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out of business. Often says it will step into a new supplier for the


company's 160,000 customers. -- will step in to find.


Welcome to our look ahead to what The Papers will be bringing. Giving


their Saturday night political commentator James Miller and Dawn


Marie France, editor in chief of the York shortens life magazine. Thank


you both. -- Yorkshire women's life magazine. Theresa May will announce


a crackdown on executive pay this week in an approach previously


advocated for Ed Miliband. The Sunday Times leads with the death of


Fidel Castro, describing him as the scourge of the West. The Daily Mail


claims police were warned by their own expert of allegations of child


abuse against the former Prime Minister Ted Heath should not be


taken seriously. Let's begin with the story that's been dominating


news bulletins all day. That is the death of Fidel Castro at


the age of 90. Here it is on the Sunday Times, scourge of the West,


it says. World divides over revolutionary icon who became a


murderous tyrant. Interesting to hear different leaders from


different parts of the world trying to pay tribute to him whilst


acknowledging that his regime was terrible and fearful for many


people. That's true. I'm intrigued by the splash on the front where


there is still a lot of division. There is still a certain spread, you


either liked him or hate him. I'm intrigued by this conversation, the


row taking place in Washington, where they are deciding which person


in America will represent them at the funeral. Several Republican


senators have called for Barack Obama and the Secretary of State,


John Kerry, to stay away. But I know Barack Obama wanted to go, which is


what I understand, because he is trying to cement relationships with


that country and he wants to pay his respects going forward with that.


Also, Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, he has offered a low-key


remark saying the Doncaster's death marks the end of an era for Cuba and


the start of a new one for Cuban people. -- saying Fidel Castro's


death. They are being choosy with how they put out these


announcements, which is interesting. Some British politicians today have


raised eyebrows with paying tribute to the advances he made for Cuban


people in terms of health and medicine are not necessarily...


Talking so much about the human rights abuses people suffered. Yes,


talking about Jeremy Corbyn it is strange statement in which he


praised Fidel Castro. The thing about this story is it is ideal for


Sunday. Today we've had people making statements. Lots on twitter


some people saying he was good, he was rubbish, good health care


system, yeah, but he killed people. It is set up for the Sunday


newspapers. He is a conjugated character, Fidel Castro. A bit of an


understatement. A dictator who replaced a dictator. Yes. --


complicated character. Boris Johnson said it is a new era, but it is one


Castro replacing another. Life has changed a little bit. People are


allowed to run businesses. As Dawn Marie was saying, Barack Obama has


tried to reach out to Cuba in a way that previous Administration 's


never attempted. The line-up, we reckon, will include Vladimir Putin,


the uranium Rohani -- the Iranian Rohani. Not just list baddies but


they are the ones that have signed up so far. The Sunday Telegraph,


with a picture of many people out on the streets. In particular in Miami.


Absolutely jubilant. Flags flying. For then this is the end of an era


they are glad to see the back of. I was surprised. I did not realise


there were so many Cuban exiles in Miami. There was John King, they


were saying Cuba is free at last, there was lots of jubilation there.


-- chanting. They were exiled from that country. You wonder if Raul


Castro we'll be able to move things on more than he was able to do when


Fidel Castro was alive. We will see... The thing about Castro is he


made Cuba matter. Cuba isn't a big place. It isn't particularly


interesting in terms of its economy. Yet he made it matter. Without him


around and with the normalisation that it is no longer the Communist


Bastian, to what extent is it going to matter? There does not seem to be


many correspondent in Cuba reporting on this. We are grateful to have


will grant there. He has been there years. Great to have him. The unique


way the BBC is funded. Absolutely, long may it continue. Many carries


on Labour's business pay crackdown. Getting tough on corporate greed.


Not necessarily what we expect from a Conservative government, is it?


No. For Ed Miliband must be throwing things at the TV tonight. Theresa


May has stolen his policies. The policy nobody liked enough to elect


him last year. Theresa May has now stolen it. Including empowering


workers, as she put it, the Labour manifesto wanted to have employee


representation on remuneration committees. She has had the same


thing in a Green paper due out this week. Similarly he said companies


should publish the ratio of pay between highest and average earners,


she is going to do the same thing this week. It must be a kick in the


teeth for Ed Miliband. This is part of making the economy work for


everybody, isn't it? That's true. After the Philip Green outcry with


the public, it was not appetite for executive pay. As Theresa May moves


to the centre ground this is an idea that will connect with the public.


It will be good to see staff on the boards. It would also be good to


look at the pavement for the person at the top of the hierarchy in the


company and the person at the lowest, just to see the way that


works. It would actually give the power back to the employees, really.


And I think that will resonate with a lot of people. That's useful --


that she is following something. But you are right, Ed Miliband must be


angry because he was looking at this initially. The only caution is this


is a green paper. She's not doing anything. But the fact she is pretty


neat idea out there is something. Yeah. -- putting the idea. This is a


centrist idea, how does it sit with those ideas of those who are less


than centrist? One minute saying they want companies to show all of


the foreign employees, then they say we will have employee


representatives on the board... This employee representative business,


isn't that what trade unions are for? Yes, but they don't necessarily


get to sit on a scrutiny committee, or a board. They don't have much


power at all these days. Perhaps if you empower trade unions again then


you would not then have to have people on board. I like the idea


that she has raised issue that she might give stakeholders the power to


have pay packages of business leaders in an annual bidding vote.


That will resonate well with the public, I think. Because sometimes


at AGMs we see shareholders trying to object when they figure the


company has not been heading in the direction they would have liked, or


have not done as well as they would have liked, be successful. The


Conservatives are normally pro-business. Does this mean they


are anti-business all of a sudden? The Tories painted it is that when


Ed Miliband was trying to put it forward last year. But apparently it


isn't. Nothing is new. No new ideas, really. If she is playing to the


centre ground these are the kinds of policies that will win her over to


the general public as we go over to another general election. She has


got to have both kinds of policies to reach out to people who are not


normally conservative voters. The Sunday Times, here she is again,


Theresa May admits the Brexit challenge keeps her awake at night.


This is about her trying to get the best deal. It would worry anyone,


wouldn't it? That's true. She wants to that article 50 in place by the


end of March, depending on how this goes, because obviously she has to


go through the court case and see if she manages to push that forward.


Because there was that challenge, wasn't there? Yes, it is coming up


in the Supreme Court. We will have to see what happens. She is


determined. She really wants to push it through by March. But she is


going head-to-head with Mark Carney, who is calling for businesses to


return access to the free market. But the general public don't want


access to the single market because that means freedom of movement and


that seems to be a hot potato in that respect. -- return access to


the single market. People are angry about immigration and what that


means. If you look at someone like Yorkshire where we have seen lots of


people coming over from Eastern European countries, that has caused


problems because that has seen things like wages being pushed down.


That type of thing needs to be addressed. If you still stay in the


single market that can cause problems. She has a headache there


because she is trying to appease her party and the country. But then she


has Mark Carney saying we must stay in the single market. Tough


balancing act. He is talking about a transitional period of a couple of


years of having that access. It will keep her awake at night. Bad luck.


Your party had the referendum, this is the result, deal with it. One of


the interesting things is the difference in tone. Donald Trump


tweeted that he had been working even on Thanksgiving. Lots of people


said you need to get used to it, you are president. As Theresa May


admitted she had been working long into the night. Oh no! No, there are


some prime ministers and presidents who make a point, I think it was


George W Bush, he used to deliberately stop work at a


reasonable time of day. George W Bush? Don't look at me like that.


Noted for being one of the worst president in history. I have not


said that at all. I'm just saying work life balance. I'm just being


realistic at this point. If you want to be Prime Minister you have to


work long into the night. No sympathy. Let's move along to The


Mail on Sunday on the sport pages. Abuse was not just football. Police


operation moves wider than the national game into several other


sports. Not just Crewe Alexandra, which has been the focus, but there


are other places also involved in this enquiry. Inevitable,


unfortunately, I think because it isn't a football problem, this.


Football has a problem with it now. But it is a coaching problem, if you


like. Just I Jimmy Savile -- just like Jimmy Savile, it wasn't the


problem that he was a DJ, it was the culture. Sports have access to


children, and the need to have guarding around that and perhaps


that support has not been there. And it just takes a couple of people


that will help others be encouraged to come forward. I watched an


interview on the Victoria Derbyshire programme who had been abused by


this particular character who has gone to jail. It is important for


people to own that space and come forward. Because then it will


encourage other people to do so. I felt it was brave to go on the


Victoria Derbyshire. I was proud of that person. To own that space. To


say this has happened to me, I am owning my life, I'm not going to be


a victim any more. I would say that person was a survivor. It has


encouraged other people to come forward. I'm glad to see. Let's


finish with another story on the Sunday Times. Bosses told to bring


back Christmas. This is David Isaac, the relatively new chairman of the


quality and human rights commission, saying do not be embarrassed to


mention Christianity, religion, at Christmas. Yeah, he is fairly new in


the role, one suspects he might be trying to get some headlines with


this because he says some people refer to Christmas as the winter


holidays. Do they? Does anybody do that? I think they do, James.


Because you have Hanukkah in December. People don't mark


Christmas but they do recognise it as a break from the norm. Midwinter


Festival. Festivus is the Seinfeld celebration. I don't think people


don't talk about Christmas at work. People still exchange Christmas


cards, put up Christmas trees. Because he is new to the job I think


he just wants to make headlines. I've never heard anybody call it


winter holidays. I think he's just reading intercultural issues. I


think he is peddling a myth. If it is going to offend people calling at


Christmas, then don't. But it is Christmas. But it isn't happening,


is it? I agree with you. I don't think it is. It has got us talking.


That is The Papers. James and Dawn-Marie will be back in an hour.


Coming up next, Reporters.


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