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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


First, the headlines: The US Presidential candidate


Hillary Clinton has demanded full details of the latest email


investigation by the FBI into whether they contained


Her Republican rival, Donald Trump, called the news the biggest


French President Francois Hollande has called on Britain


to take its share of the remaining child migrants who are still


in Calais, after the camp known as the Jungle was


MPs calling for action on mobile phone coverage say it's unacceptable


that visitors to Britain often get better coverage than


A report said 17 million customers had poor reception at home.


The Royal Clarence in Exeter, described as England's oldest hotel,


has collapsed after a devastating fire.


More than 100 firefighters tackled the blaze at the 300 year


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Mihir Bose, columnist at the London


Evening Standard, and the Assistant Editor of the Times,


The Observer leads with reaction to the FBI reviewing


its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails,


with senior Democrats accusing the bureau's head


of compromising its political neutrality.


That story's also featured on the front


of the Sunday Times, which claims that Hillary Clinton's


The Mail on Sunday criticises the BBC for a show


featuring a transgender story-line, which it says is available


A novel solution for the country's housing crisis is unveiled


on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph.


It says the government is to offer help to build


While the People carries an interview with the mother


of murdered toddler Jamie Bulger, who says she's living in fear


Let's now begin our review and we are starting with the story, the


October surprise! The only story, Clinton and those e-mails. Why, what


actually in them, are they any difference to the e-mails that were


already investigated and why is James Comey apparently going on?


Because of course it is supposed to be politically independent, the FBI.


We are already hearing that he is a Republican. Also, the way he has


presented it has allowed Donald Trump to say that there must have


been a terrible offence for the FBI to reopen the enquiry. This is just


a preliminary look. We don't even know, unless he knows what's in the


e-mails, we don't know. The problem for Clinton is that she has this if


you like problem of trust. American people, even though some of them are


voting for her, don't actually like her or believe in her. This story


opens up that count. So far, what we've had since the revelations of


the way Trump behaved and his comments about women and so on, the


focus has always been on the macro. Revelations coming out, one after


the other. -- being on Trump. This laptop on which the e-mails were


held was the laptop of Antony Wiener and we only know about him because


of his misdeeds. And he seems to have shared his laptop with his


wife. That's why it was seized, as a result of an investigation into


another offence. Of course we don't know what these e-mails have. This


is one of the elements of the story that's been brought out, in terms of


the FBI. Why have they come out with this now when even they don't know


what is included and the head of the FBI was told not to go ahead with


this. The attorney general, to whom he is supposedly answerable, told


him not to do this and it seems as if, I've been reading some stuff out


of America tonight, the agents at the FBI themselves hadn't actually


examined the e-mails. There is no time to do this before the elections


because one supposes that needs to be done properly. So it's a


tremendous mess. What is one of the papers is reporting it is already


narrowing the poll lead that Hillary had. If you read his letter it


suggests something without actually saying it. Let's turn to the Sunday


Times, which also leads with this story. The headline, that Hillary is


at war with the FBI, it will be interesting to see whether James


Coney does see out his ten year term. He was of course appointed by


Barack Obama in 2013. They do talk about the polls as well on the front


page of the Sunday Times. This also illustrates the unique collection we


have in America. The next president of Hillary Clinton would be taking


office having to do something about the FBI. I mean, that's not


something that happened in the past. What would you think if you were one


of the 20 million Americans who have already voted? They might be wanting


to change their minds and those key swing states, will this be something


where those people who feel this fundamental distaste at the


Washington ruling class might think this is just another example of


their poor behaviour, of their shadowy dealings, and decide Donald


Trump, the man who says he is the anti- politician, decide to vote for


him? It will be interesting to see what the polls do say, because


although we have been pointing out that they are narrowing, this was


before the story broke. So they are not really reflect evolver last 24


hours, so we will see what happens. All this is when Hillary Clinton


proves herself to be the commander in chief and shows such cool rap is


that people admire her. Who knows? And the state vote might be


different to the national vote. Staying with the Sunday Times.


Putin. He isn't swimming or posing with tigers, IT soft power. He is


becoming very close it seems to prominent groups in the Conservative


Party. A group founded by Margaret Thatcher and another group, very


historic. It seems the leaders of these groups have had visits funded


by the Russians, to go to Crimea and basically they are saying, we


shouldn't treat Putin as a pariah. Sanctions should be lifted. And it


actually says the group has called for cooperation agreements with


Russian intelligence. Do you think they should have accepted those


troops in the first place? You would think there would be a big question


mark. Why on earth should Hebe inviting them? He just wants to


bring as many people as possible on his side. You just came back from


Moscow, did he not invite you? No, no invitation. There was a lot of


complaints about the sanctions, in those shops laden with goods and


looking at these gorgeous cars, one can't quite see what impact they are


having. Talking to people who come back from Russia, clearly Putin


still has a lot of support in Russia. I suspect for the new few --


the next few days or weeks we will see what's really behind this. What


is the latest take on Brexit? This is a story which says that Michael


Gove has co-founded a group with if you like the blessing of Boris


Johnson. Really? They are still in mailing each other, who knows what


the e-mails will be saying?! This group suggests there are 14


countries with a total worth of 17 trillion who are willing to sign


agreement with us and these countries are twice the size of the


countries of the EU, that it trades with, provided we get out of not


just the free movement but also the customs union. How significant is


that? For me this raises one big question, be -- the Nissan deal. I


would like to read what was pledged to Nissan in that letter, where they


were obviously given assurances that they would be able to continue to do


business exactly as before. If we have this kind of complete Brexit,


total Brexit, one can't work out how those agreements that are obviously


going to be made with Nissan and other companies could possibly be in


the lamented. As you say, we need those letters to be revealed. You


are right. When we have this hard Brexit, when we leave the customs


union... Where would we go? The point they are making is we can do


trade deals with China, with India, other countries, more favourably


than what we get with the EU. A lot of our trade deals are witty 28


countries at the moment. Do you think we would have an easier go of


it with Canada, because they struggle with the EU? This is all


within the realm of context. I find it surprising that the countries


with which we could be trading with don't seem to be named. This figure


of 17 trillion, where is that from? I am always suspicious of a figure


like that. And I don't think we take into account that countries like


China and India have their own agenda. Even countries like


Australia have moved on from what they were 30 or 40 years ago. So


they have their own agenda and why they would be willing to trade with


us, certainly. But why that trade would be better than what we have


with the EU is very debatable. Again, so many questions with


Brexit. We are waiting for the button to be pressed. We are going


to stay with the Telegraph. I am going to direct this straight to


you, because there are many people who wouldn't know what a modern


prefab is. What is an old prefab? Looking at that headline you think,


I don't know about that. The post-war housing solution, that's


what they were. We now use the word modular, which means factory made


and it works for the Swedes. 80% of homes in Sweden are modular built,


prefab. They are better than jerry-built? Yes, and in America it


is popular. It is quicker, it don't need much scaffolding and we need to


start tilting homes very quickly. We need about 250,000 new homes every


year and at best we built about 120,000 at present. So we've got to


change the way we build. Remember, there have been some big government


pledges made on this and people are waiting for them to deliver. I have


one question for you, since you are an expert. Will we have better phone


reception with this prefabs than we have at the moment? I think that


would mean a great many more masts that people are happy to have at the


moment. Getting back to the Observer. Theresa May. She is


managing families set to be worse off. This is not what she was


promising. This is another question raised about Theresa May. You will


remember all of the things she said outside Downing Street, after she


became Prime Minister. About how she would help families who were finding


it very difficult to manage and things like that. This story is


saying that unless film -- Philip Hammond's statement reverses some of


the decisions taken by George Osborne in his budget, these


families will be worse off. There have been lots of cuts and they give


a figure, but a couple with two children, living at the living wage


level, will be ?2000 worse off by 2020. The cost of living is rising


and if you are a low income families spend much more of your income on


food and those price rises are going to start coming through in the


markets. We are already seeing them. It is not just Marmite, it is other


stuff. We have been warned. It has been a pleasure. Thank you very


much. That was The Papers. Coming up on BBC News, The Film Review and of


course plenty more on the website. Have a lovely evening.


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