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But hello and a warm welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will


be bringing us tomorrow morning. With me a ballast and broadcaster


Sophie, and Robert Fox, the defence editor of the London Evening


Standard. Good to have U2. We are going to talk to you and hear your


views in just a moment, we are going to look at the front pages so you


know what we're talking about as well. The Financial Times leads with


the news of a fresh investigation of Hillary Clinton's news of a private


e-mail server. The Times says the news has stunned America. The eyes


says that Donald Trump has begun to reduce the lead in the polls of


Hillary Clinton. The Daily Mail produces criticism of the poor


quality for mobile phone users and express carries reaction to the


former Prime Minister's Tony Blair called, to remain supporters to try


to block Brexit. And the Guardian has talk about you but drivers.


Roberts, let us begin with Hillary Clinton, and these e-mails, which it


has emerged, actually come from electronic devices belonging either


to Clinton aide Huma Abedin for her husband Anthony Wiener. To do with a


sexting investigation being carried out entirely separately, but she has


been dragged into it. Apparently they found, private e-mails on those


particular servers, they came from the private Clinton server which is


held in upstate New York and it is Notting Hill it Clinton's name, it


is in Bill Clinton's name. Let us go further. I think as a British


journalist I can say something that hasn't been said clearly enough, the


timing of this is very odd indeed. We have been combing the New York


Times that has been very heavy on this kind of thing. We have had


people on, I mean get on, say it. I have been a journalist nearly 50


years, to come out with this now, on the weekend before polling, you have


to do it now because you will get wall-to-wall coverage. Meet the


Press, the Twitter sphere has been going bonkers wholly to the benefit


of Trump. I'm not saying this is a conspiracy but I think that the


director of the FBI must explain itself. He has made this very


cryptic Harry Potter remarked saying we have found these things but we


cannot go into it. Then, John Podesta, the chairman of the


campaign has said that there may be something in it or maybe not. I


noticed in your headlines, you assumed they would be huge matters


of national security and fold like the whole previous one like


Benghazi. What is so surprising, for Komi and I wouldn't give him a


further chance of employment, is that, I don't want to... Comey.


There is a lot in what he has said which is pure in new window, anybody


advising him, he must have political advisers. So you are tipping the


hand to Trump, has the Trump camp has picked up? What do you make of


it? Everybody is subject to the rule of law in America, the problem is


not just the timing but the way it looks and smells. We can all smell,


that Donald Trump should not be, would not be, elected, but if there


is no one standing against him, my goodness me. This could be safe and


nominal. We will never come across this in 200 years. What is proper


and right and correct is that the organs of the state should be


applicable to whoever, wherever, whatever, even the President-elect,


but what could happen, and I mean what could happen if we have Hillary


winning, we could have a president being investigated, impeached by her


own Congress, and let us not forget, this has happened once to a Clinton,


for issues of libido. It appears it may happen to another Clinton. I am


so concerned about the way this looks, for other people. Looking to


America to see how election should be run. And how democracy should be


exercised. It doesn't look right, it doesn't smell right and it jars and


feel right. Robert, do you say, I see that John Podesta has


effectively said, put it all out and let the American people know.


Because it is too critical. Is it possible that she will be able to


close this down critically? No, no, probably not. What is coming


across, I take your point. This is the executive branch and there is a


bit of a smell of things, that the executive branch is acting


partially. They have got to be very clear and he should have come out,


this is what we have found and these are grounds for investigation. He


has hinted that it is very serious but he has breached Podesta that it


may not be so serious. But there is a serious point against Terry


Clinton and that is that she is secretive and she is inept. For


goodness say, they went through this and they have the same problem when


coding Powell was Secretary of State. As one of her close staff


said, she's not bury good and she doesn't even run her own desktop PC.


That really is not even good enough today, and it is very, very worrying


indeed. You have got somebody who may be in charge of the nuclear


codes, nuclear arsenal, in charge of Armageddon waiting to happen and it


may be on somebody else's blackberry. That is what the issue


is. To take your point, in all my life time of the American elections


that I can remember, there is only one word that comes to mind, this is


by far and away the weirdest, that I have come across. And now active has


been running, we have to get used to that -- the narrative has been


running. Two such inept and inappropriate candidates would be


hard to imagine. Maybe you get the politicians that you deserve, I


don't know. We will find out in ten days or so. Let us move along to


look at a couple of stories in the Guardian. The first one has big


implications in the UK, you are a barrister by training, what do you


make of this ruling by the employment tribunal, that it doesn't


by, Uber's defence, that the drivers are agents, and it just is like a


meeting point for them. You think the tribunal was right, and whether


you think it is right or not, what are the invitations? I think the


employment tribunal is right but I also don't think that the decision


will stand, it will not stand for two regions. It is because it will


affect the economy not just for today and not just for the next


quarter but for the next five years. Notwithstanding the fact that now we


are in a digital economy, the economy is not moving forward and


moving in a traditional manner. Soak each digital year is actually a


quarter. The invitations for this is that when the stock market opens


tomorrow, you can just wait to see what will happen to these new


unicorn type companies many of which have not been floated yet. It will


undermine the very basis of our economy. Let us not just look at the


other side of this, this new type of work has brought choice, dignity, it


has brought hope for many people who want to work, who want this


flexibility. You need this flexibility, due to the pressures of


the economy and how we are all living. The number of times I have


got into Uber cars and found retired people. But it is not just that, it


is the whole idea that this small-scale entrepreneurship, we


haven't seen this type of thing. Is Uber really this small-scale


business? That is the whole idea. I think you are right, I think


technically, and you are the lawyer, but probably the tribunal is right,


like you I don't think it will lie there. Because it is so, there does


seem to be something like King Canute here. We are talking about


the economy, you pick up an app, you do something and then you put it


down. That is the way it goes. But I do understand the government trying


to enforce things like the minimum wage rights, welfare and so one. But


coming out of the end of the employment machine, I realise I have


been living a version of the economy for the last 1718 years. Why should


it be any different, your employment status, just because somebody books


you through an app, otherwise I'll be back in the days of the old


Labour scheme, the stand-up at the gates and if they don't want to this


and you. That is the whole idea, Britain has been at the forefront of


legislation that sets the rights and responsibilities between employers


and employees. For the matter is not just of health and safety but once


you improve the conditions of the people, where and how they work,


society has taken huge leaps forward. This judgment has put this


whole idea, are we moving forward. Notwithstanding the whole issue, I


pointed this out to a man, to my taxi driver, that once you are


employed by Uber, you are going to have a lot more women thinking I'm


going to get into my cab, try the round, the school run because I will


get maternity leave for the first time. Should we have an economy that


is based on employees rights, or employers responsibilities. And of


course the big elephant in the room, is the tax word. Who is paying for


our roads, who is paying for our schools and hospitals, should it be


big, mammoth, lumbering corporations which is found now on every phone,


you and I, her and him, do not have the rights, can't take a holiday.


The Guardian, has a thing, saying Uber drivers triumph. Do you think


they have triumphed? In 20 years' time, the question on every A-level


will be, did the decision in 2016, fundamentally changes economy and I


think it will because it will finally have that debate that we had


in Parliament and on the street and now it is going to go down to the


law. Is this going to be the new factory act, where we think we have


got to deliver yet what people deserve from their employers and


what they should give back. But nothing stays and this is a question


of manoeuvre. You can bet that Amazon, Google, Uber will be


manoeuvring around this. You are absolutely right, this is the


beginning of another phase. Very interesting, let us move on to the


other stories, there is a picture of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton,


turning into some of the not so secret weapons of Hillary Clinton.


But there is this story about Isis potentially using civilians as human


shields as it tries to retain control of Mosul? I find this story


but will drink, I am not there, I have been in Mosul, two or three


years ago, and more than that, but I know, that area a bit. I find Isis,


has been seriously underestimated. Because it operates a similar


different levels. Technically, as a gorilla -based military, it is


terribly good, at this kind of thing. Yes it can sacrifice human


life but they have built tunnels, they are using, we call them IED 's,


booby traps, they say on industrial scale. They picked up all of the


knowledge from Iran, there have been real advances and why we were


kidding that within 40 days we could be in Mosul, that is the Alliance


and its friends, it would all be over. Unfortunately it is so


complicated, Isis can fight a sort of Alamo fight in Mosul if it wants


to but it is already prepared to go out in the desert, it has done it


before. The real worry about this is who occupies in the end. Either way,


a different way but it is the same question over a lap over. Suppose


you occupied eastern Aleppo, who is going to occupy it, and the Russians


know, that is why they are having a pause at the moment that they will


have two back the troops there. The argument is made by some people are


frankly anything is better than Isis. Get Isis Haupt, that is the


priority? That is far too simplistic, a linear argument


because what seems to be going on in northern Iraq is fragmentation,


atomisation and what we are witnessing is the atomisation of


Sunni communities, even the tribal system seems to be breaking down and


subdividing, which means you won't get a unified aura unitary Iraq.


That will have a colossal impact throughout the Arab world. That is


why, we see tough military regimes like Egypt, it will shake them as


well, this is deep rock mating but -- Epoque making. The forces that


are going in are trying to manage the narrative and they are not


succeeding. But they are not succeeding and we know how cunning


Isis and Isil and Daesh or whatever you call them harder at managing


their own narrative. It ain't over and the idea that by plonking


yourself in Mosul and in Raqqa it is all over, please forget it. It is


very dangerous and very delicate and it will have ramifications. Do you


want to say a word briefly on this? Two years ago I sat here and I said


is that the worst thing about Isis is it will not be door-to-door


fighting, it would be the Digital fight, they are in every home, their


videos, are impregnating every boy 's bedroom. We see this, we know


what is happening, the push and full of this community and


notwithstanding that this issue, I'm aware that the European Parliament


awarded some of the women that escaped this area, they awarded them


a prize, to standing firm in their communities. What worries me about


this is that this war will not just be for this generation, my children


will be sucked into this because, we won't even talk about Yemen. The


whole of the Middle East. 100 years after the settlement in 1916, has


been ripped apart. Time for two more stories. Front of the FT, Nissan


warned ministers that it would leave the EU without Brexit guarantees.


Everybody has been desperate to find out exactly what was said but what


is interesting is that, pretty much, Nissan said if we don't get


guarantees, then we are moving our work to Spain and France. Their


existing plants. It sounds like it was a pretty straightforward threat.


Li when this news first came out, we had spokesmen speaking and


reasoning, it was clear, there is a deal. If Mrs made us think a deal,


certainly Nissan thinks there is a deal. Then be get me to, Talia at


hand Honda and Ford and everybody else. And at the bottom of this,


Nissan have spotted this, they want a tariff deal and access to the free


market, and the European single market. And, the four freedoms and


they will not get around it. One thing that is clear, it is like a


very badly Bilyk -- badly built Lego. I think this


will go on and on, it is going to be such fun for the mischievous, Tony


Blair is right about this, there will be a general election probably


earlier than we think. On the terms. For me, this reads as if this is a


diktats by oligarchs and corporations and interests, it is


the sort of thing that we were accusing Europe of Comet is now


happening in our own back door. As a lawyer you would love to see small


print? Let me finally move on to the Times, a lovely photograph on the


front, Ed Balls and his dancing partner. Ed Balls in a vivid blue


suit, there he is. Not his yellow suit, and on the inside, says the


country has huge issues. He should be doing it with you. But, are you


missing him as a politician, or is he a better media personality? Well


he is speaking chapter and verse again about why Labour failed in its


ambitions to win the last general election. He appeals back as it


were. The whole infighting between the last Shadow Cabinet and the last


administration, and what you can see, is, hey man reborn. If Ed Balls


had shown this much personality and panache and wonderful pussyfooting


manoeuvring at the time, he could have been Chancellor. But he is


actually showing, the importance of two things, personality built


politics can actually change how people see you. It is a good full to


end on, thank you so much. We will have two move off, that is it for


the papers, before you go, the front pages. The Mirror reports that ten


terror plots by Stanek State have been foiled in the last see and the


sun has a same story with the big photograph Cheryl Cole.


Thanks for your company, high will be back with the news at the top of


the hour.


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