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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be looking at tomorrow's papers.


With me are the home affairs editor of the Evening Standard,


and the deputy head of sport at the Sun,


The Observer claims Europe's leaders are to force the UK


into a hard Brexit in a bid to see off any future


populist insurgencies that might lead to the break-up


The Sunday Times says the Queen is to invite Donald Trump to Windsor


with ministers hoping she'll help cement ties


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond will pledge to spend more


than ?1 billion in a road-building bonanza


in his Autumn Statement on Wednesday, reports the Independent.


Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph warns that the Autumn Statement may


include a tax raid on middle-class job perks,


such as health checks and gym memberships.


OK, let's begin with the paper review. We start with the Observer.


It would be the lead story here. The hard Brexit. What other European


leaders saying? They reported as thinking, although there are any


quotes, that they want to not make any concessions on free movement and


therefore force us into what is termed a hard Brexit. Why did they


say they are going to do this? Because they are worried that if


they make concessions, Angela Merkel said this week, if they make


concessions to the UK, every other country will start wanting its own


concessions and they don't want to go down that road. That is the


argument. Obviously, we have to wait and see as to what actually


transpires because the negotiations haven't started yet, there are


elections in France and Germany, which this story refers to. Martin,


we've got the Court of Appeal coming up in January. There is a thing


about making the challenge before we can go trigger Article 50. It is


interesting, the European leaders talking about a hard Brexit, at the


same time, Brexit members like Liam Fox and David Davies art keen on a


hard Brexit but Ford different reasons. Here, it's about trying to


keep everything together. If Britain suffers going down that road, it may


prevent Marine Le Pen women -- winning. We have a serious challenge


by the AFD to Angela McCall coming up. It is true, the European


leadership are trying now to make an example of the UK the Devon to run


away from their grand scheme, others in this country suggest we did


shouldn't be doing so. -- daring to run away.


The article talks about Marine Le Pen. She must be grabbing her hands


with glee. It depends with how the French people vote. Of course. What


Nigel Farage is predicting here, and he did predict the Brexit vote and


Donald Trump's victory, he is now saying that Marine Le Pen, the


inconceivable could happen, she might winds. Most forecasts seem to


suggest she will get to the run-off. Hitherto the centrists are. There is


a big... But hitherto what has happened, exactly as you say, the


left and right have come together, the hard right -- not the hard right


but the Conservative Party and the Socialists have come together to


stop the National Front winning. That is what is inspected to happen


again if she gets through to the second round in this presidential


election. He is suggesting all source of extra ordinary things have


happened and this could be other one, in which case, she was today


filed out of the euro and out of the EU. There would be no way you could


hold it together. It is too unlikely, to be frank, that this


would happen. There is an awful lot going on in Europe. It is quite


dangerous to say that. All the unlikely things! Discount nothing!


We are going to say with Brexit in a way and turn to The Times. An


interesting story on the front page of The Times. It involves Mr Blair.


What is the connection between Tony Blair and Brexit? Blair takes them


you that he needs to come back from the self-imposed wilderness and take


a pivotal role. Apparently, he thinks that Theresa May is a total


lightweight and Jeremy Corbyn is an utter. I don't think that Mr Blair,


who I think Robert Lee is quite toxic still, really would say that


Jeremy Corbyn is a nutter, even though he might well think that.


It's interesting whether Blair is the person who can bring together


the country, I find difficult to believe. I think he is still seen as


responsible for the chaotic mess that was the Gulf War and he will


always be tarnished by that incident, irrespective of anything


else he achieved in his 11 years as Prime Minister. He is certainly


toxic for many of the Labour Party activist's point of view. It is hard


to see him paying -- playing an important role there. Apparently, he


is due to meet Theresa May soon, at the same time, his people are saying


Theresa May is a light weight. That will go down well! He was to come


back and play awhile -- play a role. Of course, at the same time, we have


had suggestions last week that David Miliband might come back from needle


where he is currently running an international rescue charity. I'm


not go to quote exact what the paper says but essentially, the message,


via the source, is that the Tories are messing up, not the word in the


paper, messing up works it. And he is having meetings allegedly with


George Osborne. With everybody else as well. Girard Krishna. Also, he


has recruited Jim Murphy to become his adviser on how to get over and


get back under the Westminster bubble, to a degree. He probably has


more impact in the US than he is regarded here. He may actually have


an important significant role he can play there. And behind-the-scenes, I


think in public here it is problematic but behind-the-scenes,


he probably can. Whatever one feels about the end of his reign and the


fact that he was clearly tarnished by the Gulf War, he was a figure for


the first part of the century, he was one of the dominant political


figures on the planet. The paper associates currently looking for


promises of round Westminster so we will see how fat backroads. -- how


far that goes. Next, a stealth tax. We've got the Autumn Statement on


Wednesday. Lots of significant financial detail is going to be


revealed about the current state of the nations finances. There is some


talk that the Chancellor was to make it less of an event than it has


recently been and concentrate most things in the budget but what it is


talking about here is that you can forego a part of your salary to


receive things like private health and gym membership and so on. The


salary sacrifice scheme, and play less tax. Basically, it is saying


this is a middle-class perk, in effect, and he might be going to


clamp down on it. Jam, just about managing families. I've not heard of


that before. It's the new buzz acronym for the next couple of


years. It is the same group of people being differently branded,


oh, here we go again, more rebranding. But it will be


interesting. If you have the Telegraph criticising, and I think


they will do because it is their readers who are being targeted, the


male will go down that path and I suspect but less aggressive. Of


course, when the governors has limited money, it is bubbly right


that people who are more affluent don't have as many tax benefits as


when people at the bottom of the pile are perhaps not doing so well.


Everyone believes that people should sacrifice, but they don't believe


themselves should sacrifice. It seems that the Queen, not quite


sacrificing, but she is going to be the secret weapon to bring in Donald


Trump over onto our side, according to The Times. Talking about a state


visit as soon as possible. That would make sense, whatever people


think about him, he will be leading America bother next four years and


of course we should do everything we can to cultivate good relations. The


Queen camp where useful role in that. I got the feeling reading


through this it was almost as if it was trying to get one over on Nigel


Farage. The only quotes come from Nigel Farage. He has probably


arranged it! He tried to position himself as the link between the UK


and the US, Theresa May would not want that to be the case. There is


all this talk of special relationships once again. Talking


about the Thatcher Reagan relationship. The British government


need to be close to the American government, even if it doesn't


particularly like the American president, particularly in a post


Brexit future. Of course. We have to expand the English speaking markets


because they will be the easiest ones to get into. Another thing is


there has been controversy about the refurbishment to Buckingham Palace,


a slightly separate issue, but at the same time, the Royal family, the


Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William, they have a significant


diplomatic role and they are quite useful to the country. They can do


something that other people can't, sometimes. We will continue this


conversation and pick it up at 11:30pm. For now, Martin and Martin,


thank you. We will be back again at 11:30pm. Coming up next, here on BBC


News, it is Reporters.


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