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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Hugo Rifkind, columnist for The Times,


Welcome to you both. Let's kick off by showing you the front pages we


have at the moment. The Times says Donald Trump has seized the lead for


the White House according to one new poll.


The Metro leads with the story of the Iranian asylum seeker who has


made it to Britain after paddling from France in a canoe.


He was eight miles off the Kent coast when he was picked up


The Financial Times says the Chancellor of the Exchequer,


Philip Hammond, is seeking the approval of cabinet colleagues


to abandon rigid financial targets in his Autumn Statement,


in case he needs to protect the economy from Brexit fall-out.


The Telegraph leads on what it says was fury after MPs voted


to re-appoint Keith Vaz to an important committee


Mr Vaz resigned from the committee only weeks ago after a sex scandal.


The Guardian says white families are being urged to move to areas


of ethnic diversity, to avoid segregation


The Mirror reports Dale Cregan, who is in secure hospital for committing


four murders is living the life of luxury eating pizza and going


kayaking. Let's start off with the Guardian. You go, on their front


page, the battle for Mosul. Iraqi troops going into the city for the


first time. It has been an Islamic stronghold for the last couple of


years. How significant think this is? Very significant. It is part of


a big push into Iraq. It is not just that they are about to retake the


city, it is also sunny tribal fighters and Shia militias around


the other side of the city preventing Islamic State fighters


from fleeing into the desert. They are not just trying to retake


territory, they are trying to have a final big push to squash the Islamic


State. It is interesting, this is obviously happening in der Rice at a


very media friendly way. They are keen for the eyes of the world to be


on this -- in der Rice say it, a very media friendly way. In Iraqi it


is possible to see this. In Syria the fight against Islamic State is


only a small part of the fight. There are Assad forces against


Syrian rebel forces. Here, it is sense of an invading army we are


talking about 600,000 people who have not been able to flee. We are


talking about a very large death toll, I think, because we are


already seeing reports from people who are living in the city 's and we


have been used to smart bombs and surgical strikes in previous wars in


the middle east, but in this case it will be not quite hand-to-hand but


it will be door-to-door, street to street and this is the real worry.


An awful lot of civilians who have nothing to do the fighting will be


killed. The Guardian also, the main story is the ethnic divide in


British cities is growing rapidly. They are talking about ethnic


segregation in towns and cities. Usually we are talking about


minorities who do not want to integrate into the majorities and


people of Asian backgrounds and Afro-Caribbean 's should integrate.


But here we are talking about a report from a professor who did a


landmark report after the Bradford riots in 2001 and he says large


numbers of white people are leaving our inner-city urban areas by a


colossal numbers and in some parts of the country like Slough, the


white population fell from the gate .3% in 1991 down to 34.5% -- 50 8.3%


in 99 to one. In black perm just 7.8% of the population is white --


in black burn, just 7.8% of the population is white. He is not


putting this down to white flight and distrust of foreigners. He


thinks it might be to do with other reasons. A sense that you want to be


in the countryside, it might be to do with other motivations like house


prices. Is it a changing face of Britain, do you think? What is


interesting is when you have increasing segregation, it does seem


to be to do with white community is leaving for whatever reason. Some of


the numbers you get further down, it seems to be particularly a case


where you have small white communities. Perhaps white


communities do not like being part of small white communities. We have


a 60% white community they are staying put. Some of the numbers you


have a drop from 30% to 7% in two decades. That is very significant.


There is some kind of trend but it does not say what the trend is. Who


knows. Let's go to America. They have one opinion poll which I


mentioned in our look ahead, this is one old giving trump lead after so


many polls which have shown him way behind Hillary Clinton. Is that


significant or is it a blip? It is probably both! It is making him look


stronger than he is. There are no new allegations against Hillary


Clinton. They are poorly understood and not substantial. What has


happened is the FBI said they had new lines of enquiry into what had


been an investigation that they had closed because they had uncovered


new e-mails. They may not even be new. A different cache of e-mails.


They are approaching it from a different direction. The mere fact


that this investigation is ongoing seems to be hitting the Clinton


campaign hard. Whether that will last, who knows? It is volatile. Is


it enough to give Donald Trump victory? No, he will have to get


every single angry white man, every single angry white woman, all the


uneducated people he likes, get rid of all the Hispanic votes, there is


it easy reports that African-Americans have less


enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton then Barack Obama which is expected. I


think the African-American community will come out in huge numbers. The


Telegraph has this story about Keith Vaz. He was mired in scandal but he


has bounced back. He is on another parliamentary committee. They say


there is theory, I think it is the paper which is furious. 200 and


something MPs voted to allow Keith Vaz to be on this committee, seven


voted against so it was a major majority. It is not really about


Keith Vaz this. There is a convention that MPs do not oppose


party appointees select committees and they are trying to preserve


that. In which case, we will not any more about it! Let's go to the


Financial Times. They are talking about if the effects of Brexit could


rise. This is about the abandonment of his predecessor. He is talking


about a modest fiscal stimulus. He wants to loosen the rules. We are


hearing about this in other areas of government as well. It is about not


expecting rabbits out of hats and he wants head room in case Brexit will


hit growth. That will surprise some of the Brexit peers who have said


all the plans have been brilliant but he wants to take a long view.


Hammond is the interesting figure of the government. He is the softest


Brexiteer and he will not pull a rabbit out of the hat. He wants


people to know what will be in his announcement before he makes it. So


we are seeing the rabbit. It has already been cooked a lot of


metaphors about rabbits, I don't think I follow them all. And


Australia does not like doctors any more. -- do not need doctors any


more. If you think about going to Australia they do not need you.


There had been a rush of British doctors applying to work in


Australia after the junior doctors strikes. Australia is now full up


with doctors. They require no more British doctors. They have a lot


there already so they don't need any more? That is pretty much the


situation. Now the Guardian has a story about car insurance. They look


through your Facebook account to see what sort of driver you might be?


This is Admiral and they stressed it is not a compulsory scheme. It will


offer discounts to people whose Facebook posts demonstrate they are


good, sensible, that you are thinking people. We are talking


about mainly first-time drivers. They will look at character traits


like writing in short, con sais sentences and making arrangements to


meet people at a set time or place in so saying whatever, wherever


which shows you will be devil may care. You will drive too fast. You


can't be trusted! It is a bit intrusive? It is not compulsory. It


does not matter because you can opt to pay more and not allow your


insurer to do this. It is this nudge where you are expecting to disclose


it. The strong incentive is to do this stuff because there is a


financial penalty if you don't. And maybe you do need to be careful


about what you do post on Facebook. Employers apparently go through your


younger life on Facebook, pictures of you getting drunk and maybe think


they will not hire you on that basis. I think more and more schools


will be telling young people to be careful about their online digital


footprint and it may bite you. Online digital footprint, that is


what I should have said, that is the terminology! I am a millennial, do


you know?! Not really! We are almost at the Times which has this


extraordinary story about Lord Heseltine and the curious incident


of the dog and Lord Heseltine. You go, tell us the story. This is my


favourite story of the day. This morning, the magazine Tatler has an


interview with Michael Heseltine in which he appeared to have claimed


that earlier in his life he strangled to death his mother's


Alsatian. This was back in the 1960s. Sounds like a headline you


use to get on the day-to-day. This was an enormous fuss for a few hours


earlier this morning. It then emerged he had strangled the


Alsatian but not to death. He merely calmed it down by strangling it


which apparently you can do because it had bitten him. His wife was


pregnant and he was worried that his wife. If you bite Michael has all


time he will strangle you! And then he will get the vet to put you down.


It is a great newspaper story. Plays into the sense of tar sand through


the jungle fighting lions and political assassinations and canine


assassinations -- Parvin. Dog bites man is not a story, man throttles


dog is a story. A lot of people may be upset about the idea of a pet dog


being strangled. He did appear to say earlier this month that he and


his wife shot 350 grey squirrels over the course of six months which


is a lot. But no dogs. And Tatler have clarified the story. They


accept he did not kill the dog that day. He merely hurt it. It was a vet


the next bed. You really should not laugh for that story. Hugo and


Henry, thank you for being with us. Don't forget all the front pages


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after we've finished. Well, it is time to get the thicker


coats out. There is colder weather on the way. We will certainly feel


that over the next few days. The warm weather we had


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