs in Sunderland am a huge symbol that Brexit is going


wrong, you will take them seriously. The Chief Executive of Nissan had a


meeting in Downing Street and Theresa May has pretty explicitly


said we will guarantee that nothing goes wrong. That could bring


government subsidies. The subheading is that the rules will not change.


How can she get that assurance when we don't know what the terms of


Brexit will be? She is airing on the side of caution. For optimism. They


are terrified at the first big economic reaction to the Brexit food


will be the closure of a plan with the decision not to invest further


in a planned, lots of jobs at stake here and if there are massive job


losses as a direct result of Brexit. It is all well think that


Conservative conference, talking about hard Brexit, but when it comes


down to brass tacks like this, she might be a little bit softer than


she would like to make out. If one business seems to get an


advantageous deal out of this, other companies will want the same. It is


an acknowledgement from the government that Brexit will cause


significant wobbles in the economy. I feel like I say this every time


when something about Brexit comes up, how can anyone say what the


shape of it is going to be one we are only at the beginning? It is not


just up to what Britain wants. The point about this deal is the


government is saying on the quiet, even if Brexit goes wrong, we will


subsidise you. Even if Europe puts on tariffs on Nissan cars, we will


make sure that you don't lose out as a result. The form of words is we


will make sure you are protected, but they are not saying we know what


the outcome of the deal is, they are sent if you put in the investment,


we will make sure you don't lose out. That is extraordinarily


significant and other manufacturers will want similar guarantees. There


will be other industries that are affected that will want similar


protection. Of course there will. This is a big precedent being set by


the government and there is no reason why other industries will not


set hang on, if Nissan kept this, we should get something. Someone said


the other day that we haven't had so much access to government for a very


long time, people wanting to be nice to us, wanting to reassure us. That


is one consequence of Brexit. The government is far more aware of the


whip and that business has because what might have been on the business


pages is going to the front of the paper I went as political


ramifications which they wouldn't have had in the past. We will move


on to the times. Here we have another story about the Lowell


Goddard who was the former chair of the sex abuse enquiry. The Home


Office knew about fears over abuse judge. She did quit over


allegations. I will, to what she has said in her defence in a moment but


tell us what this is about. This is a significant clinical story because


you have the Home Secretary and the permanent Secretary, the most senior


civil servant, going before the House of Commons and speaking to the


Home Affairs Select Committee about why the Lowell Goddard quit and they


said she quit because she was homesick and she wanted to go back


to New Zealand. We ran a story yesterday with allegations about


what her behaviour had been like. Now we have the statement from the


Home Office saying they were aware of these concerns at the time at


which Amber Rudd and the permanent secretary gives evidence. Why didn't


they tell the committee then? There is a paragraph here about what the


Home Office has actually said about what he knew. They said on July 29,


did it is important, the Home Office was made aware of concerns about the


professionalism and competence of Justice Gothard. They basically said


that the decision was taken not to inform the Home Secretary. It was an


enquiry matter as opposed to a government matter. This raises


different questions. The previous secretary was Theresa May who is now


promised. What did she know? The spokesperson for the Prime Minister


was asked this this morning. She just would not be drawn on it at


all. She wanted to shut it down. There is a possibility the pro


Minister may have known about this. He just wonder, when you give


evidence to Parliamentary committees, you cannot mislead


Parliamentary committees, especially not if you are a cabinet minister.


For Amber Road to say this was categorically the reason, that she


was homesick, now we know that wasn't the case. We had heard


things. The other thing is that Theresa May had this reputation of


being all over every bit of detail. I spoke to a former minister who


said it was inconceivable that if there were rumours going around the


committee that Theresa May didn't know about them. Over the coming


days there will be more pressure to find out what Theresa May knew and


when she and why people want more open and honest about it. That is


reiterate what the Lowell Goddard has said. She has strongly denied


all the albums of the story run by the Times today, that is Friday and


that includes any allegations about her conduct. That is the Lowell


Goddard APPLAUSE Statement.


We will stick with the enquiry because it is on page four of the


times. The enquiry will be cut back to say that. It will be scaled back


to keep it on track. The leak QC amongst others had said, some time


ago, they were concerned about what the enquiry was trying to achieve in


its scope. Ten years is the estimate of how long this will take. They


have compiled millions of documents, pages of documents and haven't taken


a single piece of evidence from any witnesses. There is a real danger


that it will run out of control and we will be here in a long time and


there will be no outcome and in the meantime millions of pounds of


taxpayer money is being spent. You can understand why the government


will want this to be tightened and made shorter so we can get to the


bottom as quickly as possible. The victims are desperate to know what


has been happening. What is the ultimate aim is what you have to


ask. People say they want closure, they want to understand why it


happened. If you have an enquiry of such scope, the answer is will be


different depending on what you are looking at. If you merge this


something together into a great morass of separate and different


things, there is a dangerous that your ultimate outcome is less


satisfactory than if you looked at specifics. Is it clear what will


have to go? The problem they have is having set up the enquiry, any


attempt to reduce its skill is likely to face huge controversy from


certain interests. Some people will say it is a whitewash. Let's go back


to the Telegraph. Scottish Nationalist MPs to reject the code


requiring an act in UK interests. This might scupper the idea of


another vote on independence. It is Groundhog Day in Scotland. We are


back to talking about the constitution. Now, it is a really


good story, an interesting story. There is a new code of conduct that


MPs have to say they will act, they have a duty to act in the interests


of the United Kingdom as a whole which is a different wording. The


previous wording referred to the nation. The SNP, whose raison d' tre


is to break up the United Kingdom, their MPs will say we are not keen


on standing up for the interests of the United Kingdom because we want


to see the end of the United Kingdom. They are saying it needs to


be changed or they won't sign up to it. What is the sanction if you


don't? I don't know. It will make matters of SNP MPs. Tommy Sheppard


is saying they will try to change it. Tommy Sheppard only joined the


SNP in the days after the referendum. It was a senior official


in the Scottish Labour Party not so long ago. He was assistant general


secretary. He switched sides, became a nationalist, joined the SNP and


ran to be deputy leader. He was defeated by Angus Robertson. He is


one of the new breed of SNP MPs, quite militant. He says up with this


we shall not put. They are a force. They only has a majority of 12, so


the SNP have some clout. Go back to the FT. Defeat to Uzbekistan leaves


Chinese clone of World Cup glory a long shot. The Chinese football team


has not been doing well. They lost to Syria as well. I like the line


that they are saying they will do something we are good at and one of


the Chinese tabloid papers are saying they should abandon the


beautiful game and go back to playing ping-pong. It is a great


story. A surprise and story for the FT to have on their front page.


Because the president is a massive football fan, there is a lot of


money in the Chinese football league. They are bringing in a lot


of foreigners. They are saying the Chinese players, they don't know


what to do almost because they are so used to play with foreigners,


highly paid and talented foreigners. Remind you of anyone? I am not in a


position to comment. Is the argument then to not allow so many foreign


players to play in their teens and bring on the home support? We have


heard that before. When are they supposed to be holding the World


Cup, 2018? That was the hope. They hoped to not only host the World Cup


but to qualify... I don't follow it closely. They hope to qualify and


hope to host the World Cup and eventually win it. As I say, there


is as much chance of Scotland winning it. The president has


decreed China will have 20,000 training centres and 70,000 pages in


place by 2020. That would help. You would imagine Silbert can you buy


your way to success in football? Yes, you can't, can't you? It would


take a long time. If they do that they will enjoy the fruit 20 or 30


years down the line. He instant success because he is spending this


money. There is all this stuff at the Olympics which the Chinese want


happy with. They came third to the UK which didn't go down particularly


well. Shall we just look at this. To make us all feel better, look at


those seven piglets. The web is most domesticated breed in the world.


They are very sweet. I feel better just looking at the picture. I


thought you would as well. That is if The Papers tonight. Don't forget,


all The Papers are online on the BBC News website where you can read a


detailed review of them. You can see us there as well each night. Thank


you both very much. Coming up next, the weather.


Good evening. We will lose the chilly


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