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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are broadcaster Edward Adoo and journalist James Rampton.


A warm welcome to you both. Let's show you what we have so far in the


front pages. The Financial Times reports that


Mark Carney is staying as Governor of the Bank of England until 2019


to steer Britain's central bank He is also on the Telegraph's front


page, as is Donald Trump. Donald Trump,


who the paper says making moves by the FBI over Hillary Clinton's


emails. It's a story that's dominating


the i front page too. It says Hillary Clinton is 'waging


war' on the FBI. The Metro leads with the moment


a lorry driver, distracted by his mobile phone, killed four


people in a multiple car pile up. The Guardian says Russia


poses an increasing threat to UK security -


according to the Head It's the first newspaper interview


with a serving MI5 chief. And the Mail reports that


a taskforce, set up to capture wealthy tax evaders,


has had only one successful The times focuses on the UK's


readiness to strike back at any foreign cyber threat and also


features a shot of Mark Carney, who appears to be winking at the camera


on his way out of Downing Street. Maybe he knew something.


CHUCKLES He knew how long he was going to


stay in the job, and according to be Telegraph, Carney to quit straight


after Brexit, one way of looking at it.


They have gone with this catchy headline and everyone expected him


to stay in the job until 2021. He will be in the job until 2019. It is


the whole issue of Brexit, will he stay? Will he go? He's going to go


after Brexit. I think he's done well in terms of what he's all about.


He's kept everyone in a positive frame in terms of the economy. But


there was speculation that he would quit, and a lot of people have kind


of been criticising that, in fact he should have done his full term.


There has been a lot of speculation, well, a lot of bickering as to why


he is deciding to leave. In terms of Brexit, he is going to stay through.


James, some of the Brexiteers don't like him and thought he was a


prophet of doom during the referendum. He did and he got


slated, by Jacob Rees-Mogg and Iain Duncan-Smith laying into him today.


After the referendum he was the only person who seemed to have his head


screwed on and announced they would be quantitative easing, which saved


the economy. George Osborne was nowhere to be seen, Boris Johnson


preparing to play cricket, Michael Gove preparing to stab various


people in the back. When you expect somebody to give you some form of


positivity, and there was no one around, and Mark Carney save the


day. I hope these Tory Brexiteers have not chased him out because he


is a stabilising influence in this turbulent time.


We need sensible people like that to steady the ship. He will stick


around for awhile longer. DfT have that on their front page also.


Carney extends term to steer Bank of England Brexit negotiations will


stop -- DfT. The Telegraph mentioned he is going


to quit. Here they are saying he will stay during the negotiations.


In actual fact, what you're saying, James, is there needs to be someone


in place who will sure things don't go wrong. There needs to be a


leader. Michael Gove was looking for a job!


LAUGHTER Let's not go there. He will not be


your friend tomorrow! He wasn't my friend today!


Gof for governor would have a certain ring about it. Let's go to


the other side of the pond and the American election is getting


interesting. So many twists and turns. This is the gift that keeps


on giving. It's incredible, just when you think it is a done deal,


Hillary Clinton 12 points egghead, this extraordinary revelation that


James Coney sent this letter saying he is minded to reopen the


investigation and the Democrats, as the eye newspaper said, they are


waiting warn him. And then they said James Coney might be sitting on some


information linking Trump to the Russians and they are calling on him


to resign. Even Josh Earnest refused to endorse James Coney today. The


White House is supposed to be neutral. President Obama appointed


him. Massive pressure on James Coney. What he has done is


unprecedented. According to the FT Trump saying, Clinton if she was


elected President, would face a criminal trial as a sitting


President. Sitting trial, you've got to think for the electorate, what is


going on here, this constant bickering with Trump and with these


e-mails, do they actually want to know what is going on, that is the


question that should be asked. Trump is using this as his weapon of mass


destruction and no pun intended. What was shocking is James Comey


hadn't even seen any of the e-mails when he sent the letter so in my


eyes he is making a clearly political jester doing that. He is a


Republican and to do it in 11 days before the General Election is


absolutely unprecedented and that is why he has caused such a storm of


criticism. One reporter said he thought if he didn't do it it would


be leaked by some people at the FBI. We have a nice cartoon in the


Telegraph as ever. It is great. So slow, and now we have started


getting all of Hillary Clinton's e-mails. It reminds me in the 90s,


if you have dial up, if you remember, the old-fashioned way of


connecting to the Internet. Imagine everyone just waiting for the


e-mails to come through. That he was what he was trying to put across.


Only 350,000, they cannot take that long to download! Donald Trump did


say, what does she do all day? She must be constantly writing e-mails.


Can you imagine Trump waking up at three o'clock in the morning


thinking I want those e-mails. He is tweeting all the time, he is a fine


one to talk! Let's move on to the eye which has not very prominently


but the Orgreave inquiry is not happening. What is your thought on


that, James? I agree with Andy Burnham, he said it was an


establishment stitch up and it seems to me the campaigners are claiming


that Amber Rudd appeared to promise them in inquiry, just a question of


what form of inquiry and now, apparently, or allegedly, she has


backed out of that pledge. Quite understandably in my eyes, the


campaigners are furious about it. The campaigners said that it was


alleged that Amber Rudd said in what context? And that is what they are


arguing about. They didn't get what they wanted. Andy Burnham earlier


today said it was an establishment stitch up. We were just talking


about Hillsborough, and it happened with the same police force. In


actual fact, would this not going ahead, it saves the force from


further backlash, but for the campaigners and families who wanted


some answers out of this, will they get the answers? Labour is


championing this and want to get some answers from this but many will


question why Amber Rudd has decided to make this decision and will


anything ever come out of it? Lord Tebbit explicitly said it would be


used with a stick to beat Mrs Thatcher's government. I will just


leave that hanging there. Let's look at the Metro, they have one of the


most awful stories I have read for a long time about the lorry driver. He


was on his phone. So many people use their mobiles while driving, but


what catastrophic consequences, to kill four people. I saw the footage


earlier, Thames Valley Police have worked with the family to show


footage of what actually happened and it is scary. You could be


driving along on any motorway and you could be driving ahead, could be


a lorry driver, he was probably shuffling trying to find a track on


his playlist and he went straight head on, I'm not sure how fast he


was going. The judge said it was like he had his eyes closed,


effectively. Absolutely, and he said he turned his lorry into a lethal


weapon and the mother of one of the poor children who died said I would


urge you to make a personal promise not to use a mobile phone while


driving. That will not happen, when I'm driving I see people still using


mobile phones. I think the Government needs to get involved.


Ibiza should be a stronger penalty. Or a campaign -- maybe there should


be. People might think that could have been my children. They should


show the footage of what happened. When I saw that it was heartbreaking


to see the impact of what took place.


The Daily Mail have got just one super-rich tax cheat nailed in seven


years. 2012, this person was prosecuted in


2012. They have 380 people working as part of this team and apparently


it is racking up a bill of ?15 million. You've got to think, we


mentioned earlier, the people being investigated, there must have


knowledgeable lawyers, they must know how to kind of get themselves


out of it. But for the average man or woman working on the street,


cleaners, bus drivers, who will see this article and thinking, hang on a


minute, why am I working? 380 people employed to get one conviction in


all of these years. If any other organisation was so inefficient it


would be closed. It is shocking, particularly when small businesses


are being targeted, maybe two or three people working all the hours


that God sends to earn money and people with the money to pay for


very flash lawyers are getting off apparently scot-free. The question


that is to be answered is why isn't HMRC doing more? That annual bill,


?50 million, a lot could be done with that money. We're living in


towns of austerity, Brexit, the pound is in a peculiar position. ?50


million could go a long way. They could pay Gareth Bale for a week!


LAUGHTER The last paper is the Guardian, they


have an exclusive interview with the head of MI5. In the whole days --


the old days he would never have given an interview. We have seen the


Bond film where he or she is known as Mand now we know what he looks


like he gave an unexpected speech at the Royal Society of Arts as you say


it's the first time a serving head has given an interview in 107 years.


There are lots of interesting revelations. He says there is a


growing threat to the UK of cyber attacks from Russia. He said we are


perhaps being distracted by so-called IS, and while we are


looking over their Russia is coming over here, blocking our computers,


messing with our businesses. We sort of knew that, didn't we? Is it a


revelation? He says it is much more prevalent than we thought. He says


Russia seems to define itself as against the West and it is


manifesting that in messing up the West's business. And apparently


meddling in the American election. The timing of this piece with what


is going on in our lapel as well. One interesting fact that he


mentioned, which was good, he said his aim was to have a gender balance


and recruit more people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Within MI5?


Which is a good thing. Why is it taking so long quiz --?. The threat


of what is happening with Russia, that needs to be investigated. I


suppose we deal need to know about it.


Read the Guardian and you can find out more about what the head of MI5


thinks.. Open the e-mail with Russian letters because it's bound


to be a trap. It is still in my inbox! Thank you James and Edward.


Thank you for joining us. That is it from The Papers, all of the front


pages are online on the BBC website.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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