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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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much on-screen magic in the spin-off from the Harry Potter theories. That


in the film review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the Home Affairs Editor


of the Evening Standard, and the Deputy Head of Sport


at The Sun, Martin Lipton. Tomorrow's front


pages, starting with The Observer claims Europe's leaders


are to force the UK into a hard Brexit in a bid to see off any


future populist insurgencies that might lead to the break-up


of the European Union. The Sunday Times says the Queen


is to invite Donald Trump to Windsor with Ministers hoping


she'll help cement ties The Chancellor, Philip Hammond


will pledge to spend more than ?1bn in a "road-building bonanza"


in his Autumn Statement on Wednesday Meanwhile, The Sunday Telegraph


warns that the Autumn Statement may include a tax raid on middle-class


job perks such as health checks We are going to start with The Times


and Mr Trump. What is the take on this version of Mr Trump? It is said


the Queen will invite Donald Trump for a state visit next year, at the


idea being that this will be one of the first countries it comes to once


he becomes US resident. It is obviously early days and there are


sources indicating this is the plan of the government. -- US president.


The idea that we want to be close to the Americans, whatever we think of


Donald Trump as an individual, clearly he's going to lead the US


for four years and it is important to have good relations, and in


particular a good trading at relation and this is accusing the


Queen and the Royal Family is moving and hosting a visit which would be


attacked if to him. I was quite disappointed when I saw this. A big


tea on the top of Windsor Castle. More gold at Windsor Castle. I think


the Queen would love it. It would be perfect. It would seal the special


relationship. Sadly, that was not the story. We will have to see what


he brings... LAUGHTER what is interesting here is that, with many


stories featuring Mr Trump, it features Mr Farage as well. It is


the push me - Poolewe of world politics. A strange combination they


become dominant figures which is I suspect quite scary for the rest of


the Western world but the link... Nigel Farage positions himself as


the link between the UK and the US and these are sent that Theresa May


is trying to trump him, as it were by bustling into the relationship


which is a bizarre scenario. There clearly will be concerned if he is


seen as the only link and intermediate between us and the


American administration. I do not think that will happen. The reality


is that also, come what may, any US president would be given an


invitation. The other interesting thing, apparently we were 10th on


the list of people Donald Trump called so it will be interesting to


see how quickly... We did not have Greg Norman. That is how the


Australian government got the telephone call. Maybe we need Rory


McIlroy. Mr Trump did not follow protocol. There is strict protocol.


The whole e-mail scandal about Clinton is using the server but he


just picks up his mobile and completely ignores the laws and...


And he is back on Twitter. Staying with Trump and turning to the


Telegraph,... It picked up this whole idea of planning estate visit


is trying to guarantee a post Brexit free trade deal. Obama saying we


would be at the back of the queue and obviously Trump moved the other


way talking about opening up the relationship rather than putting


barriers in. We need to maximise our potential markets, what better


market then the biggest market in the English speaking world. It makes


sense. When anyone thinks about the decision of Brexit, it is now about


making sure it works or whoever is in government because we need to


have a future that is economically viable. It is critical. The question


here is... I was always suspect about what Barack Obama said about


the back of the queue by the Telegraph talks about the talks will


target of reducing nontariff barriers because, of course, one of


the big plays that Donald Trump has made in his election campaign was


that the trade deals the US has got or seeking to get, in terms of the


European one and the North American free to a agreement, a disastrous


for America so he's not a great fan of tariff free trade. We would seek


a different deal of our own. Exactly how favourable it is going to be to


free trade... That remains to be seen. Making business great again I


am not sure that is a great slogan for him. It is all about the


domestic market. There is a big market here for them to export into.


The Telegraph saying ministers are hoping for a statement of intent. He


think that is likely to come? Maybe he wants to as well. To be able to


prove he is not a pariah... He will be a busy man. We cannot get


anything more than a statement of intent or at least a signal because


clearly we are not able to negotiate deals until we have left the


European Union. We are going to kind of stay with Brexit and turned to


the Observer. It looks that we are going to be made an example. So they


say. It is a little bit thin. There was no evidence other than some of


the talk going on in the last two or three weeks that various European


leaders are not keen on making concessions or free movement and


therefore if we want to have some... Restrictions on free movement we


cannot therefore have the free trade so from that point of view, if we


cannot strike a deal on free movement, then perhaps there will be


hard Brexit. This is more about a bigger play to be made which is a


lot of the bigger nations, France and Germany, are worried about the


breakup of the EU. If Marine Le Pen is to win... Do you think she will?


Is someone said to me we are going to vote wrecks at an Donald Trump


would be US president you would have laughed at the concept but so


anything is possible. It started in Greece, Spain, 5-star movement in


Italy likely to lose this constitutional referendum. Marine Le


Pen, her father got into the presidential run-off and lost. One


assumes that Francois Hollande is so toxic. The last line of defence is


the centre right but we know that Angela Merkel is going to be under


pressure in Germany. And there is the ongoing anti-immigration


platform in Holland causing concern there so one wouldn't be surprised


if anything happened now because it is in such a state of flux. The


interesting thing is, Angela Merkel said this week that if we give


concessions to Britain everybody else would want them. It is quite


interesting position to be in. If everybody else wants them, then


there are different views. Some believe there should be less


integration and more a return to more national sovereignty. There is


a debate within the European Union about its own future leaving aside


how negotiated departure. That internal debate is ultimately going


to have an impact. Mr Blair could come to our rescue. This is


according to The Times, via a source. He wants a come back and


play a bigger part because he thinks it is going disastrously wrong. He


thinks Theresa May is a lightweight and Jeremy Corbyn is a nutter,


according to him. Do like... He thinks there is a massive hole in


British politics. Many people would like to fill the hole with him! The


Gulf War remains a toxic thing for him, particularly for the voters.


From the Labour Party point of view he is not very popular with the rank


and file full of the story here... Jared Kushner, in the US he might


have an impact there. Very, very briefly. The Autumn statement coming


up and we heard about the roadbuilding but it looks like the


so-called middle class could be losing out as well? Of course, there


is increasing financial pressure on the government and they need to save


some money somewhere and it is suggesting here some will be taken


off some of the arrangements have for four schemes... Hard-working


families just about managing families now. Try to spread the


wealth... It is interesting. A new buzzword. Theresa May wants to


appeal to the working person and not to be seen as appealing and shaking


policy to the top end of the market so that she is trying to spread the


message into the traditional Labour section. For us this evening, thank


you very much for joining us. That was papers. Do stay with us here it


was coming up next it's the film review.


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