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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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I will be talking to the celebrated Irish novelist John Banville about


his memoir in Dublin. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the broadcaster,


John Stapleton and the former Conservative Employment minister,


Esther McVey. A few people say they are always on


together. It has happened quite a lot.


The Financial Times which says the government's


considering paying the EU billions of pounds to retain Single Market


The Guardian also leads with Brexit - it reports fears by Ireland


of a looming economic crisis on both sides of the border.


The Express says that pro-Remain MPs are plotting to halt a full exit


A similar lead for the Telegraph - this time the Chancellor Philip


Hammond is accused of trying to 'undermine Brexit' by 'arguing


The Sun's top story is on so-called SAS 'mercy killing' -


it reports Prince Harry has described a probe as a witch hunt.


The Mirror splashes on the search for missing toddler Ben Needham -


it shows his grieving mother and sister and the police search


The Metro reports claims by a charity that seven out


of ten tenants are living in damp or infested homes.


Slightly different figures in the Eye -


which says that 40% of homes are below an acceptable


The Financial Times, we could go mad. It has everything. Kaplan looks


at paying billions to keep single market access for the city. It is a


difficult balancing act to get it right to make sure we have access we


need whilst satisfying what people think they want from Brexit. This is


the FT so the financiers, you hear bankers are pushing the government


to find a way for their sector to keep as many passport rights as


possible so whilst I understand that, of course they would, it is


their sector and employs a lot of people in the country, 11% GDP so


they are looking at what is the best way they can support them but the


same time the government has to weigh up so for people who are


producers, exporters, for them with the pound going lower it is working


for them and if you look at what Mervyn King says he was more


interested in industry then now... Mark Carney is a Goldman Sachs


ex-employee and looking at finances, he says look at it in the 360, we


are seeing a boom for exporters producers and it up. It is more


evidence that they will not be as simple as we were led to believe.


Many people voted let's leave that we do not pay billions of pounds but


we may have to continue to pay billions. This is a push from the


banking sector. It says you have to listen to the silences from Theresa


May. Theresa has been careful not to rule this out, you have to listen


carefully to the silences. The point I would make is in addition to this


we are learning many people would like to control immigration but it


may be that in the future EU workers are allowed in if they get a Visa


and there may be special concessions without whom... It is not as


clear-cut. It was about control so letting in people you want to let in


so if that is highly qualified engineers or bankers, that is what


we want, not letting in anybody through freedom of movement and


Theresa May is right to look at all of the options on the table and


choose what is best the UK. You know these people better than she or I,


will Philip Hammond survive because he is having second thoughts and his


Chancellor of the Exchequer and is lukewarm about the proposals. I hope


so because weather in the Cabinet or around a business board, you need


different people are challenging you, you do not want an echo and


everybody agreeing so for him coming forward with these cautionary tales


and backing up another sector, it is important. As long as people


understand what the country voted for. She is the cat s mother. That


is what I was told. Clegg and his cronies scorn for


fury, trying to keep Britain shackled to the EU, contempt for


democracy. This is nothing new about this, we have known for a long time


people will do all they can to delay and frustrate our departure from the


European Union. This is a reflection of that and whether they will


succeed is another issue. There has been a large cohort of people who


did not want it to happen whether they call it the establishment or


the media or Nick Clegg or whoever. But listen to their views, that is


important but most importantly listen to the views of the voting


public and the express said 99% of people on their poll said they would


be furious if Brexit was blocked and that is what they need to look at,


Mr Clegg! The Guardian. I will carry on. It is your show! The plan for no


bomb zone in Syria ends in failure. Talks to try to make some progress


on what is happening in Syria and a which is under bombardment, quarter


of a million in the east of the city living in dire conditions. They


started off in Lausanne and now London, what has gone wrong? I watch


the news and saw Mr Kerry and Boris emerge and I felt despair. Not to


criticise their sterling efforts but they look like a couple of people


who have run out of options. I cannot blame them, Kerry has worked


tirelessly to get a solution to this appalling situation and I do not


know what you do. Some will favour military action, Kerry might but few


others will at this stage and I feel, it is shameful that we are


sitting here, I include us, the media, isn't there more we could do,


I know we reported all the time but there is so much horror and kids and


women being killed and bombarded everyday, as the media, are we doing


our job to convey the horror of this, it needs Bob Geldof, not to


raise money but raise awareness of what is happening. Quarter of a


million people are being slaughtered. We do not show the


worst pictures, I wonder if it would make a difference. We have standards


preventing us sharing the worst of pictures,... The media has done a


good job in showing what is going on and the words from Boris Johnson


here, there was a lack of political appetite to put it mildly, people do


not want to go to war or get into a situation so they have tried and


they are looking at further sanctions, I thought Boris s idea of


a no bomb zone, not a no-fly zone but a no bomb zone, should they bomb


hospitals, schools, kids, then we will look at what we would bomb in


return so you will say, we will bomb... If they take off from this


airstrip to bomb, it would be the airstrip that is bombed and the


radar centres if that is what they do. But that could escalate into


something more horrific. But if you are looking at things to stop


250,000 people being subjected to nonstop terrorise a she, brutality,


death and psychological mind games, I thought his no bomb zone is a good


way forward. I do not knock him for that but I feel despair. Angela


Merkel says she said she cannot persuade her allies so nobody wants


to get involved. Looking at the Metro and housing in this country.


For intent homes are below the living standards could billions in


cramped and unaffordable housing. This is a report from shelter, the


housing charity, where are the standards coming from? It is the


question we asked one we saw the brief on this story. The standards


set by shelter and it's us Morrie and they have developed a living


homes standard through a series of workshops and surveys with the


public -- IPSA last Morrie. They have set the standard like a living


homes standard and it is on that basis they come up with these


figures. Both of us would be happier if we knew more about the criteria


they set. It sounds as scandalous and horrendous,... It is the way you


guarantee getting a front-page publicity. For a good cause.


Generation exploited, it says 70% of tenants are getting a bad deal. And


whilst that is really important you look into that and see what you're


doing, it seems because the terms have used were terms that we used a


couple of years ago, a 30 degrees campaign so it is a campaign, a way


to get you on the front pages but we do have laws and standards by which


you have to adhere to cannot read out homes like that so it'll be


interesting to see where this goes but then, job done. We are talking


about it and it is raising concerns. And they are quite legitimate. The


Daily Telegraph, the picture story is should Shami Chakrabarti... She


is the shadow Attorney General facing MPs questions over the timing


of her peerage. The questions are did she know she was getting that


and is that while there was a whitewash on the report she was


doing into labour about anti-Semitism and to be fair this is


a lady who did have high standing in society, a lady who many people


would have looked up to but this whole thing looks very shifty, very


shady, she has been bought off by a peerage and a position, she is


shadow Attorney General in Corbyn s government and the report which was


a whitewash another Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday came out


with a report criticising Corbyn over institutional anti-Semitism. In


fairness, Shami Chakrabarti, I know her, I have nothing but the highest


regard for her respect for her, she is a terrifically lady. But we do


not know she has been bought off. She could have had a peerage at any


time because she has done so much with human rights... The timing is


not good. What happened was she did not answer the questions to Keith


Vaz... She never did. I'm afraid when the select committee asking


questions, you do not say, you could've heard an interview. You


answer them and the whole timing of this and she needs to start


answering questions instead of saying, I'm not around to comment.


Why was it a whitewash as everyone says? The FT, Trump escalate US


election rigging claims as Clinton structures poll lead. This was doing


the rounds yesterday that he has returned to this theme and it is not


just the media but he says polling stations. I would love more detail


of what is alleging because it sounds like the last refuge of a


scoundrel. Blame the media for everything and say it is rigged. It


sounds like a man who may know he is losing, 11% behind. He is for %


behind on the ABC Washington post however when you say that, when you


say the polling stations, what we mean, postal voting, people going


in? Bribery. Rudy Giuliani eluded it may be deceased polling cards people


have voted on and what is happening. But what we are doing is smearing


the whole of the electoral process. If anyone takes him seriously. There


was a big percentage so if the house 43% of the people going to vote for


him, should Clinton win, it is a lot of people you have agitated to say


this was not a true result. I would like more detail. There was no legal


challenge to back up what he says. He suggests... Within 24 hours he


suggested they should have drug tests. Suggested she is high on


drugs. She has been ill. She might be on drugs. Saying she was pumped


up at the start of the debate but she was running out of steam towards


the end. We all know how that feels, I stuck the paper review all pumped


up. Run out of steam. You have another one yet. Esther, John and


the cat s mother will be back at 11:30pm. Cannot wait. Coming next,


Meet The Author. John Banville developed as a young


writer in Dublin imbibing


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