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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are journalist and broadcaster Rachel Shabi


and Deputy Political editor at The Telegraph Ben Riley-Smith.


Metro leads with the news the British public have helped raise


more than ?75,000 for the family of the murdered Polish lorry driver who


is a vehicle was hijacked and used in the Berlin terror attack. The


Times says the Queen is apparently disappointed with Theresa May after


the PM declined to share plans for Brexit during her first stay at


Balmoral. The Financial Times says China has warned Donald Trump that


after the US President-elect after the US President-elect


appointed a trial run a new what trade talks. The watch they claim


that saw Britain cosmic leading overseas are no-go zones for Jewish


students due to add Semitism and The Mirror lead with the story of


shoppers diving for cover as e-cigarette batteries blow up inches


from a pram. The Guardian says of violent and abusive men are being


allowed to confront and cross examine their former partners in


secretive court hearings and the Daily Express warns that the UK


faces of violent Christmas storms with 90 mile hour gales and


torrential rain. Not so good if you are in a sleigh. That wasn't very


funny riddle and you make that clear with that expression on your face.


Thank you. It was festive! To slow reaction. It was amazing. I will


start with you. On the Berlin suspect suicide attack offer. The


front page of The Daily Telegraph. Watch this story? This is the story


that apparently has been reported in Speigel magazine saying that Janice


Amri, the suspect in the Berlin terrorist attack, was her overheard


by surveillance offering to carry out the suicide attack, overheard


because security were monitoring unknown radical preacher -- a known


radical preacher which is how the whole of the information. We have to


be careful with these stories, there is always a tendency after the event


sort of right it backwards and say, there was a sign, there was a sign,


there was a sign, security is not good enough. There is always this


balance between security surveillance doing its job and the


urge, people are scared and we want answers and we want to feel safe but


we also have to resist the urge to either blame security or suggest


they don't have enough powers. There is a very delicate handling of this


reporting that has to happen. Absolutely right and Angela Merkel


has today said she is proud of how the reasonable and, measured way


that the Germans have responded to this. As Rachel says, you cannot


rush to judgment and say that the police and authorities must have


more powers, but the powers they did have come at the Germans, they kept


this man under surveillance for several months and decided not to


continue that operation. He could not be deported because they


couldn't get his passport in time from Tunisia. There are legitimate


questions. And he's still out there. 48 after. Here what you are saying


and there is always a thing with Russian to judgment but the string


of claims coming out are pretty serious. Firstly they heard him say


a few months ago he wanted to carry a "Suicide attack". And as most


Ismet dismissed him as an Arab boy and third they have been monitoring


this mosque that reportedly he went to after the attack and fled. Those


were claims by Speigel which does have an impressive track record of


getting accurate leaks details but if that is true that is a worrying


string of events. The worrying string of events could easily have


already happened in other cases that did not lead to... Totally, security


services are fallible like the rest of us and mistakes to get made but


it is worrying especially as this person is still at large. OK,


continuing with this story, the front page of the Metro. British


cash floods in for the Polish truckers' widow. It is his cab that


was hijacked and he was murdered just before the attack took place at


the Christmas market. Now the Brits are coming forward with money for


his widow, one assumes it is coming in from all over the place.


Fantastic news and cheerier angle on a few horrible days in Berlin. This


Polish lorry driver was on his way home to wrap his business presence


with his family and from what I remember he had been travelling for


up to a week. Restricted use going to have to spend one more night away


from home, terribly got caught up in what happened but Dave Duncan in


west Yorkshire set up this fund to try and gift some generous cash to


his wife and teenage son and already ?75,000 has been raised, I should


that will keep ticking up, saw a real feel-good story. It is great


and part of it is because this man tried to stop this guy. Yes. And


ended up paying with his life. This man put up a fight to the end,


trying desperately to view the truck away from the course it was on so it


would cause less damage. It just sounds like a real struggle between


him and the attacker, just a terrible way to end and heartening


to see the support for his widow and teenage son. That was a hell of a


struggle but in police are suggesting this man put up trying to


stop this happening. Interesting story, front page of The Times, the


Queen's frustration with me over Brexit secrecy. The PM disappointed


rub -- whirls Tebar Misic -- Balmoral visit. Clearly you don't


take a cake or present, it has to be a good and if you don't handed over


you are in trouble. Yes. So, this has emerged, apparently this has


come out as the Queen has been travelling to Sandringham, as they


do annually for Christmas. This has emerged that a couple of months


after Brexit and assuming power, Theresa May went to visit the Queen


and I can't actually imagine a situation where she actually said to


the Queen, the Queen said, what is Brexit about and she said to the


Queen, Brexit means Brexit. Or, what does break Tamim? I don't know?


Right. The Queen is like everyone else in the country, thinking, what


is going on? I suppose Her Majesty would have thought if anyone was


going to get the inside track on this ahead of time. Yes. It might be


the leader of 70 million people. Over Brexit with them monarch.


Brexit over breakfast. Yes, and it wasn't just that according to the


story, she was hoping there might be some insight into her selections for


the Cabinet including the appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.


You mean the Queen is trying to understand why he was appointed? Is


that what you're suggesting? I think she, like everyone else... Had


questions. Does this mean Theresa May doesn't have a plan yet? Or does


it mean she was trying to keep up on its just in case? I think the


Government has been open insane there is a live discussion about


lots of these big topics, yes, we have to make some decisions before


March and reformist art the talks to article 50, but they are not trying


to hide the fact they haven't got of the answers yet. We've been through


this thoroughly. Critics would say you're a clue what is going on.


Critics including the Queen. It is fair to say supporters would also


say it is the most completed negotiations since the Second World


War peace switches complicated, you have to cut Theresa May a bit of


slack that weeks after getting the job she doesn't have the answers.


She doesn't have a 3-point plan and that isn't unreasonable. If she said


Brexit means Brexit at the breakfast table with the monarch... Probably


went down like a lead balloon. I'm sure Joe the Queen was destroyed


about it. Absolutely, poker face. No-go zones for jury students come


interesting story. Yes, this is again a story you would want to be


reported very carefully. -- for Jewish students. This is coming from


crossbench peer and Chief Executive of universities UK and she says that


a lot of British universities, she mentions a few, and Chester and so


asked among others, Southampton and Exeter, have become known go zones,


Jewish students do not feel safe going to them because of the


conversations around Israel and she suggests this has happened because a


lot of universities receive donations from Gulf states and


therefore don't want to offend them. We are in danger of completing a few


things and possibly not doing justice to something that is quite a


real issue. -- conflating. Anti-Semitism does exist,


universities sometimes can have very desensitised conversations around


Israel, the political discussion can veer perhaps unintentionally into a


discussion that is hostile or will feel hostile to Jewish students and


that must be tackled but doing it in this way is unlikely to provoke the


kind of sensitive and reasonable discussion that has to be had. Just


saying she believed there are no-go zones for Jewish students at so many


British universities which is a serious charge. Based on? Is true


that number of universities do get funding from certain regimes in the


Middle East. But pointing out she does have some credibility, she has


the first ever higher education adjudicator, the person who takes


the complaints from students and deals with them with the


universities. She is not speaking off-the-cuff, for years she was


dealing with things and there is a wider context to this, there appears


to be a worrying uptake in anti-Semitism incident reported in


the UK in general as well as elsewhere in Europe. Financial


Times, China needs by appointment of Peter Navarro by Trump. Pretty


staggering, only a couple of weeks and Trump is bidding for his cabinet


picks who will be scrutinised by the Senate in the New Year. He is a


Harvard trade economist and university of California professor


has written a book called "Death by China". And Trump has handed him the


position of his main trade advisor. Understandably China has expressed


some concern over this and it is said today Corporation is the only


correct choice, people are predicting China might respond with


its own measures and it is worrying because these are the world plus the


two biggest because Arous, if they get into an trade battle. -- two


biggest economies. Scary some might suggest. But perhaps this is a man


who studied China and knows China and knows perhaps how to deal with


them, maybe that is it? He studied China and concluded among other


things in his bid that they were parasitic, Imrul, ruthless and


despicable. So... That is where his studies... The jury is out. Briefly,


the express, UK braced for deadly storm. This is Barbara, the storm.


And it will hit at the very northern bit of Scotland apparently. Scotland


and the North, 90 man-hour wins, to get -- torrential rain, millions


will suffer chaos apparently. -- 90 mile an hour winds. Another one


after that that could hit us. That is from the express. Let's hope it's


not deadly. Thank you both. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed review


of the papers. It's all there for you -


7 days a week at bbc dot co uk forward slash papers -


and you can see us there too - with each night's edition


of The Papers being posted on the page shortly


after we've finished. Good evening, there was a winter


chill in the air today. Sunshine but more snow showers in Scotland. That


cloud there


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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