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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Claire Cohen, Deputy Women's Editor


at The Daily Telegraph and Author and journalist, Matthew Green.


The Times leads with plans by the European Parliament to offer


Britons who would pay an annual fee EU citizenship after Brexit.


The i highlights a Black Friday record spending, with British


consumers shelling out ?8 billion to kickstart the Christmas season.


The Daily Mail talks about Jaguar Land Rover planning


to double their production in Britain, creating


The Daily Telegraph leads with reports about a leaked memo


suggesting that NHS hospitals have been told to outsource services


Reports on accusations by Leave supporters that Remainers and EU


lead, are plotting to leave Brexit. The Sun implies Darcey Bussell wants


the former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls out of the competition. Has


she no heart? ! Thirsty, that water's gone already! ? Let's begin


with the Daily Mirror. This is an immensely harrowing story that of


course has been building over the last couple of weeks. Here is the


headline: Robbie Savage, I fear there are hundreds of victims. This


is the child abuse scandal within certain football clubs and he could


easily be right with that assessment, couldn't he? Yes. He


says it could get a lot worse and we have four police forces now


investigating these allegations of historical child sexual abuse.


Hampshire, Cheshire, Northumbria and the Met now today.


Andy Woodward spoke to Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News last week and


since then more people have felt able to come forward. But it's so


upsetting to hear their testimony isn't it?


Yes, it's one of those great collective shadows really in our


society that's gradually emerging and we have seen it come in


different stages, whether it's been in the church, Catholic Church, some


years back, the BBC with the Jimmy Savile scandal and now of course


football. One wonders what other institutions could be implicated in


the future. I think of course there could be hundreds more cases here


but we shouldn't forget there may be many thousands or tens of thousands


of people who've been subjected to this who've never been acknowledged.


The only hope is that these revelations will finally allow us to


kind of cut through that curtain of shame that surrounds this topic and


actually bring this to light for some healing. This story is on a


couple of other papers as well. Talk of some people being paid off. The


Guardian talking about the fact that Crewe Alexandra knew there was a


problem and seemed to take no action, so it begs the question


about whether there should be some kind of compulsory referral? Oh, I'm


sure that's what victims and anyone involved in this harrowing story


will be arguing for. More people come forward and certainly not just


in football, victims are now seeing that they are being believed and


that they are actually can shake off the stigma and come forward. That'll


hopefully butt in place or set in motion a number of safeguarding


procedures to make this regulated in future. Safeguarding standards and


criteria have changed in recent times and we are talking about abuse


that, as awful as it was and these men are now coming forward in their


30s and #40s to report it, it did take place some time ago when the


checks and balances that we have now weren't in place? Yes but I also


don't think we can afford to be complacent either and I think if


anything good can come out of revelations it's having that debate


again more vigorously than we have had it ever before to really figure


out the systems and change the culture, just make sure that it's OK


to raise these topics, to have these discussions when they need to be


had. It isn't just football, we have seen it in swimming and things like


that where parents and children need to know that somebody will take note


if you come forward with a concern. Absolutely. They need to normalise


the procedure for people to be able to raise the flag without fear,


stigma, worry, that it will come back on them. Don't you think it's


time that we heard from the FA on this? Yes, the Premier League are


very concerned, they say, about the allegations that have been made. But


yes, of course, it takes leadership doesn't it from the governing body?


That's right. We have to have a conversation about how we can best


support the victims. People who've suffered this kind of abuse have


suffered trauma which leaves an imprint in the psyche and the whole


mind-body system that lasts a lifetime. There are therapies now


that can be hugely helpful and we need to think about how we can


support people to really heal as far as they can from these wounds.


A look at The Times, paid to stay in Europe. Britons can buy EU


citizenship, well, we can't, it's a suggestion under a plan. Sounds like


it's already happening but it isn't. What is this plan? It's only a plan


and it's a plan that may never be implemented, but it's been floated


before the European Parliament that has part of the Brexit negotiation,


individual British citizens who want to live and work in Europe could pay


some sort of annual charge to retain some of the rights that they


currently enjoy while being a member of the EU, presumably free movement


and the right to work anywhere and so forth. It doesn't say much you


would have to pay for that and it should be stressed this is very much


just at the planning stage and whether it will ever become a


reality I think is anybody's guess. It might appeal to some, but there


are some MPs who think it would create a two tier citizenship in


this country, Claire? Yes, some say it would create two classes of UK


citizens and subvert the referendum vote. It would change the nature of


EU citizenship to do this and it would involve a treaty change by all


accounts to do it. Most things do, don't they? Yes. For this to happen


by the deadline is a bit pie-in-the-sky. Yes. We are going to


be treated to so many of the incremental stories where some idea


is floated then a Euro-sceptic Tory MP's wheeled out to shoot them down,


but the cold, hard facts remain that we are going to be pressing the


button on a two-year countdown and on current forecasts looking at a


very hard Brexit indeed which is going to be extremely painful for


Britain. I believe this associate member idea came about from an MEP


from Luxembourg who said there would be an amendment, but to what I don't


know, that would give the citizenship if you fancy it.


Different to your UK citizenship presumably. And I don't know who'd


confer it upon you. It doesn't seem to be very clear at the moment. Then


we've had the Maltese Prime Minister who is the incoming new EU President


in January. He's saying hold on a minute, the European Parliament


might vote against the deal that you strike, so don't think it's going to


be that straightforward from our point of view either?


Straightforward and Brexit are not two words that belong in the same


sentence. Before we even start talking about the 40 years of law


that's grown up out of our membership and unpicking that with


the great Repeal Bill and all the rest of it? Yes. One commentator


said essentially Brexit needs to be rebooted, we need to start it again


from scratch. Preferably just the side that perhaps will just have


blue passports back, maybe imperial measures and call it a day there and


carry on as before. That would be an ideal solution. Do you think? Yes.


Hard Brexit, soft Brexit and rebooted Brexit too. Who knows!


Here it is! We can't even move on that quickly. The Daily Mail,


Jaguar's Brexit boost. Retail export figures up and Jaguar Land Rover


plans 10,000 new jobs it says, what's not to like? ! This is a kind


of case study isn't it of yet more dishonest reporting by the Daily


Mail related to Brexit. Why is it dishonest? Because the story is


saying Jaguar is planning 10,000 new jobs, what actually happened is that


yesterday the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover said that the company may


consider investing in the UK if the Government stumps up ?450 million of


infrastructure investment to support them. That's a lot of money for a


Government which is already facing a growing bill from Brexit. So to


present this very speculative remark by the Jaguar CEO as some kind of


Brexit boost is dishonest. Well, the BBC's been reporting as well that


it's predicated upon infrastructure improvements. Which the Daily Mail


makes no mention of. But since when have we gone to the Daily Mail to


tell us facts act Brexit. We are seeing the residue presented by the


guy's psyche, it's not a guide to reality. Everyone watching would


agree with me I think. Hold on. Everyone? ! I'll wait for the


Twitter feed. Steady! That is an exaggeration. A lot of people would


agree. Some. I'll say some. But, they are right aren't they, you


know, it's good news. No, they are not right, Martine. There is no


boost and it's a purely speculative remark taken out of context and


slapped on the front-page. Look at the other headline, there are bullet


points that cub taken as good news. Treat us to those, lair? Exports


rose by 0.7%, helped by the weaker pound we are told. This is a big


one, the Bavarian economics minister called for a comprehensive trades


meeting with Britain. It's post-facts reality. Isn't this


though Jaguar doing a Nissan and saying we are happy to stay...


Trying to cut a sweetheart deal which isn't disclosed to Parliament


as some kind of under-the-table negotiation which every company will


be queueing up for. Not a very seemly sight is it? Let's look at


the Telegraph, NHS to use private firms to beat the winter crisis, a


leaked memo? It is a leaked memo. Another winter crisis. We haven't


heard that one before have we? ! We are told this winter crisis is worse


than ever. It says we have the highest level occupancy of hospital


beds in the run-up to winter ever. NHS hospitals have been ordered to


turn over some surgery to the private sector, we are told. Hip and


knee replacements outsourced to private firms. At some cost.


Wouldn't people rather get the treatment? Yes. The NHS is currently


half way through its most austere decade Since the end of World War


II. It's not surprising we are heading into a critical winter for


the NHS. The real issue is the Government's cut back so much on


social care spending that the hospitals are full of people who are


well enough to go home but there's nowhere for them to go to. Until we


sort out this whole mess with paying and properly funding social care, we


are going to see stories like this again and again? There's been talk


about trying to merge social and health care but it's such a huge


problem to tackle and expensive? It is. We are talking about the winter


crisis, it seems as though the NHS is in perpetual winter, it's always


Narnia. And no mention in the Autumn Statement a few days ago. The Health


Service is running very hot and patients are obviously going to pay


the price for that. We are going to need to have a proper national


debate in the UK about what we expect as citizens from the Health


Service, how much we are going to be prepared to pay for that. Until that


happens, it's going to be tough to go for that fundamental reform you


have been talking about. And how much we are happy to have the


principles eroded or compromised. After Brexit though, everything's


got to wait until after Brexit. Once we have paid off the extra billions


of debt. Not all due to Brexit. I digress. Bosses' pay in the MP's


sights where company bosses, private company bosses should have to


operate to the same rules as public companies, is that right? Yes. A lot


of people will be cheering about this one. A reigning in of the fat


Cats. Bosses such as Phillip Green it says here, are going to be... No


relation? No relation! Are going to be bound, their salaries will be


bound, bound by corporate governance essentially. Sounds like a good idea


doesn't it? It does. We saw what happened at BHS and the idea that


company bosses who own private companies can be held to a lesser


standard than those who run publicly listed corporations does seem wrong,


seems like a step in the right direction. On the other hand, you've


got to look at the bigger picture haven't you? Theresa May's come out


on this more populist platform since the Tory conference but we've also


seen decisions where Local Government's been rolled over in


favour of corporate interest, for example in Lancashire there's been a


huge upwelling of opposition to fracking but the Government's


approved that very swiftly. So it's easy to make these rather cosmetic


changes but the real challenge will be whether the Government stands up


on behalf of local people in the face of the bigger corporate


interests. Miles Wilkinson agrees with your man on the papers! Thank


you, Miles. No surprise. No relation? ! You are telling me The


Express is next. Going back to the Express. My favourite subject. I


haven't got this in my paper, sorry. The voices in my head pointing me in


another direction. I don't think we'll have time for all of this.


Plot to sabotage a US exit, who, how? There is no plot to sabotage EU


exit is there, it's something that is being negotiated in disgust. The


Daily Express will scream something until people start to believe it's


true. This is referring to the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat


who has said it might not be simple, the European Parliament might have


something to say about it. That would frustrate things somewhat. It


would but did we ever think it would be simple. It's like a pantomime.


It's like, will they won't they. Are you doing a map cartoon now? My list


doesn't show a fraction of these things. Keeping you on your toes.


This is a ballot form saying Blair's referendum question. Are you very


sorry you voted to leave the EU? One box says yes, I hate myself, the


other box says, ask me again later. Discuss? I assume Matt is making the


point that those of us who question the wisdom of leaving the EU


certainly on hard Brexit terms, will just keep continuing to keep making


this point again and again until eventually people start to agree


with us. But yes, I mean, whether we want people to mate themselves for


voting to leave is questionable -- hate themselves.


It seems to imply to me that it's never over there,'s always another


thing. Yes. We have drawn that story from the conclusions we have looked


at tonight. It keeps us busy here. Ultimately, now it's bleak Friday,


how the high street turned into a guest town. It would seem a lot of


people weren't in a hurry to get out and buy a cut-priced deep fat frier


like last year? If people weren't beating each other up at 5 o'clock


this morning. The Male reports there were not queues outside shops in the


wee hours but we are told we spent #137bedn the 2 billion online which


would suggest the spending power on the Internet has lost none of its


potency -- ?1.2 billion. I tried to buy a few things today, sold out,


sold out. I bought this shirt and tie on Black Friday today. Was it a


bargain? I hope the viewers at home are equally grateful. Of course they


are. It was 20% discounted and I picked up two. My daughter who is


only 12 told me today that every shop would have at least a 30%


discount. No. We have to wait for Brexit to come before we get that.


You were ripped off. You were, yes. Let's finish with a story that


concerns me. Off with easy Ed. Darcey Bussell suggesting Ed Balls


should leave the Strictly show. He's on three front-pages. He is. I know.


Was he ever on three front-pages before, I don't know. Not even when


he was in Government, probably not, I don't know. He's saying he's camp,


he's got a spray tan and he's loving it but Darcey thinks it's time. Why?


It's a bit to-faced isn't it Darcey I think. She says that the


implication is that he's a novelty act and she wants to get back to


serious dancing. What is wrong with novelty act on a Saturday night


light entertainment night? Anne Widdecombe is quoted in the story.


Which I love. Saying, the show's most successful multi-act. John


Sergeant might have something to say about that! It would look good on


your gravestone. Closely followed by John Sergeant who was described as a


pig in Cuban heels, terribly unkind. It didn't matter, they kept him in


for ages. We'll see, there is no plot apparently to get rid of him.


He's great fun. We all loved Gangnam Style. We did! That's the papers.


Front-pages online on the BBC News website where you can read the


detailed review, there for you seven days a week. You can see us there


too each night with the editions posted shortly after we are


finished, posted on iPlayer too. Thank you Matthew and Claire. We


appreciate you going to the extra trouble with your shirt and tie.


Thank you very much. Coming up, the headlines shortly and the


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