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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Tony Evans, sports columnist for


the London Evening Standard and Caroline Wheeler,


political editor of the Sunday Express.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


The Sunday Telegraph leads on disquiet among military chiefs


at a secret criminal investigation into British troops accused


of mistreating two Iraqis - themselves believed to be


responsible for murdering two British soldiers 13 years ago.


The Sunday Times publishes a hitherto unseen article written


by Boris Johnson on why the UK should remain in the EU -


the paper says it was written two days before the now


Foreign Secretary came out in favour of Brexit.


The Observer splashes on criticism of the prime minister's so-called


obsession with grammars by the head OFSTED.


The Express warns that thousands of chemists will close if spending


cuts due to be announced this week go ahead.


The Mail on Sunday gives its front page over to the SAS soldier who's


facing murder charges after admitting shooting dead two


or three fatally wounded Iraqis during combat.


We must not confuse Sunday versions and weekday versions. They are very


different. We will start with the Sunday Times. Boris and his case for


the UK to stay in Europe. What is going on? He wrote two versions of


the peace. Obviously. He decided at the last moment which when he uses.


According to this what he did was he wrote the remaining piece to clear


his mind and put the counterarguments and make sure that


he was on the right path. We believe him, millions would not. It is a


friend of ours, a friend of the programme, Tim Shipman, it is his


new book called all-out war. He must be so happy you have plugged it. It


is his new book which is out just in time for Christmas. He should pay me


for this. Embarrassingly for Boris Johnson the book says that the


unpublished argument rehearsed warnings that Brexit could lead to


an economic shock, Russian aggression and Scottish


independence. That was written to make days before he came out in


support of Brexit on February 19. This piece seems very kind to Boris.


It also mentions further on that he did not do it, back Brexit, because


he wanted to be Prime Minister. He was warned by his campaign manager


that if it did come out for Brexit then he would be put in with the


cast of clowns, people like George Galloway and Nigel Farage. He


thought it would damage his chance of becoming Prime Minister. I have


no extra sympathy for Boris Johnson except for one lion where he says he


wanted to punch Michael Gove. We do not condone that sort of behaviour


here. Prescription for disaster says the Sunday express. This is


Caroline's pet is. Next week we understand there is going to be an


announcement by the government that they will unveil spending cuts for


chemists which could result in up to a quarter of them closing. As


parents, for example, a chemist on your high street is an extremely


valuable asset. There has been research done to suggest that people


think a chemist is one of the most valuable assets on the high street.


I think we have all been in that situation where we have an ill child


who has a developing cloth or a temperature and we need to get


advice. There are suggestions that the community run ones on the high


street are going to come a cropper and are going to close down. We have


been running a campaign saying that this is not on. It is not a great


deal of money and government turns and they should reverse it. People


do value services like this. We do but not the Conservative Party


because it is part of an ideological attack on the health service. Cuts


have to come from somewhere? There are lots of places where you can


trim budgets without affecting the health service. They would like to


push us towards an eye direction of an insurance based healthcare


system. I get that from their thoughts and actions. They don't


make us do that. They will. A big argument is that many of us use our


pharmacies instead of our GPs and that keeping pharmacies open is


cheaper than hiring more GPs. There is a lot to get through today. The


Sunday Telegraph. Are we outraged at the betrayal of up Iraq war troops.


This goes back 13 years. Two British soldiers were murdered, the two men


suspected of that have complained of ill treatment at the hands of


British soldiers. The only possible betrayal in this has taken 13 years


because these two Iraqis were accused of murdering British troops.


But the full force of the law. But British soldiers were accused of


maltreatment. And if they did they also deserve the full weight of the


law because it's not mistreat prisoners or suspects. One of the


taken so long? It has been a secret investigation? This is being


investigated thousands, thousands of these caves there are so many that


it has taken this long to get through. That is a scandal. But the


scandal is also about the large amounts of money the lawyers have


been earning pursuing these cases against people doing their work in


the line of duty. He sang back, however, I am not saying that they


should not be investigated because if there are allegations were cannot


call for a moratorium on it. The other military story. The despicable


betrayal of an SAS hero. He has been facing eight murder charge for


possibly shooting three Iraqis who were mortally wounded. Again, a


similar article to the Sunday Telegraph except this time it is an


SAS this is a hero. What they are describing is that this officer was


involved in mercy killings, the suggestion being that the Iraqis


were mortally wounded. I think it is an alarming allegation at any case.


It is insidious and the fact is to call him a hero, what gives him the


right on the battlefield to make decisions that these people were


mortally wounded. It is a confusing place. It may be confusing and


morality might go out the window if he has done this it is wrong and it


is against the Geneva Convention and it needs to be investigated. And if


he has killed people... Again, it has taken 13 years and that is what


it comes back to over and over again. The length of time it has


taken. The new do something atrocious not it is not fun for


anybody. Especially this case which is about telling people it should


have come to a head much earlier. The Observer. The chief of OFSTED


same zip session of Theresa May with grammar schools. In a Michael thinks


they are divisive and the focus should be on other types of


education. All the research, everyone in education suggests that


grammar schools are actually, they do not help social mobility. They


don't improve education. It seems a throwback to the days of the 1950s


and the image of Britain as a grammar school, cricket and you stop


what he is saying that it should not be about grammar schools and whether


you think they are good or bad. We are meant to be focusing on our


vocational education. But from having spoken to just been grinning


recently, that is exactly what she's doing. She is not saying grammar at


the expense of anything else she sang a grammar for some children who


are progressing in an academic level but for other children who want a


vocational qualification they will focus on those in terms of growing


homegrown skills. It is decisive, however because you end up with two


levels and grammar schools will always be seen as the better of the


two. That is exactly why we should not return to that. We have come


from technical schools, grammars and secondary modern. Your focus on


vocational skills, but it wasn't. You are here, you got here. From


very different ways no doubt. Corbyn accused of creating a safe space for


anti-Semites. Across group have looked at what is going on inside


the Labour Party. The Select Committee has been looking into this


issue of anti-Semitism and they have singled out the Labour Party for


serious criticism, suggesting they have become not only a safe space


but also institutionally anti-Semitic. Two important points


here. One is that this is cross-party. It had three Labour MPs


on it. The claim that Corbyn is making that it is politicising the


issue and is anti- labour falls down in the face of the fact that Labour


MPs backed the findings and have served on the committee. The other


thing that clearly comes out of this is that the Labour Party had its own


enquiry into anti-Semitism led by a member and this report went further


than that review. This suggestion is that the leadership is inconsistent.


One of the things we have seen through Jeremy Corbyn's hole period


as leader is that there has not been enough strong leadership and has not


been enough direction for the Labour Party. If things are allowed to


drift they will get worse and the comeback to say it is... We should


leave it, given that it is a cross-party committee it does seem a


bit weak. We still have the Independent. A picture of the women


of Donald Trump supporting him as he goes onstage at another campaign


rally. Standing by their man. After all he has said about women. Facets


of Dolly Parton! There is a whole section of disenfranchised American


society who will support Donald Trump. That was Tammy Wynette. Stand


by your man. It was, it was. There is a whole section and some of them,


there is a whole section of American society that no matter what Donald


Trump does they will vote for him. They are so out of sync with


mainstream American politics. It is also to do with the fact that there


are two generally quite unpopular candidates here. The very strange


thing is that he is standing against a female who could be the first


female President of America and the sisterhood has not got back behind


her whatsoever. And, actually, they run the risk of not knowing what is


going to happen in a couple weeks time because ultimately it could be


elected. Sometimes it is hard to be a woman. In the Observer, Nicola


Sturgeon... At least, I find it is. Nicholas Sturgeon, starting pledges


for a new independence vote to save Scotland from high Brexit. She has


been saying the same thing consistently now ever since the


referendum on June 20 three. Basically she is trained to make


overtures all the time to suggest that Scotland, who voted 66% to


remain should be given a vote in terms of independence so we can then


go it alone to make its own deal with the European Union. The problem


is that the European Union has consistently said that they don't


think so. Donald has refused to meet her. France and Germany has said


that they will deal with the UK only. I don't know what she will get


out of this ultimately. After all, she is talking to an audience that


very much wanted to stay in the EU. If we are in for? Given that the


commitments and the level of the referendum was that unless this


situation changed materially, I think there is a lot of to-ing and


fro-ing in horse trading. I think it would be one of the great ironies of


history if the Brexit broke up the union. That would be very funny.


Northern Ireland will not want waters with the South. Other people


may not share your sense of humour, Tony. That is it for the papers.


Thank you very much. We rattled through them. Purchase a newspaper


tomorrow, that will keep us going. Next up is the film review.


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