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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Home Affairs Editor of the Evening Standard,


Martin Bentham, and the broadcaster Rachel Shabi.


The Bank of England Governor's future makes the front page


It says Mark Carney is likely to make a statement this week ending


speculation that he will step down before Britain leaves the EU.


It says the new FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's emails


has cost her her lead over her Republican presidential


The paper says a group of MPs say Theresa May's claims


that the government is putting 10 billion pounds extra


into the National Health Service is not true.


The Independent leads with the US Election campaign.


It shows Jennifer Lopez campaigning with Hillary Clinton in an appeal


to the Hispanic population as the latest polls show


Donald Trump may be winning over some of the undecided voters


following the new FBI inquiry into Mrs Clinton's emails.


The Telegraph leads on what it describes as the financial crisis


It says nearly half of NHS authorities in England are drawing


up plans to cut hospital beds and a third are proposing to close


or downgrade Accident Emergency departments.


The devastation of Italy's earthquake makes the front page


of the Metro - the worst quake in nearly 40 years.


It also accuses the FBI director - a republican of meddling in politics


It also accuses the FBI director - a Republican - of meddling


in politics as it opens a new inquiry


the country chooses its next President.


Let's start with the story on The Times - that any pet and set to


launch a major attack. What is the suggestion here? -- Vladimir Putin.


Western intelligence sources saying Vladimir Putin plans to intensify


the launch of full-scale on Aleppo, half of which is rebel held, in


Syria. The timing is thought to be coinciding with a I -- the US


distracted by the election. He has been travelling to the eastern


Mediterranean and the military buildup would seem to suggest an


even more intense assault on the city by the Russians is imminent. "


From Professor Michael Clarke comparing it to other appalling


scenes of death we have seen across parts of Europe. It is a very


powerful. We could beat ourselves up about this as we did in the former


Yugoslavia. And he is right. When you look at the headlines, people


have not been paying attention to it. People might be thinking, has it


not already happened? That have been bombings for a long period, for at


least the last month, in very intense fashion and it seems that it


will get worse, trying to exploit the gap in US politics because of


the US election. Whoever wins... There will be a period of...


Exactly. While the US back is turned, hammer even harder. You


could only dread to think what that could mean for the people in the


city. Britain, of course, watched as this Russian ship came through the


Channel, thinking it was heading to Syria but it is saying it is trying


to tip the balance in Assad's favour. That is exactly what it is


for. It is the only aircraft carrier they have what it is going to enable


a much more brutal assault on the city fan has been the case and it is


hard to imagine because it has been so brutal and relentless already. So


many civilians are killed, hospitals strike, so it really is chilling. To


consider that as a prospect. The problem is it is suggesting it is


trying to exploit the US political situation and the unfortunate


reality is the US and every other country that has the potential role


to play has not really got an answer to this anyway. Everybody is


involved... But what I mean is they do not have a role in terms of what


to do with Vladimir Putin's strong support for President Assad. When it


comes to it, if he does it, what is the waste going to do in response?


That they have not got a proper answer at the moment. In the Daily


Mail, Hillary and Donald club neck and neck. It does not seem so long


ago since the sexes videos which had a damaging effect on him in the


polls and now it seems to be swinging the other way. It seemed he


was dead in the water stop it seemed inconceivable was going to come back


but here we are. Of course, holes up poles and they are not very


reliable, certainly not in this country. There are other polls with


slightly different margins but all of them seem to be showing that the


gap has narrowed very, very dramatically and a lot of it is down


to these e-mail investigation, the FBI investigation into a new batch


of e-mails that has been found on the server of her. --A. This opening


of this investigation... It is such a huge drop, losing that 12 point


lead, again with all the usual caveat about the polls. The Clinton


campaign are trying to say, you know, she will still win but of


course they will feel devastated and especially because this e-mail batch


that they are investigating, you know, we're not even a certain it is


a new batch. It might be the same batch that has been cleared ready,


it might not even the hope e-mails. There is nothing to suggest there is


anything new that it does seem skewed to have released this


information at this time, so close to the investigation. It reopens one


of the weak fronts, the weak area, and so, unfortunately for her, a lot


of spin in the agenda is something that you would not be wanting to


talk about it, regardless of why it happened. It is there and it is a


grenade. In The Guardian, Theresa May's claim on health funding not


crew according to some MPs. Disputing the idea that the NHS has


received ?10 billion extra? Theresa May gave an interview last and she


said -- last month and she said the NHS at us extra funding to make up


the fall. That in fact it was going to get ?10 billion extra per this


party is saying it is not even a true and that at best it is getting


?6 billion and even that has been done while agreeing to cut things,


critical spending on things like training and various health


programmes and so this is of course part of the much bigger problem


which is that the NHS is devastatingly underfunded and there


has been warning for some time and the result is that hospitals are now


looking at how many beds they are going to have to cut, or which a and


E department they are going to have to cut because there is no way to


deal with these kind of funding. A lot of units have already been


downgraded and closed anyway. Exactly. Fairly stark statistics.


Almost half are planning to cut death and to close and cut down


units. It exactly shows the impact, potentially, of these funding gap


and, of course, the government will say they are putting more money in


but the problem is money is not enough to keep at pace with the


rising cost of demand and services for the population. And all of this


just creates an ever tighter financial situation which, at some


point, it appears to becoming ever sooner according to the Telegraph,


is coming into a crunch. If you are moving from one area, public health


programmes and so on, to try to plug the gap in the NHS you could be


creating further problems down the health. It is not just the


government imposing these cuts on the NHS but also on social care


which will have a knock-on effect on the NHS because of the service is


not available through social care will put pressure on the NHS. It is


like a double prong cut. To be fair to them, it is not so much a cut but


not enough the amount of money. I do not feel like being fed when it


comes to the NHS. The Bank of England, it wants to steer the


economy through Brexit. Glutton for punishment? It is a great challenge.


You might think that it is an interesting challenge and it would


be fantastic for him to have achieved. It is an interesting story


because it has been speculated in the last week that he was fed up


with being identified with some pro- Brexit MPs and disappointed at the


very least by comments by Theresa May in her conference speech.


Basically inflated asset prices. He was therefore going to in a


disgruntled fashion but the FT is saying he is going to stay on,


albeit the story has a slight caveat. Just in case. I hoping he


does because broadly, the right clearly criticisms about the way he


gave warnings before the referendum but I think he has done a pretty


good job and the stability it would help. You would not want a new


governor coming in this point? Know, and especially when he was the


man... He has been described as the only adult in the room after Brexit.


He was a man that stood there and pumped lots of money into the


economy to stop the pound crashing. It did plummet but not as much as it


could have. He tried to reassure businesses that everything was OK


stop it seems like the kind of guy that you would want to stick around,


given the sort of rising cost and plummeting pound and rising


inflation that we are now facing. Let's finish with the FT. This tells


us that ?472 million spending on Halloween is going to boost British


retailers this year. We around disabled or not care for it, do we?


Why not? It was not much of a thing when I was a boy. We had mischief


night on November four, that was the think, the proper night. Halloween


was a bit of apple bobbing. All very tame. We just did fireworks, bonfire


night. I do not remember this being a big thing but this is the


retailing spree bonanza holiday. I cannot from Cardiff on the train and


just looking at half the people on the train, but with these really


elaborate costumes at sea can see where the money is spent. A lot of


effort. When kids come trickle cheating, what do you do was make I


keep the lights off. I have a back of sweets. I might put it to the


test tomorrow. That is it for the papers, thank you very much. Don't


forget all the papers are online and you can eat a detailed review of


them on the BBC website. Thank you to Martin and Rachel Stott now it is


time for the film review.


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