16/10/2016 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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the Film Review. Will be talking about Nocturnal Animals with one of


its stars, Amy Adams and the director Tom Ford.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster, John Stapleton and the former


Conservative Employment Minister, Esther McVey.


The Financial Times which says the government's


considering paying the EU billions of pounds to retain Single Market


of a looming economic crisis on both sides of the border.


The Express says that pro-Remain MPs are plotting to halt a full exit


Hammond is accused of trying to 'undermine Brexit'


The Sun's top story is on legal actions against British troops.


It reports Prince Harry has described them as 'a'joke'.


The Mirror splashes on the search for missing toddler Ben Needham.


It shows his grieving mother and grandmother and the police


The Metro reports claims by a charity that seven out of ten


tenants are living in damp or infested homes.


which says that 40% of homes are below an acceptable living standard.


Let's start with the times. One of the papers that is looking at


Phillip Hammond's attitude towards what Brexit should look like.


Hammond clashes with Brexiteers on migrants. He worries that curbs


could harm business. As you said that in the headline, the accountant


quick, that is the sort that I had. The Chancellor of the Exchequer


behaving like an accountant. He raises what many people say is a


valid point, if we expect school workers to come here to have visas


and put a block on nonskilled workers, businesses that will be


affected. Farming, for example, relies on casual labour. Unless,


they decide to pay more money and then British people may decide to do


the job. His counselling caution and being criticised for doing so. He


did not like the idea, the potential idea of visas for skilled workers.


He asked us to look at the options. We all laughed at that joke about


him being an accountant. Later on he said he is facing accusations as


part of a pattern of behaviour on which the Treasury has failed to


provide construct if assistance to the Brexit process. That is the


problem, not whether or not is acting like an accountant because


that is as it should be, but whether he is acting on behalf of the


Treasury which did not necessarily want to go along the Brexit vote and


they were not really accepting the fact that the country voted to go


out. What David Davis voted for was the best access to the EU but


outside the EU and working within that. What people wanted when they


voted for Brexit actually was a control so that we could have say


over what was going on. But you cannot frustrate will of the people.


Get a good deal but do not frustrate them. Do you think Hammond is


comfortable? He and his Treasury officials or are they frustrated


even more? They need to look to see what best way forward is. It is not


for them as a couple of important people without doubt but the vote


has been given and you go forward and say how do we do this? You look


at the other countries with big trading partners with the EU,


Russia, China and the US. They were to WTO rules. We could do that.


There is another aspect. Cabinet paying billions to keep single


market access. For some people Brexit meant not been part of the


single market. Many people who voted Leave would say that we thought the


whole deal was that we dictate our own laws, curb immigration and do


not need to pay the EU billions of pounds every year. But this suggests


that in order to keep the city sweet and functioning we may have to keep


doing that. It would be something of a surprise. Look at the paper it is


in. The Financial Times. Of course they are. The people they want to


sell this newspaper to any other bankers. You've got to listen to it,


it is an important industry but at the end of the day what we cannot


have is now Brexit. If people want to be in the single market than


paying for the bill is run by EU courts and also having free movement


of people, you are still in the EU. You have not come out. It will take


some explaining, like this piece set, it will not go down well in


certain quarters. Let's move on and look at the Telegraph. A picture


here of a Baroness facing an key's question over the timing of her


peerage. A very successful woman. Ran Liberty for many years. Probably


could have sat on the bench of labour at any point that it is the


fact that she has been in charge of this anti-Semitism investigation


within the Labour Party. It was ultimately seen as some by a


whitewash and the question is at what stage did she accept the


peerage from the Labour Party? Subsequently made shadow attorney


general. I, like you, have known her well professionally. Interviewed her


many times and have the highest regard. But this is a mess. We need


clarification here. It appears that the allegation is that when she was


asked by the then chairman of the relevant committee to provide an


answer to the question when did you say yes to the peerage, she is yet


to do so. She spoken about it had an interview with the BBC in but that


is not really for a Parliamentary point of view satisfactory. Until


that happens, you know, we are not clear about this. To be ferried is


not just a few people complaining it is a whitewash it is the home


affairs select call it committee as well saying that actually what you


have within the Labour Party now is an institutionally it has become


anti-Semitic and therefore there is a problem. Look at the timing. She


was doing this report. It did not separate out what she was doing, it


was not a thorough investigation at the same time she was, it appears,


she is getting a peerage and she goes straight in with an appointment


to the shadow attorney general position. All of that for herself


she needs to come out and explain it because you up quite right, she has


had quite a good career so far. This now is not looking too good for her


or anybody else and that report was pulled. The daily mirror and the


anguish of Ben's family. Over 20 years since the child disappeared in


Greece. Many searches being done on a suggestion that he was killed by a


digger driver. This poor family, you have interviewed them. 25 years,


certainly in the early stages I was in touch with the family quite a lot


and I cannot tell you, you can imagine what they have been through.


Every time the phone rings in that house there is the thought that is


this the tells them they have found and it is all over. Their life has


been a rollercoaster. Emotions are peering down here, year after year


after year. And there are people to say we should not be wasting time


and money in pursuing this investigation. I would say that walk


a mile in their shoes. I know it is an American word, but when you have


no closure and when you have not seen a body or yawn not seen your


child, you cannot put to bed as it were a new live with that for ever.


I was on the Madeleine McCann board, working with Kate McCann because of


the college with her. It is the most exhausting thing is living with


hope, hoping that the phone call will come. Understanding that it is


truly terrible. The Independent. Boris Johnson tries to explain his


about-face on Europe. He wrote two articles. One in favour of remain,


the other in favour of leave. He has had some questions. Two days after


it published the article saying leave, of course, he came out, as it


were. If you have read it it certainly is not a ringing


endorsement to stay in. In fact the first half of it talks about how he


was hoping that there would have been a wonderful renegotiation with


Europe and he would come back and there would be things they could do.


There was not. But why do it? Why write an article like this and white


print it? At the time he was wondering what to do. Nobody would


come out with their view until after the renegotiation. Sometime in


February. He writes for the Telegraph every week. His view was


to come out but he thought and he said, you know, he was looking into


if there was anything he could support. So it was written for


Boris's benefit? At the very end the yes the vote is a bit of a deal that


it contains a germ of something good. It is not a ringing


endorsement. Later on he said that he was a Brexiteer and he believed


it was for the best of the country. Soul-searching is good. I was not


somebody who was out automatically. I took a lot of soul-searching and a


lot of understanding what was going on and eventually I came to the


conclusion. I am glad he did all of that and I am glad he worked out and


I am glad he went through a lot of anxiety because it is right to have


the right decision for the country. Let us have a look at the Daily


Mail. Victim is now blame victims for being burgled. He. A police


officer has likened people who leave a window open and then asked police


to investigate a burglary to people who are obese. And as the NHS for


help. I have some sympathy for the police. They are overworked and


undermanned. The research into school on the services. Some are


grateful, some are not. I know when my house was burgled it was entirely


my fault. They were around in a flash and I got a number and it was


all over and done no time at all. It is a tricky one. I think years on


thin ice here. He also said that what he wants to do is have more


crime prevention so that people do lock doors and what they are


concerned about here as student ignoring home security. They would


soon go out. It is obvious. Close up and block the windows. Do the best


you can. Of course it should investigate it.


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