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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Jason Beattie, head of politics at The Daily Mirror


and Benedicte Paviot, UK correspondent at the French


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with:


The Financial Times leads with a warning from the president


of the European Central Bank that Britain, rather than the Eurozone,


The Metro has more on the hospitalisation of former


football coach and convicted paedophile Barry Bennell -


who's been accused by several ex-footballers of child sex abuse.


The top story in the Daily Express is a warning that the cold can kill


- after chilly temperatures are forecast for much of Britain.


The Telegraph leads with a report that suggests more girls


being sexually abused at school - because of what it says


is a rise in "lad culture" and pornography on the internet.


The Guardian leads with handwritten notes mistakenly Britain is unlikely


according to a document photographed in the hands of a senior Tory


The Times reports that British security services are so efficient.


We will star with The Guardian. Have your cake and eat it. Is this the


Tory Brexit plan? I cannot believe that in this day and eight people


going into Downing Street are still caught with their notes under their


arm. I think it is a very Downing Street phenomenon. Have you been


counting... We should start a business selling folders as you go


into number ten. We would make a fortune. You could N ones and fake


ones. Three journalists in The Guardian, there is also the line


that the French are likely to be the most difficult. I'm not sure if


they're going to be the most difficult, but if they are going to


be difficult it might be President Francois Fillon or President


Mariella Pan unless the socialist revive their fortunes. -- Marie Lee


plan. This is embarrassing. When Ascot about the whole Brexit


thing... -- when Ascot about. We do not know if this is the official


strategy of the UK when dealing with Brexit, but this is the chief of


staff to the conservative end Pete Mark Field who has all the stuff


written on her notepad that has been photographed as she walked from


number nine to number ten Downing St. They have is in lenses. The


government have distanced themselves from this. We can talk about what it


suggests. Have our cake and eat it. That waste day in the single market?


It says that we are unlikely to stay in the single market but it is


talking about a deal like Canada, HA deal models on that with the extra


benefit of access to financial services. Nothing gets journalists


more excited than leaked memos, but we do not know who the person spoke


to, we know who she is, but we do not know anything else about it.


Maybe it is her own reflections. The key thing is when Downing Street is


refusing to give a running commentary, other people give a


commentary and end up running it. So the vacuum is filled and that is the


difficulty of this. Long may politicians keep walking into


Downing Street and showing us this information. It does say that the


French are likely to be the most difficult. They are the ones who are


likely to see we cannot have access to the single market or to have a


deal better than what they have inside the European Union. Why will


the French be so belligerent? I think for a very long time there has


been the impression across the political classes in France that,


and I know this will not be seen favourably, the image that was given


was Britain sat down at a poker table and then decided to keep


changing the rules. From a continental European perspective,


the Italians and others, they feel that the deal that the United


Kingdom had before the referendum was fantastic and that actually know


one else would have managed to get away with this. If we do get


Francois Fillon, who comfortably beat his rival last night, if he


makes it into the palace in May, despite the fact he has a Welsh wife


and has been compared to Margaret Thatcher, what he feels is that all


British officials should be pulled out of committees as soon as Article


50 is invoked. The French will be difficult and they will not sit


there and say that we can stay in the single market and London should


keep their passport. Why would they when they could perhaps take some of


that business. British security forces are so good I says have


decided not to do anything here. This is an extraordinary claim by an


accomplice to the bombers in Belgium who has allegedly said to the


Belgian security services. This man also travel to Birmingham to collect


funds for alleged terrorist offences and if the British security services


were as good as he claims they would have caught him and they did not. I


am not sure how much credence you should give to anyone who is an


accomplice to terrorist offences. I think it is a speculative story. A


terrorist offence could happen here and it would be atrocious.


Terrorists do not generally respect the authorities. The British


security services, it is not a matter of if but when they say. They


are stopping as many attacks as the the only takes one to get through.


The United Kingdom has a lot of experience of terrorism. I am amazed


that this is on the front page of The Times. When I was reporting for


a French radio is leaving the BBC, I was working on Central seven and


London had just got the Olympics and then 7-7 happened. Then I heard to


my astonishment a top French commander saying it would never


happen in France. I thought this was very responsible, so I corrected him


and said that on reflection I thought he would want to withdraw


that statement. I think it is very responsible and advocate is a good


idea to give prominence to a man who would seem very involved, not


convicted yet still he remains presumed innocent until he is. The


difference with brands is that the Islamic State have made it extremely


clear that France is targeted specifically and out for special


treatment and France has had that for the last 18 months and that is


why it is still in a state of emergency. Ended telling -- in The


Daily Telegraph, sex is rife in schools. This is based on an Ofsted


report that was part of a government response to a previous report by the


women's inequality select committee in the House of Commons led by Maria


Miller. They raise this issue several months ago and publish some


statistics about how many young girls were suffering sexual


harassment, they were being called names and touched up. They said that


we need to take action on this. The government response came back, it


came back today and it included this section in its. They rejected the


recommendations from the equality commission. The committee said that


they wanted the curriculum to be changed to take into account the use


of smart phones. They also wanted the law changed so there was a


statutory duty on schools to have a policy to tackle this problem and


that is the issue that is here. The fact that these horrific incidents


have taken place is not new. They voted down a Labour amendment this


evening to get the curriculum is updated. Why is the government


behaving like this? I don't know. The report discloses that Ofsted


inspectors have to look for sexist bullying when they are evaluating


schools. This is very worrying and it is a direct link to pornography


and bullying and abuse. These issues need to be talked about. The law is


now 16 years out of date and things have moved so quickly in terms of


how young people now use mobile phones. The schools need a clear


definition of what constitutes sexual harassment and when an


incident should be reported to the police. In The Daily Express, Paul


Nuttall and Nigel Farage. They look like the two Iraqis they are. -- the


two Ronnies. He says he is not going to be a back-seat driver. This is


the latest Ukip leader and possibly the last, hopefully he will laugh


longer than the previous one who only lasted for 18 days. -- he will


laugh longer. The reason why he is interesting is that he is seen as


the greatest threat towards labour. He is from Liverpool and he speaks


plainly and has some natural patter. He came straight out and said that


he was after Labour voters. Labour voters who voted for Brexit. Ukip is


a party in decline. They have membership of the hundred thousand,


but in the last three months the only received ?40,000 in donors.


There is also a constant infighting and feuding. There had to matter


times. They are still extraordinaire in their influence. Labour should


not dismiss them out of hand. Do you think that Farage is now gone?


Having seen him quite a few times in different situations, no, I don't


think he even knows that. Given Brexit, Donald Trump, we do not know


what is going to happen. Everything has speeded up. I have been


reporting on this around the world because Nigel


Farage is some people are interested in in France, given the upcoming


presidential elections. The Italian parties are looking at him as well.


This is not just UK news, this is being looked at across Europe. I


need to bring this to an end. Thank you for joining us. That is it from


us tonight. Stay with us for more coming up.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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