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next it is the Papers. From all of us that is it at from the sports


centre, good night. Welcome to our look ahead to the


Paperers. Good evening to you both. Tomorrow's


front pages starting with the i, leading with the MP who moved


colleagues to tears after reveals in the House of Commons she was raped


as a teenager. And the Metro reports on the human rights lawyer, who


could be struck off. And the Daily Telegraph: Saudi row widens Boris


rift with May. And the Garde clan Allies rally to


Johnson over gaffe. And the Daily Express: The Home


Office is making plans to house record numbers of asylum seekers.


And the Financial Times: Reporting on the European Central Bank


decision to cut back on the amount of bonds it buys every month. So,


let's begin. Let's start on the story that is led today, which is


Boris Johnson's unguarded comments about Saudi Arabia and Iran, of


course but especially Saudi, and this has widened the rift between


Boris Johnson and Theresa May? It Harold McMillan says that in this


case Boris could firmly be and it is very bad news when you are


Britain's top diplomat. So, you are saying he has made a


habit out of insulting foreigners, Dan, how is Boris viewed in the


company states? There is a risk with the undiplomatic comments he could


be considered a buffoon. But with Donald Trump coming into office


soon, Boris Johnson may have found a comrade in arms. Boris says what is


on his mind. He operates in the social media swaggering style. So I


was thinking Boris could be a dress rehearsal for Trump but only on a


smaller scale. Yes, I think that Boris Johnson may


dispute that but anyway. But interesting, if you look at the


coverage in your own paper, Randit of the row, the guardian is talking


about whether or not bourgeois speaking the truth when it came to


Saudi Arabia? That may be the case. In private, that these are views he


conveyed to the leadership of Iran and Saudi Arabia but the problem is


you don't say it in public. To convince someone of the merit of


your case as a diplomat you do it outside of the media limelight. You


don't seek the spotlight for this stuff but Boris can't help himself.


He wants to generate a headline. He is so used to doing it, he forgets,


what job he is supposed to play. This is difficult for somebody


leading us through the Brexit negotiations if you go around


insulting people and telling them you can have your cake and eat it,


it does not go down well with the opposite half when you are


negotiating with them. He has breached diplomatic protocol


but I cannot stop thinking of Donald Trump who recently went off script


and had a call with the leader of Taiwan, even though that went


against the American foreign policy with China. It is the similar


dynamic of going off script, saying what is on your mind and not


thinking of the consequence, perhaps not caring.


And the Garde said: That some are convinced there is a campaign to


undermine him as the Foreign Secretary from remain supporters and


EU politicians but these are words he has said himself? People in his


own party have been poking fun, the Prime Minister said she could put


down Boris Johnson and compared him to a dog, Philip Hammond used a key


economic speech to make fun of his attempt to gain leadership. So


people have been making fun of him, some have been saying that you have


to stop as he is being undermined on the stage abroad if you are


ridiculing him at home. He's not the top dog! His brass has


told him you are not representing their view, then they are not


working for me, then he is in trouble.


Dan, the New York Time, the executives keep their ears to Trump,


this is about him tweeting repeatedly about wanting to keep


large companies in the US and keep the jobs there? With the election of


Donald Trump we have an unprecedented case of an


entrepreneur becoming President. Many in the business world hope he


would be pro-business. He has gone on Twitter to dress down Boeing 777,


the producer of Air Force one, saying it is costing too much. He is


threatening to cancel the order. He recently did a deal with Carrier to


prevent them from moving factories with Mexico. He is turning out to be


quite drastic, so much so that Palin dressed him down for not addressing


conservative policies, it remains to be seen if he retains the line, how


the business community in the states and around the world will react.


About it is said here that CEOa are thinking hard about the consequences


of moving abroad? This is a problem. There are people on the campaign


trail who have nursed grudges and avenged opponents. But democracy is


won on trust and dictatorships run on fear. This bullying practice, it


doesn't sit well with people. The whole point of democracy is that you


can vote these people in, you expect to administer neutrally but if you


don't like them, you can kick them out. What is to stop this man


continuing to intimidate them when no-one rebuffs them? And he tweets


and no-one knows what he is really thinking. It is hard for us to


realise what some of these tweets can mean.


I think it is a dangerous phenomenon Yom. We should watch and worry.


But if he is defending American jobs, it is a pop Lincolnshire


thing? It is populist but it remains to be seen in economic terms if it


will back fire, saving 1,000 jobs to make a difference in macro economic


terms he would have to do this every two days.


Absolutely. It is just the very start. Yes.


Let's move on to the front page of the i. This is a troubling and a sad


story. An MP, Michelle Thompson and a


speech she made in the House of Commons, telling MPs she was raped


as a 14-year-old girl. A very moving intervention that was.


It is, it comes on this UN Day of the Elimination of Violence to


Women. So people were speaking about their experiences, she was talking


about a shocking crime perpetuated against her. There is a discernible


trend in politics where MPs are standing up to talk about their


personal experiences as it brings them closer to the public. So we


have had the Labour MP who spoke about losing a baby movingly last


few months ago, then Charles Walker, the Conservative MP talking about


suffering from mental illness and to some extent it puts the politicians


on the front foot in the terms that people relate to them and see them


as ordinary people as there is the idea there is a disconnect between


them and us but to do so over such a sensitive subject... It must have


take an lot of courage. I was struck by the story in terms of an analogy,


where Hillary Clinton had to maintain her decorum afterward ho a


fee may politicians bearing her soul in the most visceral way Andres


fating with many people hearing it. So maybe we are entering a new


confessional age. Especially with women to show their real side and to


be more honest. It remains to be seen that Theresa May, who has


fashioned herself as a tough, Thatcher like Charles thatch --


character, if she will show herself. It is hard for a female politicians


to win in this situation. Let's move on to the front page of


the Daily Mirror, looking again at George Osborne, the former


Cheshiring, and his earning power now he has left government.


It is a good story. George Osborne was born with a silver spoon in his


mouth. He comes from a family of magnates, he can race money quickly.


He was a young Chancellor that made a big impact but not for all the


right reasons in many people's eyes. But it is interesting, talking about


getting close to the public, George Osborne is part of the metropolitan


elite, so called out of touch with ordinary Britons and the Mirror is


highlighting the fact that his is continuing in the same direction.


He has been given permission to do this, he is still an MP but he is


entitled to? There is a debate about life after politics, Cameron, Blair,


he has been discredited for his involvement in the private sector.


Hillary Clinton for giving speeches to eat, and here with George


Osborne, it begs the question, are politicians not allowed to make a


living after they leaf office? And the front page of the Telegraph:


Mick Jagger, father at 73. What do we think of that, gentlemen? I think


it is great. How can you not be happy for a man who has had a child


in his 70s. Mick everyone.


Does it?! Thank you very much.


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