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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are joined by Laura Hughes political correspondent


at the Daily Telegraph and David Davies, broadcaster.


The Telegraph says the Justice Secretary Liz Truss will scrap plans


to reduce the number of prison officers, amid concerns over rising


The Times leads on the pension blackhole at BHS,


reporting that Sir Philip Green and his wife face a demand


for hundreds of millions of pounds from the regulator.


Brexit leads the Daily Express, as the government waits for a ruling


on Parliament's role in the process of leaving the EU.


The paper also forecasts a drop in the temperature is on its way.


The Guardian also has that story about an extra 2,500


frontline prison staff to be recruited


to tackle soaring levels of crime inside jails.


It shows Sir Edwin Landseer's The Monarch of the Glen,


The Metro leads on the FA decision to flout a ruling by FIFA to ban


England and Scotland from wearing poppies when they play a World Cup


The Daily Mirror also reports on the BHS pension black hole. And The


Daily Star speculates about whether Cheryl Cole is expecting a baby. So


many different conversations. LAUGHTER


We can start with the conversation that the Daily Telegraph is trying


to inspire, prisons, cuts scrapped, reoffending rates have been soaring.


Crime behind bars. This is Liz Truss making a huge date then, this is a


massive intervention, -- a huge statement. She is saying cuts were


made and there was a massive reduction in the number of offices


and the impact has been disasters and we have had people warning about


a bloodbath. The -- disastrous. She will introduce more prison officers,


another 2500, which will cost 100 formalin pounds to tackle this. --


100 formalin pounds. She wants to tackle reoffending levels, which are


increasing, and that is a big cost to the public purse. She will


introduce something like Ofsted, prisons are going to be inspected


and they will be marked, the public can see how their local prison is


doing and if they are falling short and they are not tackling issues


with drugs and they are not educating their prisoners and they


are not leaving and going on and getting jobs, they can have the


governor removed, almost like a school. The government as of


tomorrow has announced they will have a legal obligation to do this.


This is a very big issue and many people are very unhappy about this.


Overcrowding is also a problem. Of course. Remind me, this is your


story, on the front page of your story did it take -- on the front


page of your paper, but for how long has the Conservatives been the


Labour Party in government, and the party in power for 18 months to has


been the party in government. Hospital visits as a result of self


harm up considerably. Half of offenders in England and Wales go on


to commit another crime within a year of release. For how many years


have people been looking at what is wrong with our prisons? And we have


made them worse. I don't mean to give you a hard time but you did


write the article. The other issue, who wants to be a prison officer? I


know a couple and they hate their job, they come home in tears and


they suffer from stress. Not an easy job. All right to say they are going


to get more prison officers. The new bit is the intervention, we will


intervene, we will remove you as a governor if you don't fit these new


standards, we will make these reports and the public will have


access. This problem is old and it is growing. I think many of these


measures are going to be new. Where are the prison officers going to


come from? She is the Prime Minister, she just write the


article! It is a terrific article, by the way. Seriously, you worry


about that. It is a subject, should it really be a political issue? It


should be something successive governments have failed on this


subject. Prisons are not just about punishment, they are about


rehabilitation. Some material for tomorrow. Thank you. Don't mention


it. Staying with the Daily Telegraph, diesel cars facing


charges. A think tank telling us of how to deal with it, diesel engines


coming into our cities and polluting air after years of being told they


should not do that at all. We are failing to meet European emission


standards which is what is behind this. Very disappointing. The AA and


RAC pointing this out, how many years ago, we were told that diesel


cars were good for the environment and good for us and there were perks


if you drove diesel cars. They were wrong. Nitrogen dioxide. Lead up the


garden path. There was a ruling in court where a high judge said you


have failed to reach your emission targets and you are going to have to


look again at what you are going to do and this is where this has come


from today. It is not just people that own cars privately, we are


talking about cabbies and buses. Trains as well. To try and just


penalise people for bringing a diesel engine into the city is not


going to work. We have got to change public transport. The story says


government sources said there would be a period of scientific testing


before new legislation was confirmed. One wonders how long that


might be. If it saves lives, it has got to be done. The Daily Mail,


poppy war, they call it. England will wear their tribute to our


valiant dead. The BBC was told that by the FA as well. Fifa in the


spotlight again. Yes, in 2011, and then there was a compromise


supported by Fifa, and the other international sporting government


bodies which allowed armbands with poppies in them to be worn.


Extraordinary rumpus for the new regime, and it is a new regime at


Fifa, to get themselves involved in. I support the suggestion tonight


from the FA in England and Scotland that they will defy this and they


will take whatever punishment Fifa Hansa. I hope very much that my


successors at the FA, our successes, now they have a week and a half


until the match, on Friday we, that they go out now and get the support


of other major European countries like Germany, dare I say it, for


their action that they are taking, because I have the actual rule which


is what is driving this. Players equipment should not carry any


political, religious or commercial messages. Poppy does not come into


of those categories. It is about remembering sacrifice and that was


it. For some people, it is a political statement, some people


feel it represents war and senseless death. You could, some people would


argue, that it does, the fact we went to war, almost a celebration,


some might say, of going to war. I don't know. If it was an individual


player who said they don't want to do it, fine, I got no difficulty.


Jeremy Corbyn got a hard time, there was controversy. It is down to


choice, not everyone chooses to wear a poppy, they might donate money to


the Royal British Legion. They have no choice, these players, they have


been told. Just a minute. A player, in my estimation, if he chose... Or


surely, if they chose, the women's team is a big thing, they were third


in the World Cup, they might have a big decision to take in the future


and I hope that people would give individuals that choice. A quick


look at the Independent. Key battle grounds in the United States.


Yes, key battle ground states, very close. Questions are being asked,


who is going to win, and this comes as Obama intervenes and he says the


world is at stake. He implicitly has a geek at the head of the FBI -- has


a dig. He is trying. He's begging young voters to go out and register.


It is all about who goes out. About turnout. I've come back from


America, this extraordinary soap opera is doing wonders for the


ratings of the news channels and harming the ratings for sports


channels and films. That's another thing. This headline, the edition I


did states. Whoever wins, how are they going to stand up on Wednesday,


a week today, and say let's now unite together after some of the


things that have been said. Donald Trump, if he wins, he will have do


pursue his own going to take Hillary Clinton to court. Not just that.


It's the people of America and how they react. Concerns about that. We


have three minutes. The Daily Mirror. Very quick turnaround for


their front page. ?300 million blow to Seville or green. -- Sir Philip


Green. Who are his advisers and as he listen to them? It must be quite


a job. He basically has been told that what he is offering, sources


say he offered to pay around ?200 million but watchdog chiefs are


insisting on ?300 million. Sir Philip Green says he has read the


statement and noted the contents and he says he has provided the


regulator with what he believes to be a substantial proposal. This


would prevent the scheme from entering the pension protection


fund, in order to achieve a better outcome for the BHS pensioners. He


feels he has a better alternative than the outcome of it going into


the pension protection fund, I read that as being. The pressure remains


on Sir Philip Green. The Daily Express now. A couple of stories.


The usual ones, Brexit and the weather. Brexit, Brexit. Tomorrow we


will have a ruling on the court case, people have challenged Theresa


May's right to formally trigger Article 50 and our withdrawal from


the EU and campaigners have gone to court and say they do not have the


right and Parliament should get a vote before Article 50 is triggered.


This story suggests the government's case not be defeated, they have


argued that if MPs wanted to take away this royal prerogative they


could have put a clause in the legislation saying that they want a


vote, but no one did that. That is their argument. This is the


tradition and that is what is going to happen. It was always going to go


to the Supreme Court, whatever side they rule on tomorrow. Brexit means


Brexit, but no one knows when. Exactly. The main campaigners might


say the two stories are connected, winter is coming -- Remoaners might


say the stories are connected. Europe's fault! LAUGHTER


According to the weather forecasters, the daily press have


got it right this time, the frost is coming. -- the Daily Express. They


have obviously worked out that when they talk about the weather they


sell more copies of the paper. A real mixture of stories.


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